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Thursday, 10 December 2020

Singtel : Bought @ $2.38 for Round 2

 Read? Singtel : Bought @ $2.90


  1. Appreciate if you could share your reasons for buying into singtel. Thks.

    1. Cheaper than iFast and Digital bank. LoL!

      But sellers thought digital bank no big deal! Digital bank and Dash likely to have synergy.

  2. i bought mine at 2.06 and want to buy more at < 2.00 (wishy washy at that time) but alas it has not gone below 2.0 that day.

    Want to trade in for profit at 2.5 but same thing (wishy, washy at that time) when there was a dividend payment of 0.051cents.

    Now Ex Div, still hasn't trade in leh - Wishy-washy or Greed?

    Or have change mind to hold at this 2.06 price for longer term?

    What a lousy trader i am - How can a trader be wishy, washy.

    Same thing for SGX, lah.

    1. Singtel at 2.06 may be touchstone for panadols to golden eggs

    2. Wish what U said comes true.


  3. That's why must try to get a little understanding of CW8888's trading psyche.

    1. He can trade from May to Dec. now.

      And still trading strongly.

  4. Replies
    1. This morning just saw Jim Roger talked about he likes to look out for stocks or generally about anything, anywhere in the World, that nobody wants now; but most probably will be in favour again in future.

      Not Apple or Facebook, though he sees nothing wrong in that everyone wants now; for some people.

      If only we can learn a little bit from him.

      Actually, that's why i used to buy all the way down in a severe bear Market; which can be very dangerous if choose the wrong stocks.

      Gurus always advise buy all the way up which i find it very difficult psychologically for me.

      i tried to do a bit of what the Gurus said in March this year, i lost out lol.

      But in the Cantonese says, "Ni Lum Ni" (U think U = U think for yourself.) Because we are all unique.


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