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Since 2017 after retiring from full-time job as employee; I am moving towards Investing Nirvana - Freehold Investment Income for Life investing strategy where 100% of investment income from portfolio investment is cashed out to support household expenses i.e. not a single cent of re-investing!

Currently; it about 54% to destination!

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Wednesday, 20 October 2021

“Shorting” Without Shorting (Short Selling)???

Read?  “Shorting” Without Shorting (Short Selling)

Uncle8888 smiles when he read it!

Finally; someone wrote a long blog post on "shorting" without shorting for kiasu and kiasi investors who can't short!

Hmm .. somehow it sounds like Uncle8888's blog mast head on long-term investing and short-term trading strategy to make pillow stocks and on the way to freehold multi-baggers generating investment income for life during retirement!

Read? Pillow Stocks : The Less Stressful Long-term Investing When We Get Some Of Them Right!

Read? Just a few multi-baggers may be enough for your kid's university fund - Updated

Top three Rounds after Rounds i.e. short-term trading on Core positions while HODL!

Buying back could also mean sucking Panadols again on paper losses; but it is just less bitter and sleep better with these pillow stocks!

Read? Kep Corp : Bought @ $5.18 for Round 101

Read? SembCorp Industries (SCI): Bought @ $2.08 for Round 57

Read? DBS : Bought @ $29.78 For Round 25

Tuesday, 19 October 2021

Panda's Investment Portfolio Hits A New All Time High Record In An Uninspiring And Boring SG Stock Market!

Read? Panda Investor Who Made Extraordinary Realized Returns From His CPFIS In An Uninspiring Singapore Stock Market (2)

Even with 100% investment income cashing out from portfolio to support household living expenses since 2017 i.e. 5 years without a single cent of re-investing back to the stock market; Panda's investment portfolio still manage to hit a new all time high record today; and it also shows that Panda investor can have the Cake and eat it too! Bagus!

ROFL on some smart financial advices given in the social media or articles!

Read? The Difference Between Smart Financial Advice and Smart Financial Advice For You (3)

Really;  this similar to something like ...

Guys! You looked seriously undernourished!

You should be taking more nutritious foods and supplements!


Monday, 18 October 2021

Singtel : Sold @ $2.53 as Round 2-1

Read? Singtel : Bought @ $2.33 for Round 3

Lim some kopi-O first while waiting for toast bread to be ready! Sell slowly!

Round 2.1: ROC 8.2%, 131 days, B $2.33 S $2.53

Round 1: ROC 3.8%, 110 days, B $2.38 S $2.48

Sunday, 17 October 2021

CW8888's Blog Mast Head : Create wealth through long-term investing and short-term trading.



Uncle8888 started blogging in Nov 2006 i.e. 15 years have passed!

He searched through the Internet for days and nights to make a mast head that truly reflected what he has been doing since Jan 2000 and what he will be doing i.e. create wealth through long-term investing and short-term trading.

Alamak! It is not a man plucking fruits in his backyard garden!

This profile picture became live since 2017 after he has retired from his full-time job as employee!

Watch what he does and NOT what he says!

Saturday, 16 October 2021

圣约翰岛猫咪Sandy去世 岛民游客纷表不舍

RIP, Sandy the Cat!

Mar 2016 photo of Sandy the Cat!

Read? 圣约翰岛猫咪Sandy去世 岛民游客纷表不舍

Read? Give The Cat A Fish!

COVID-19 Threw Me A Number For Basic Costs Of Living In Singapore

Zero overseas travelling expenses in 2020 and 2021!

High medical costs as a private patient (previously on company's Class A medical benefits and down-grading is unlikely as it is better to stay with current specialists)

Health is wealth; but some health issues are not really within our control. Blame our DNA!

Friday, 15 October 2021

Scare No Buy. Buy No Scare!!!

If you have been visiting investment/trading forums; you may come across posting by somebody at the forum .. Scare no buy. Buy no scare!

Really true!

Uncle8888's last buying of stock is on Monday, 26 September 2016

Read? SGX : Bought @ $7.46

Scare No Buy over 3 years+ and back to Buy No Scare is on Friday, 21 February 2020

Read? ComfortDelgro : Bought @ $2.01

Buy no scare but sucks Panadols since Feb 20! LOL!

Thursday, 14 October 2021

Kep Corp


Is CPF really the equivalent of a 65:35 fund ?

Read? Is CPF really the equivalent of a 60:40 fund ?

Hor!  Of course; it is! LOL!

The 35% CPFIS tool is there after AFC when the MIW shifted CPF 100:100 to 65:35 and stop f... MIW for not protecting your retirement fund if you lose your money in your investment! 

Read? Resident wants ban on CPF cash for investments

Read? Panda Investor Who Made Extraordinary Realized Returns From His CPFIS In An Uninspiring Singapore Stock Market (2)

Read? What Is Missing in 1M65 CPF Strategy???

Wednesday, 13 October 2021

STI - Snail Pacing Up And Down In Narrow Range (2)

Friday, 8 October 2021

Read? STI - Snail Pacing Up And Down In Narrow Range

Can STI Snail make it this round?

Squid Game's Tug Of War In The Stock Market

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Read? Think of Investing in Stock Market as Game of Tug of War

In Children's game of tug of war; it is rather fair on equal number of players on each side; but as retail players in the stock market; it is clearly an unfair game; one side will have many retail players and joined in by heavy weight and powerful BBs. The winners of the momentarily Game will be laughing to the bank at the other side of players as suckers!

Do we know Squid Game's Tug Of War Tactics in the stock market?

When to join which side?

22 years of playing Squid Game's Tug of War in the stock market!

Monday, 11 October 2021

Luck, Skills And Money As Retail Investors

 Singapore Man of Leisure 9 October 2021 at 12:20:00 GMT+8



To focus on money management, you need to have money first...

That's why snake-oils have to prioritise Method as that's what their customer base wants - HOW to get rich!

Not how to protect your wealth.

Then again, we have also been transparent when we were climbing up the mountain, we also never focused on money management...

You with your contra trades and over staying your welcome in 2008; me with my margin trading; while others so heavy into properties until banks savings only a few thousand...

Weren't we glad we didn't know what cannot be done then!?

Heng ah!

Reply Delete


Uncle8888 believe he doesn't have the best luck till now at 65!

Tio 4D First prize - highest $5K 1 Big 1 Small. Buy bigger always tio jiak! Sianz!

Tio ToTo prize. Highest is 4 numbers!

Read? Luck??? When It Comes. Hard To Stop it!

Read? Dumb Luck With Heavenly Trigger!!!

Hmm ... like that then Uncle8888 was unlucky to read that book Rich Dad. Poor Dad at the wrong time and triggered him to seriously started his journey to Get Out of Rat Race when STI was near its high at 2583 and then crashed down to 1198.

He was lucky or unlucky? Not sure but he did learn something very important and practically true!

Moral of the Story : Money but no luck! Buy slowly but keep losing more!

Read? Lucky Or Unlucky When You First Get Started Investing Over Market Cycles

Moral of the Story : Money and luck! Huat ah!

Read? Unexpected Token Of Appreciation From Follower (Ex-colleague)!

Sunday, 10 October 2021

Unexpected Lesson Learnt In COVID-19 On Fighting Market Volatility As Retiree

How to fight market volatility as retirees who are depending on their investment income?

A practical approach from unexpected lesson learnt in COVID-19 with an unplanned War Chest as one data point case study!

Read? Have you spend enough time thinking on your money management strategies? (4)

We have no control over market volatility!

We either go and fight it or slowly withdraw from it!

How to fight a War against market volatility?

Of course, we need War Chest!

How much is enough?

We have to find out ourselves! No model answer to this question!

Saturday, 9 October 2021

Have you spend enough time thinking on your money management strategies? (4)

Read? Have you spend enough time thinking on your money management stratgeies? (3)

How often have you came across investment articles or blog posts mentioning the importance aspects of money management as part of investing strategies especially during retirement phase across future crisis.

See for yourself!

Pumped in so much money into the market just to maintain! 

COVID-19 has validated Uncle8888's money management strategy to sustain his replacement income from his investment portfolio during retirement phase!

Friday, 8 October 2021



STI - Snail Pacing Up And Down In Narrow Range


Thursday, 7 October 2021

We love to extrapolate our winnings in the market. Wrong?

 Uncle8888 smiles when he read this from investment blogosphere ..

If I can maintain or do better than June 2021 profit consistency for the next 12 months, then I can start to consider switch to become full time stock trader.

If you have successfully switched from 9-5 jobs -> Full time trader OR unsuccessfully going to switch from Full time trader back to 9-5 jobs, would like to hear your stories / experiences / tips :)

It is like seeing his own past. In 2007, he had earned more than his boss and was thinking he could quit his job as employee soon and do full time trading! LOL!

Read? My War Room (7) - The Last Mile

Read? Shocking Truth on some Stock Gurus!

Wednesday, 6 October 2021

Tuesday, 5 October 2021

SGX : Bought @ $9.68 for Round 15

Read? SGX : Bought @ $9.84 for Round 14


Suck more Panadols liao!

Older men are more likely to panic sell stocks: MIT study

Read? Older men are more likely to panic sell stocks: MIT study

Read? After A Few Market Cycles ... Did More Veterans Learn Something??? (2)

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are diving into the demographics of people that panic sell stocks during a market crash.

Investors who are male, over the age of 45, married or consider themselves as having “excellent investment experience” are more likely to “freak out” and dump their portfolio during a downturn, according to a paper published last month that analyzed more than 600,000 brokerage accounts. 

The researchers say their work can be used to create predictive models, which would help identify individuals at risk of panic selling.

“Financial advisors have long advised their clients to stay calm and weather any passing financial storm in their portfolios,” wrote Daniel Elkind, Kathryn Kaminski, Andrew Lo and colleagues. “Despite this, a percentage of investors tend to freak out and sell off a large portion of their risky assets.”

The extreme emotional swings of being a stock-market investor has long fascinated behavioral scientists. While the MIT study didn’t explore why exactly investors panic sell, the intense fear and desire to give up and get out of the market is well-known to any trader. 

Countless studies have shown that people are better off staying put in a broad diversified portfolio, yet the promise of big riches and the terror of losing it all continues to drive frenetic trading patterns.  

In the study, the researchers defined a panic sale as a plunge of 90% of a household account’s equity assets over the course of one month, of which 50% or more is due to trades. 

“Panic sales are not random events,” the researchers wrote, saying its possible to identify clear trends in the data. They found that specific types of investors, such as those with less than $20,000 in their portfolio, also tend to liquidate more often.  

“Subtle patterns in portfolio history, past market movements, and demographic profile can be exploited by deep neural networks to accurately predict if an investor will panic sell in the near future,” they added. 

Sunday, 3 October 2021

Growth-Dividends or Dividend-income Investing Goals

 Since retiring from his full-time job as salaried employee in 2016; Uncle8888 has transited his yearly goals from growth-dividends to dividends-income and finds that dividends-income yearly goal is easier and within his control to achieve the expected target or at least nearer to target. It is a matter of calibrating his War Chest to to achieve!

2021 is more or less done!

Looking forward to 2022 yearly goal - buy more or trade more whichever comes first!

Now, he can understand why younger investors also choose to set dividend income goals! LOL!

Saturday, 2 October 2021

2021 Q3 Investment Performance As Retiree Depending On Investment Income

 2021 Investment income

Stocks only go up! LOL!

Keep buying!

Actually is ... sianz!

The trick is to keep pumping capital into the market and then stocks only go up!

But for NOT retirees depending on investment income for survival; stocks never go up!

Friday, 1 October 2021

SGX : Bought @ $9.84 for Round 14

Read? SGX : Bought Back @ $9.98 for Round 13

Panadols coming on 14 Oct!

Wednesday, 29 September 2021

Oceanus : Salted Fish Flips Over???

Read? Oceanus : Bought @ $0.035 for Round 5

Oceanus’ exit represents the first time in the history of the SGX-ST, where a company has successfully achieved a “complete turnaround through concerted restructuring efforts”, says Koh.

From Salted fish ---> Sardine ---> Touchstone ---> Multi-bagger?

0.02, 0.035, 0.037, 0.038, 0.041

Sunday, 26 September 2021

Panda Investor Who Made Extraordinary Realized Returns From His CPFIS In An Uninspiring Singapore Stock Market (2)

 Read? Panda Investor Who Made Extraordinary Realized Returns From His CPFIS In An Uninspiring Singapore Stock Market

Read? Turnaround from your chart 2008-2012?

Last night after my sharing session on Optimizing Your CPF talk during coffee break ...

One guy: You all investment bloggers like to make investing look so easy

CW : Did you follow my blog? Since when did I make investing look so easy? Did you see my chart on Win vs Loss?

One guy: Your blog got lots of graphics?

CW: Ya.

Read? You All Investment Bloggers Like to Make Investing Look So Easy

Saturday, 25 September 2021

Panda Investor Who Made Extraordinary Realized Returns From His CPFIS In An Uninspiring Singapore Stock Market

Realized returns from CPFIS is $330K and more realized returns coming next year and yearly passive income over the next decade or more!

But no snake oil product to offer to generate such returns! 



Stop-loss, Cut-loss for Switching Horses and Position Sizing and NO Leverage!

 Hi Bro CW8888

What do you think of Venture, kept dropping after I bought at $19.77 but collected 2 rounds of dividen d at $500 & $250.

Should cut?

Thanks for your advice.


Read? Posts relating to Stop Loss

Stop-loss is for traders and cut-loss is for investor to switch horses. 

Are you in pain of seeing escalating paper losses; then you should sell to relieve your pains. 

Pains no more! Only regrets after that!

Choose Pain or Regret?

Got Panadols to ease pain? 

Friday, 24 September 2021

I score distinctions in my exam but not in the stock market (2)

Read? I score distinctions in my exam but not in the stock market (Refresh)

Read? Mind Flip (7)

Read? Technical Indicators? (5) - Does it really matter in SG stock market?

FA or TA or combination of FATA! Huat!

Uncle8888 is half-past-six or half-baked Panda retail investor and a birdy brain trader! No Stop-loss some more BUT he got ball to decisively and completely WRITE OFF any salted fish to ZERO on his investment performance book keeping and then MOVE ON! 

Once these salted fishes are written off. It doesn't matter any more!

Salted fish may turn into zero-baggers or forever remaining positive! Don't care!


1. Never attend a single AGM over the last 22 yrs

2. Have not read a single Annual Report for last 10 years or more!

3. Just follows news and SGX announcements!

4. Just focus on buying and selling slowly.  STRICT POSITION SIZING on own investing capital for any new mistresses so that risks are consistent.

5. Love and re-love old mistresses and slowly add new mistresses and love them all!


Wrong : Suck Panadols for Sardine or become Salted fish and write off!

Right : Suck Panadols to Touchstone to Pillow (Rounds after Rounds); and then finally Multi-baggers for Freehold/Passive investment income for life


1. Once Uncle8888 was a crazy TA follower and read every TA books found on NLB shelves and developed customized combinations of TA indicators ! TA indicators work? or Just happen we are at the RIGHT side of Mr Market?

Read? Investing - No minimum paper qualification is required!

2. Simplistic TA charting - Support and Resistance!

Smart people in the market earns smart money!

Dumb people in the market may also earn dumb money! Suck Pandols!

Wednesday, 22 September 2021



Olam - IPO Effect???

Read? Round 13 : Bought Olam @ $1.58

While Wilmar is dying! KNS!

Tuesday, 21 September 2021

CAPITALANDINVEST after CPL Restructuring

Read? Lost Your Money In Hyflux??? (2)

Read? CPL - Lucky Round Number @ $4 (SOLD)

Monday, 28 January 2013

CPL - Sold ROC 37%

Not the best kind of returns. :-(

Round 18: ROC 37.0%, 1038 days, B $2.90 S $4.00


Those Hero stocks of 2009 - 2011 that helped to recover from 2007 to 2009 draw-down of - 53%

Top two past heroes are dead!

Noble (Wrote off)

Olam (All sold)

Kep Corp (Top 1 holding)

Semb Corp (Top 2 holding)

Semb Marine (All sold)

Hyflux (Wrote off)

Biosensors (Taken Private)

CPL (Reduce to minor holding) <--- Another forced recovery of invested capital soon to switch Horse!


Hmm .. after cash recovery of $0.951; net investment cost as follows :

Capitalandinvest @ $2.92

CapLand IntCom T @ $1.96

After donkey years of sucking Panadols on CPL paper losses; this Buy & Hold position after restructuring; now no more paper loss. Looking forward to sweet Panadols! :-)

Mr Market is always Right!

Snake Oil Financial Instrument Sold


Lehman Brothers Minibonds that are affordable to average retail investors. 

Products sold by Big Boys are safe lah! ???

Latest financial snake oil is ...

ONE of China Evergrande Group's main lenders has made provisions for losses on a portion of its loans to the embattled property developer, while some creditors are planning to give it more time to repay, four bank executives told Reuters.

The Chinese banks' measures, reported for the first time, show how financial institutions in the world's second-largest economy are bracing for a possible collapse of Evergrande.

The developer epitomised China's freewheeling era of borrowing and building, with nearly US$305 billion in liabilities across loans, bonds, so-called trust products and money owed to contractors and suppliers, among others.

Agricultural Bank of China (AgBank), the country's No 3 lender by assets, has made some loan loss provisions for part of its exposure to Evergrande, one of the executives said, without giving details.

Meanwhile, China Minsheng Banking and China Citic Bank, two other major Evergrande lenders, are prepared to roll over some of their near-term debt obligations, two separate sources with knowledge of each situation said.

Monday, 20 September 2021

12 Days Later - Mr Bear Coming To Town???

Wednesday, 8 September 2021

Read? Is STI Bear Smiling Again???

DBS : Bought @ $29.78 For Round 25

Monday, 23 November 2020

Read? DBS : Round 24 - 1 : Sold @ $24.89

1 year itch!

Waited until neck so long! Later tio whacked and sucks Panadols for long time! LOL!

Sunday, 19 September 2021

Keppel Corp and DBS

 Hmm.. interesting to see what will happen on Monday as closing spike on high volume on Friday!

SML - Right Issue @ $0.08 for Forced Round 42

That was 11 years ago for Round 41!

Monday, 2 August 2010

Read? SML - Sold $4.05, ROC 5.5%

Read? Sembcorp Ind + 4.9 SML in specie Is Greater Than Sum of parts for Semcorp Ind with 61% SML holding ??? (2)

CW8888: Temasek to take SML private and merge with Keppel O&M?

TEMASEK Holdings will take up 49.3 per cent of Sembcorp Marine (Sembmarine)'s rights issue, which means it will need to make a compliance offer for all shares of Sembmarine that it does not already own.

In a statement late on Friday night, Sembmarine Sembcorp Marine: S51 +1.2% announced its rights issue had closed on Sept 14 with valid acceptances for 15.9 billion or 84.2 per cent of the rights shares on offer. Excess applications were made for 6.3 billion rights shares, or 33.5 per cent of the total rights shares available.

The acceptances and applications include those of Startree Investments, a wholly owned unit of Temasek, for 12.6 billion of the rights shares.

Wednesday, 15 September 2021



Singaporean Cat Or Homegrown Cat??? (Refresh)

Sinktel - Home-grown CEOs since Day 1; but its share price is way below Singtel IPO @ $3.60 for donkey years despites keep changing home-grown Cats! Time to change to a Black Cat?

As investors; who care whether Black Cat or White Cat? Cat which puts more money into our bank account is Good Cat!

Read? Singaporean Cat Or Homegrown Cat???

Read? DBS : Highest paid CEO in Singapore

Mr Shanmugam brought up how Mr Leong, in his maiden speech in Parliament last year, had professed his "deep disappointment" that DBS Bank was still without a home-grown chief executive, and asked if the PSP NCMP still believes that naturalised Singapore citizens should not hold top positions.

Tuesday, 14 September 2021

20 yrs ago Kep Corp in 2001 and Keppel Vision 2030.

 20 years ago in Sep 2001; Uncle8888 believe and bought into Keppel's restructuring story in Round 1 @ $1.32 after Sep 11 WTC when market crash and Keppel made money as No 1 Oily company!

20 years later; Keppel became smelly, oily stock and most hated and has to shake off the smelly and oily business with its Keppel Vision 2030. Again; Uncle8888 still believe and now at Round 101 i.e. 100 rounds more than in 2001! LOL!

Average 5 rounds P.A over 20 yrs!

Read? Yield of dreams: Investors have "a once in a lifetime opportunity" in blue chips (15)


Sunday, 25 September 2016

Read? You Are Stupid To Lose Money In Your O & G Investment! Blame Yourself For Stupidity!

In Aug 24, 2001

Promising Conglomerates Still Struggle in Singapore

By Richard BorsukStaff Reporter of The Wall Street Journal

Aug. 24, 2001 12:01 am ET

SINGAPORE -- Two state-run Singapore conglomerates have each developed a more attractive story to tell potential investors than what was offered several years ago, but they still aren't receiving reams of rave reviews.

Keppel Corp. and SembCorp Industries are getting more attention than they did during the late 1990s. As well they should, since the two sometime-competitors look significantly different and better than they did during the 1997-98 Asian financial crisis. Many investors avoided the two complex holding companies, often seen as proxies for "Singapore Inc." The unhappiness stemmed from low rates of return, a result of inefficiency and high-cost diversification and expansion from their colonial-era roots in shipyards and engineering.

A series of restructuring and pruning moves has led some analysts and fund managers to regard the diversified companies in a more favorable light. They were pleased last year when SembCorp, whose five core businesses are utilities, engineering and construction, environmental engineering, logistics and marine engineering, sold off its Delifrance chain of French-style patisseries. Meanwhile, Keppel reduced its number of units and untangled a web of crossholdings involving several listed subsidiaries.

While the respective revamps have won the companies some fans, their share prices have at times languished. Interest in the companies was neither sustained nor broadly based. Many Singapore analysts have "buy" or "outperform" ratings on one or both at present, often based on the belief that there's hefty value left to be unlocked. They contend shares of Keppel Corp., which began its restructuring later, can reach about 4.25 Singapore dollars (US$2.43) in the next year. On Thursday, Keppel closed unchanged at S$3.32.

But some fund managers say that, while they welcome change at the two conglomerates, they don't like the odds for a significant rise in their share prices in coming months because they don't foresee short-term gains for equities battered by global markets and the grim outlook for trade-dependent Singapore. After growing 10% last year, Singapore may see its economy shrink in 2001.

Even when economic conditions improve -- boosting some of the infrastructure, property and other businesses that either company is in -- not everyone will stock up on the conglomerates; chilly market sentiment still lingers. Hugh Young, managing director of Aberdeen Asset Management Asia, says they and most Singapore companies are making gains in seeking ways to boost shareholder value. "But we still prefer companies with focus and specialization" rather than diversified interests, he says.

In recent months, Keppel Corp. has moved to both tap locked-up value and to respond to complaints that the holding company doesn't have clear core businesses. It sold its 37% stake in banking arm Keppel Capital Holdings to Oversea-Chinese Banking Corp. , generating an exceptional profit of S$800 million. Keppel Corp. also announced its intention to privatize its listed oilrig unit, Keppel FELS Energy & Infrastructure, making that one of its core operations. In addition, a capital-reduction program will pay shareholders 50 Singaporean cents a share.

Keppel Corp.'s moves and first-half results -- profit rose 21% -- have gotten mixed reviews from analysts. "Restructuring has only just begun" was the title of a bullish note from SG Securities. Its Singapore research chief, Foo Jou Min, calculates S$4.30 as Keppel Corp.'s "breakup value," which means that at current levels the stock can still be considered undervalued.

On the other side, the first-half results led G.K. Goh Securities to downgrade Keppel Corp. to "hold" from "buy." Having sold its banking interests, the holding company now "lacks strong earnings drivers" in the short term, the brokerage firm said.

Analysts agree that SembCorp has found a new driver for earnings, as its utilities division provides power to an increasing number of chemical and other customers on Singapore's Jurong Island. Utilities "is going to be the star as we move on," Chief Executive Wong Kok Siew said last week.

But growth in the energy business will come at a cost, most analysts say. They expect SembCorp will need to raise more cash in 2002, which will increase its debt load. A report by Merrill Lynch, which is "neutral" on SembCorp, says fundraising looks inevitable. One fund manager calls that expectation "a sword hanging over SembCorp." But Salomon Smith Barney rates the stock "outperform" and has set a price target of S$2.20 in the next year. On Thursday, SembCorp rose two Singaporean cents to S$1.61.

Overall, analysts say changes made so far at both Keppel and SembCorp should be applauded. However, in part, because equities in general seem out of favor, "the market isn't rewarding the conglomerates for their restructuring," says Sim Chey Hoon, an analyst at Merrill Lynch.

Another Singapore-based analyst says he believes that even if the conglomerates had done a highly impressive restructuring job, they still would be shunned. Experiences in many countries have left investors "with a feeling that few conglomerates in Asia produce high rates of return," he says.

Sunday, 12 September 2021

A Case Study Or Lesson For Lean FIRE or Replacement Income For Retirees on Dividends

We often read in blogs, forums or social media Passive income > Living expenses. Pom pi pi!. Can FIRE liao! LOL!

Lean FIRE or replacement income for retirees on dividends may NOT be sustainable over prolong market or economics crisis. We may need Plan B to level up our dividend income! Plan B. How to do that during our decumulation phase?

Lucky or unlucky; Uncle8888 learnt first-hand lesson on the ground after 3 years surviving on replacement income as Panda in local market, SGX and CPF during COVID-19. Now; he no more kpkb on rotting cash in his war chest! That is his Plan B and Plan C is to tap on his CPF RA tap for monthly cash flow:-)

Uncle8888 has to double up his investment costs during this crisis due to drastic drop in dividends from his top 3 counters to sustain his dividend income level! 

Saturday, 11 September 2021

Why Earned Income Is NOT Sexy In The Investment Blogosphere?

Read? Stable Consistent Income Versus Variable Volatile Income

Thank you! SMOL for explaining. Read? Freehold Investment Income?

Read? Vision 2028 As Panda/Koala Investor In Local Market SGX - Reaching Investing Nirvana!

Why earned Income is NOT Sexy in the Investment Blogosphere?

How many blog posts in the investment blogopshere mentioning their earned income after tax have generated far more cash than their investment portfolio?

Why? Why? Why?

Singapore Man of Leisure11 September 2021 at 01:13


You regular and know my "bawu", so its gloves off!

I shoot my mouth first, then beg for forgiveness...


All in good fun :)

For most people, a stable and consistent paying job IS already a safety net!

When we are in our comfort zone, why take risks?

Unless there's a "catalyst".

Read? More related posts

Nothing motivates a man more to embrace risk taking than after getting dumped by his girlfriend for another richer man!!!

To me, safety nets are hygiene factors, not motivating factors ;)


Is our lifetime of earned income more sexy than our investment portfolio total return?

At least sexy for Uncle8888!

Friday, 10 September 2021

ComfortDelgro : Bought @ $1.56 for Round 3

Read? ComfortDelgro : Bought @ $1.62 for Round 2

Vision 2028 As Panda/Koala Investor In Local Market SGX - Reaching Investing Nirvana!


Investing Nirvana is where freehold investment income for life begins i.e. cessation of emotional pain of losing own hard earned savings across future market and economic cycles!


Wednesday, 8 September 2021

Is STI Bear Smiling Again???


Tuesday, 7 September 2021

GIC star private equity investor leaving to start new fund

 Read? Hard Is Good; Difficult Even Better!

Singapore Man of Leisure31 August 2021 at 21:40

Small Time Investor,

Different strokes for different folks.


The trick is to find the right shoes to fit our feet ;)

I'll be gentle.

Just stating the facts; no twisting of the bayonet.

Those who peddle "masterclasses" are definitely NOT the top percentile of any cohorts...

If one is really successful in investing/trading/sales, one would be dealing only with institutional clients or high net worth individuals.

The big money is working with whales; not ikan bilis retail customers.

Store Manager, Area Manager, Country Manager, Regional Manager, Global Responsible - would the Global Responsible be dealing direct with retail customers?

Pause and think for a moment.

Would any successful top tier lawyer/doctor/consultant/money manager work the night and weekend shifts???


I work weekends...

That's why I'm only a man-whore :)


See lah! Real life example! LOL!

[SINGAPORE] The GIC executive who made savvy bets on private companies that went on to have record-breaking listings in Indonesia and the Philippines is leaving the Singapore sovereign wealth fund to start his own firm, said sources.

Amit Kunal, managing director of private equity in South-east Asia, plans to start a fund with assets under management of US$500 million to US$1 billion, said the sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity. With the new private equity fund, he will likely continue to actively work with companies to help them grow in South-east Asia, they said.

Choo Koon Po, GIC's vice-president of private equity in South-east Asia, is also leaving the firm to join Mr Kunal. The duo had previously worked together at Bank of America Merrill Lynch before they joined GIC.

A GIC spokesperson said in response to questions from Bloomberg: "We can confirm their departure and wish them well in their future endeavours."

Mr Kunal and Mr Choo declined to comment.

Though GIC began investing in private equity in 1982, its exposure to the asset class in South-east Asia expanded after Mr Kunal joined in 2011. He helped steer GIC's involvement in some of the region's biggest deals; they include Monde Nissin Corp, an iconic snack maker in the Philippines, and Indonesian e-commerce platform PT, both of which had the biggest initial public offerings in their local bourses this year.

Stocks Only Go Up Even In Local Market SGX!!!

See for yourself! All time high record! Mai play play!

A picture tells a Thousand words! LOL!

How to make stocks only go up?

Uncle8888's secret strategy! 

Keep injecting capital!


Sunday, 5 September 2021

What is snake oil?

 Read? Are You A Snake Oil?

Read? The boss of a 'Black Swan' fund predicts an epic market crash, warns crypto isn't a safe haven, and blasts the Fed in a new interview. Here are the 12 best quotes.

Snake oil in investing world???

11. "No book is ever gonna tell you what to do successfully as an investor."

12. "There's so much storytelling, narrative, even snake oil being sold in the name of this dogma of diversification. It's just making people poorer and not even providing very much risk mitigation."

Want to know more on what are sold as snake oil?

Google "Snake oil masterclass" - see yourself! LOL!

Saturday, 4 September 2021

Follow The Master! Luck, Market Timing And Account Size That Really Matters!

 29 May 2021

Read? Lucky Or Unlucky When You First Get Started Investing Over Market Cycles (3)

A newbie's investing performance as Panda in local market from $180K to $235K in 3 mths!

One indication why newbie can out perform veteran even both have large account size to hoot the market.

Investing /trading : Once bitten, twice shy?

Veterans can be suffering from this! Just like Uncle8888!

Read? My Thought On Leveraging To Power Up Trading Income From SGX

Active contra trading T+5? Never again!


The days of becoming rich from market is over! Since 2016; it is about getting investment income from the market to support retirement income for life and avoid taking bigger risks for bigger rewards!

Once bitten, twice shy?

It is quite obvious! After 2008; Uncle8888 is becoming more kiasi and kiasu! No more hoot ah!

Tuesday, 31 August 2021

How Do We Know Or Feel The Financial Impact/Burden Of Yearly Inflation After Two Decades Of Inflation??? (3)

Read? How Do We Know Or Feel The Financial Impact/Burden Of Yearly Inflation After Two Decades Of Inflation??? (2)

Read? Mee Siam 17% Inflationary Rate Over Mee Rubus

Is there something missing on year-on-year inflationary fear based on actual data points?

What went wrong?

No big ticket inflation like housing and private medical health care?

22 Years Portfolio vs 17 Months New Stocks Pick Since Feb 2020

New investment costs (Feb 20 to Aug 21) is now at the same level as old investment cost holding costs (Jan 2000 to Jan2020). More exposure to the next market crash liao!

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