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Tuesday, 15 December 2020

Luckily, Me in Merdeka Generation Didn't Start Younger To Invest/Speculate in My 30s During 1990s

Luckily???; Uncle8888 was kiasu and kiasi type and loved the idea of Being Debt Free Pom Pi Pi and dumped his CPF money to clear his HDB housing loan; otherwise he might be among those Merdeka Generation who had chopped his fingers after AFC and this blog will never exist!

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If we started early during Bull Run; it may make us think that we are genius in investing or trading. See lah. Told you to start early. You don't listen. I made XX% CAGR already!

Now; Government and Social Media did a better job to educate the important of CPF and topping up instead of hooting the market with your paper money in CPFIS!

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May be now is different as financial and investing knowledge are easily available at your fingers or NLB  and just don't be Bei Kambing and became of a believer of Secret Method to FIRE by Snake Oil!


  1. I feel now is a different kettle of fish offer in the stock market.

    Example in 1987/1990s ii could hold NOL Tua Tua,year in year out.

    So with others cyclical Blue Chips.

    Now lost track to Bit Coins, Ali Baba and his forty thiefs etc....

  2. Debt Free pom pi pi is the way to go...only GOD knows how much debt the world is sitting on...the idea of buy now, pay later or dying in negative equities doesn't quite sync with me..

  3. But earlier i didn't know anything too until i decided to school myself in our NLB.

    With the idea/belief, anyone can be an expert in most subject in his own understanding in his own way. Aka BTC in BTC way.

    Imagine how difficult it was in the beginning. Not to say it is easy now. It is never easy in stock market investing. But ii always dislike stock market is a zero sum game for OPMIs; though maybe not true in a broader aspect of the market.


  4. CW,

    Our different and opposite paths, when it comes to taking property loans and squeezing blood from CPF, can be quite telling about WHO we are ;)

    We both have crossed the Eastern Sea in our own way. Others will find and discover theirs too!

    There is no one size fits all.

    Some focus on Earn More - the classic husband go out to bring bacon home ;)

    Some focus on Save More - the role model housewife making do with less or stretching the value of each dollar to the max!

    Smarter ones remember our 5000 years of Chinese wisdom do BOTH - 开原节流 Earn More AND Save More (notice its not reversed as in 节流开原?)

    All of us have to know ourselves and choose our own poisons.

    Once I discovered I'm a penguin, I no longer have to beat myself up just because I can't fly like other birds.

    Can't fly in the air not a problem when I can fly under water :)

    And that's better than listening to motivational speakers telling me if I think I can, I can!

    Show me a penguin that can fly in the air with just SELF BELIEF!

    1. Robot Penguin can fly in the air. LoL!

    2. Hi Uncle8888 & Smol,

      Hmmm, when it comes to my stay-in HDB I cleared the mortgage in 3 years. But when it comes to my rental mickey mouse condo, I stretched the mortgage to 31 years LOL.

      Different purpose, different objective, different treatment. 😉

      Oh, penguins can fly, just like humans! Kekeke!!

    3. Spur,

      Excellent real life example!

      Those who studied business finance would know what you did there ;)

      That's why those who get ulcers knowing they are paying the bank interests cannot fathom why cash rich companies still have debts on their books???

      Cash on hand $10 million.

      Short term debts $2 million.

      Long term debts $7 million.

      Look at all the interests we are paying to our creditors!!! Its like flushing money down the toilet!!! Quickly pay everything up!!!


      P.S. Good one! Penguins can indeed fly in the air!!!

  5. Have read and thought about stretching a bank loan as long as possible for rental property especially Non FH mickey mouse condo but never reached the state to practise it.

    Instead ii have chosened to pay upfront with cash (miskey mouse shoe box good for people who only need a place to sleep at night) for a FH rental property.

    So day one collect rent free of all encumberances, so to speak in financial terms or insurance terms.

    But that's me don't like to get into debt at all in all my life unless my cash can earn more then the interest i need to service my bank's loan.
    Even then how to be safe and sure. Talk is easy man until the economy turns on U. Any way no banks will loan me at all as i am a "calafei".

    And ii always only like people to pay me not i collect rent and need to share with some to people; except i don't mind a good "Pow Ka Liu" rental agent who is sincere in his service.

    If i want to be a property flipper, i would borrow the longest mortgage loan i can find (any bank willing to bet on me) for a new non-FH property. Alas no bank will lah; as i have said earlier i am a "calafei" to any bank.

    相佛容易刻佛難, 看花容易
    繡 花 難】,


    i think most people will undersatnd this if they do thier home work, lol.


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