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Thursday, 31 December 2020

New Investment Portfolio From Feb to Dec 2020 During COVID-19

Read?  21 Years Across Market Cycles Of Bulls And Bears From 2000 to 2020

The investment outcome and performance of stock pick looked quite similar!

Either they turned out to be the next batch of Touchstones, Sardines or Salted Fish!

Total number of different stocks bought and sold; or still holding : 11


  1. Remember i say i am a "Chap Palang" investor; so i have original IPO, S Chips, & all types of potatoes chips.

    Also don't like to use stop loss, so stucked with all these salted fishes for years and years.

    Yet not willing to let go for a pittance of their original value.

    i think i even have more than one salted fish buried forever. Aka delisted,Zero value.

    Stupid huh?

    Sell for a penny or two better than none. A teeny, weeny bit of loaf is better than none.

    Ha. Ha.

    "Hua Hee Qiu Ho"

    Some in the past ii let go then out of nowhere appears white knights to the rescue.

    #@&*; WTFISH?


    Happy New Year.

    "Huat Ah", Ah Beng shouted!



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