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Thursday, 7 September 2017

This Book Rich Dad Poor Dad (2)

Read? This Book Rich Dad Poor Dad

Singapore Man of Leisure7 September 2017 at 12:01:00 GMT+8


Have fun at your talk!

I guess your message will resonate with those who have an "Ah Q" bias - "It is about the option with the capability to slow down and letting your peers get ahead of you."

Maybe its my DNA or what. I tend to see things from "land owner" perspective.


I read Rich Dad Poor Dad as plugging the benefits of being a "business owner".

That's why MLM marketers often give this book to their underlings, opps, I meant downlines!

Its like ink blots; we see what we want to see.


The poor "employee" CEO with his multi-million salary and bonuses will probably read Rich Dad Poor Dad with a wry smile and chuckle!

(1) a wry smile and chuckle!

Do you have an ideal job? I believe many don't; but the job still provide a steady stream of income and help you to make a living and pay bills.

From CEO's Mouth themselves

Do you think that CEO is an ideal job?

My ex-boss was a very ambitious man and worked his way up the corporate ladder and one day was head-hunted to become CEO of another company.

At one Chinese New Year gathering of old colleagues, he said that how he wish he could retire early and doesn't have to face the stupid board?

Read? The Real World

A wry smile and chuckle probably happen at every pay day; but not necessary at every year end review and performance appraisal when these CEOs are NOT business owner with 100% shares as Pte Ltd.

When CEOs have boss or bosses who will set KPIs; do performance review and performance appraisal for their bonuses and salary adjustment;  they are never business owner but employees or self-employed. When they didn't meet the Mark; they get f.... for not performing. When their ego are badly hurt then they may be thinking of getting out of rat race or retire! 

Another CEO of listed company in SGX said publicly at SIAS seminar that he has regretted taking his company public. You can guess why?

(2) Business Owner

That is the dream of many day dreamers!

The fact is only few of us will become CEO or business owner! 


Don't confuse business owner and self-employed.

Business owner can employ hire guns do the heavy lifting while they just need to lift the net profits.

Self-employed have to do heavy lifting themselves!


Why Investment?

Can we become competent investor?

Why not?

Many, many, many more can become competent investors. We just need more and more capital and our account size really matters. 

Capital comes from our saving through our earned income!

That is why more and more people are seeking financial independence!

1 comment:

  1. CW,

    Just stating the obvious.

    First choice is Business Owner - youths got it right with their start-up dreams :)

    2nd choice is do well in career - that's the Singapore model of study hard and work hard scholar route.

    3rd choice is pray to lady luck - buy Toto.

    Hole in the heart "bo bian" choice - financial freedom through investing/trading. A reason why so many fall for scams and false dreams concocted by snake-oils more interested in their own financial freedom by attracting others into their sales funnels...

    Be honest. How many parents send their kids through universities hoping they will succeed as retail "investors"?

    You would be more proud if they worked for a Hedge Fund right?


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