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Since 2017 after retiring from full-time job as employee; I am moving towards Investing Nirvana - Freehold Investment Income for Life investing strategy where 100% of investment income from portfolio investment is cashed out to support household expenses i.e. not a single cent of re-investing!

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Thursday 31 December 2020

New Investment Portfolio From Feb to Dec 2020 During COVID-19

Read?  21 Years Across Market Cycles Of Bulls And Bears From 2000 to 2020

The investment outcome and performance of stock pick looked quite similar!

Either they turned out to be the next batch of Touchstones, Sardines or Salted Fish!

Total number of different stocks bought and sold; or still holding : 11

Wednesday 30 December 2020

21 Years Across Market Cycles Of Bulls And Bears From 2000 to 2020

 The Statistics :

1. Total number of different kinds of stocks bought and sold; or still holding : 58

2. What chips? Blue chips, Blue-Black chips, Mid chips, Small chips, Promising chips, Silly chip, and Dead chips. Uncle8888 has done them all!

3. Investment gains/losses : Multi-baggers, Touchstones, Sardines, Salted Fish, and Zero-baggers. All have!

4. Dividends : From Panadols to ease heartache to Funadols!

Read? After Point X In Long Term Investing, Panadols Can Become Funadols (Truly Passive Income)

5 Long-term investing and short-trading over 21 years: What is the outcome? 

Read? Peter Lynch on His Secret to Superior Returns (2)

Monday 28 December 2020

HST : Bought @ $1.338 for Round 2

Read? LION-OCBC SECURITIES HANG SENG TECH ETF for Panda/Koala Investors in SGX Local Market

Below IOP price of $1.35

Are sellers cutting losses fast and also some sellers tio margin calls and forced selling???

Analysts project STI to reach between 3,000-3,200 by end-2021



Analysts project STI to reach between 3,000-3,200 by end-2021 (Put here for record. Chun bo?)

The Business Times on Tuesday reported that local market analysts are forecasting that the STI could reach 3,000-3,200 over the next 12 months.

The newspaper said CGS-CIMB’s Lim Siew Khee was the least bullish of those surveyed, with an STI target of 3,068 whilst RHB Securities set a 3,144 target.

DBS Equity Research’s target is 3,180, the same as UOB-Kay Hian, whilst Phillip Securities is the most bullish at 3,200.

DBS’s Yeo Kee Yan was quoted saying the current vaccine-led recovery optimism should see a return of the traditional sector rotation that accompanies a typical economic cycle.

He noted that banks, consumer discretionary and transportation stocks that are outperformers in the early recovery cycle have led the recent rebound, whilst “pandemic winners’’ like supermarkets, personal protective equipment makers and work-from-home beneficiaries have underperformed.

Paul Chew, Phillip’s research head was quoted saying a reversion-to-the-mean trade is expected in 2021.

“Sectors that suffered the most this year will recover as borders open and activities normalize’’ said Mr. Chew whilst Carmen Lee of OCBC Investment Research pointed out that value stocks tended to narrow the gap with growth stocks and small-cap stocks tended to show better returns historically during an economic recovery.

Saturday 26 December 2020

When Your Bank RM Called??? (6)

Read? When Your Bank RM Called??? (5)

Sillyinvestor 26 December 2020 at 11:29:00 GMT+8

Hmm CW,

You haven answer Hyom or I could not fathom enough. Any impact if interest rate raises? Is 10 years and is a long time

Reply Delete


Doing some Maths to keep his mind functioning! LOL!

RM's illustration is based on projected income @ 4.75% return on top of guaranteed fixed monthly income and projected bonus.

Projected 4.75% return by RM may be too juicy so Uncle8888 used 3.25% to do his Maths!

Actually; the real investment gains from this Premium Financing plan will depend on how well Uncle8888 invests this free up $144K which was previously locked up as Cash asset under AUM in the Bank earning low interests.

Time for him to power up! LOL!

When Your Bank RM Called??? (5)

 Read? When Your Bank RM Called??? (4)

hyom 26 December 2020 at 09:09:00 GMT+8

Hi CreateWealth8888,

From reading your blog, it seems like you are a fan of CPF. To persuade a savvy CPF fan to buy an annuity is really quite an achievement for a salesman, even if the product is good.

If you don't mind, may I ask what is your rationale for buying the annuity? Mainly for the low interest? If interest rate shoots up later, are you allowed to exit? If yes, at what penalty?

I wish you all the best in this new annuity plan!


“She could sell ice to Eskimos”  LOL!

Pointers are "

1. Single premium insurance also contributes to your AUM computation for service fees.

2. Surrender value at $160K is more than $144K loan at Day One so there will be NO margin call and NO penalty fee.

3. Just treat it as $144K margin account with your own free up cash of $144K to take advantage of lower interest rate environment over the next 10 year or at least till 2023 as indicated by FED

4. $144K free up cash for higher return to offset loan interest. You savvy investor. Right? LOL!

What are the options for Eskimo after buying Ice?

1. As Saver

Voluntarily CPF Contribution of $37,740 per year for the next 4 years

CPF Allocation rate for above 65

OA 1% SA 1% MA 10.5%

Since Uncle8888 has already reached MA BHS so 10.5% allocation in MA will flow into OA i.e. OA 11.5% SA 1%

$37,740 VC into CPF to earn total interest of $988 in year 1 (negative return on loan of $144K)

$37,740 VC into CPF to earn total interest of $988*2 = $1,977 in year 2 (likely to be positive return on loan of $144K)

$37,740 VC into CPF to earn total interest of $988*3 = $2,966 in year 3 (more likely to be positive return on loan of $144K)

$30,780 VC (Total $144K over 4 yrs) into CPF to earn total interest of $3,772 in year 4 to 20 (Repay loan with no penalty at breakeven point) and monthly income from Month 37 onwards

2. As Investor leveraging on own margin account without Margin Call

Learn from FIRE Masterclass Guru

Leverage on basket of S-REITs?

Friday 25 December 2020

When Your Bank RM Called??? (4)

Read? When Your Bank RM Called??? (3)

After clearing his 5 years HDB housing loan 28 years ago and becoming debt free; now Uncle8888 is back into debt with his POSB Front Page showing "Cards and Loans" in RED whenever he logged in.

Interest rate payable for Month 1 is 0.99%

Countdown to Month 37 for monthly income from annuity plan. Not sure got kena snake oil into taking advantage of leveraging on lower interest rate over the next 10 years???

Thursday 24 December 2020

One of Jesse Livermore's MONEY-MANAGEMENT RULES that he failed to follow his own rule strictly

Turn paper profits into real money periodically. Take a percentage of your winnings and put them in a safe place, like the bank, or bonds, or an annuity. Cash was, is, and always will be king.


Uncle8888 follows this money-management Rule even more kiasu and kiasi by transferring all winning profits and dividends to his cash reservoir as retirement income for spending. He will never lose back a single cent of his investment income ever again! LOL!


" I see more and more Retail Investors 'migrating' .... not only in IN but in other forums and my other circles of friends ..."

Hmm .. saw this! Ha ha!

Buy High. Sell Higher or Buy Low. Sell High?

Which camp to join?

See closely; when did the diversion of DOW and STI happen and guess why this happened?

Will STI need to close up or DOW close down?

You place your own bet!

Wednesday 23 December 2020





Sunday 20 December 2020

COVID-19 2020 vs GFC 2008/09

Unknown20 December 2020 at 08:53:00 GMT+8

I tot March 2020 was already a good opportunistic crash, those holding cash had to wait long long forever lol

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Did Uncle8888 miss the Boat?

In fact; he boarded the Boat too early and picked up a few Sardines; and hopefully these Sardines don't turn into Salted Fish!

Surprisingly; the plunge was sharp and the pain was short too. Next correction. No scare. Hoot!

COVID-19 : Touchstone, Sardine or Salted Fish???

Game over in 2021 or Crash again?

Long Term Investing Is Like Farmer Working In The Field From Sunrise To Sunset??? (2)

 Read? Long Term Investing Is Like Farmer Working In The Field From Sunrise To Sunset???

Small Time Investor20 December 2020 at 10:37:00 GMT+8

Uncle 8888

What and who is the saving grace when the farmer collapse under the hot sun in 2007?

Now farmer has more than capital size to use the right tools to work for him under hot sun.

Reply Delete


Read? Upping Your Game Level??? Your Friendly And Thoughtful Brokers Will Assist You

Read? My Thought On Leveraging To Power Up Trading Income From SGX

One day; his broker called to tell him this good news after reviewing his account performance and offered to up his game level. Broker has lowered his commission from 0.275% to 0.22% and up buy limit to $200K and then to $300K when $200K limit was hit several times.

Buy limit: $300K, T+5, Commission at 0.22%

Huat liao! FIRE soon! That was his thinking in 2007

The moral of the story:

Never under-estimate the greed in us when we are winning big and on the way to FIRE faster!


What and who is the saving grace when the farmer collapse under the hot sun in 2007?

What was the Lesson learnt?

Who are we in the stock market?

Read? Hunters, Fishermen, and Farmers??? Returns per unit of stress.

It will be better if Uncle8888 knows how to short and short it big???

Read?What was I thinking and feeling in Mar 2009 Bear market low?

Saturday, 28 March 2009, I wrote this post:

One honest Guru said that (but still many gurus are not telling us much about their losses in shorting the market), he gave back most of his profits built up from the last plunge.

This Guru was not any ordinary trader but the Chief Trainer and Strategist in one of the Kung Fu School of Trading in Singapore hor.

Read more? Does Shorting always win in a bear market?

14 Apr 2012 Createwealth8888's comments: This Guru continued to lose money despites he was one of those Kung Fu masters training many disciples to fight bulls and bears. Few months later the Guru also stopped blogging. Why did he stop blogging??? We can do our own thinking. LOL!

Long Term Investing Is Like Farmer Working In The Field From Sunrise To Sunset???

Uncle8888 is like a farmer working hard in the field from Sunrise in 2000; and working even harder in 2007 under extreme hot Sun trying to plant more and more Summer seeds to become Rich. But; foolishly he collapsed under hot Sun due to Dehydration. He cooled down, changed strategies, and recovered. 

He understood what went Wrong in 2007; then he began to watch Shadow of the SUN carefully from Midsun to Sunset. 

In Sunset; as a farmer he will slow down and no longer have to work hard on the field. When he looked at the Field; he realized that he should be able to harvest enough to survive through the Winter! Be steady and NOT greedy for more! 

Household Expenses

Replacement Income

Read? Retiring in Comfort in Singapore - Replacement Income

Saturday 19 December 2020

Still Waiting For The Next STI Market Crash Since 2009!!!

STI didn't really crash in 2020!

So will STI crash in 2021?

Who are those worry about the next Market Crash?

Are you one of them?

Have you plan what to do over the next few months?

Friday 18 December 2020



Fu Yu - One small Baby Step Up Again!

Read? Fu Yu - One small Baby Step Up

Bought @ $0.235 and with dividend in 2020 @ $0.0135 giving him 5.7%

One small baby step up today and passing through resistance @ $0.26

Hmm .. feeling more like a Touchstone and smelling less fishy as Sardine.

US Markets Only Go Up

 Sell away your stocks in SGX and switch Horses in US Mkt! Hurry! Mai Tu liao!

Stock futures opened flat to slightly lower on Thursday, pausing after increasing earlier in the day.

The three major indices ended the regular session at record closing highs, even as lawmakers remained locked in discussions over another coronavirus relief package and legislation to fund the government for the fiscal year.

New economic data out Thursday underscored weakening trends in the labor market as new jobless claims unexpectedly rose to the highest level since early September, giving investors reason to believe the grim data will compel lawmakers to advance a stimulus bill more expediently.

Thursday 17 December 2020

Lion OCBC Sec HSTech S$ (HST)

 LION-OCBC SECURITIES HANG SENG TECH ETF for Panda/Koala Investors in SGX Local Market

Uncle8888's double Virgin Stock play!

1. 1st ETF

2. 1st exposure to China Tech play in HK market

Setting New Record in Asset Price? What Really Happen To Our Real Wealth After Point X???

New Record High!!!

So what?

A moment or a short period of an illusion of happiness and pride as retail investor!

Then what?

Uncle8888's Three Little Pigs have set their own historical record high and so what?

Kep Corp at $13.73 

Sembcorp Ind at $6.90

DBS at $31.28

Did he lock in any profits anywhere near their record historical high and kept them safe from Mr Bear?




Nothing but just an illusionary period of happiness and pride as retail investor! That is true!

Until we have mastered the skills and foresight to lock in paper gains somewhere near historical record HIGH and kept them safe from returning these gains back to Mr Market. All these paper gains are just an illusion of wealth!

Wednesday 16 December 2020

Venture Corp : Sold @ $19.20

Read?  Venture Corp : Bought $18.88 for Round 1

Round 1 : ROC +1.3%, 16 days, B $19.88 S $19.20

Tuesday 15 December 2020



Luckily, Me in Merdeka Generation Didn't Start Younger To Invest/Speculate in My 30s During 1990s

Luckily???; Uncle8888 was kiasu and kiasi type and loved the idea of Being Debt Free Pom Pi Pi and dumped his CPF money to clear his HDB housing loan; otherwise he might be among those Merdeka Generation who had chopped his fingers after AFC and this blog will never exist!

Read? Will You Try To Pay Off Your Housing Loan ASAP If You Have One? (5)

Read? Do You Know Any Mederka Generation Relatives Who Don't Talk About Market Any More???

Read? Not Interested In Investing or Too scared To Invest???

Read? The Tale Of Three Old Men In The Same Office Space (True Story)

Read? Save more than 60%. No need to invest??? (5)

If we started early during Bull Run; it may make us think that we are genius in investing or trading. See lah. Told you to start early. You don't listen. I made XX% CAGR already!

Now; Government and Social Media did a better job to educate the important of CPF and topping up instead of hooting the market with your paper money in CPFIS!

Read? CPF members added $1.6b to retirement funds from January to October, up from a year ago

May be now is different as financial and investing knowledge are easily available at your fingers or NLB  and just don't be Bei Kambing and became of a believer of Secret Method to FIRE by Snake Oil!

Monday 14 December 2020

SGX : Sold @ $9.33

Read? SGX : Bought Back @ $8.89 for Round 8

Round 8 : ROC +4.6%,  15 days, B $8.89 S $9.33 (Highest price sold)

Round 7-1 : ROC +2.2%,  40 days, B $9.08 S $9.31 

Round 5 - 2 : ROC +9.1%,  112 days, B $8.48 S $9.28

Round 5 - 1 : ROC +5.9%,  102 days, B $8.48 S $9.01

Round 4 : ROC +8.5%, 6 days, B $8.01 S $8.74

Round 3 : ROC +8.8%, 12 days, B $8.21 S $8.99

Round 2 : ROC +13.6%, 3 days, B $7.46 S $8.52

Round 1 : ROC +12.3%, 61 days, B $6.87 S $7.76

This Book Rich Dad Poor Dad (3)

Read? This Book Rich Dad Poor Dad (2)

Singapore Man of Leisure14 December 2020 at 00:01:00 GMT+8


Well, you figure it out.

Is it better to be a landowner that can afford to pay multi millions to a CEO?

Or is it better to collect multi millions as a CEO sellsword ;)

The rule of thumb is for every dollar you pay a CEO, as a landowner, you would expect him to earn ten dollars back for you.

Anything less, you kick him out!

The definition of "passive" differs whether one is landowner, shepherd, or sheep:

Landowner - Exchange gold for talent. Practices To Insure Performance (TIP).

Shepherd - Exchange gold for time. Why do it yourself when you can pay others to do it for you?

Sheep - 5 minutes a day. No brains needed. Outsource thinking to others. Just follow blindly.


(1) a wry smile and chuckle!

Do you have an ideal job? I believe many don't; but the job still provide a steady stream of income and help you to make a living and pay bills.

From CEO's Mouth themselves

Do you think that CEO is an ideal job?

My ex-boss was a very ambitious man and worked his way up the corporate ladder and one day was head-hunted to become CEO of another company.

At one Chinese New Year gathering of old colleagues, he said that how he wish he could retire early and doesn't have to face the stupid board?

A wry smile and chuckle probably happen at every pay day; but not necessary at every year end review and performance appraisal when these CEOs are NOT business owner with 100% shares as Pte Ltd.

When CEOs have boss or bosses who will set KPIs; do performance review and performance appraisal for their bonuses and salary adjustment;  they are never business owner but employees or self-employed. When they didn't meet the Mark; they get f.... for not performing. When their ego are badly hurt then they may be thinking of getting out of rat race or retire! 

Another CEO of listed company in SGX said publicly at SIAS seminar that he has regretted taking his company public. You can guess why?


Why Investment?

Can we become competent investor?

Why not?

Many, many, many more can become competent investors. We just need more and more capital and our account size really matters. 

Capital comes from our saving through our earned income!

That is why more and more people are seeking financial independence!

Sunday 13 December 2020

Company offering pandemic stock tips accused of $137M fraud

 Read? Company offering pandemic stock tips accused of $137M fraud

…Ads for Bishop’s services call him a “genius trader who has made millions in the stock market.” The company’s website says Bond is a former gym teacher who taught himself to trade stocks and rid himself of $250,000 in debt.

The company’s marketing materials don’t tell consumers that Bishop and Bond primarily derive their incomes from Raging Bull customers’ subscription fees, not from stock and options trades. The suit says they have incurred “substantial and persistent losses” from their own stock and options trading activities.

Read? Rich As I Say, Not As I Do

Same same as in our local investment blogosphere!

Have you notice the increasing number of local bloggers turning into customers’ subscription fees or training fees, not from their own stock and options trades to increase their "investment or portfolio" income?


DBS : Data Points of Two On Touchstone vs Sardine

DBS as Touchstone from Panadols to Golden Eggs over 6,453 days since 14 Apr 2003 during SARS when DBS crush down to Earth!

Trading partial DBS as Sardines over 6,453 days since 14 Apr 2003

DBS(Right Issue)  as Touchstone for Panadols over 4,353 days since 19 Jan 2009

Trading partial DBS as Sardines over 4,353 days since 19 Jan 2009

Observation so far

No clear indication of winning or preferred method!

Same same!

Me No Guru!

That why lor!

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Read? Investing Made Simple by Uncle8888 (22)

Will Uncle8888 survive this Bear to write more stories on short-term trading and long-term investing using his Pillow stocks strategy and finding Touch Stones?


The Past is NOT the Present. The Present is NOT same as Future!

Noble is DEAD!

Olam sold as Sardine!

Biosensor taken private as Sardine!

The Three Little Pigs - Kep Corp, Sembcorp Ind and DBS are still alive and kicking! Golden eggs for more than a decade! Golden eggs . Shiok!

Saturday 12 December 2020

COVID-19 : Touchstone, Sardine or Salted Fish???

Monday, 16 March 2020

Round 23 : Bought DBS @ $18.78

Reduced Panadol in 2021 is expected to be $0.72 or 3.8% or back to normal dose @ $1.32 or 7% and likely for DBS to give back part of past dividends as special dividends in 2022.

SGX : Which position is likely to be Touchstone and the rest of the positions are Sardines?

Tuesday, 16 June 2020

SGX : Bought @ $8.21 for Round 6

Pandaol in 2021 is expected to be $0.32 or 3.9%

Monday, 8 June 2020

SGX : Bought @ $8.48 for Round 5

Pandaol in 2021 is expected to be $0.32 or 3.8%

Thursday, 29 October 2020

SGX : Bought Back @ $8.78 for Round 7-2

Pandaol in 2021 is expected to be $0.32 or 3.6%

The rest are either Sardines or Salted Fish

Friday 11 December 2020



Sunday 6 December 2020

Rich As I Say, Not As I Do

 Read? Rich As I Say, Not As I Do


Many of them have gotten wealthy by selling advice to others rather than by using their own advice.  It is a rich irony (pun intended) that the people telling you how to build wealth did not, in fact, build their wealth in that same way.  This doesn’t imply that their financial advice isn’t useful, only that we don’t know if it’s useful. 

Why?  Because personal finance is one of the few industries where you can look successful without knowing what you are talking about.  You can be rich and not know a thing about money management.  However, this isn’t true in most other areas of life. 

For example, find me a bodybuilder who doesn’t work out or a world-class musician who has never practiced.  That’s right.  They don’t exist.


Here in Singapore. Same. Same!

SMOL: Trust But Verify??? (2)

Seriously How To Avoid Being Fooled By These Scams, "Gurus" or Trainers

Made 10,000 People Millionaires??? (2)

Till His Death Still No Answer From Him???

No selling free investment webinar

Passive Income From My CPF For 2021. PayNow!!!

Read? Return My CPF. PayNow!!!

Read? Turning 55 - and enjoying financial freedom (5)

Read? Some CPF Matters : Understanding It Better By Actually Going Through The ProcessTo Do It (2)

Thursday, 22 December 2016

CPF : What can I do for you?

CW : I want to confirm my understanding that I can withdraw all interests from CPF SA and OA.

CPF : You can withdraw interests from SA, OA and MA too.

CW: Pls help to check how much interests I can draw out without touching my SA and OA.

CPF: Wah! You have lots of interests to draw out. It is $XX,XXX. Do you want to draw out now?

CW: :-)

CW: No. Not now. I will withdraw next year on January.

CPF: No. You can't withdraw your interests on January. Your interests credited on January will become your principal. You have no more interests to withdraw. You have to be careful as you will be withdrawing your principal in CPF SA first and then principal in CPF OA. CPF SA is 4% interests. Be careful! You better withdraw now in December. Your interests for November has been credited! Do you want to withdraw now?

CW: No. I will withdraw next year in December.

CPF : You no need the money now?

CW: No need!


Monday, 13 March 2017

CW : I want to withdraw interests from all my CPF accounts.

Uncle8888 also passed to her this notepad.

CW: Pls help to write down the number. Principal and interests. Thank you!

When CPF lady has written down all the numbers and handed over Uncle8888's note pad.

CW: No MA interest?

CPF: This year MA limit is raised to $52,000. Your MA has not reach the limit so you can't withdraw MA interest.


Uncle8888 has been topping up his CPF MA as self-employed and at the same time to qualify for Workfare. Finally, through his self-employed MA contributions and Workfare from Govt, he managed to reached CPF MA BHS @ $60K in 2020

$24K interests withdrawal from CPF as follows:

No interests withdrawal from CPF MA even he has reached MA BHS @ $60K for 2020!

Walan! This CPF system is really complicated! Even frontline CPF counter service staff answers are not exactly SAME after going through the process of ACTUALLY doing it!


Be precise on FAQ and re-train your counter service staff!

Saturday 5 December 2020

Secret Formula To Create Wealth From Stock Market Through Long-term Investing and Short-term Trading

Christmas is coming so Uncle8888 is giving out this Secret Formula for free!

This Secret Formula has been tested and verified as true working formula over 21 years across market cycles of Bulls and Bears to create wealth from stock market through long-term investing and short-term trading

Secret Formula = N x (Buy Low. Sell High) + N x Panadols + N x Golden Eggs +  n x (Buy - Hold)

Where n << N and Hold = current stock price

For examples

SGX : Bought Back @ $8.89 for Round 8

DBS : Round 24 - 1 : Sold @ $24.89

Wilmar : Round 12 Sold at $4.38 and Average $4.37

Cut your losses short and let your winners run???

Create Wealth From Long-term Investing and Short-term Trading (2)

Don't Time The Market???



Stock market news live updates: S&P 500, Dow and Nasdaq reach all-time closing highs as stocks end another record-setting week

CW8888: No more fear in the market as greed has taken over and overwhelm any fear left in the market??? Hoot ah!

Brother STI. You no follow ah?

Stocks hit record levels on Friday as traders shook off a disappointing print on job creation in November.

Each of the three major indices reached closing record highs, with the S&P 500’s gains led by energy and financials stocks as a cyclical rotation remained intact. A day earlier, the blue-chip index was pressured after the Wall Street Journal reported that Pfizer (PFE) was contending with supply-chain issues that would impact this year’s deliveries of its COVID-19 vaccine. The drug-maker, along with its German partner BioNTech (BNTX), plans to ship 50 million vaccines by year-end, as opposed to the 100 million it previously expected. It still anticipates handing over more than 1 billion doses in 2021, however, and Bloomberg reported on Friday that the company was closing in on hitting its vaccine target for this year.

Economic data took center stage for traders on Friday, with the U.S. Labor Department’s November jobs reflecting the slowest pace of job growth since April’s record virus-induced drop in employment. Non-farm payrolls grew by just 245,000, sharply missing the 460,000 expected. This deceleration came as COVID-19 cases spiked to record levels last month and new business restrictions came into play. Still, other recent jobs data has surprised to the upside: Thursday’s weekly new jobless claims report showed the first drop in new unemployment claims in three weeks.

As traders and economists look ahead to a brighter 2021, strategists have begun to consider which stocks and sectors might pull ahead in a post-virus economy. Many believe the trends seen in November and early December – with cyclical and value names that had been hardest hit earlier on by the pandemic outperforming – will extend into next year.

“As you move into 2021, there will be broader economic growth, it will be more inclusive, you will see continued fiscal stimulus – I do believe we will get a package. You’ll see the Fed continue. You have pent-up demand,” Brent Schutte, Northwestern Mutual chief investment strategist, told Yahoo Finance on Thursday. “In 2021, you have a market that will move higher, but with different leadership that reflects more broad economy growth. Think the rotation that we’ve been talking about … it’s under way right now and it will continue into 2021. Think value, think small-cap, think emerging markets.”

Wednesday 2 December 2020

Turnaround from your chart 2008-2012?

 Read? Is Bull Market Always Creating An Illusion Of Wealth In The Stock Market???

Hi Uncle CW8888, can you help share more from your chart 2008(low) to 2012 (high) what are the methods change/approach you have change for the transition. I am sure some of us here is also suffering from the losses due to the covid situation. e.g did you put in more money(noted your warchest then in 2008 were low) how to overcome? Or you sell the losers and rebalance? Hope to learn from you more. Thank you. 

Warm regards,

Question 1 : what are the methods change/approach you have change for the transition?

Read? Rebooting our trading/investing strategies???

Question 2 : Did you put in more money(noted your war chest then in 2008 were low) how to overcome?

Answer : Size of Investing Capital. No change. Nothing change. Not a single cent is added into his investing capital since 1 Jan 2000.

Question 3 : Or you sell the losers and rebalance?

Answer : In last GFC, what was Uncle8888 actually doing in the stock market?

He was busy cutting losses to preserve capital to do horses switching instead of grabbing once in lifetime opportunities to become rich from stocks.

Saturday, 1 August 2009

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Thursday, 31 December 2009

Read? 2009 Year End Performance Review

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Read? Cut losses - The Truth, The Pain, and The Chance!

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Read? Investing Made Simple by Uncle8888 (29)

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Read? What was I thinking and feeling in Mar 2009 Bear market low?

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Read? The best investors stay hard-headed

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Read? Spending 15 Years in Singapore Stock Market!!!

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Read? Strengthening War Chest From Our Investment Portfolio???

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Read? After 17 Years In The Stock Market What Is My Greatest Regret?

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Read? Having War Chest And Deploying Your War Chest Is Two Different Thing!!!

Sunday, 11 February 2018

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Monday, 19 February 2018

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Saturday, 9 May 2020

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Is Bull Market Always Creating An Illusion Of Wealth In The Stock Market???

 Uncle8888 has learnt his Lesson 1 in the stock market i.e. illusion of wealth in 2007 Bull Market and then after 2009 GFC his Investing Mind has been fully mindful of this illusion of wealth and he knows clearly the difference between Real and Imaginary Parts of his Wealth in the stock market and develop practical Money Management to safeguard and ring fencing from losing a large part of this illusionary wealth back to the next incoming Big Bear! When will it happen again? or never?

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