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Thursday, 24 December 2020


" I see more and more Retail Investors 'migrating' .... not only in IN but in other forums and my other circles of friends ..."

Hmm .. saw this! Ha ha!

Buy High. Sell Higher or Buy Low. Sell High?

Which camp to join?

See closely; when did the diversion of DOW and STI happen and guess why this happened?

Will STI need to close up or DOW close down?

You place your own bet!


  1. Singapore being just a tiny RED DOT all by itself unlike HK.

    SGX got not much choice but "Ken Pi Chun"

    So in many other things in the market.

    But we got No 1 airport for many years. Even now?

    Not forgetting NW.

    Not forgetting we manage Covid 19 in our own unique way because we are an International Airport & Seaport, we can't stop people coming in and going out completely. (Aka we don't produce food but we must eat to live). We never can never lock down totally.

    So we manage flow of people prudently due to Covid-19.

    And no wonder World Economic Forum to be held in Singapore in May-only the 2nd time not in Davos.

    Singaporean has earned a reputation second to none in many aspects of management of a little RED DOT.


  2. Hi Uncle8888,

    The divergence occurred in 2013. ;)

    My wild ass guess is that that also marked the "confirmed" start of this current secular bull.

    Targeting 2030 +/- 3 yrs for this secular bull to end. :P


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