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Since 2017 after retiring from full-time job as employee; I am moving towards Investing Nirvana - Freehold Investment Income for Life investing strategy where 100% of investment income from portfolio investment is cashed out to support household expenses i.e. not a single cent of re-investing!

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"For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them." - Aristotle

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Saturday 30 January 2021

MARKETS GameStop short sellers are still not surrendering despite nearly $20 billion in losses this month

 Read? MARKETS GameStop short sellers are still not surrendering despite nearly $20 billion in losses this month

Short-selling hedge funds have suffered a mark-to-market loss of $19.75 billion year to date in the brick-and-mortar video game retailer GameStop, according to data from S3 Partners.

Still, short sellers mostly are holding onto their bearish positions or they are being replaced by new hedge funds willing to bet against the stock.

GameStop shares that have been borrowed and sold short have declined by just about 5 million over the last week, marking an 8% dip in the short interest, according to S3.

Most of the short covering occurred on Thursday, when the stock fell for the first time in six days.

Hmm ... very interesting!

There are sellers to match buyers!

 But only 8% dip in the short interest i.e. no massive short covering! Paper losses only. LOL!

Who are buying bloody high to fight this war?

War hasn't ended yet!

Let see who die first?

Short sellers or late buyers supporting this War?

Heroes always die first?

$5m profits are paid by short sellers and the rest of millionaires' profits are paid by who?

Read? What is the Greater Fool Theory?



STI correction Akan Datang??? (2)

Read? STI correction Akan Datang???

Dow drops more than 600 points Friday, suffers worst week since October amid GameStop trading frenzy

Bloody STI on Monday???

Thursday 28 January 2021

Yield of dreams: Investors have "a once in a lifetime opportunity" in blue chips (13)

Read? Yield of dreams: Investors have "a once in a lifetime opportunity" in blue chips (12)

With FY 20 final dividend is at $0.07 and estimated 2021 H1 dividends to be same level as 2020 H1 at $0.03

A new low of 7.6% yield has broken the Yield of Dream of double digits since 2002! 

Is this the End of the Old Rainbow and new Rainbow will rise from 2022?

SembCorp Industries (SCI): Bought @ $1.67 for Round 55

No more oily and smelly stock.

Can play for one more Round?

Read? SembCorp Industries (SCI): Bought @ $4.97 for Round 54



STI correction Akan Datang???

 SINGAPORE — Shares in Asia-Pacific fell in Thursday morning trade following an overnight plunge on Wall Street that wiped out the S&P 500′s 2021 gains and left it in negative territory for the year.

In Japan, the Nikkei 225 declined 2.01% in early trade while the Topix index shed 1.81%. South Korea’s Kospi also fell 1.77%.

Shares in Australia fell in morning trade, with the S&P/ASX 200 dropping 2.27%.

Wednesday 27 January 2021

Huge Army of Fire Ants Can Kill An Elephant

 Read? Melvin Capital, hedge fund targeted by Reddit board, closes out of GameStop short position

Melvin Capital closed out its short position in GameStop on Tuesday afternoon after taking a huge loss, the hedge fund’s manager told CNBC.

CNBC could not confirm the amount of losses the firm took on the short position. Citadel and Point72 have infused close to $3 billion into Melvin Capital to shore up its finances.

Melvin manager Gabe Plotkin told Andrew Ross Sorkin that speculation about a bankruptcy filing is false.

Hmm .. How? Someone in Singapore starts the lead for an army of Fire Ants for SGX's most hated and shorted stocks?

Tuesday 26 January 2021

STI at 3,000 Psychological Level! (3)

Read?  STI at 3,000 Psychological Level! (2)

STI U-turning???

Investment portfolio has recovered above pre-COVID-19 level and then u-turning to the next Crash???

Akan Datang!

Sunday 24 January 2021

Portfolio Management Concentrate (Verb) or Concentrate (Noun) (Time for a refresh)

Concentrating or Diversifying your investment portfolio?

Endless debate or advice from Gurus or FAs!

Why concentrate must be Verb and not Noun?

Read? Portfolio Management Concentrate (Verb) or Concentrate (Noun)

For investment portfolio management; many Gurus are advising retail investors not to concentrate (Verb) as it is very risky since most retail investors don't have that level of competency to concentrate (Verb) yet.

But; for Uncle8888's portfolio management it is currently concentrate (Noun) with a few freehold core holding and a large war chest. How risky?

Concentrate as verb or noun?

See any difference?

Saturday 23 January 2021

From Saver to Koala/Panda Retail Investor in SGX Only

Does it mean we all must try our best to invest?

Friday 22 January 2021

Kep Corp : Bought @ $5.64 for Round 98

Read? 50-50 Bet On Temasek Not Walking Away

Itchy hand and clicked buy to tikam tikam for kopi or bitter pandols!

Next week FY result and briefing on progress of 100 days plan!

Thursday 21 January 2021

Each of the S&P 500, Dow and Nasdaq ended the regular session at record closing highs

Overnight stateside, the Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 257.86 points to a new closing high of 31,188.38. The S&P 500 also gained 1.4% to a record close of 3,851.85. The Nasdaq Composite soared almost 2% to finish its trading day at 13,457.25, also touching a fresh record. The moves came as Biden was sworn in as the 46th president of the United States.

Wednesday 20 January 2021

Reliable conglomerates in an unreliable world

Read?  Reliable conglomerates in an unreliable world

WHAT must it be like to own a business that could do well under any economic condition? It could be a bit like running an ice cream stand that also sells umbrellas. It does not matter whether it is sunny or pouring with rain - the tills should keep ringing, regardless of weather conditions.

Owning shares in a conglomerate is a bit like being a shareholder of that canny ice-cream vendor. Conglomerates are made up of unrelated businesses in which they have stakes - and often quite significant stakes.

The key is that these separate subsidiaries should operate independently. That said, the parent company, often because of its considerable ownership in them, will probably want to have some input into how they are run.

There is something else that is appealing about conglomerates. They can access capital, even when market conditions might be unfavourable. A well-run conglomerate could, for instance, deploy cash generated from one part of the group to another that might be able to generate a better return.

To be able to deploy that cash, conglomerates must generate the cash in the first place. A useful way to assess this is to look at their free cash flow yield, which is a measure of the amount of available cash generated compared to the market size of the business.

This cash can be used to pay down debt, make share buybacks, and pay dividends. In theory, a conglomerate could pay all its free cash as dividends. But they do not.

The median free cash flow yield for conglomerates is a reassuring 9.4 per cent. The reason is because conglomerates tend to hold back capital investment, run down inventory, and enforce tighter cash collection procedures from their accounts receivable in a downturn.

These positive actions can help offset the reduction in earnings when times are tough. Reassuringly, the free cash flow yield is higher than the average dividend yield of 3.1 per cent. So, income seekers should be comforted knowing that dividend payouts are adequately covered by cash flow.

Show me the money

Speaking of dividends, conglomerates like to retain a significant proportion of their profits for internal use. The average retention ratio for conglomerates is around 60 per cent. Some do not even pay dividends.

What is interesting is that there appears to be a tacit correlation between return on equity and annual total return. Companies that have achieved a high return on equity tend to also deliver high total returns for shareholders.

From an investor's perspective, conglomerates could be an interesting way to achieve diversification through just one company. Income investors might want to focus on those conglomerates with a high retention ratio, plus a high return on equity too. Together the two ratios could combine to deliver faster dividend growth.


Hmm ... Kep Corp and Sembcorp Ind for income investing over the past two decades and continue to generate reliable income?

Monday 18 January 2021


Read? Round 12 : Bought Olam @ $1.48

Sudden surge of more buying? Hmm ...

Fu Yu - One Big Step Up today!


Read? Fu Yu - One small Baby Step Up Again!

Sunday 17 January 2021

Adding A Few More Extra Years Before Executing 3 to 4% Safe Withdrawal Rate

 Spur 14 January 2021 at 13:34:00 GMT+8

Hi Uncle8888,

Hoho, don't think you'll need to decumulate your SA/OA for many years to come!

Unless you're helping your kids to buy properties šŸ˜¬


Read? My Sustainable Retirement Income For Life In Singapore - Panda/Koala Retail Investor And CPF Loving Citizen!!!

Read? Relating to SWR

ZERO compounding investment return

In addition to commonly known discussions on SWR and Bucket for FIRE or Retirement; how about transferring all investment income from investment portfolio during FIRE or retirement to Cash Reservoir. This model will more likely to be Safer Withdrawal Rate than Safe Withdrawal Rate by extending a few more years before executing SWR or decumulation of net worth's assets.

Saturday 16 January 2021

Properties in Singapore only Go UP!!!

 Valerie Kor

Fri, 15 January 2021, 6:00 am

SINGAPORE (EDGEPROP) - The top loss of the week during the week of Dec 29, 2020, to Jan 5, 2021, was incurred by the seller of a four-bedroom unit on the seventh floor at St Regis Residences Singapore in District 10. The 2,594 sq ft unit was bought in December 2007 for $8 million ($3,084 psf) and sold on Jan 5 for $4.8 million ($1,850 psf). The seller therefore saw a 40% loss of $3.2 million, which is annualised at 3.8% over 13 years.

St Regis Residences Singapore is a 173-unit condominium along Tanglin Road. Developed by City Developments, it is located next to The St Regis Singapore hotel and is a short drive to the Orchard Road shopping belt and Tanglin Mall. The 999-year leasehold project was completed in 2008.

That was in Jul 2007. Bull market! (Good time to refresh!)

 Read? That was in Jul 2007. Bull market!

That was something Uncle8888 didn't get it in 2007 and then the punishment in 2008 came from his foolishness and greediness in 2007!

Now, he has been seeing more and more retails shouting out their big winning investment portfolio! 

Hmm .. middle of Bull or near end of Bull in 2021/2022?

Friday 15 January 2021

STI at 3,000 Psychological Level! (2)

 Follow the Line and Dots???

Where Does The Money In The Stock Market Come From? (6)

Read? Investing Made Simple by Uncle8888 (6) - About time to refresh it!

Read? Where Does The Money In The Stock Market Come From?

How does loss-making company make investors and traders rich?

Nothing from the company is given out as dividends, capital reduction or shares buy-back.

Where doe the money from the stock market come from?

Who are making you or them rich?

May be you are among those who are making them rich?

Sunday 10 January 2021

Long-term Investing is a Game of Capital and Game of Strategies!

Moving from Game of Capital with Compounding Return to build wealth from the stock market to accelerate the journey towards to Financial Independence from 2000 to 2016 (17 years) and from 2017 onwards to calibrate War Chest by Timing the Market and then Time in the Market to generate sustainable investment income for life. A change of investing strategy for 100% cash out of investment income to fund household expenses. 

Spending 100% of investment income; but returning only the invested capital back to War Chest to Time the Market for capital recycling!

Is ZERO compounding return sustainable across market cycles?

Saturday 9 January 2021

Lion HST vs CSOP HS Tech


Missing Out Those Large Paper Gains or Sitting On Large Paper Losses. That Is Hell Of Difference!!!

Missing out those large gains?

Tesla or Bitcoin?


How do we really feel when we cool down after some deep thought?

Are we still fooling ourselves?

When he missed those large paper gains?

He felt that he was that NOT smart enough! Alamak! Sianz. Sibei sianz! Walau!

Did he suffer any sleepless nights after seeing those assets price escalating or getting nightmares on missing those paper wealth?


What actually happened to him towards end 2008 during last GFC 2008/2009 when his real and paper losses escalated!

His emotions

From Alamak --> Walan --> Sianz --> Sibei sianz --> Worry --> Fear --> Sorry and bloody stupid --> Sleepless nights --> Nightmares --> Finally Bite the Bullets --> Heng ah! I have sold and Escalation in Lossses has ceased. No more nightmares. No more sorry! Only regrets!

It is far better to regret NOT smart enough to make more money in the market than to feel sorry and bloody stupid to lose back to Mr Market and even worse by losing our hard earned savings!

Read? 12 Years of Christmas and Two Lessons in Investing. (Good To Refresh Again)

Read? Can You Afford To Be Greedy When Others Are Fearful?

Friday 8 January 2021

STI 2,993.19+86.22 (+2.97%)

Time for STI to catch up and don't let Koala/Panda investors down!

SGX : Sold @ 9.88

Read? SGX : Sold @ 9.48

Round 5-3 : ROC +16.1%,  214 days, B $8.48 S $9.88 (Highest price sold)

Round 7-2 : ROC +7.6%,  67 days, B $8.78 S $9.48 

Round 8 : ROC +4.6%,  15 days, B $8.89 S $9.33 

Round 7-1 : ROC +2.2%,  40 days, B $9.08 S $9.31 

Round 5 - 2 : ROC +9.1%,  112 days, B $8.48 S $9.28

Round 5 - 1 : ROC +5.9%,  102 days, B $8.48 S $9.01

Round 4 : ROC +8.5%, 6 days, B $8.01 S $8.74

Round 3 : ROC +8.8%, 12 days, B $8.21 S $8.99

Round 2 : ROC +13.6%, 3 days, B $7.46 S $8.52

Round 1 : ROC +12.3%, 61 days, B $6.87 S $7.76

Thursday 7 January 2021

STI 2,910.15+47.14 (+1.65%)

 STI playing catch up???

Wednesday 6 January 2021

Tuesday 5 January 2021

Meet the investment needs of the CPF

Read? Issuing limits raised for Singapore government securities and treasury bills

Read? CPF members added $1.6b to retirement funds from January to October, up from a year ago

THE issuing limits for government securities and treasury bills have been raised to meet Central Provident Fund (CPF) needs and cater to growing investor demand, with Parliament having voted to authorise this on Tuesday.

Special Singapore Government Securities (SSGS) are non-tradable bonds issued primarily to meet the investment needs of the CPF; Singapore Savings Bonds are issued to provide a long-term savings option for individual investors.

Hmm .. investment needs of the CPF??? 

To pay interests? Right?

Monday 4 January 2021

SGX : Sold @ 9.48

Read? SGX : Sold @ $9.33

Round 7-2 : ROC +7.6%,  67 days, B $8.78 S $9.48 (Highest price sold)

Round 8 : ROC +4.6%,  15 days, B $8.89 S $9.33 

Round 7-1 : ROC +2.2%,  40 days, B $9.08 S $9.31 

Round 5 - 2 : ROC +9.1%,  112 days, B $8.48 S $9.28

Round 5 - 1 : ROC +5.9%,  102 days, B $8.48 S $9.01

Round 4 : ROC +8.5%, 6 days, B $8.01 S $8.74

Round 3 : ROC +8.8%, 12 days, B $8.21 S $8.99

Round 2 : ROC +13.6%, 3 days, B $7.46 S $8.52

Round 1 : ROC +12.3%, 61 days, B $6.87 S $7.76

No Real Investing Targets But Just Plan In 2021 For The Next Bear (2)

No buying plans for STI as it breaches 3000, then 3300, then 3600? - SMOL

He he Smol beat me to it.

I was wondering the same thing ... where's the warchest deployment chart for the next bull? - Spur

No Real Investing Targets But Just Plan In 2021 For The Next Bear

3Ms in Long-term Investing and Short-term Trading - Method, Mind and Money Management (Position sizing & War Chest)

The mind of a market survivor across 21 years of market and Bulls and Bears - Greed, Fear and Ignorance!

Our own Lessons learnt are the most practical and true lessons with 100% earnings/profits and losses from the Market. No other revenues relating to investing or trading so Uncle8888 has to get it RIGHT in the Market!

Read? Stock Market Is War - Part 4 (Re-visit)

Bull Market - How Greedy are we? How much is enough?

Bear Market - How Fearful are we? How much losses to cause us sleepless nights or drive us into depression?

Capital recycling or deployment in Bull Market or Capital deployment or switching in Bear Market? 

Which one to follow?

It all depends on Your Mind and Money Management!

Follow the Arrows!

Saturday 2 January 2021

Passive Compounding Return On Yearly CPF Interests ONLY Go UP!!!

Read? Passive Compounding Return On Yearly CPF Interests at 11% CAGR Over 15 Years

What are you waiting for?

Mai Tu Liao!

Do it now and get full year benefit! LOL!

Earn, mandatory CPF saving and save even more through VC and invest CPFIS!

The sure win magical compounding return that only goes UP across market cycles of Bulls and Bears! Uniquely for Singapore saver-investors!

More and more folks in Singapore have discovered this Magical Lamp and join the Force!

Read? CPF members added $1.6b to retirement funds from January to October, up from a year ago

See lor!

It only goes UP!


Friday 1 January 2021

Passive Compounding Return On Yearly CPF Interests at 11% CAGR Over 15 Years

Read? How I Accumulate $1M In CPF OA! (3)

Read? One Uncommon Way To Top Up CPF OA Through CPFIS

Read? How To Become CPF Millionaire? Two Approaches Path A or B?

CPF Interests has grown at 11% CAGR from 2005 to 2020 over the last 15 years with ZERO market volatility! 

Passive income for retirement!

Outperformers in 2020

 Put on record for next year and see how

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