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Saturday, 18 January 2020

Investing For Retirement - My Road map for retirement income from 2016 to 2041

Read? Buying Stocks During A Financial Crisis Is A Bad Idea???

From 2000 to 2016, Uncle8888 has been investing for retirement; but from 2017 to 2019 he has been spending investment income and will be spending down (1) past accumulated investment income from 2000 to 2016; and (2) expected MINIMUM investment income from 2021 to 2041 will be coming from interests from war chest and 20% discounted dividends of 2019.

This is his investing journey, road map and game plan for investing for retirement.

Friday, 17 January 2020


FRI, JAN 17, 2020 - 10:12 AM

Read? Hot stock: BreadTalk shares fall 8% on net loss warning for FY2019

InsiderTalk first???

Yesterday before this announcement it was so bullish!

Long white candle on high volume. Hosay liao! 

One Uncommon Act Of Kindness! (8)

Read? One Uncommon Act Of Kindness! (7)

One man more senior than Uncle8888 got trapped in BP LRT station. This is second lucky encounter to show kindness with his newly acquired knowledge from ... 

Spur 28 December 2019 at 01:00:00 GMT+8

There shld be an intercom (with camera) near the gantry gates. Can comms with the mrt control stn. They will send a guy via the next lrt to help lol. Portable wireless card reader cum resetter?

You can also reset using the top up machines in the lrt stn.

So Uncle8888 asked senior uncle to go to LRT top up machine next to the gantry to place his card.

Alamak! It just shows top up screen! LOL!

How to reset?

Next, Uncle8888 asked senior uncle to go to the Intercom to press for help. He pressed but seen like no response! Jialiat!

Lucky; one lady who was entering the gantry saw what we were trying to do and told us to go the LRT top up machine to press the Intercom button there for help.

Senior uncle placed his card on the reader and press the Intercom button for help. 

Magically; the Reset screen shown up. We just followed the diagram and figured out which were the screen buttons to press to get the card reset.

Senior uncle was very happy and praised Uncle8888 as Good Singaporean! :-)

Thursday, 16 January 2020

Why Pursue Financial Freedom? (5)

Read? Why Pursue Financial Freedom? (4)

Read? F.I.R.E : FU$ Or No Thanks$

Let get Real!

How many of us expect our boss or bosses to appreciate the idea of those working under them can one day say to them either FU or No Thanks and then F.I.R.E them! 

Those who "love" or "enjoy" or "happy" to work till official or forced retirement are unlikely to keep talking or mentioning to others on achieving or pursing financial independence or F.I.R.E.

Do you know someone who love their CURRENT job so much and also keep talking about F.I.R.E?

Uncle8888 would like to jio them for kopi to find out more!

Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Buying Stocks During A Financial Crisis Is A Bad Idea???

When Uncle8888 read this in the investment blogosphere:

Investing For Retirement: Why Buying Stocks During A Financial Crisis Is A Bad Idea

Walau!  Brother, Chun Bo?

20 years in the stock market; Uncle8888's greatest regret in long-term investing is NOT having bigger war chest to cast his fishing net wider and deeper and deeper down during market crashes.

His regret for catching just a few fish in earlier market crashes but NONE in 2008/2009 GFC. Bang head!

That is his biggest mistake and regret!

This shall NOT happen again in the next market crash!

Buying Stocks During A Financial Crisis Is A Bad Idea???

Bad ideas looked like this???

Lifetime of guaranteed MINIMUM yearly Yield from 2000 to 2041 over 42 years is 6.3%

How bad???

Monday, 13 January 2020

Freedom To Choose What To Eat

I have the freedom to choose what to eat!

Cai png!

It doesn't overshoot $10 per meal! Right?


Sunday, 12 January 2020

Save more than 60%. No need to invest??? (8)

Read? Save more than 60%. No need to invest??? (7)


This person really exists in Singapore and may make investment bloggers fall off their chair!

He is single in his 40s!

Great saver!

Living on his own in 4 room HDB flat; and currently he has no intention to rent out his spare rooms as his privacy worth more than any additional "passive" income. 

No need for more money to build wealth for retirement???

Not investing!

Even more shocking!

Not even putting money in FD to earn more interests!

Why worry so much?

Statistical Data Can Be Accurate But It May "Hide" Some Truth Behind These Numbers

Yearly household expenses have been seen to be reducing since after retirement in 2016. 

Spending lesser??? 

Lower inflationary impact???

Trust but verify - SMOL

Coming CNY in 2020 is the first time Uncle8888 will be spending zero cent on his three children's CNY new clothing. LOL!

All his three children are on their own now supporting themselves. 

They have also taken over expenses like medical insurance premium and mobile plan payments into their own personal account. 

Sometime; they also pay for meals. Mother day, mummy and papa birthday dinner are covered by them.

The statistical data is 100% accurate from Uncle8888's bank account; but it just didn't capture those expenses due to cost transfer to his children

When we read statistical data presented to us; we have to be mindful; unintentionally it may not present the whole picture!

Hmm CPF numbers presented by those few bloggers??? Ha ha!

Tuesday, 7 January 2020

Is Inflation More Scary Than Losses In The Stock Market???

We invest so we can overcome year on year inflation! Right?

But ....

Which is more scary???

Inflation or losses if you are not that good in investing over market cycles.

Which one kills your money faster?

Monday, 6 January 2020

Sunday, 5 January 2020

Unlocking SRS At 62 And Avoiding Being Taxed (3)

Read? Unlocking SRS At 62 And Avoiding Being Taxed (2)

Uncle8888 has closed his SRS account yesterday as this retirement tool has reached its natural life span.  

He had contributed into his SRS over the last three years before his planned retirement in 2016 @ 60; and then immediately unlocked his SRS over the next three years upon reaching 62. 

50% of SRS amount withdrawn is not taxable i.e. max $40K if there is no other taxable income included for the year of assessment.

Hmm ... the total amount of tax saving over SRS is nothing to shout about!

Saturday, 4 January 2020

20 Years All Weather Portfolio Average Yearly Yield of 10%

All weather??? 

Looking back at last 20 years and preparing for the next 10 years.

Look like it is possible to achieve average yearly yield of 7% to 10% over 30 years.

Thursday, 2 January 2020

I am on Retirement Sum Scheme (RSS) (5)

Based on the two official replies from CPF

1. Estimated Monthly Payout from 65 to 88 is about $1,180

2. Estimated Monthly Payout from 65 to 90 is about $1,130

Read? I am on Retirement Sum Scheme (RSS) (4)

29 Dec 2019 09:20 PM

I already know the estimate from the calculator. But it only gives up to 23 years at 88 yrs old.

How about from 89 to 90?

What is the monthly payout?


Dear Mr Ng

We refer to your email of 29 December 2019. 

If you would like your payouts to last you till age 90, you can request to adjust your payouts to about $1,130 if you were to commence payout from age 65 in September 2021.

The actual payout rate will depend on your age and your RA balances when your payout application and request is processed. Your request will be assessed on a case-by-case basis as well

Do note that you will need to submit your request to receive the above-stated payout amount along with the payout 'Form RSS30' when you are nearing age 65.

Thank you and Happy New Year to you! 

Yours sincerely

Wednesday, 1 January 2020

My Passive Income From CPF

Passive income!!!

After 39 years of mandatory CPF contributions as full-time employee, 20 years of CPFIS refund and with the power of compounding interests.

Total passive income from CPF (OA, SA, MA, and RA) in 2019 = $37,425 

Withdrew $24K on 5 Dec 19 i.e. 22.5K (OA) + 1.5K (SA)

Tuesday, 31 December 2019

Dec 2019 Investing Performance Report : 20 Years in local SGX stock market only (6)

Read? Dec 2019 Investing Performance Report : 20 Years in local SGX stock market only (5)

Many investment Trainers like to use back-testing data points to convince people that their specially developed methodology will work in the future.

Like that ah!

20 years of data points and back-testing

Read? Peter Lynch on His Secret to Superior Returns

Uncle8888's 20 years of data points by back-testing; it also provided the evidence that it is worth the time, effort, patience, and discipline to build larger war chest and systematically deploys this war chest with right position sizing over a bigger number of stocks particularly fallen blue chips during market crash.

Position sizing for each counter has to be right; and the number of different counters to diversify across the market crash will depend on fire power of our war chest. 

Simpler to execute???

Have You Took The National Steps Challenge Season 5? (2)

Read? Have You Took The National Steps Challenge Season 5?

Completed 4,367 Km of walking steps in 2019 and collected another $20 NTUC vouchers. Total collected = $40

Monday, 30 December 2019

How Soon Should You Start Investing Your CPFIS And SRS? (2) - Refresh

Tomorrow 31 Dec 2019. Quickly top up your SRS for 2019 tax relief!

In CW8888 blog; you get to read sharing on real person, real story on investing!

Read? How Soon Should You Start Investing Your CPFIS And SRS? (2)

Sunday, 29 December 2019

Dec 2019 Investing Performance Report : 20 Years in local SGX stock market only (5)

Read? Dec 2019 Investing Performance Report : 20 Years in local SGX stock market only (4)

We live, earn, spend, save and invest!

20 years worth of statistics for one data point in Singapore.

(1) Earned income after tax

(2) Earned income after tax and excluding CPF i.e. cash available for spending

(3) Household expenses for family of five; and supporting three children up to completion of their local university study

(4) Net investment gains from investing stocks in SGX 

(5) CPF mandatory contributions

Hmm ... the financial capability to inject regular investing capital into his investment portfolio is his weakness in this 20 years of investing journey. :-( 

Saturday, 28 December 2019

Don't Predict The Market But Stay Focused On Long-term Returns???

20 years across market cycles of Bulls and Bears; Uncle8888 is finding harder and harder to understand these common investing lessons/wisdom prescribed by many investment writers!

1. It’s impossible to predict the market
2. Stay focused on long-term returns

It may be true for someone who has accumulated some investing capital from their savings and just begins to invest for the first time.

Don't try to predict the market and start investing!

But; for veteran retail investors who have been through one or more market cycles themselves may know that that these two lessons may not be really wise!

1. It’s impossible to predict the market

2. Stay focused on long-term returns

Yes. It is impossible to predict the market; but the next market crash will certainly and definitely happen!

Unless some Gurus can come out with a solid model to construct a defensive investment portfolio that will NOT plunge 30% to 50% from the last peak value of our investment portfolio during market crashes; then (1) and (2) are worth believing!

Hmm ... nowadays; no Gurus are conducting courses on Permanent Portfolio. How come?

After embarrassing investing method, strategies, and money management from 2006 to 2007; Uncle8888's understanding on (1) and (2) has changed.

(1) It is impossible to predict the market; but we can still choose to earn very low return and preparing large fire power to achieve Barbell return at the next market cycle!

(2) Focus on long-term returns over market cycles is NOT about taking those plunges during market crashes and then recovering back to the previous peak value of investment portfolio or higher during the next Bulls with positive returns over long-term.

We may take years to accumulate those paper gains but losing them in just one to two years; and then will take another more years just to recover back these paper losses. 

Those financially stronger retail investors may recover differently and faster from these paper losses by injecting more and more capital into their investment portfolio.

Stay focus on long-term returns???

By looking at the charts, the long-term returns over market cycles obviously looked okay on surface; but it is NOT! 

By taking the plunge and then recovering back to the previous peak or higher and long-term returns remaining positive is okay ah?

Winning by NOT losing is NOT viable investing strategy???

Friday, 27 December 2019

One Uncommon Act Of Kindness! (7)

Read? One Uncommon Act Of Kindness! (6)

This should be a rare incident happening at LRT station!

How to release someone trapped in LRT station???

Punggol Nibong LRT station which doesn't have a control room.

When Uncle8888 tapped out his card to exit LRT gantry gate; he did notice the man at the adjacent gantry gate encountered error when he tapped his wallet. This is common sight happening at any MRT/LRT gantry gate. Nothing unusual about it!

Uncle8888 went to location map board to locate the right staircase Exit leading to the HDB block that he was going to.  

But when he passed by the gantry gates again; he saw that same man who was looking stunned as he was trapped inside LRT and probably thinking how to exit since he couldn't tap out due to card error.

Uncle8888 approached him and thinking how to help him. There is no control room to reset card! How?

Hmm .. then Uncle8888 asked the man to come to the Entry gate and he tapped his card to open the gate and the man quickly walked out!

Uncle8888 is on monthly pass so no issue of fare reduction. Okay lah! LOL!

But, now Uncle8888 knew that his card would have issue to enter as the card was not tapped out.

Hmm .. need to tap out! 

So Uncle8888 from outside and stretched forward to tap his card on the Exit. Done!

All these actions certainly were captured on LRT station CCTV.  

Hopefully; he doesn't get called by Police for investigation! :-(

Good deed ended up with troublesome!

Thursday, 26 December 2019

I am on Retirement Sum Scheme (RSS) (4)

Read? I am on Retirement Sum Scheme (RSS) (3)

So based from CPF official reply ...

We refer to your enquiry of 20 December 2019.

We'd like to clarify that your payout will be calculated based on your current Retirement Account savings, to last you up to 20 years from your payout eligibility age (i.e. 65), with a base interest of 4% a year.

The extra interest paid by the Government (up to 2% per year) on your Retirement Account savings will be used to extend your payouts beyond 20 years, capped at your age of 90.

Members who are concerned about the risk of outliving their savings can consider joining CPF LIFE before age 80. This will eliminate longevity risk as they will receive CPF LIFE payouts for as long as they live.

(1) your payout will be calculated based on your current Retirement Account savings, to last you up to 20 years from your payout eligibility age (i.e. 65), with a base interest of 4% a year.

Uncle8888's monthly payout from 65 to 85 is estimated to be $1,180 

The extended monthly payout from 86 to 90 is calculated based on 

the extra interest paid by the Government (up to 2% per year) on your Retirement Account savings will be used to extend your payouts beyond 20 years, capped at your age of 90.

will be $644 i.e. drop of 45%!!! LOL!

Wednesday, 25 December 2019

Tuesday, 24 December 2019

Dec 2019 Investing Performance Report : 20 Years in local SGX stock market only (3)

Read? Dec 2019 Investing Performance Report : 20 Years in local SGX stock market only (2)

After 20 years in the stock market; his own data points show clearly on the debate on Market Timer for capital gains vs Buy and Hold for dividends; who will win bigger in the Game?

Market Timer will require great craftsmanship to win big; while the Time in the Market will need mental strength to stay stronger to receive stream of Panadaols to ease heartache over volatility.

Saturday, 21 December 2019

Peter Lynch Draws on 50 Years of Stock-Picking to Find Growth Opportunities in Today’s Market

Read? Peter Lynch Draws on 50 Years of Stock-Picking to Find Growth Opportunities in Today’s Market

How would you update your advice today?

If you cannot find growth companies in innings three through five of the ballgame, look at turnarounds, special situations, back at the cyclicals. There’s a real shortage now of growth companies. That is a red flag, because all the money is flowing into [a few companies]. There’s an end to that game. It will scare me if this trend continues for a couple more years.

What’s your view of unicorns?

That’s a big difference today—companies stay private a lot longer. The next Google might stay private for an extra 10 years. That makes it more difficult [for individual investors]. The day they come public, a thousand organizations have looked at it, and they’re probably pretty fairly priced. Fidelity can put 5% of funds into these things. The public can’t do that. I’d rather look at something that’s been around for a long time.

Where are the opportunities now?

I’m looking at industries that are doing badly; that for some reason will get better. Shipping. If you want to buy a ship, it’s a two- or three-year wait. People haven’t ordered ships for a long time, because by the time one comes in, prices may be down again.

Energy services is awful; that could have a major turn in the next year or two. Oil is interesting. Look, longer term, solar, windmills really work. But you need natural gas and oil to bridge to this. 

Everybody’s assuming the world’s going to not use oil for the next 20 years, or next year. China might sell five million electric vehicles next year, but they might also sell 17 million internal combustion engines. They don’t have old cars to retire. There are no electric airplanes. Near term, liquid natural gas and liquid petroleum gas might replace diesel fuel for trucks. I’m buying companies that I don’t think will go bankrupt. They’ve got to be around the next 18 to 24 months, or I have no interest.

Anything else do you want investors to know?

If you’re going to invest, you have to follow certain rules. If you want to ski, you ought to go to the bunny hill and learn how to stop. It doesn’t make you an Olympic skier, but then in certain cases, you have an edge on the Fidelitys of the world. You might be in the cement industry, and suddenly orders pick up. You can see things better. The one thing I want everybody who is buying individual stocks to get is that they have to understand the story, the five reasons something is going to go right for the company. If you can’t convince an 8-year-old why you own this thing, you probably shouldn’t own it. Don’t invest in a company before you look at the financials. If you made it through fifth grade, you can handle the math.

Dec 2019 Investing Performance Report : 20 Years in local SGX stock market only (2)

Read? Dec 2019 Investing Performance Report : 20 Years in local SGX stock market only

The moral story of Grasshopper and Ant in the stock market

From 2000 to 2007; Uncle8888 was the Grasshopper in the stock market and especially from 2006 to 2007 singing loudly and cheeerfully in the Summer Bull. Bom pi pi! Setting new record high one after another without injecting a single cent as capital into his investment portfolio.

In the Summer; why Grasshopper wants to worry about Winter like Ant. Waste time and waste opportunity to enjoy the Boom!

Then what happened after next?

8 years of slow climb to the Peak in the Summer 2007 and just one year to rapid fall to the Low in the Winter 2009!

Then it took another 9 long years just to recover from the last Winter and set a new record high in Jan 2018!

10 long years of Summer!

Ant has accumulated so much food to survive the Winter and the food is rotting in the Freezer!

A long, long boring Summer for the Ant!

What next for the Ant?

Read? My Own Psychology Of Losses: Losing Money And Deploying Cash Is Not The Same!

Tuesday, 17 December 2019

I am on Retirement Sum Scheme (RSS) (3)

Read? I am on Retirement Sum Scheme (RSS) (2)


What CPF hasn't clearly stated the monthly payout from 85 to 90 and assuming starting payout at 65.

Based on Uncle8888 DIY calculator on his computed RA balance at 65. The CPF estimated monthly payout of $1,180 for 23 years estimated duration is close to his own calculation based on 4% CPF RA compound interest.

However; what is the monthly payout after 23 years from those accumulated extra interests compounded over 35 years is NOT known? 

CPF calculator stopped functioning!!! Spoil liao!!! LOL!

Retirement Sum Scheme

Q Why is extra interest used to extend payout duration by up to 5 years after age 85 and not use extra interest to increase payout amount?


Using extra interest to extend payout duration ensures that more members are protected against the risk of outliving their payouts. In 2018, more than half of residents aged 65 were expected to live beyond age 85. This would mean that the majority of members on Retirement Sum Scheme (RSS) would outlive their payouts if the extra interest is not used to extend payouts for up to five years.

With the extension of RSS payouts up to age 90, up to two in three members will have protection against the risk of outlving their payouts.     

Dec 2019 Investing Performance Report : 20 Years in local SGX stock market only

Yearly cash flow from investment portfolio i.e. divestment P/L, dividends, and interests from war chest.

From 2003 to 2019

Current portfolio management and allocation (Dec 2019)

Investing Performance across market cycles of Bulls and Bears over 20 years from 2000 to 2019

How much of net worth's wealth is built from investing activities?

Monday, 16 December 2019

My Replacement Income And Household Expenses Three Years After Retirement From Full-time Job

Three years have passed ...

Replacement income for the last three years since 2017

Monthly and annual household expenses

Projected impact of year-on-year inflation on household expenses didn't seen to happen. Somehow we will react to some price increase and make adjustment for alternatives.

Yearly Cash-In and Cash-Out

Spending below replacement income and manage to have some small savings over the last three years.

Sunday, 15 December 2019

My Missing Multi-baggers

Sold them way too early!

Saturday, 14 December 2019

How Relevant Is Our Advice To Someone Whom We Don't Know Them Well Enough?

So far, Uncle8888 has received five good/kind intention of advice/suggestions to get a proper job with CPF and medical benefits. 

Two out of the five advice/suggestions is to go for fully subsidized course to get certification since Uncle8888 is still eligible for these subsidies.

As response to their advice/suggestion Uncle8888 showed them ..

The moral of story ...

Don't anyhow suggest/give advice without knowing someone more in depth; and especially true for investment blogger like Uncle8888!

Tuesday, 10 December 2019

Next Trip 8 Nights In Jeju In Mar 2020

Read? 5 Nights Busan and 1 Night Seoul (6)

If you're looking for an eco-friendly vacation spot where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery while walking on a well-maintained trail to stay fit, there's no better place to go than Jeju Island. In the local dialect, "olle" originally referred to the narrow path between the street and one's doorstep. Jeju Olle-gil, a series of walking trails that stretchs around the entire coast of the island, is one of the many attractions and activities that Jeju has to offer. The trails pass through various landscapes along the way, including small villages, beaches, farms and forests. Each route offers a unique opportunity to soak in the beauty of Jeju and the island's culture.

There is currently a total of 26 routes, consisting of 21 main routes and five sub-routes. Each course differs in length and difficulty, allowing visitors to choose the appropriate course that meets each individual’s level. The shortest route takes approximately one hour and the longest up to eight hours to complete. As each course is equipped with directions and guiding posts along the way, even first-time visitors will be able follow the trail conveniently. Visitors can get more information about Jeju Olle-gil Trail by visiting the official website.

Read? Jeju Trekking & Hiking

Jeju is 2.6 times of Singapore

Uncle8888 plans to walk Route 1, 6, 7 and 18; and if still have time will do Route 10 too. 

4 Hallasan Trails – Which one is best and how to get there?

There are four Hallasan trails on and around the mountain, but only two of these trails will take you all the way up to the volcano’s crater lip – the Gwaneumsa trail, and the Seongpanak trail:

Gwaneumsa Trail – 8.7km (one-way) and 8-10 hours return hike <– the BEST views!

Seongpanak Trail – 9.6km (one-way) and 7-9 hours return hike <– the EASIEST hike!

Eorimok Trail – 4.7km (one-way) and 2.5 hours return hike

Yeongsil Trail – 3.7km (one-way) and 2 hours return

After the last trip of steep walking up to  Aowanda (奧萬大) suspension bridge; Auntie8888 is quite weary of another steep walking up mountain hike. LOL!

So forget about best view!

How Did I Achieve My Target (i.e. Sustainable Retirement Income For Life)?

Hi Uncle jacob

I read on your financial freedom

May i enquire how did you manage to 

Achieve your target.


Uncle8888's answer is ....

Read? It Is NOT SEXY To Talk About Saving And Earned Income As Investment Bloggers (2)

Two charts will show the true story!

Look closely!

No early retirement through investing path!

Many may like to think that CPF OA 2.5% compound interests is under-performing!

It is NOT until you see it in the pie chart!

What did you see?

CPFIS net refund means ...

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