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Sunday, 15 November 2020

Cut your losses short and let your winners run???

 One of the most enduring sayings on Wall Street is "Cut your losses short and let your winners run." Sage advice, but many investors still appear to do the opposite, selling stocks after a small gain only to watch them head higher, or holding a stock with a small loss, only to see it lose even more.

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All you need for a lifetime of successful investing is a few big winners, and the pluses from those will overwhelm the minuses from the stocks that don’t work out. - Peter Lynch

How about "Cut your losses short and let your winners run"???

No stop-losses! Die pain pain har?

How about to suit those who by nature who like to believe in "salted fish can turn over" one day or one day salted fishes decay to ashes! Maximum loss is 100% of invested capital! Cry until no tears hor!

Cut your losses short and let your winners run 

CAP your losses and take Panadols for Heartache AND let your winners run and play round and round with your winners!

It is actually Short-Term trading or Wrong-Term investing AND Long-Term investing strategy! LOL!

Be OURSELVES since we are investing and trading for ourselves . We should be discovering what really work for us!

21 years from Jan 2000 to Nov 2020 across market cycles of Bulls and Bears

COVID-19 New stocks pick over 8 Months from Feb 2020 to Nov 2020 

Finally, when market turns around, this strategy begins to show some truth.  LOL!


  1. The "strange" things about stock market is Covid induced 52 week Low prices in March this year still hold but some counters goes lower now than at that frightening time in March's FF.

    And that's " Durian No POW CHIAT" for me.

    Even though my nose for Durians still can work.

  2. Another longer-term view of the stock markets...

    Chart of global stocks divided by 30-yr Treasuries

    Shows people's preference to own risky stocks or to own safe bonds.

    A bullish MACD cross from below the zero centerline just occurred end-Oct 2020.

    This has only occurred 4 other times in the last 27 years: 2003, 2009, 2012, 2016.

    Were those good times to invest in risky stocks??

    You decide!

    Different people, different situation! :P

    1. Just think back to those years 2003, 2009, 2012, 2016. Kekeke!

    2. For me is 1987/1988 till now.
      How i survive until now and is still surviving.

      To me God must have been blessing me somehow.
      It's not easy to survive and prosperous too in the stock market and other investments as a whole.


    3. Hi temperament,

      I know very few people who are active in the markets and were around during the 1987 crash. Were you in the stock market during 1987 massive one-day Black Monday crash? Till today, the magnitude of that crash still has not been exceeded.

      Quite an achievement if you are active and can survive 1987 black monday, 1997/1998 Asian financial crisis, 2000-2002 tech bust, 2008 global financial crisis :)

    4. Yes, i was in. i got a shock of my life, just went in then kenna.
      But i have decided b4 i plunge into the market that i believe in market cycles - just by looking at market historical cycles, etc.... why market always come back even after WW1 & WW2.
      So i have been surviving from there until now.
      Even manage to prosper to allow me to choose not to work and waste some money by owning a car, all these years. But no regret.
      Going to scrape car by March next year.

      i am not sure about my achievement but i have asked for God Blessings b4 i started to invest as a i am a believer -a Christian.

      Of course i have to always try my best, and believe God will do the rest.
      This does not mean i don't lose money in financial investments but overall i am O. K. if i stop all investments now. And liquidate all assets into cash.


      Of course i will never do that or i hope i don't have to do that but leave a legacy for my only son.

      Going out the mountain, at times really must have guts to buy BIG- Of course after having do your homework "properly".

      This is my past experience hope U understand everyone got their own temperament to suit their way or style of investing.

      Now, only driving in 1st to 3rd gear in the stock market.
      But who knows the next Black Swan comes, people will ask where are U and what are U doing then?


    5. Hi temperament,

      Maybe 1987 crash was God's blessing in disguise for you.

      A bad beginning in the journey in financial markets is actually a good start. It makes a person appreciates risk. I lost substantial money in my first few years.

      A good beginning in the journey is a bad start. The person thinks he's a genius and proceeds on to lose his gain and more in the end.

    6. Yes.


      My concept of Cycle investing for life was put to the test on the spot.

      But most important thing of all i have stayed loyal to my my course of believe - Cycle Investing.

      Of course when i had made quite some money, i thought i was a genius and speculated and lost quite a sum of hard earned money on China CHIT IPOs in SGX. i even did short term trading in some of these China Chit IPOs..
      Who says he never does some stupid things in the market, i salute him if it is true.



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