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Since 2017 after retiring from full-time job as employee; I am moving towards Investing Nirvana - Freehold Investment Income for Life investing strategy where 100% of investment income from portfolio investment is cashed out to support household expenses i.e. not a single cent of re-investing!

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Sunday 30 April 2017

After Point X In Our Career or Investing Journey; This Is How We May Say It Loudly!

After Point X, it is how you say it loudly.

Talk loud: You see. No Goal hor! I have achieved!

Talk loud: Finally, I have achieved my Goals!

One thing is quite certain to happen. When you believe you CAN'T; you will never achieve it as you won't be putting more time and effort into something you believe it CAN'T happen.

Why Tracking, Measuring and Benchmarking???

For this one simple reason; if not then you shouldn't bother!

BTW, somehow; one day when we decide to check in one of the charity home; we will need to know whether we still have enough assets to secure a bed. Right?

Saturday 29 April 2017

24 Month Moving Average Monthly Household Expenses Update For May 2017

From the monthly household expenses chart; it seen that 24 monthly moving average is approaching towards a stabilized value after the absence of expenses to support three growing up children.


Hey! Are You Married With Kids?

Read? Some CPF Matters : Understanding It Better By Actually Going Through The ProcessTo Do It (3)

For singles; it is all about their retirement! They can be single-minded on securing their retirement.

But for folks who are married with kids. Same meh?

One of the slides in the last CPF Talk by Uncle8888 ...

Thursday 27 April 2017

Another Example of CPF Nomination

Read? My CPF Nomination Experience

Uncle8888 nominated 100% to Auntie8888

Auntie8888 nominated to her three children : 34%, 34% and 32% 

There is valid reason for doing this form of nomination instead of spouse nominating each other! Guess why?

34%, 34% and 32% (as 33.33% still cannot add up to 100.00% so CPF System disallow)

When it is about money; we still need to count to the 2 decimal points. 

When we paid for services or goods; we count down to decimal points of the dollar. Right?

We don't say never mind and walk away without taking that 5 cts or 10 cts change. Right? Why no agar agar and walk away?

Wednesday 26 April 2017


Read? 人家说你就信

Married women should learn value investing and then can have the option to become SAHM as one female trainer said.

Auntie8888 doesn't bother with value investing and also one of  SAHMs. 

In fact; there are many SAHM and SAHD surviving on single household income; but they are not financially independent yet!

Becoming single household income means they are taking financial sacrifice so that one of the couple will spend more time with their children. 

That about it. 

Don't think too much!

Tuesday 25 April 2017

You Really Listen To Paid influencers???

Walau! Some people cow pa cow bu about it!

Paid influencers are no different from commercial advertisers. So can we take it all on what we see and read on these adverts as true and well for us?

Same as reading blog posts; when Uncle8888 realized that blog post seen to be commercially induced; he immediately stopped reading it and NOT to be influenced or  unwittingly read to the end and then sighed with WTF!

Monday 24 April 2017

Clubs still milking millions from jackpot cash cows

Read? Clubs still milking millions from jackpot cash cows

The jackpot operations of social clubs have been in the news lately after it was reported that the Tiong Bahru Football Clubhouse, at the basement of People's Park Centre in Chinatown, generated an eye-popping S$36.8 million in revenue from its 29 slot machines in the last financial year.

That works out to roughly S$1.27 million for each machine, or just over S$100,000 per machine each month. The club paid out about S$23 million to punters in 2016, according to its annual report submitted to the Football Association of Singapore.

(CW: 36.8 - 23 = $13.8M)

Can We Hold STI ETF With Good Entries As Multi-bagger Over Market Cycles???

Unlike holding single stocks over market cycles; there are no shortage of multi-baggers held by some retail investors over market cycles; can we hold STI ETF into into multi-bagger Game?

If you are curious and have time; you may to check on other market indices. Uncle8888 not keen in other market so he doesn't bother with it.

Sunday 23 April 2017

How Come No Millionares In The Investment World Doing Pro Bono Like Some Professional In Legal and Health Sector???

Hmm ...

Doing Pro Bono are meant to help the poor to receive quality service free of charge!

Since retail investors have spare money to invest so they are actually not poor why help them free of charge.

Charge them more then it is perceived to be higher quality investing knowledge.

Survivorship Bias

Read? Survivorship Bias

temperament23 April 2017 at 15:48

Survivorship Bias?

Look no further than DOW Jones, Nasdag, STI, in fact all the major Indexes of the world.

Knowing this, is there an advantage to buy STI ETF or even S & P 500 for the long term?

i think there is.

Sure survive ma!


ha ha!

Just because we didn't personally get our hands dirty to slaughter those rotten parts off to save whole body we feel good about STI ETF or ETF on survival. 

True spirit of survival bias without feeling the pain of any losses. 


Never Attend Any AGM and Don't Read Annual Report Anymore???

Probably; Uncle8888 is one of those retirees and investment bloggers who till now never attend any AGM and don't read annual reports anymore; BUT he follows every piece of news and quarterly announcement of companies in his watch-list closely.

Like that also can survive?

Retail investing is more than just analyzing. 

Stock Market - What is the nature of this beast?

Stock Market is one of those Complex adaptive systems

Complex adaptive systems are special cases of complex systems. They are complex in that they are diverse and made up of multiple interconnected elements and adaptive in that they have the capacity to change and learn from experience. Simply, it means the Stock Market has a mind of its own.

Read? Wise Words Series - Part 3

Can you answer this question after some deep thought?

Do MOST of us actually made the MOST money from the stock market from (1) companies earning or (2) Saving from earned income from other market players/participants?

Saturday 22 April 2017

MAS: Don't trade in binary options on unregulated platforms (2)

Read? MAS: Don't trade in binary options on unregulated platforms

I am Millionaire!

I am Millionaire!

I am Millionaire!

then get a few others to provide testimonial and chant the same ...

I am Millionaire!

I am Millionaire!

I am Millionaire!

No need for any audited proof that I am Millionaire!

A long line of Bei Kamping will be queuing up to be slaughtered for their millionaire dream.

Uncle8888 has personally witnessed this Wow factor from his ex-colleague. Bei Kamping really exists even with the people around him day after day listening to his lunch and tea break talk on investing and yet one of them openly chose to believe it and say it in front of him.

Real People. Real Excitement. Unbearable Temptation.

This colleague was sitting beside Uncle8888 in the meeting room and after reading one of his FB's post he briefly mentioned one trader became rich by trading binary options and showing off his Ferrari! 

Your Children University Fund. Who pays???

Read? Sending Your Kid To Overseas University Education

Real People. Real Story.

He has gotten his flat and getting married soon; but he is financially stress as he has supported himself and paid for himself his tertiary education as his father's CPF OA was not enough to pay for his tuition loan after using up for his elder sister's tertiary tuition fee.

While his peers are saving money; he is paying off his student loan and working hard to support himself. He blamed his father for his financial stress and repeatedly reminded his father that his sister didn't have this financial burden on her but he has. He felt so unfair!

Not easy to be parents as we have to plan for our children future too. If we failed to do that our children may silently blame us in their heart!

That is the fact of life as parents we have chosen to take this route so we must work harder to increase earning and improve on personal finance and investment. Bo pian as we have extra mouths to feed!

Friday 21 April 2017

How Can Retiree Budget Without Earned Income???

Read? No More Year End Bonus!!!

Read? You Can't Eat XIRR!!!

All these years since Uncle8888 has started to acquire competency on personal finance and investment; he has learnt to avoid over-spending and under-spending his earned income by budgeting on last year earned income and bonus.

2018 Household Budget = 2017 B/F Cash Flow (Leftover) + 2017 Investment Income + 2017 Interests

Are You Among Those Who Are Thinking Of Semi-retirement Or Retirement In 10 To 15 years Too?

When you are travelling in the morning MRT train while not watching your hand phone; sometime is your mind also thinking about it too?

Uncle8888 set bad example for his ex-colleagues. Sigh!

Thursday 20 April 2017

You Can't Eat XIRR!!!

This is how Big Boys are looking down and poking Small Boys - You can't eat XIRR!

Of course, the smarter small boys like Uncle88888 doesn't eat his XIRR over the last 17 years; but he grew XIRR till today. Next year onward; he will eat on absolute dollars

Wednesday 19 April 2017

Before You Learn The More Cheem Ways To Invest .....

Read? Personal Investing Is Like That. If Not Then What??? (2)

"How many retail understand how a company GROWS its balance sheet in a simple layman understanding without an accounting background?"

Tuesday 18 April 2017

Option trading As Passive Income is still Hot!!! (3)

Read? Option trading As Passive Income is still Hot!!! (2)

(1) Why do folks buy term, travel and accident insurance and willing to pay premiums for protection and also no regret even after all these years of premium payment without any claim?

Why? Why? Why?

Protect against what?

You know why? Right?

(2) Why insurance companies in good business to sell us term, travel and accident still profitable?

Why? Why? Why?

Law Of Large Number!

So as retail; we can also act like insurance companies selling options to pocket these premiums without the Law of Large Number and still survive over long run?

Monday 17 April 2017

Self Interest vs. Vested Interest??? (Good to refresh)

Read? Self Interest vs. Vested Interest???

Remember 3Ms - Method. Mind and Money Management!

How can "Gurus" train you effectively on your Mind to be less emotional and add on another difficulty of training you to maintain strict discipline with your Money Management regardless of market movement?

What was the process that have been taught for these two factors with the respect to your personality as each of us will react differently to the same stimulus?

Real People. Real Story

1. He graduated from School of ChartWhatEverWin; but he was still losing money. 

How come? 

So he decided to met up with Uncle8888; Was he disappointed after the meeting?

There is no Secret Sauce from Uncle88888. How to believe?

2. She graduated from School of Make10,000Millionaires and hoped to make enough to supplement her family expenses and becomes stay-at-home-mum. She didn't became millionaire and she gave UP!

3. She graduated from the same school as No 1 i.e. School of ChartWhatEverWin; but she was still losing money. So she thought that this School is not powerful enough. She paid for even higher course fee to attend Singapore's branded one. An Academy standard that was taught by millionaire trader and author himself. Don't play play. 

Armed with two "degrees" from the different School; she also couldn't make it. She now followed Uncle8888's simple method in long run investing. 

Smart Money Grabbers over dummy investors (9)

Read? Smart Money Grabbers over dummy investors (8)

Read? Freely Pte Ltd v Ong Kaili and Others [2010] SGHC 60

In the Cyber World; whatever was done is never forgotten!


6. The Respondent Course was conducted on 10-12 May 2008 and 21-23 June 2008 over 3 full days. During the Course, the following happened:
(a) During the 1st 2 days, the Course lasted between 9.00 am till past 5 p.m. In particular, [Dr Chiang]:
· introduced the students to the use of ‘Google Translator’, ‘Google Tools’ and ‘Google Earth’;
· played music and screened movies unrelated to options trading (e.g. excerpt from American Idol);
· used quotes from the Bible and mentioned that he and his helpers were church goers;
· taught students to do acts of meditation;
· talking about himself and his qualifications;
· told students to go to the Rolex, diamond and fashion handbag websites and imagine becoming millionaires;
· told stories about ‘Racing History’;
· promoted the sale of the Software;
· getting angry at students when they asked him to teach on options trading; and
· behaved disrespectfully to the Claimants by calling them “idiots”.


Uncle8888 believe most of these "Gurus" might have INITIALLY started with kind intention; but later was blinded when they discovered easy money kept rolling in like this. They began to make it bigger and bigger until one day they fell or retire or handover.

Six Months After Not Doing Anything To Increase GDP As Jobless Man! (3)

Read? Six Months After Not Doing Anything To Increase GDP As Jobless Man! (2)

After Uncle8888 loading up several bags, fishing rods, ice box, trolley, etc; he got into the Taxi's front seat.

Taxi driver : You go fishing?

CW: Ya. Three days and three nights fishing.

Taxi driver : blah blah ...

Taxi driver : On leave?

CW: No. Retired.

Taxi driver. Good life. I also want to retire.

CW: You don't need to retire. You can suka suka can park your taxi somewhere and do what you like.

Taxi driver: Cannot. Still need to drive few hours to pay taxi rental.

CW: You can suka suka drive any hours you like. I can't suka suka go and tell my boss today I just want to work four hours. Right?

Taxi driver: Ya

CW: So I have to retire. Bo pian! But you are different. You no need to retire.

May be Taxi uncle was smiling in his heart as Uncle8888 has made his day?

Sunday 16 April 2017

Wow! That 20% Compound Return!!! (3)

Read? Wow! That 20% Compound Return!!! (2)

Uncle8888 has looked at every slides with his sharp eyes open wide to spot what is the really behind the Wow Factor!

It is own self bluff own self or tricked by the Wow Factor and Large Number?

No where did any slide mentioned that there was 20% compound return at investment PORTFOLIO LEVEL.

The Wow Factor is at single stock level.

Uncle8888 is quite sure many retail can do it too. Try some penny stocks. When you hit it right at the spot; you earn your bragging right! LOL!

Lian Beng : Two Time Multi-bagger Stock For Expert Market Timers!!!

Friday, 28 March 2014

Total of 28% Panadol dividend yield return over 9 years to ease heartache!

Do You Invest/Trade in US Market?

This is frequent question ask : Do you invest/trade in US market?

In 01 Aug 2009, Uncle88888 said ....

I have never invested in any oversea market before, and also unlikely in the future as I don't believe that with my limited investing capital, SG market cannot provide enough opportunity for me to make decent returns.

There is no need to look so far away when the pot of gold is just in our own backyard. So I have escaped the CLOB saga, but my father-in-law and brothers-in-law were all badly burnt. 

16 Apr 2017 : Even now with plenty of free time to watch the US market; it is still No.

Larry William's Rule No 9

9. Your fortune will come from your focus - focus on one market or one technique.

A jack of all trades will never become a winning tradee. Why? Because a trader must zero in on the markets, paying attention to the details of trading without allowing his emotions to intervene.

A moment of distraction is costly in this business. Lack of attention may mean you don't take the trade you should, or neglect a trade that leads to great cost.

Focus, to me, means not only focusing on the task at hand but also narrowing your scope of trading to either one or two markets or to the specific approach of a trading technique.

Have you ever tried juggling? It's pretty hard to learn to keep three balls in the area at one time. Most people can learn to watch those 'details' after about 3 hours or practice. Add one ball, one more detail to the mess, and few, very few, people can make it as a juggler. It's precisely that difficult to keep your eyes on just one more 'chunk' of data.

Looks at the great athletes - they focus on one sport. Artists work on one primary business, musicians don't sing country western and Opera and become stars. The better your focus, in whatever you do, the greater your success will become.

Read? Have you spend enough time thinking on your money management strategies?

Read? Major STI market cycles - Horrible Bears and Beautiful Bulls! (Re-posting)

SGX market may be much smaller than US market; but it doesn't mean we can't make some money from it.

Saturday 15 April 2017

Six Months After Not Doing Anything To Increase GDP As Jobless Man! (2)

Read? 10 Things I Didn’t Expect in Early Retirement

What is ikigai for retirees without their past job role?

Why do some retirees still wake up so early when there is no need to do so?

Wow! That 20% Compound Return!!! (3)

Read? Wow! That 20% Compound Return!!! (2)

Singapore version of value investing from our local "Gurus" is about studying penny stocks as presented during their free preview seminars?

Look left. Look right. Look left again!

How come local "Gurus" no eyes to see DBS as under value stock during past crisis?

Friday 14 April 2017

WL policies As Retirement Fund???

temperament 12 April 2017 at 18:21:00 GMT+8

Are WL policies that have increment in cash value per annum, count as a certainty too?


Real People. Real Surrender Value As Retirement Funding

This Uncle8888's ex-colleague was never worry about his retirement as he have many insurance policies. He has more than enough money to sustain his retirement with all these policies surrender value.

Why You Didn't Use Your Medisave???

Read? Financial Independence : Withdrawal??? Passive Income > Living Expenses??? (2)

Today, Uncle8888 received a call from his medical insurance company asking why he didn't submit Medisave claim form.

Insurance: Why you didn't submit your Medisave claim form?

CW: Why do I need to submit Medisave form as I am paying total cash!

Insurance: First 10% of medical bill is deducted from Medisave first and only 90% is reimbursed.

CW: I know! No problem. I paid cash as I don't want to touch my Medisave now. I reserve my Medisave for future. Medisave is never enough when I grow older.

Insurance: Oh yeah! Medisave is 4%. We will reimburse you $X,XXX on XXX (90% of bill)

Gain an Edge in Trading with Free Market Depth Access

Those were days when Uncle8888's monthly brokerage charges easily exceeded minimum $300 for three consecutive months to entitle for free market depth.

We can see that SGX new Management has realized SGX's past mistake and now trying to bring back the lost revenue from retail traders who think that they can make easy money from the Bull market from active contra and day trading.

This Bull run finally may have made SGX realized that when is not broken; don't fix it. LOL!

Monday 10 April 2017

Timeless Issue And Debate On ILP

Walau!  ILP is back again in the talking points in the cyber world over the past two weeks.

Read? ILP articles

Dividends And Interests: Know The Difference In Cash Flow!!!

Interests are cash flow for you to spend without future worry; but for dividends you have to very calculative and careful when spending them as some dividends are meant to be refund back to the companies some time in the future. 

Do you seriously and really know the difference when you are retirees on tight cash flow to support your household expenses?

How often have you last read or heard about it in Singapore investment blogosphere?

Know your dividends well and play it safe!

Wise Words Series - Part 3 (Good to refresh!)

Read? Wise Words Series - Part 3

Young Asian adults likely to face cash crunch in retirement

Read? Young Asian adults likely to face cash crunch in retirement

Lorna TanInvest Editor/Senior Correspondent

Young adults - so-called millennials - in the region are at substantial risk of a cash crunch in their later years, with many expecting to carry mortgage debts into retirement or even run out of money altogether.

CW8888: True man! Uncle8888's younger peers at 54. You see that number. It is not comforting number and plus those older peers above 65. Properties as retirement asset in Singapore still look rosy and taking a bet that Singapore will continue to grow with more human import?

Stock and Property Investment?

Stocks investment locally but still can have one leg to go regional or global; but local property investment can also do that?

CPF to do 1-to-1 session with them.

This alarming picture was painted by the findings of a new survey on Asian investors in all age brackets above 25, conducted in September and October last year as part of the Manulife Investor Sentiment Index (MISI).

Despite widespread optimism about their retirement - with almost nine out of 10 (89 per cent) saying that they expect to be able to maintain or improve their standard of living in retirement - nearly one-third (30 per cent) of millennial investors expect to run out of money later in life.

Millennials are people who entered adulthood early this century.

Mr Roy Gori, president and chief executive of Manulife Asia, said: "Asia's millennials are naturally optimistic about their retirement as many will have grown up in an era of unprecedented economic development. With that prosperity comes a longer and better quality of life and, with that, higher expectations of the future.


While previous generations relied heavily on real estate for their retirement fund, economics and demographics mean that today's millennials need to take a different approach.

'' MR MICHAEL DOMMERMUTH, Manulife's head of wealth and asset management for Asia.
"But the economic model that underpins our current understanding of retirement is quickly changing. Young people today will need to start saving, and investing, sooner rather than later. Otherwise, they face a retirement of anxiety, not adventure."

The MISI aimed to measure and track respondents' views, across eight markets in the region, on key asset classes and issues related to personal financial planning.

The survey was based on 500 online interviews each in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines, as well as 500 face-to-face interviews in Indonesia.

Respondents were middle-class to affluent investors aged 25 years and above who were the primary financial decision-maker when it came to their households and their own investment products.

Manulife said that while no two investors will have the same retirement requirements, a common rule of thumb is to accumulate about 25 times the amount that one expects to spend in the first year of retirement.

Yet the survey showed that, on average, millennial investors expect to accumulate only one-third of what is typically required for their golden years.


Millennials acknowledge the challenges threatening their financial security later in life. Nearly four in 10 (38 per cent) expect to financially support both their parents and children at the same time, significantly constraining their ability to invest and prepare for life after work.

In comparison, only 29 per cent of older investors expect to support their family in the same way.

Younger investors are slightly more concerned than generations past about the impact of health on their finances. Two out of five millennials (39 per cent) expect healthcare to become too expensive during retirement, and more still (43 per cent) expect their health to deteriorate to the point where they can no longer work. Despite these challenges, 71 per cent of millennials expect to work in retirement, compared with 66 per cent of older investors.


Many investors, including millennials, continue to seek financial security through real estate. Nearly half (45 per cent) of millennials who intend to purchase local property across Asia seek to generate rental income from it. However, their expectations of a return may not reflect the uncertain fortunes of the real estate market within the region.

Mr Michael Dommermuth, Manulife's head of wealth and asset management for Asia, said: "Younger investors looking to address their retirement shortfall should reconsider their investments in the context of rapidly maturing or already mature real estate markets. While previous generations relied heavily on real estate for their retirement fund, economics and demographics mean that today's millennials need to take a different approach.

"Millennials who invest in emerging Asia will likely fare better than those who buy a home in maturing Asia, where slowing growth and ageing populations can dampen real estate markets. They owe it to themselves to consider every option available to them in order to plan more effectively for their future."

A version of this article appeared in the print edition of The Sunday Times on February 26, 2017, with the headline 'Young Asian adults likely to face cash crunch in retirement'.

Sunday 9 April 2017

Wow! That 20% Compound Return!!! (3)

Read? Wow! That 20% Compound Return!!! (2)

Hobbyist investment bloggers have been around for many years and surprising investment newbies of different age group haven't discover them. How come?

Something for Uncle8888's blogger friend, TheFinance.sg to find out why? LOL!

This not-so-young man sat beside Uncle8888. Normal BAU action to know your seat neighour at seminar.

CW: I retiree. You work how long?

He: 17 years.

CW: You invest how long?

He: Just about one year.

CW: All these years you put your saving in the bank?

He: Yes.

CW: Why you want to invest now?

He : To beat inflation . (May be he was just repeating what he heard from the seminar speaker why people need to invest. LOL!)

CW: You never visit Singapore investment blogs?

He : No. Don't know.

Uncle88888 showed him two investment blogs aggregator; download My SGX app and also asked him to join BIGS World Facebook group.

During the lunch break; Uncle8888 was standing next to one middle age couple; Uncle8888 was trying to open up his lunch pack; but the plastic cover seen to get stuck and he has some difficulty in taking out the plastic cover. This kind woman saw old man struggling with his lunch pack and quickly helped old man to open up his lunch box.

After sometime; Uncle8888 asked the woman how long she has been investing?

She replied she has just started investing and wanted to learn more about investing from the seminar; but she found the course fee of $4,XXX was on the high side.

Uncle8888 asked the same questions as the guy and did the same for the couple!

Hopefully; he has introduced potentially three active followers to our investment blogosphere. LOL!


Home worries surface as lease expiry looms

Read? Home worries surface as lease expiry looms

Read? Sunday, 4 January 2009 Property Investing - doing the Math (Part 3)

You look at the date of this blog post.

Sunday, 4 January 2009

It was years way ahead of what the mainstream is now talking about it!

I have sensed that some of those superfriends are getting ready to invest in property. I presume investing in Sinagpore 99 years Leasehold property as investing in Freehold property would need huge capital and highly leveraged.

You can understand why Uncle8888 chose to maintain silence when they were actively engaging each other. LOL!

Give Your Child Fish Or Teach Your Child How To Fish (2)

Read? Give Your Child Fish Or Teach Your Child How To Fish

You DON'T believe you can really recognize future market cycles. 

You DON'T think you can wait patiently to profit from the next few market cycles; then you should move on to become STRONGER passive savers.

There is No free lunch in the world of investing! You have to trade off something for something else.

For your young children's ang pow money; how many market cycles will their ang pow money likely to go through?

Wow! That 20% Compound Return!!! (2)

Read? Wow! That 20% Compound Return!!!

For those better Trainers; they have one or two multi-baggers stocks under their name with CDP statement highlighted items as documentary evidence.

How come?

Hmm ..

It is just Law of Large Number over a few market cycles. If you didn't get at least one multi-bagger over the last few market cycles; then you are NOT doing it right. 

You may want to explore your inner self and do a RESET on your investing behavior over the next few market cycles if you are still younger.

Read? When a Giant Gain Causes Pain (4)

Saturday 8 April 2017

Wow! That 20% Compound Return!!!

Uncle8888 eng eng now back to attending free preview seminars and free makan!

Hmm ... something he didn't think or realize it!

Example flashed on the screen is likely to be penny stock.

Wow! That 20% Compound Return!


Now, what did you realize or see from the two tables above if both investor A and B bought the same amount of shares e.g. 10,000?

In investing, your ACCOUNT SIZE really MATTERS - CW8888

Read? In Investing, your ACCOUNT SIZE really MATTERS! Why???

On Blog Leave from 11 to 14 Apr 2017

Investing for dividend yield is no different from fishing style!

See the difference in Uncle8888 and Auntie8888 fishing style and fishing Goals.

What did you see?

Auntie8888 will always catch something and never go home empty handed; but Uncle8888 is most likely to be disappointed again!

If you want 6-8% dividend yield on Monday; you can get them. It is no different from Auntie8888's fishing style. You know what to buy?

10 Things I Didn’t Expect in Early Retirement

Read? 10 Things I Didn’t Expect in Early Retirement

#5. I’ve Gotten Very Comfortable Wearing Casual Clothes

CW8888: LOL!

But not with some of your ex-colleagues when they see and get shock of unsightly dressing. LOL!

Read? Six Months After Not Doing Anything To Increase GDP As Jobless Man!

Goals, System And Process Are Not Mutually Exclusive! (3)

Read? Goals, System And Process Are Not Mutually Exclusive! (2)

They say for something you cannot control e.g. stock market your investing Goals are useless. 

If you are going to retire in the next few years then it is foolish to set retirement as your investing Goal! 

But if you are decades away from retirement you can set SMART investing Goals with Rule of 72; you will still have some control to revise, refine or rebuild your System and Process towards your journey to reach your Goal.

When we are employees; we will one day retire either voluntarily, involuntarily or statutory; we will retire from our full-time job!

Uncle8888 clearly know it and in no illusion and plan decades ahead of its time and can even announce his Goal sooner than expected when he has better grip of ETA to his retirement.

One of his peers who was very motivated and cheong worker who after re-org became his last ex boss before his retirement on Sep 2016.

He bought Uncle8888 lunch and requested him to delay his decision to retire early.

Boss: I won't dare to ask you to delay your retirement. Can you work till Dec so I can have more time to manage the transition?

CW: Last year I have given you and the team one year advance notice. Do you still remember , 10 years ago I have already tell every body that I will work up to 60?

CW: Dec is not possible as I am planning for my Taiwan for Nov/Dec period. Okay, I can work till end Sep. If any work related issues that were not cleared and needed my help I came back to office to help. Anyway, I should be very free.

Uncle8888 did went back on two occasions to help to advise on some outstanding issues.

Friday 7 April 2017

CPF DPS Also Expired!!!

Read? My Long Term Personal Financial Goal - Self-insured Fund by 60!!! (2)

Important milestone in our life journey in Singapore; even CPF Ah Gong did the right thing by terminating DPS at 60. Above 60; the premium rises steeply! Every 5 years band; the premium rises even faster. 


How come Whole Life policy is still paying the same premium way beyond 60?

Why arh?

Are you aware of guarantee and non-guarantee part of whole life policy?

Think why there is non-guarantee part?

You Want To Be Like Warren Buffet or Bill Gates???

Let open heart talk ...

Do you want to be Warren Buffet or Warren Buffet's good friend Bill Gates?

Warren Buffet!


Hmm ...

You haven't come across any "Gurus" conducting courses to teach you skills to become Bill Gates; but for learning to become mini or micro Warren Buffet's look alike. 

No problem!

In Singapore alone you can easily find a few "Gurus" teaching you this for just $X,XXX. Why you never give your chance to learn to invest like Warren Buffet? Arh!

Conclusion: It is so much easier to become Warren Buffet. Right?

Walk Here. Walk There. Join The Queue : Fish Soup

Read? Walk Here. Walk There. Join The Queue : Laksa

The noodle stall next to it can only ask the Sky. 

Why like that?

This kind of neighbour!

sibei sianz! 

On why sound investing principles will always work???

Uncle8888 came across this in the Cyber world

So instead of “high risk / high return,” a better description of how investing works – in my view – would be “low risk / high return.” The following’s a real-life example of how this works.

Back in 10 October 2007, when the Singapore stock market reached a peak prior to the Great Financial Crisis, Singapore’s largest bank, DBS Group Holdings Ltd (SGX: D05), was priced at 1.72 times its book value. That’s a high valuation – and hence it was a risky time to invest. Today, DBS Group’s stock price is still down by 14% from where it was back then.

On the other hand, in early March 2009, when Singapore’s stock market had reached its bottom during the Great Financial Crisis, DBS Group had a price-to-book (PB) ratio of just 0.49. That’s a really low valuation – which meant it was a low-risk time to invest. From then to today, DBS Group’s stock has increased by nearly 200%.

On why sound investing principles will always work


The above quote is just talk talk on paper.

The real thing happening to retail investors on the ground is ...

Real People. Real Story on DBS!

This ex-colleague who was some time also Uncle8888's lunch kaki.

During GFC 2008/2009; he was very keen to invest bigger on DBS; but in Mar 2009 he was still waiting for DBS to reach $6 before accumulating slowly!

When the market recovered he regretted big time; but; he did learn important lesson on investing!

This time in Jan 2016; when DBS went below $15; he started to accumulate slowly using his CPF fund as he has already reached 55 (Feeling rich with his bigger War Chest? How often can we beat CPF OA 2.5% with blue chip yield?)

In Investing; Your Account Size Really Matters! - CW8888

When DBS has crossed $19; he began to divest slowly. Uncle8888 last heard that he has fully divested all his DBS.

Goals, System And Process Are Not Mutually Exclusive! (2)

Read? Goals, System And Process Are Not Mutually Exclusive! (1)

Goal of Self-insured Fund by 60

......   After reading if you have bother to read them; what is the difference?

Real People. Real Story!

(1) The Grasshopper's Way - No Goal!

(2) The Ant's Way - Setting Goal well ahead of his time in term of decades!

The difference?

Foresight and hindsight?

Ant has foresight with his Goal and works on his plan to reach his Goal with estimated time of arrival.

Grasshopper dances on hindsight and singing loud: "Oh boy! I have arrived!" 

How about this:

Pilot: Cabin crew, prepare for arrival in one hour!


Pilot: Cabin crew, we have arrived!

What is the Moral of the Story?

Foresight : It WILL happen so we prepare and be ready for it to happen! It HAS happened. We are glad and safe!

Hindsight : It happened! We are glad and safe!

At the dawn of Spring; the Ant met the Grasshopper dancing in the warm of early Sunrise .

Ant : I see that you are still dancing in the Sun. Lucky; it wasn't long and harsh Winter!

Grasshopper : "Don't worry! I will be lucky again for the next Winter. BTW, life is short and dance while Sun shines!"

Ant pointing to the community of Ants: "I know that my life is short; but their life are NOT!"

When we have our loved ones with us; it is NEVER about living our life in whatever way we want without giving due consideration on planning to reach certain life goals that will happen!

Who are you, Ants or Grasshopper?

Community living and sole dancing is hell of difference!

Get it?

... to be continued

Thursday 6 April 2017

Goals, System And Process Are Not Mutually Exclusive! (1)

Uncle8888 has lived long enough and witness more than enough people growing up in the same era as him; but those who have CLEARLY communicated their Goals upfront in their early years; somehow they eventually achieved their Goals way ahead of their peers who are still dreaming of striking ToTo JackPot in their 60s! BTW; he is one of them every Mondays and Thursday dreaming it!

Our Goals can provide THAT direction and push us forward to THAT direction in the long-term and eventually we will built for ourselves our own well-designed system and committing to the process to pursue our clearly stated Goals.

Stating our Goals without committing effort, resources and time to build our own System and refining and adjusting our process to pursue our Goals is just Day Dreaming!

Let Uncle8888 shared his own experience of setting his Goals and what follows on year after year until the Goals are achieved!

Goal of Self-insured Fund by 60

Read? Long Term Personal Financial Goal - Self-insured Fund by 60!!! (2)

After reading if you have bother to read them; what is the difference?

The Grasshopper's Way - No Goal!

 I've just gone to my insurance company this afternoon and surrendered my remaining last whole life insurance. I ended my term life insurance policy 4 years ago when I returned back to Singapore.

Whole life insurance policies break even after 20 years. So had to patiently wait until today.

I bought this whole life policy just before my 28th birthday 20 years ago. Man! I'm now 48!?

Where did these 20 years go?

The Ant's Way - Setting Goal well ahead of his time in term of decades!

Uncle8888's last life insurance policy will mature in Mar 2016 and thereafter he will be self-insured with his own fund and supported by Medisave and Medishield. 

He made that decision in his 30s and works towards this 20 over years long-term personal financial goal.

Now, who says long-term goal is "useless"?

.... to be continued 

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