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As from April 2013 my Journey in Investing is to create Retirement Income for Life till 85 years old in 2041 for two persons over market cycles of Bull and Bear.

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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

The math before and after crisis investing???

Read? The math of crisis investing

How about those have started investing so much earlier before the next crisis?

How many of us may be doing this?

How many of us may be avoiding it?

Read? After 17 Years In The Stock Market What Is My Greatest Regret?

The greatest regret of 2008/2009 GFC by Uncle8888 for missing the truly great opportunity in the market to create wealth through short-term trading and long term investing to generate cash flow for the next decade or more. But; foolishly he has missed that one.

Will the next crisis be near the similar scale?

Do we invest to break even or recover from past losses?


  1. CW,

    How time flies! We have been going at each other for 5 years now...

    Newer readers may be surprised at the level of respect and love I have for you ;)

    Its not easy to find a strong sparring partner and solid grindstone that will provide the needed "resistence" to help build up my intellectual "muscle mass".

    Our unholy trinity of ant, grasshopper, and butterfly - now that's something!

    The butterfly and I are too similar... When I saw his post, I wanted to tear into him; but I can't.

    You I have no problem as we are opposite sides of the SAME coin.

    I was slapping my thighs reading your post, "Yes! You rip into him!"


  2. CW,

    The price of success if what we have to give up to achieve it.

    To make money during 2008/9, you would have to "give up" your 10 baggers that you bought during 2003... How many can do so?

    After the massacre of the 2000 crash in 2003, I also did not fully participated in the 2003-2007 rally. I was more on the path for recovery.

    I was 100% prepared during the 2008/9 GFC ;)

    I could have used 2009 as my index 100 to look super good. But who is kidding who?

    The me of today is the sum of my mistakes from 1999 to 2007.


  3. Uncle CW attained enlightenment during 2008/2009, while Uncle SMOL attained his after 2003 and chut zhao during 2008/2009 haha!

    I envy those 20-30 something who underwent the training of 2008/2009 and wise enough to achieve their enlightenment. They have many more decades to chut zhao or chut pattern. But hopefully it'll be the right pattern. Hahaha

    1. Idiot!

      Kenna called uncle again...

      I think I must make a trip to Korea soon...


    2. Hahaha I'm sure you look damn cool and hip ... but when you open your mouth to talk ... cannot escape lah... :) :)

      Maybe if you start speaking Italian or Spanish .... waaaahh ageless hipster!! But then very hard to order cheap things in hawker centres or zha huo dian.

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  9. It's ain't over until you are over.

    At the end it's your ending CAGR counts.

    Must remember.

  10. I am not happy over my performance over 2008/2009 too!

    Compare to other crisis years' performance.

    1. temperament,

      Craftsmans are never satisfied. There's always something to improve.

      If there's nothing else to improve, I hope I'll have the wisdom to walk away from the market.

  11. Sorry for the deleted posts.

    I think my tablet has gone haywire.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.


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