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Since 2017 after retiring from full-time job as employee; I am moving towards Investing Nirvana - Freehold Investment Income for Life investing strategy where 100% of investment income from portfolio investment is cashed out to support household expenses i.e. not a single cent of re-investing!

Currently; it about 54% to destination!

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Wednesday, 10 August 2022

Season 6 Love at first move challenge 4th tier lucky draw prize

Read? Completed The National Steps Challenge Season 5 today?

In addition to collecting NTUC vouchers and also tio lucky draw. 

Monday, 8 August 2022

Panda's Investment Portfolio Hits A New All Time High Record With 3-Bagger Portfolio In An Uninspiring And Boring SG Stock Market! (16)

Read? Panda's Investment Portfolio Hits A New All Time High Record With 3-Bagger Portfolio In An Uninspiring And Boring SG Stock Market! (15)

Kep Corp XD today and dropped less than $0.15 :-)

Panda is dancing to a new ATH @ 211% ROC to celebrate 57th National Day!

A new ATH from 188%, 189%, 191%, 193%, 196%, 198% ,199% , 201% , 202% , 204% , 207%, 208% and 211%!

This time is powered by SCI closing a new 52WH @ $3.18!

Sunday, 7 August 2022

20 yrs ago Kep Corp in 2001 and Keppel Vision 2030 (2)

Read? Keppel Corp unveils 10-year roadmap with focus on four key segments

Read? 20 yrs ago Kep Corp in 2001 and Keppel Vision 2030.

Read? How and when to buy stocks is not the most difficult part? (2)

Published: 28 December 2011 Read? KEPPEL CORP: 737% return since 2001 despite lumpy dividend payouts

A personal update with reference to the above article after 11 years. 

What happened after 2011 if you happened to get excited on Kep Corp and put it in on your watchlist to buy on the next opportunity?

It is really about Market timing and then Time in the market! 

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly!

Saturday, 6 August 2022

SCI : More like Growth-Dividend. Less Like Dividend Income

Hope for special dividend to count in 2023. Hmm .. but hope is NOT a strategy. LOL!

A new 52 WH before XD?

Friday, 5 August 2022

Yield of dreams: Investors have "a once in a lifetime opportunity" in blue chips (16)

Read? Yield of dreams: Investors have "a once in a lifetime opportunity" in blue chips (15)

Sembcorp's 1HFY2022 earnings surge over 10 times to $490 mil; declares interim dividend of 4.0 cents

2020 was a doom year for Panda/Koala retirees. 2022 is a good year and 2023 will be better?

20 years of data points of collecting passive income from dividends; and it clearly shows that Dual Power of Market Timing and Time in Market is the right strategy for buy and hold investors. Don't time the Market. Chun bo?

Thursday, 4 August 2022

Panda's Investment Portfolio Hits A New All Time High Record With 3-Bagger Portfolio In An Uninspiring And Boring SG Stock Market! (15)

Thursday, 28 April 2022

Panda's Investment Portfolio Hits A New All Time High Record With 3-Bagger Portfolio In An Uninspiring And Boring SG Stock Market! (14)

Kep Corp closed a new 52WH @ $7.03 and power up his portfolio value!

Panda back to dancing to a new ATH @ 208% ROC! Another moment of shiokness! 

A new ATH from 188%, 189%, 191%, 193%, 196%, 198% ,199% , 201% , 202% , 204% , 207% and 208%!

Wednesday, 3 August 2022

OCBC H1 2022

2022 is a better year for Panda/Koala retirees as yield pig in Singapore.

Read? OCBC Round 7 : Bought @ $8.48

6.4% and 6.8% yield and that is twice SSB yield so can hold long-term and sucks Panadol! LOL!

Sunday, 31 July 2022

Trust in power of Topping Up and time in the market

SundayTimes, 31 Aug 22, Me and My Money

Trust in the power of compounding, don't try to time the market

Hmm ..  another way of achieving this type of "growth" passively over our lifetime is ....

We can also trust in the power of topping up of dividends as Panda/Koala retail investors in Singapore or voluntary cash topping up as in 1M65! 

Always goes up over our lifetime!

Saturday, 30 July 2022

Kep Corp : New 52WH Above $7 before XD on 8/8???

Take kopi money or $0.15 Panadol on 8/8?

Net buyers across all sizes! It is so bullish last Friday!

Stocks rally for a third day to cap a winning week, major averages post best month since 2020

No more fear of Recession?

STI struggling because of fear of China bad loans by our bankers! DBS has more loan exposure to China! 

Uncle8888 only has DBS and OCBC.

DBS : Likely to maintain quarterly dividend at $0.36 to suck Panadols liao!

OCBC : Expecting/hope for $0.25. OK OK! Hope is not a strategy!

SCI : Expecting/hope for $0.03 or more.

Now; Uncle8888 can understand why some younger folks also like dividend income investing strategy. It is comfortable to count or estimate how much "passive" income to receive in the year! Shiok!

Friday, 29 July 2022

What Wrong With Yield Pig??? (2)

Read? What Wrong With Yield Pig???

Are smarter Yield Pigs also market timers and time in the market for yield?

When yield are still looking good and no heart to sell even when the stock price hits a new ATH!  Yield Pig right?

Kep Corp H1 2022 is $0.15 so total dividends collected as passive income in 2022 is $0.36. Look like lowest yield of 11.4% happened in 2002 (Sep 11 WTC) and 2020 (COVID-19) is likely to be over with Keppel Vision 2030 with $20B in assets monetization, Mgmt. plans to return $5B returned to shareholders through dividends, share buyback and debts paydown.

Thursday, 28 July 2022

STI Near Resistance!


Sunday, 24 July 2022

Hands In The Market : Steady, Itchy, Greedy And Nervous!

Read? My Thought On Leveraging To Power Up Trading Income From SGX

You made money in days i.e. T+3.

Uncle8888's friendly broker was so good to him and power up him with more with T+5, commission rate of 0.22%, Buy Limit @ $300K and Sell Limit @ $400K. Shiok man!

That was the fateful day when the call from his broker offering him the above; it was shiok for sometime transforming from itchy hand to greedy hand. Who doesn't want to become rich from stock market faster? Not enough capital? Never mind! Just power up on OPM! When the Greedy hand took over control of our rational mind in the market; we no longer be Fearful! So, it is a matter of time this Greedy hand will soon turn into Nervous hand! Mr Market will show us the types of hand in the market!

When the Nervous hand started shaking badly; we will soon develop nightmares and have sleepless night. Losses escalate and now we become Fearful and cut losses and The Greatest Relief Is I have Sold!!! (2) 

No more escalation of losses! No more Nervous hand!

Painful lessons learnt in GFC 2008 and it really help to move forward with preferred hands in the market!

No more Greedy and Nervous hand across future market cycles! 

It will be just Steady hand and Itchy hand! Lesson well learnt! 

Saturday, 23 July 2022

Earning Season H1 2022 To Lift STI Upward?

2022 H1 dividends harvesting begins next week starting with Kep Corp to lock in investment income for 2022.

SATS still jialiat with 2023 Q1 losses! No hope for recovery play in 2022 liao!

Friday, 22 July 2022

No Inflation Or Shrinkflation

Braised duck kuey chap still at $4!

Those hawkers who absorb the inflationary costs at their own expenses are likely to be older folks as a form of giving back to society or customers and also act of charity! Earn Less camp!

Most S'poreans want more than government’s relief package to fight inflation: YouGov

Read? Most S'poreans want more than government’s relief package to fight inflation: YouGov

"Expectation for greater support is higher among Gen X respondents at 88 per cent than their younger counterparts. Gen Z and baby boomers are most likely to be satisfied with the level of aid, with one in six or 16 per cent, in each group saying support is sufficient."

Hmm .. most baby boomers are retirees!

Recent conversation with two other senior retirees

What we have learnt from past two years of COVID crisis without overseas travelling expenses and living expenses for retirees in HDB heartland are affordable even in current higher inflationary phase; and the ideas of limited annual leaves e.g. 14 to 28 days of leaves to Get Away, Relax or Re-charge is not applicable for retirees. 

When we were working and have applied for longer annual leaves; and if we didn't go overseas to get away, relax or re-charge from works; we might feel that these annual leaves were not well spent. 

How many of us also thinking like that? Longer annual leaves we must go overseas to spend them! 


Tuesday, 19 July 2022

SCI Round 56 - Unexpectedly Becomes Top Performer In COVID Stock Pick

Read? SembCorp Industries (SCI): Bought @ $1.63 for Round 56

Closing today @ $3.05!


Top performer @ 87% unrealized gains!

Luckily; itchy fingers bought back partially! 

Investing and trading looked easier only on hindsight wisdom!  Sigh! Sianz!

Read? SembCorp Industries (SCI): Bought @ $2.08 for Round 57

Sunday, 17 July 2022

The Maths Behind CAGR And ROC - Lump Sum Investing Vs DCA

Just for fun!

How to have better CAGR to show off?

See the difference on the Maths of Return!

Saturday, 16 July 2022

The Best Defense Against Inflation As Investors Is Warren Buffet Rule (2)

Read? The Best Defense Against Inflation As Investors Is Warren Buffet Rule

How I interpret Warren Buffet Rule?

Who are those retail investors who can possibly make Warren Rule come true!

Retirees who cash out their investment gains i.e. dividends and trading profits from the market for their spending; and never ever give back to Mr Market. Zero compounding strategy as retirees!

After X or XX years, this strategy will fulfill Warren Buffet Rule! LOL! I can. You can! 

Rule No. 1: Never lose money. (Own hard earned saving as investing capital)

Rule No. 2: Never forget rule No. 1.  (Don't reinvest your gains. LOL!)

Thursday, 14 July 2022

The Best Defense Against Inflation As Investors Is Warren Buffet Rule

One of his most famous sayings is "Rule No. 1: Never lose money. Rule No. 2: Never forget rule No. 1. LOL!

Read? How Do We Know Or Feel The Financial Impact/Burden Of Yearly Inflation After Two Decades Of Inflation??? (3)

Monday, 11 July 2022

What We Cannot Recover From Big Losses In Market Crash - The Lost Years!

We often read from comments/advices in investment or trading forums that we can recover from losses if we are younger. 

Don't worry! Keep trying. Keep investing or trading! You will recover your losses one day!

While we can recover from financial losses in the market by injecting new capital or switching horse and/or recycling capital to recover from past losses; but we can't never recover from those lost years from an ATH to next new ATH!

The LOST years!

Uncle8888 learnt this lesson!

He spent 10 out of 23 years (about 43%) in the market just to recover the fall from ATH in 2007 to the next new ATH in 2018.

Now; he often stares at his stress test of his portfolio and don't make that same mistake in 2007!

Read? Make hay while Sun shines and not pulling out winter weeds

Sunday, 10 July 2022

Is Cash/War Chest Also A Form Of Hedging Against Market Volatility For Retirees Depending On Investment/Dividend Income?

No free lunch on hedging. Right?

More dividend income or less emotional rides?

Time in the market or timing the market?

Saturday, 9 July 2022

DBS : More like my dividends paymaster, less like a bank

Some time; more like yield pig sucking Panadols too!


Friday, 8 July 2022

Living 2.5 Years Of Minimalist Lifestyle In Singapore

Uncle8888 hasn't renewed his passport so unlikely to travel soon and no JB too! LOL!

Unlikely we can avoid future high medical costs as we grew older and older! 

We can don't travel; but we cannot don't fall sick or suffer long term illness!

Tuesday, 5 July 2022

Leveraged Annuity Plan As Additional Source Of Mini/Nano Retirement Income??? (3)

Read? Leveraged Annuity Plan As Additional Source Of Mini/Nano Retirement Income??? (2)

Loan rate is rising so banks should be making more money. No?

Rising fast and soon it will overtake CPF OA 2.5% rate!

Protest the increase in the CPF Minimum Sum???

Voluntary top-ups of Special and Retirement Accounts also climbed to a new high of $4.8 billion last year, up from $3 billion in 2020, said the report. 

The top-ups were made by 294,000 CPF members, with about half topping up for the first time.

Read? CPF members' balances, interest earned hit new high in 2021; amount withdrawn for housing rises

Read? S$3 billion in CPF top-ups made last year, 40% more than 2019

Hong Lim Park got a little crowded Saturday evening at the Return Our CPF (Central Provident Fund) protest , which was held to protest the increase in the CPF Minimum Sum. (CW8888, Proven so wrong! CPF please keep on increasing CPF Minimum sum. LOL! 1M65 loving it!)

According to organiser Han Hui Hui, approximately 6,000 Singaporeans attended the protest, which called for greater transparency in the CPF system, an increase in CPF returns, as well as greater flexibility with the CPF system.

Read? Blogger Roy Ngerng’s ‘Return Our CPF’ rally draws large crowds

Saturday, 2 July 2022

One Nice Example Of Illusion Of Wealth In The Market

SINGAPORE (EDGEPROP) - Rumours are that liquidators are trying to seize the assets of Singapore-based crypto hedge fund Three Arrows Capital (3AC), which became the latest victim of the crash in cryptocurrency. Two partners at advisory and consulting firm Teneo have been appointed to handle 3AC’s liquidation.

3AC was put under liquidation by a court in the British Virgin Islands on Monday, June 27, after 3AC failed to repay creditors. On June 30, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) reprimanded the firm for providing false information and for breaching fund management industry licensing rules.

The firm was co-founded by former Credit Suisse traders Su Zhu and Kyle Davies at the kitchen table of their apartment in 2012, according to a Bloomberg story last year. The two of them are only in their mid-30s.

Zhu is co-founder, director, CEO and CIO of 3AC, while Davies is co-founder and chairman of the firm. Their crypto assets had reportedly been worth several billion dollars at one point.

CW8888: One of our tasks as investors is to recognize or acknowledge this illusion of wealth in market during bullish market and has strategy in place to keep part of this illusion of wealth in the market really safe from the next market crisis. 

So my sifu is right!

It is far better to regret not making more money than to feel sorry of losing your hard earned money.

My sifu started trading and investing at age of 18 following the foot-steps of his father into the stock market. 

Choose Regret or Sorry?

It is in our own hands. It is our own making!

Read? Lesson NOT Learnt in 2007 STI Bull and Lesson Learnt in GFC Bear And Then Applied Along The Way To COVID-19 Mini Bear and Continue ...

Tuesday, 28 June 2022

Better Know The Difference Between 1M65 And 4M65 - Real Wealth In CPF vs Illusionary 4M65 Wealth In The Market Depending On Market Timing

Uncle8888 learnt first hand through Crash got Sound when he was reaching 55!

Same same!

It happened to Uncle8888 when he was near 55! So what is stopping Mr Market from repeating History when you are reaching 65! 

1M65 is real wealth in CPF; but 4M65 through investing in the market is an illusionary wealth depending on market timing; so we better be lucky to survive through market cycles to cash out and keep it safe or return 4M back to CPF for real 4M65 when we are nearer to 65!

Long, long ago, in his late 40s; his long time FA shared this CPF SA hack (or he was actually hacked); and of course he would believe in good story of maximizing his SA and RA 4% compound interests; and invested $100K from CPF SA in XXX Global Balanced Fund!

Global Balanced Fund should closely match 4% CPF SA risk free return. Right? Don't ever believe projected return!

Hmm .. Uncle8888 was once also into passive investing! LOL!

May be Uncle8888 is just unlucky as this XXX Global balanced fund happened to go through GFC; but when it started to recover he was nearer to 55 and decided it was time be realistic that it is NOT easy to beat 4% year on year compounded interests in CPF SA or CPF RA. He sold this fund and refund back to CPF SA.

Happy lor as there is net profit after GFC Big Bear ....

Read? Turning 55 Soon? Here's A CPF Special Account Hack You'd Want To Know!

Sunday, 26 June 2022

Timing Is Everything. Yes?

 Read? Timing Is Everything. No?

Really true even in investment training space. Timing is everything and when timing turned sour or bad then trouble begins!

Those days when Uncle8888 started serious attentions into into Market - Option trading for passive income was so hot! Big option trading booths especially Freely School Of Options Trading at investment seminars giving out door gifts at the main entrance. Shiok! 

Read? Smart Money Grabbers over dummy investors (9) - Mai siao siao. Course conducted by Dr.

Read? MAS: Don't trade in binary options on unregulated platforms

Read? Smart Money Grabbers over dummy investors - III

Actually; Uncle8888 likes to attend these free previews if they provide free makan. Why not when he has plenty of free time and no additional transport cost to these venues as he is on monthly pass.

Read? No selling free investment webinar

Timing is everything even in investment training space. 

Right timing to sell hot courses. 

From option trading to value/growth investing, passive income/from S-REITs, not enough capital to build retirement income from S-REITs? Don't worry. Just leverage up!

Then S-Reits to Crypto and soon back to pivoting to growth investing?

Timing Is Everything. Yes or No?

Saturday, 25 June 2022

Dow rallies 800 points on Friday to cap big comeback week for stocks

 The Dow Jones Industrial Average rallied more than 800 points on Friday, rebounding off the lows of the bear market last week and capping its first weekly advance since May.

The Dow rose 823.32 points, or 2.68%, to 31,500.68, with gains accelerating in the final hour of trading. The S&P 500 was 3.06% higher to 3,911.74. The Nasdaq Composite advanced 3.34% to 11,607.62.

The major averages wrapped up a big comeback week for stocks. The S&P 500 is up nearly 6.5% for the week, while the Nasdaq Composite gained 7.5%. The Dow is 5.4% higher.

Friday, 24 June 2022

S- REITs As Retirement Income For Cash Tight Retirees??? (2)

Read? S- REITs As Retirement Income For Cash Tight Retirees???

Probably; Uncle8888 is the odd Panda/Koala retiree in Singapore who is dis-interested in accumulating S-REITs as retirement income and still able to survive from dividend income generated from his Panda/Koala portfolio across market cycles.

Monday, 20 June 2022

One Real Life Data Point Of CPF SA Shielding Immediate Outcome

 Read? CPF Special Account (SA) Shielding: How You Can Perform This

Uncle8888's ex colleague who turned 55 this year did CPF SA shielding with his FA; and after 55 he sold his CPF SA shielding fund and returned the money back to his CPF SA. 

His immediate loss from this SA shielding is -2.7%. 

Never mind! It just needed 2 years of additional 1.5% in CPF SA to recover this loss and; then from 57 yrs old onwards; every year gets additional $2K interests! Shiok!

Help me! I am still losing money in my Investment Quadrant (6)

 Read? Help me! I am still losing money in my Investment Quadrant (5)

"We don't need to win back in the same manner that we have lost it " - Createwealth8888.

Hmm .. OK OK! Applicable only in ....

DIY individual stock pick and not in Fund/ETF/Unit Trusts!

Sunday, 19 June 2022

From Sunshine Boy In The Old Days To Modern Sunshine Boys. Who Are They Now???

Read? The Shoeshine Boy

Read? Smart Money Grabbers over dummy investors (9)

In 2005 to 2008; the shoeshine boys in the Gurus space was passive income through option trading?

In 2018 to 2021; high yield as passive income from crypto?

Another space to watch : When Gurus started one by one switching their secret sauce or magical formula to get rich in order not to lose out revenues from Bei Kambing or when your favourite bloggers also switch their long held strategies that made them money to latest FOMO. Double confirmation to get out!!! LOL!

E.g. From value investing to option trading, from S-REITSs to Crypto

It is time to cut down or get out???

Uncle8888 as veteran also behaves as Bei Kambing in HK Tech! FOMO! KNS! His face kena hit by shit!

Read? Lion HST vs CSOP HS Tech (3)

Friday, 17 June 2022

Round 10 : Bought ST Engg @ $3.88

Last sold on 3 May 2004 and that was donkey years and never has chance to buy back lower! :-(

Round 9 : ROC +19.6%, 355 days,    B $1.62 S $1.95

Wednesday, 15 June 2022

Tuesday, 14 June 2022

Will Recession And Inflation Fear Overtake Omicron To The Next STI Crash?

Read? Sell In May And Go Away!

Let see how June 2022 ends and looking forward to suck more Panadols in H1 2022 dividend season!

Stock futures rise after the S&P 500 closes in an official bear market

 U.S. stock futures rose on Monday night after the S&P 500 dropped back into bear market territory ahead of the Federal Reserve’s two-day policy meeting this week.

Dow Jones Industrial Average futures rose by 67 points, or 0.2%. S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 futures climbed 0.3% and about 0.5%, respectively.

Those moves came after intense selling of stocks during the regular session on Wall Street. The S&P 500 slumped 3.9% to its lowest level since March 2021, and falling more than 21% from its January record.

Meanwhile, the Dow tumbled more than 876 points, or 2.8%, which is roughly 17% off its record high. The Nasdaq Composite dropped nearly 4.7%, or more than 33% off its November record.

Investors are bracing themselves for the possibility of a larger-than-expected interest rate hike this week after CNBC’s Steve Liesman confirmed on Monday that the Federal Reserve will “likely” consider a 75-basis-point increase, which is greater than the 50-basis-point hike many traders had come to expect. The Wall Street Journal reported the story first.

Some investors are also expecting a more hawkish tone from the central bank after last week’s inflation reports showed prices running hotter-than-expected.

“I think they are going to do 75 basis points,” Ed Yardeni, president of Yardeni Research, said during CNBC’s “Closing Bell” on Monday.

“I think that Powell on Wednesday when he does his press conference will indicate that there’ll be another one coming at the July meeting and maybe another one at the September meeting. I think it’s time for him... to show that he really is concerned about inflation,” he continued.

Elsewhere, shares of Oracle jumped nearly 9% in extended trading after the software company reported an earnings beat boosted by a “major increase in demand” in its infrastructure cloud business.

Wall Street is also expecting the latest reading on the May producer price index on Tuesday before the bell at 8:30 a.m.

CW8888: Gap between DOW and STI is closing up to the next Bear?

Sunday, 12 June 2022

How I Reduce The Impact From Inflation As Retiree With Plenty Of Spare Time And On B.M.W (Monthly Concessionary Pass)

 mysecretinvestment11 June 2022 at 18:33:00 GMT+8

Nice one Spur!

"There is inflation in COEs, hawker centres and electricity bills

Deflation in stock markets

Confusion in investors"

What is a person to do?

Those who are working still can hope for salary adjustment but, but retirees?

Read? Inflation Rate At Kopitiam Is More Scary Than Headline Inflationary Rate

Hmm .. not all stalls at Kopitiam and Hawker centres raise their food price at the same inflation rate!

Uncle8888 as retiree with plenty spare time and on B.M.W monthly concessionary pass; he hunts around his area to check on food inflation rate and found out that inflation rate is not uniform across the board.

Mee siam : 1 bus stop West from his block and 7 mins walk from main street to less convenient? coffeshop. Price is $3.20 (Reduce inflation by $0.30)

Fish soup : 2 bus stops East from his block. Price is $5 (Reduce inflation by $1)

How I Avoid Negative Sequence of Return Risk In 2020 & 2022 With A Simple And Practical Strategy i.e. War Chest And Cash Reservoir!

 Read? Three Years After Retiring From Full Time Monthly Salary As Employee (2)

Let it flows! Let it flows! Let it flows!

Don't bother with compounding growth as retiree! Enough is enough! Sustainable retirement income  to ease emotional rides in volatile market. 

Unrealized P/L in the portfolio is not Real; but realized cash flowing into Cash Reservoir is Real and cover future household expenses!

Every single cent flows into the Cash Reservoir and Uncle8888 has discovered this simple and practical strategy worked during COVID-19 crisis as retiree and likely to also work in future market cycles to avoid negative sequence of return risk.

Saturday, 11 June 2022

Stocks crushed after inflation hits 40-year high: Nasdaq falls 3.5%, S&P 500 suffers worst week since January

Why rushing out of market to take profits or cut losses to fight inflation?

Gurus always tell us to stay invested to fight inflation??? How come like that? Stay in cash to fight inflation???

Monday. STI crashes 2%?

OK. OK! How Scary Is Inflation???

Friday, 10 June 2022

Personal Inflation Rate and Market Inflation Rate (2)

Read? Personal Inflation Rate and Market Inflation Rate

6 years after retirement from an office job!

Personal inflationary impact on work-related expenses are zero so it is zero inflation rate. LOL!

1. Office wear : clothing and shoe

2. TGIF long lunches and office contributions, celebrations, get together etc

3. Two coffee breaks

Tuesday, 7 June 2022

Kep Corp



From Investing cyberspace ... 

命里無時,求之不來 ...$DBS(D05.SI)


舉頭希望 37.00,低頭見 6.00

Uncle8888 never fail to smile whenever this Guru 低頭見 6.00 and recalled his ex-colleague's real wait for DBS $6 to happen in 2009. LOL!


1.5 to 2 times the force of GFC coming for DBS to go down to $6?

Read? The Secret Behind Buy And Hold And Then Laughing To The Bank Revealed! (2)

Buy back is not easy due to our last ACTION price anchoring bias! --> Read? On why sound investing principles will always work??? (2)

Sunday, 5 June 2022

Practical And Realistic Investment Portfolio Allocation ? 60/40 for Bonds/Equities But No Cash Over Market Cycles. How Come Like That?

Gurus, Experts, FAs and those commercially compensated investment writers and products endorsement love to advocate bonds/equities XX%/XX% but NO cash! It is like saying Cash is really trash!!! No allocation!

Chun bo?

Cash is both Trash and King over market cycles! Really?

You decide to believe who say it?

Practical and realistic investment portfolio allocation over market cycles is Bonds or Bond-like (CPF for SG)/Equities/ Cash and CPFIS in XX% /XX% /XX% based on our own investment journey 

Climbing Investing Mount Everest

1) Going up Mountain.

2) Near Mountain top and how about going down to Base Camp to stay safe before trying out Mountain top at the next season.

3) Going down Mountain to Base Camp to stay safe for a longer time before deciding whether it is worth to test the Mountain top one more time?

Thursday, 2 June 2022

What Is The Real Number or Power Behind FI, FIRE or Retirement Income? Power Of Earned Income & Savings Vs Investing Power?

In Investing, your account size really matters - Createwealth8888

Uncle8888 will be shocked if the above is mentioned in any investing course preview seminar or talks!

Read? Investing Made Simple by Uncle8888 (17)

CPF OA Investment Account that 35% ceiling sucks???

From Forum : " CPF OA Investment Account (that 35% ceiling sucks, only can buy every 11/12th of the month"

Uncle8888 smiled!

Monday, 29 March 2010

Read?? Resident wants ban on CPF cash for investments  He was 59 yrs old in 2010 so he kena from GFC with 35% cap on CPFIS!

Read? Do You Know Any Mederka Generation Relatives Who Don't Talk About Market Any More???

Read? Save more than 60%. No need to invest??? (5)

Read? Who Are CPF Members Who Lost Their Money???

Read? Luckily, Me in Merdeka Generation Didn't Start Younger To Invest/Speculate in My 30s During 1990s

Factually; CPF OA 65% at 2.5 % CAGR nd 35% CPFIS is already a good bond-like/stocks allocation liao!

If we are good at investing; 35% CPFIS can do wonder!

Read? Your CPF is like a Schizophrenic Prostitute. Do You Know How To Have Great Sex With This Schizophrenic Prostitute ???

Saturday, 28 May 2022

Time in the Market > Timing the Market??? (2)

 Read? Time in the Market > Timing the Market???

Why we always hear this from Gurus, Experts and Financial writers and advisers?

Timing the market doesn't mean lump sum investing through timing the market!

In practice; Uncle8888 actually does timing the market by buying slowly with position sizing and also diversify across sectors; and then sell slowly according to Sardines or Touchstones status. 

Sardines are sold! 

Salted fishes then sucked fingers, write off and then takes a hit on his investment portfolio CAGR!

Read? DIY Stock Pick Over Long Term In The Stock Market It Is All About Getting Sardines, Touchstones, Pillows, Multi-baggers Or Salted Fished!

Timing the market and then Time in the Market matters by holding on to Touchstones and Multibaggers; you can get fabulous investment outcome after 10, 20 or 30 yrs i.e. freehold investment income for life! But, do we have such patience? LOL!

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