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Friday, 18 December 2020

US Markets Only Go Up

 Sell away your stocks in SGX and switch Horses in US Mkt! Hurry! Mai Tu liao!

Stock futures opened flat to slightly lower on Thursday, pausing after increasing earlier in the day.

The three major indices ended the regular session at record closing highs, even as lawmakers remained locked in discussions over another coronavirus relief package and legislation to fund the government for the fiscal year.

New economic data out Thursday underscored weakening trends in the labor market as new jobless claims unexpectedly rose to the highest level since early September, giving investors reason to believe the grim data will compel lawmakers to advance a stimulus bill more expediently.


  1. It is true the larger the Market the chances of making money is better.

    A frog living in the well what choice it has even if it is a talented frog?


  2. i admit i am one of the calafei frogs living in the well for far too long lol.

    1. U see after > 30 years then i decided my USA account is no more on "DRIP"
      i open a Joint Td Ameritrade Account in Singapore.
      Which was not easy because we had to pass the SGX ? tests' even we are not interested to trade "sophisticated financial products" in US markets - That is TD Ameritrade's requirements - (Aka protect their own backsides 1st b4 yours. LOL.)

      If i can do well in stocks only i am really happy already. i know i am not that smart to involve in sophisticated financial products (BTC ma.)

      And the 1st trade i did in US market after >30 years was A. & Keys @ 52 weeks high at that time, but market makes a fool of my trade (aka me lah) because both go higher, higher; by now 10 to 12 US dollars higher. Don't how much higher they might go even now?

      Who doesn't have regrets in life is telling lies.

      But once in the markets we should be prepared for this type of things happen again and again.
      Instead of living to regret we should think we can do better the next time, the next time as the Market is always there for U to try again and again.

      If talking about regrets after more than 30 years in the market, i have more than 101.
      No don't look back with regrets, look back to see how we can do better the next time, the next time......

      U only need a deep pocket, market cycles, asset allocation, longevity & of course Lady Luck or God's Blessings (for belivers).
      Even most GURUS believe in Lady Luck if not God's Blessings.

      Permit me to say above because i have already experienced.
      And wil be experiencing agian and agian.
      That's life in the market.


  3. To tell the story a bit more, the staffs at SGX were caught by surprise why at our age we want to take SGX self accredited test to trade in sophisticated financial products. They thought why now we want to trade in options and derivatives and what not?

    They don't know unlike local brokerages, BTCs don't have to be financially accredited if we only trade in stocks.
    They actually in a way, tried to persuade us for taking the tests because U know why lah. Dangerous right if U don't know what U are doing?

    After i told them TD Ameritrade Singapore requirements of must be an accredited investor b4 we could open an account with them; regardless of we only going to trade in stock in US markets.
    We have no choice but to take the tests.

    TD Ameritrade was so 4Ks, they even want us to show how many times we took the SGX-Self-Accredited b4 we are acredited investors.

    Thank God, we still have ou rmarbles with us, up here.
    We got accredited the 1st time.

    i suspect if U take more than ? times to pass the SGX Tests, BTC like me may be barred from opening an account with them even after i told them i only trade in stocks my WL.

    Have U heard of protecting their own back-sides 1st b4 yours?



  4. try to persuade us not to take the tests

  5. Hi Uncle8888,

    Heheh, millennials don't compare with Lau Dow ... they compare with Nazz Daqq!

    YTD comparison of Nasdaq vs Bombay vs Shanghai vs STI (from top to bottom).

    For Nasdaq, its 40+% performance seems like it just invented the vaccine for cancer.

    Even for the other large indices, looking at their double-digit returns ytd, you'd never know there's a worldwide pandemic & recession going on!

    PS: My positions in China & India are causing me to underperform my sniggering younger cousins ... now I know what it feels like on the receiving end of Davey Day Trader! LOL! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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