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Monday, 14 December 2020

This Book Rich Dad Poor Dad (3)

Read? This Book Rich Dad Poor Dad (2)

Singapore Man of Leisure14 December 2020 at 00:01:00 GMT+8


Well, you figure it out.

Is it better to be a landowner that can afford to pay multi millions to a CEO?

Or is it better to collect multi millions as a CEO sellsword ;)

The rule of thumb is for every dollar you pay a CEO, as a landowner, you would expect him to earn ten dollars back for you.

Anything less, you kick him out!

The definition of "passive" differs whether one is landowner, shepherd, or sheep:

Landowner - Exchange gold for talent. Practices To Insure Performance (TIP).

Shepherd - Exchange gold for time. Why do it yourself when you can pay others to do it for you?

Sheep - 5 minutes a day. No brains needed. Outsource thinking to others. Just follow blindly.


(1) a wry smile and chuckle!

Do you have an ideal job? I believe many don't; but the job still provide a steady stream of income and help you to make a living and pay bills.

From CEO's Mouth themselves

Do you think that CEO is an ideal job?

My ex-boss was a very ambitious man and worked his way up the corporate ladder and one day was head-hunted to become CEO of another company.

At one Chinese New Year gathering of old colleagues, he said that how he wish he could retire early and doesn't have to face the stupid board?

A wry smile and chuckle probably happen at every pay day; but not necessary at every year end review and performance appraisal when these CEOs are NOT business owner with 100% shares as Pte Ltd.

When CEOs have boss or bosses who will set KPIs; do performance review and performance appraisal for their bonuses and salary adjustment;  they are never business owner but employees or self-employed. When they didn't meet the Mark; they get f.... for not performing. When their ego are badly hurt then they may be thinking of getting out of rat race or retire! 

Another CEO of listed company in SGX said publicly at SIAS seminar that he has regretted taking his company public. You can guess why?


Why Investment?

Can we become competent investor?

Why not?

Many, many, many more can become competent investors. We just need more and more capital and our account size really matters. 

Capital comes from our saving through our earned income!

That is why more and more people are seeking financial independence!


  1. CW,

    After writing my comment, I thought I can copy paste it at my blog.

    You faster than me!

    My place, your place; all the same ;)

    Look at Bill Gates. If he's the miserly sort, he would not have hired a CEO to replace him. Imagine the millions he could have saved by DIY!!!

    Then again, I'm sure we know some CEOs of listed companies where they are the majority shareholder founder, way past their prime, but never letting go. Why retire when you can pay yourself whatever salary you like, and its subsidised by minority shareholders!!!

    Especially when Chairman of the board also you, or selected by you ;)

    All "kaki lang"!

  2. Uncle8888,

    Big difference between big-time CEOs and small-time CEOs lol!

    $10+M a year salary, even if kena fired, still shiok. 😂 Unless lifestyle is outrageous or extreme, work a few years enough for 3 generations LOL!

    Even better if got golden parachute contract. Even if hopeless performance, still get the money!

    Some ridiculous examples:
    1. Charles Prince ex-CEO Citigroup -- US$12.5M exit bonus plus US$68M stock options plus US$1.7M pension plus car & chauffer for 5 yrs after quitting. During his time Citigroup lost US$64B in market valuation and had to be bailed out by US govt.

    2. Jill Barad ex-CEO Mattel -- almost US$50M golden handshake after 2 years on the job during which share price dropped 50%.

    3. Michael Ovitz ex-president Disney -- whopping US$140M golden parachute after being forced to resign. The company only took a few minutes to approve the amount. Shareholders sued to stop the payment but was unsuccessful as the judge noted such ridiculous payouts was "simply one of the inherent risks as shareholders & owners of companies" and that Ovitz's poor performance had not risen to the level of malfeasance or beach of fiduciary duty.

    Singapore hasn't reach this level of golden parachutes yet, but there's this tendency of CEOs continuing year after year in sub-performing GLCs! 😛

    1. These group are the Elites of our time.

      And they are usaually Scholars and EX -Big-Shots from the army just b4 they retired or just retired and co-op into GLCs lol.

      Another words all are "Kaki Lang".

  3. "At one Chinese New Year gathering of old colleagues, he said that how he wish he could retire early and doesn't have to face the stupid board?"

    As CEO, he most likely has the money to retire on the spot if he really wants to. I'm personally very grateful to capable shepherds who remain on their job so that sheeps and landlords can benefit from their wonderful work. They can simply retire on the spot, yet they continue their good work. Thank you!

    1. When we have bosses, we will have moments of angryness or stress with them when we deem them as unreasonable at times. But soon , these shall pass or still tolerable or manageable without affecting blood pressure.


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