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Saturday, 5 December 2020

Stock market news live updates: S&P 500, Dow and Nasdaq reach all-time closing highs as stocks end another record-setting week

CW8888: No more fear in the market as greed has taken over and overwhelm any fear left in the market??? Hoot ah!

Brother STI. You no follow ah?

Stocks hit record levels on Friday as traders shook off a disappointing print on job creation in November.

Each of the three major indices reached closing record highs, with the S&P 500’s gains led by energy and financials stocks as a cyclical rotation remained intact. A day earlier, the blue-chip index was pressured after the Wall Street Journal reported that Pfizer (PFE) was contending with supply-chain issues that would impact this year’s deliveries of its COVID-19 vaccine. The drug-maker, along with its German partner BioNTech (BNTX), plans to ship 50 million vaccines by year-end, as opposed to the 100 million it previously expected. It still anticipates handing over more than 1 billion doses in 2021, however, and Bloomberg reported on Friday that the company was closing in on hitting its vaccine target for this year.

Economic data took center stage for traders on Friday, with the U.S. Labor Department’s November jobs reflecting the slowest pace of job growth since April’s record virus-induced drop in employment. Non-farm payrolls grew by just 245,000, sharply missing the 460,000 expected. This deceleration came as COVID-19 cases spiked to record levels last month and new business restrictions came into play. Still, other recent jobs data has surprised to the upside: Thursday’s weekly new jobless claims report showed the first drop in new unemployment claims in three weeks.

As traders and economists look ahead to a brighter 2021, strategists have begun to consider which stocks and sectors might pull ahead in a post-virus economy. Many believe the trends seen in November and early December – with cyclical and value names that had been hardest hit earlier on by the pandemic outperforming – will extend into next year.

“As you move into 2021, there will be broader economic growth, it will be more inclusive, you will see continued fiscal stimulus – I do believe we will get a package. You’ll see the Fed continue. You have pent-up demand,” Brent Schutte, Northwestern Mutual chief investment strategist, told Yahoo Finance on Thursday. “In 2021, you have a market that will move higher, but with different leadership that reflects more broad economy growth. Think the rotation that we’ve been talking about … it’s under way right now and it will continue into 2021. Think value, think small-cap, think emerging markets.”


  1. i thought i was quite 'smart' selling my Agilent and Keys at 52 week new highs a week or so ago, now today i look quite 'stupid' to the players who keep on pushing 52 week new highs to newer and newer highs

    Alas market always make a fool of us buying or selling.

    The moral is as long as made money, thank God already.

    For no other reason then U know the market is always there.
    Only whether U can rinse and repeat or not lol!?


    1. Salute those who dare to buy at all time high!

    2. Wonder how many buyers are for keeps and how many are for hunting Bei Kamings?

      Yet who can be sure it won't be another Apple or Orange?


  2. Price can be at ATH. During 2017 prices were at ATH every other day. LOL!

    But for ultra-long indicators, the conditions are similar to late-1940s and early-1980s in the US. These indicators have triggered a secular bull signal since 2013/2014, first time in over 30 years.

    For those in their 20s or 30s, and no need the money for another 20 years, no problem to invest now. For sure you'll experience crashes & recessions like Covid or 1987 Black Monday --- but the underlying trend is strong. That's why they call it "secular".

    STI, Hang Seng and many undervalued EM markets will likely chiong in the 2020s.

    For old uncles like us though, it's a different story. :P

    Your need, ability & willingness all determine risk exposure, asset allocation (size of warchest), position sizing, time horizon, diversification etc.


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