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Wednesday 31 May 2017

Why Do You NEED To Work HARD??? (2)

Read? Why Do You NEED To Work HARD???

Read? Horse, Cow, and Pig (Re-posted)

Seeing Shadow Of His Past Mistakes In The Market

Sometime while Uncle8888 is surfing the finance and investment blogs for reading pleasure; he may read some blog posts reminding him of his past shadows. 

Look like it is true; human nature never change in the market. 

Just that someone will step forward to repeat the same old mistakes in the market.

This is still a Bull market and you are not making money trading on one direction. How you make money when the Bull market turns?

Tuesday 30 May 2017

Why Do You NEED To Work HARD???

1. I haven't reach financial independence!

2. I need MORE money to pay for increasing household expenses for growing up children

3. I need MORE money to save and invest

In the same office; we can see some working very hard and some slacking obviously. The funny thing is that some of these slackers were previously working very hard. How come like that?

Real Manager. Real Slacker.

This ex colleague kept complaining to Uncle8888 about this slacker in his team and Uncle8888 replied to him. Either you sack him or live with it as he doesn't need the job as he already reached financial independence way ahead of his time. He is in the office just to pass time.

The Moral of Story

Not all who have reached financial independence means they will retire early to travel more or having lots of leisure and fun. 

Some of them still prefer to stay on as office worker but they will slack. They are liability to the team; but at the same time Uncle8888 as Manager we will know that we need these slackers for the Bell Curve! Good thing is that these financial independence slackers will not bother about their performance assessment and bonus. Win Win?

Whoever comes to Uncle8888 to complain about these slackers; he will just tell them you go to seek financial independence and one day you also can be like that!

Monday 29 May 2017


Read? 曾坐擁40億,迎娶白富美,後來胞弟跳樓,妻子離去,被逼淪落街頭做麻油雞,因為...去世,惋惜!

Goals, System, Purpose, Luck, Dream, Vision ... Whatever You Like To Term Them???

Read? After Point X In Our Career or Investing Journey; This Is How We May Say It Loudly!

Whenever someone talks loud and clear. It is sure sign that he or she has achieved it in that way!

The moral of the story

If you have finally realized that after few years in one camp and not achieving or not progress much; then you might want to switch over to the other camp to see whether you can make it. How about that?

Sunday 28 May 2017

Live Like University Student???

Uncle8888 has been tracking his youngest son's personal living expenses as university student. It is ranging from $208 to $555 per month since May 2016. 

Mid point is at $381

Highest/Lowest is 2.7

Wide range could mean that he is living quite well and can also be frugal under circumstance during exam period. Where got time to go out and spend money?

How to save more money?

Try monetize your weekends by working.

Sure save more!

Walk Here. Walk There. Join The Queue : Value Meals At Various Hawker Centre

Read? Walk Here. Walk There. Join The Queue : Traditional Roti - Butter & Kaya (2)

Senior Auntie Found A Purpose As Pokemon Trainer

Read? Go Find A Purpose!

Read? Retired As Pokemon Trainer Too! (2)

This morning Uncle8888 saw this senior auntie and waved at her. She smiled and waved back!

Senior auntie has been riding on her bike (not sure) it is everyday morning or evening to catch Pokemon (sometime saw her in the evening). 

She has been doing it since the Day of Pokemon Craze in Singapore. 

We are staying in ex Pokemon Hot Spot - Blk 401, Hougang Ave 10. Three Pokemon Stops and spawning ground of rare Pokemons.


No, no, no!

She has finally found riding her bike with a purpose - an incentive/reward or purpose or meaning to cycle over far distance to achieve the real purpose that is her EXERCISE and passing time. 

It can be quite boring to cycle alone with no real purpose or tentative goal in mind. Mindless sole cycling over long hours is no much fun. Very few seniors can do it sole over long distance and over hours of cycling for doing it as form of exercise.

Uncle8888 also knows another neighbor senior uncle sometime cycled to Punggol and Pasir Ris for fishing. 

From Hougang to Pasir Ris and then back to home is really far distance.

Uncle8888 was once an active Pokemon with his power walk and dashed faster than few other younger trainers to catch the rare ones under minutes. Pokemon as an incentive/purpose/meaning to achieve that real form i.e. physical exercise. The real reason to dash or sprint to that spot. No madness to run like Hell!

So You Laugh At Panda Investor's Specialized Diet! You Chun Bo???

Panda investor eats locally; but food sources are NOT local hor!

That the difference!

Saturday 27 May 2017

Seriously How To Avoid Being Fooled By These Scams, "Gurus" or Trainers

How can you probably see it and then seriously avoid it?

It is never what you see; what you read and what you will get it!

It is the HOW!

When you see MAIN marketing statement or headline where it emphasizes ... 

(1) From humble background; Poor to Rich from self discovery of secret formula

(2) Losing so much and then discover secret sauce to become rich

(3) Show you lots of profits made but not showing past years of evidence of proof with audited statements of investment gains from the market. (One late "Guru" in Sinagpore had been poked by Uncle8888 a few times in his forum to show his audited statement of investment gains from the stock market. But Uncle8888 still give him respect as he didn't bar him unlike some other investment and finance bloggers)

One last confirming evidence; are your family members and close relatives all millionaires?

At one seminar; Uncle8888 nearly wanted to ask her: How come your husband still works so late until he came home one late night with chest pain and fortunately the couple managed to reach A&E in time to avoid heart attack?

Read more? Better safe than sorry: Resist urge to invest in too-good-to-be-true schemes

Read? JJ Poor To Rich founder Johnson Lee and two others arrested

KUALA LUMPUR: Controversial foreign exchange trading company JJ Poor To Rich (JJPTR) founder Johnson Lee and two others were arrested today.

Federal police Commercial Crime Department director Datuk Acryl Sani Abdullah Sani said Lee along with his right-hand man and personal assistant were arrested in an operation at 4.30am in Petaling Jaya.

"All three detained will be brought to Klang magistrate court for remand," he said.

Those detained aged between 28 and 29.

The raiding team also seized a Honda Accord, five mobile phones, documents relating to JJPTR investments, cheque books, bank cards and RM20,936 in cash.

On Saturday, 15 employees and four investors were picked up from eight different locations, including offices and homes, which the police believe is used by the syndicate as its operating premises.

The raid by the police was conducted with enforcement teams from Bank Negara Malaysia, National Revenue Recovery Enforcement Team, Inland Revenue Board and Companies of Commission Malaysia.

It was reported two police reports have been lodged against the company and early investigation has revealed that the company claimed that the investment was a forex-based business.

Penang-based JJPTR came under fire recently after investors complained that they have not been receiving their scheduled monthly payment.

It was reported that the company's founder, Lee, had claimed that the company's accounts had been hacked, which have resulted in losses of US$400mil.

Thursday 25 May 2017

Spending So Much Time On Investing. Worth It Or Not?

Net worth excluding his residential 4 RM HDB flat. 

Based on PropNex, the last 4 RM HDB at 448, Hougang Ave 10 sold by this agency was at $433K on Jan 2017

Wednesday 24 May 2017

The End Of Personal Income Tax

No longer a tax payer after paying the last income tax for YA 2017!

Tuesday 23 May 2017

The math before and after crisis investing???

Read? The math of crisis investing

How about those have started investing so much earlier before the next crisis?

How many of us may be doing this?

How many of us may be avoiding it?

Read? After 17 Years In The Stock Market What Is My Greatest Regret?

The greatest regret of 2008/2009 GFC by Uncle8888 for missing the truly great opportunity in the market to create wealth through short-term trading and long term investing to generate cash flow for the next decade or more. But; foolishly he has missed that one.

Will the next crisis be near the similar scale?

Do we invest to break even or recover from past losses?

Sunday 21 May 2017

The Tale Of Three Old Men In The Same Office Space (True Story) - 2

Read? The Tale Of Three Old Men In The Same Office Space (True Story)

After reading this ---> Exclude this, exclude that...

Lets return to the HDB heartlands.

Even without a 2nd investment/rental property, those who treat the humble HDB flat as an investment would play the 2 bites of the cherry, upgrade, downgrade game.

Look around your relatives, neighbours, colleagues and classmates. There are lots of annecdotal evidence. Verify for yourself!


The Mind or psychological part of investing is quite powerful, isn't it.

CW8888: Hmmm ...

Back to real person, real people in his ex-office cubicle


Residential Property as Retirement Fund

Both of them took the path of their residential property as their retirement fund.

57 stopped speculating in stocks and took the property path. He has upgraded from three room HDB to 5 room HDB and currently still have a few years of mortgage to go.

He couldn't meet his MSS (BRS) at age of 55 and automatically has to pledge  50% of his HDB flat to meet MSS (BRS).

CW8888 vs. 57 Senior 

CW8888 with no second bite of cherry but allows his CPF OA to compound at 2.5% rate while 57 Senior took second bite of cherry by upgrading to 5 RM HDB Sengkang.

Even this 57 Senior finally took down downgrade game.

Since it is not million dollar property; Uncle8888 doing the Maths doesn't think that he is going to have fatter retirement fund.

Fact or Fiction : The key is to make your money on the buy, not the sell

Read? Renting a home can be a savvy decision

Quote : "I looked to investment guru Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad Poor Dad blog, in which he wrote: "Repeat after me, your house is not an asset."

His line of thinking is that it matters little how much a property appreciates in price. What matters more is "whether it provides cash flow every month".

"The key is to make your money on the buy, not the sell," he said, so that one does not have to worry about whether the asset value goes up. Cash flow from a house would therefore come from the rent. So if you live in your own house, it cannot be considered an asset."

CW8888: How about holding a few stocks on good buy for cash flow and does not have to worry about the asset value up or down?

Fact or Fiction : The key is to make your money on the buy, not the sell

If you haven't personally experience it through your own investing journey; it is very hard to understand fact or fiction.

After more than one decade of receiving cash flow from these free hold stocks and Mathematically Infinity gains;  what else could he probably complain or unhappy about?

One time investing effort; not good as passive income for more years to come?

After 17 Years In The Stock Market What Is My Greatest Regret?

GFC 2008/2009 - The Great Opportunity; but Uncle8888 has nothing to show in his portfolio that is dated at 2009.

Saturday 20 May 2017

Cash Flow : Rental Income From One Investment Property vs. Dividend Income From Portfolio Of Stock?

Read? Property or Stocks???

What is the drastic difference?

Rental income from ONE investment income is Binary while dividend income from portfolio of stocks is NOT!

A Few Point X In Our Life Journey. It Is Far Better To Cross Them Sooner Than Later!!!

A few Point X for most of them ....

1. Fully pay off your residential housing loan

2. Having your first and last child

3. Reaching financial independence

4. Fulfilling your dream activities

5. Life insurance is not necessary

The Myth Of Lower Expenses In Our Retirement???

There are some saving on job related expenses; entertainment and gifts expenses related to office colleagues; but these saving may NOT be significant to lower the annual household expenses.

If we really want to lower household expenses; STOP travelling. We will see significant drop in annual household expenses.

Think of early retirement and travel more and can still lower annual household expenses. Think again! It is just another myth!

Friday 19 May 2017

How To Truly Beat Decades Of Inflation???

How to get CPF OA?

By working hor!

From Employee and Employer CPF contribution; this is how you can truly beat decades of inflation.

Thursday 18 May 2017

F.I.R.E before 40???

F.I.R.E before 40 on just investment portfolio income?

With another 40 to 50 years of inflation ahead of them; can dependency on just investment income be sustainable?

May be single it is still possible; but for those married with kids and that will mean more wild cards to manage. Wild cards are unpredictable!

How much is enough?

Uncle8888 shivered at doing the Maths.

Or F.I.R.E before 40 just means doing other sort of activities with less emphasis on compensation, rewards or pay.

Tuesday 16 May 2017

Children Eat Our Money Or Let Strangers Become Friend Eat Our Money???

Remember this fact!

Our money NOT spent by ourselves will never disappear. It will be spent by others!

Either spent by our children or let strangers become friends and help to spend our money?

One day; most of us will NOT know how to count our money!

Sunday 14 May 2017

Mother's Day Get Together Dinner

For the past donkey years; Papa was the one paying for Mother's Day Get Together Dinner. But; actually whose Mother's Day? 

Now; it is truly Mother's Day dinner as mother's children is the one paying for her dinner not her spouse. LOL!

Eight Months After Retiring From Full-time Employee. What Has Really Changed???

Read? Six Months After Not Doing Anything To Increase GDP As Jobless Man!

Saving money vs. Saving time

Unlce8888 has initially planned for Taiwan Round 4 in March 2017; but it was cancelled due to his Hernia operations in March so he postponed to August to visit Cairns and avoiding Taiwan due to Typhoon season beginning in August.

Flight fare to Cairns Australia is more costly as compared to flight to Taiwan so must do some airfare comparison!

Skyscanner shows:

(a) Direct flight by SilkAir : $1.5K, 6 hrs 45 mins

(b) 1 Stopover by BA+Qantas : $960  19 hrs 55 mins

Both ways saving for two persons: $1,080

Time spent at airport during two stopovers : 26 hours

When Uncle8888 was working and his annual leaves are limited so the choice of saving money vs. saving time is simpler. Saving time is better than saving money.

Save $1K or spend 26 hours?


Now; the choice is not so straight forward as he has plenty of spare time to lose. Think think think. Saving money or saving time? LOL!

Spending 13 hours at airport may be too much even he has lots of spare time to burn so he booked direct flight by SilkAir and burnt $1K away. :-)

Maximize Or Optimizing Your Wealth In Your Younger Years???

Read? Hey! Are You Married With Kids?

Same as the CPF Talk. Initially; the topic suggested was Maximizing CPF For Your Retirement when he was first approached to participate in the talk. If it is about Maximizing; then don't find him. LOL! 

So do you want to maximize or optimize your wealth in younger years by monetizing all your available free time?

Any time lost in your younger years can never be recovered with whatever large quantity of money that you have maximized.

For those who wish to have spouse in their life; it is better to find one when you are poorer and not richer. When you are richer; you may become too cautious whenever someone gets too close to you. 

Love me or my money. Hmm ... Arh. Think and think! Soon senior citizens!

Will the future ME the Investor thank me???

Uncle8888 is trying to avoid the repeat of what has happened in 2007 - 2009 where his investment  portfolio plunged from 12.2% to 1.6%

It has been super long wait!

A fall from larger stock exposure will take a lots just to get back to the previous peak.

How about a larger war chest instead of larger stock exposure?

How will the investment portfolio perform?

Will the future ME the Investor thank me?

Saturday 13 May 2017

Why Do You Have To Set S.M.A.R.T Investing Goals???

Read? The Goal Is To Have No Goals, But To Have...

1. When you have goal, the route to it becomes a labour. Put it another way, it is too linear and anything linear is hardly fun or interesting. 

2. The imagination becomes closed to other possibilities. A goal limits your actions. There isn't room to explore other pathways. 

3. The goal usually need to be precise and has time-limit. This is exact reason why goals backfire - they encourage us to focus narrowly.

As retail investors; you are answerable to nobody except yourself and also there are no bosses to set S.M.A.R.T Goals or KPIs for you to achieve and reward you accordingly.

Why do you have to set S.M.A.R.T investing goals for yourself?

For investing goals; you avoid acting smart and be dumb by setting Stretch Goals or Band Range Goals.

Like Uncle8888 setting his 10-years investing goals

For his F.I.R.E Goal; when he made it! Of course; he Bom Pi Pi and tells everybody it is the way he has made it.

Once you are successful; you can say whatever way you like it and how you have made it. 

Goals or No Goal is irrelevant!

Just show your big number. You are likely to get Wow!

So you either set F.I.R.E Goal for yourself or naturally you will get fired when time comes.

You will one day be fired from your full-time job either involuntarily through retrenchment or statutory on your official retirement age.

Of course; you can set F.I.R.E Goal; when you made it you Bom Pi Pi; but when you don't. You still naturally be fired! This is no big deal as you don't have to answer to anybody. Right?

Friday 12 May 2017

Should You Pay Off Your Residential Housing Loan ASAP????

Read? More Articles

Many different views if you ask around and get confused with often conflicting views: Good debt or Bad debt?

Housing loan is the cheapest loan in town and you don't know how to leverage on it. You are dumb! Right?

So you ask Uncle8888 how?

Uncle8888 always thinks that his residential home is consumption item and never was an investment instrument. All consumption loans are bad debts which to be avoided if possible or otherwise pay off ASAP!

Simple man. Simple thinking!

When our company started to rumor on pending retrenchment; then those who are debt free may say: Heng ah!

You Can't Meet Your CPF BRS/FRS If You Don't Transfer Your CPF OA to SA or Cash Top Up Your CPF SA???

Chun bo?

Read? Top Up CPF SA From CPF OA? Depending On Who You Ask! (7)

How to get enough to meet your CPF BRS/FRS before 55?

Earn more over your years of working. This is practical and surely you will meet.

What's The Edge For Successful Retail "Investors"?

Read? What's The Edge For Successful Retail "Investors"?

So by now; you may read many version and definitions of what's the edge for successful retail "investors"?

First thing first; he doesn't add a single cent as additional capital since Jan 2000 when he became a very determined DIY retail investors.

So what is Uncle8888's edge?

10 years yearly Goals; plan and re-plan; think and re-think; strategize and re-strategize; refine and refine; track, measure and see its performance.

He answered to nobody!

At the end of day; the outcome and result truly matters. The rest is just theories and concepts and good for teaching and earning some teaching fees. 

Wednesday 10 May 2017

Tuesday 9 May 2017

When You Are No Longer Looking Forward To Public Holidays .. Lost Touch???

One ex-colleague whatapps Uncle8888


This is the first sign of losing touch with the calendar!

Not sure good or bad sign! LOL!

Financial Independence : Can Point Third Finger When Buay Song With Your Boss???

How about self-employed without bosses to point their third finger?

Without bosses; who else can make self-employed buay song?

Today; Uncle8888 has hokkien mee for lunch!

The famous one with his written rule clearly showed in front of his stall when you are ordering.

One plate for one person!

Monday 8 May 2017

Do You Diversify Your Stocks Through Many Stocks or ETFs or Concentrate To A Few Better Ones???

Read? Our Desired Investing Outcome: The Pareto Principle (80/20)

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Our Desired Investing Outcome: The Pareto Principle (80/20)

Read? The Pareto Principle (80/20) Investing Strategy

Uncle8888 wrote this in .. 

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Investors. Know at least Pareto's Principle

Pareto Principle ~ “20% of the effort generates 80% of the results.”

Market Timing vs. Time in Market???
Fundamental vs. Technical Analysis?
Short-term Trading vs.  Long-term Investing???

For long-term investors, we should be observing Pareto's Principle.

80% patiently waiting for Market Timing and then spend 80% Time in Market with 20% of our effort will generate 80% of the results. 

And then we spend another 80% market timing for next cycle.

Diversify and then naturally keep the large winners as Concentrate for its liquid cash and cut off the rest of not so good ones. Pareto Principle in action!

The outcome as on 8 May 2017

Sunday 7 May 2017

Warren Buffett reveals what's holding him back from putting Berkshire's $90 billion in cash to work

Read? Warren Buffett reveals what's holding him back from putting Berkshire's $90 billion in cash to work

"I hate cash," Buffett said in an interview that aired Friday on "Squawk Box," one day before Berkshire's annual meeting in Omaha, Nebraska.

"I mean we are investing," he said. "But [cash] is a holding position until you find something else. But the very fact that interest rates are that low makes it hard for us to buy other things because other people buy things with borrowed money, and borrowed money is so cheap."

He added: "If we are competing with equity money against slim equity plus a lot of debt, we're at a disadvantage."

Buffett said he thought Berkshire was doing well with $90 billion cash until he saw this week that Apple's cash pile swelled to $256.8 billion in its fiscal second-quarter.

"I'm very jealous," he laughed. "I thought I was doing OK until I looked at their balance sheet."

"On the other hand," he said. "We've got ours here in the United States." Apple keeps most of its cash outside the U.S. for tax purposes.

CW8888: Is sitting on pile of cash waiting for opportunities is doing well?

Hmm ... like that arh!

Then based on Buffet's wisdom on cash; Uncle8888 should be doing fine too.

Better safe than sorry: Resist urge to invest in too-good-to-be-true schemes

Read? Better safe than sorry: Resist urge to invest in too-good-to-be-true schemes

...  Such investment scams are usually managed by people who hold meetings in posh offices and hotels, which boosts their public image and lend credence to their products.

Some investments appear to provide some form of insurance, which investors wrongly believed could protect their capital.

Many of these investors then invited family members and friends to participate, partly because there are commissions to be earned when they refer fresh candidates and partly because they truly believed the schemes were bona fide.

Real People. Real Losses

CW8888: Oilpods scam; one ex-colleage's spouse, siblings and close relatives all die together!


One 55-year-old investor who put almost $40,000 into an oil bunkering scheme, expecting 15 per cent monthly returns over eight months, recalled how stressful the experience had been for her. In her case, her nightmare began after receiving just two payouts.

When the payouts dried up, dark thoughts consumed her mind and she went through an emotional roller coaster with feelings of anger, rage and depression, and countless sleepless nights. She also despaired as it was a friend who had referred her to the scheme.

She was subsequently diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer. After surgery and six weeks of radiotherapy, she counted herself fortunate that her condition has stabilised and she is on a five-year anti-hormonal pills regime.


A 45-year-old investor borrowed $400,000 from a credit line as the principal sum for her investment in a scheme. When the scheme collapsed, the monthly interest portion of the debt was a staggering $8,000, which devastated her.

Another took a loan from his 25-year endowment insurance plan to fund an investment. If he had not taken the loan against the policy, the potential maturity proceeds would have been about $100,000 when it matured last year.

Instead, his maturity proceeds were just $20,000. This means that the premiums he had saved in his insurance policy for the past 25 years had gone down the drain.


The adage "once bitten twice shy" does not hold true for some retail investors. One medical doctor admitted to me that he had lost his money twice to schemes that turned out to be run in a Ponzi-like manner.

In a Ponzi scheme, people are enticed into investing by the promise of high returns. The returns, however, are paid out of funds from new investors entering the scheme. It all goes swimmingly until the flow of funds dries up when the operator is unable to get enough new investors to pay off the older ones, and he flees with the money.

Another investor in her 60s had parked more than $500,000 in binary options but has not been able to withdraw any returns nor her capital.

To make matters worse, she lost more money when she tried to retrieve her money through an overseas agency that claimed to have helped other binary option investors trapped like her.

Real People. Real Losses

CW8888: Time-sharing scam; one ex-colleage lost money his money. One agency stepped in and called for a meeting for investors to put up $5K each and collectively the agency would have enough fund to fight the case and retrieve some lost money. 

The Agency subsequently also disappeared.

Beware! There are scammers looking for a kill and scavengers looking for your dead bodies too.

In her bid to recover her retirement savings, she had responded to an individual who claimed to work for an international police agency who linked her up with a hacker.

She forked out $10,000 on the hacking software but nothing has materialised. In addition, she is considering legal help from the US but has been told to pay a high initial fee.


A former classmate has been encouraging me to sign up for an overseas-based scheme where so-called professional traders will deal in blue-chip US stocks on my behalf. It is not regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

The initial investment sum is US$10,000 (S$14,035) and my friend claimed the trades have made him richer by achieving about 7 per cent monthly net returns.

He also earns commissions by referring investors to the scheme; his parents and siblings have joined.


Why it can happen to retail investors?

Fear of losing OUT is the Greed that is even more fearful!

Until they have close friends or relatives whom they can trust to be financially savvy and competent to seek for alternative views before investing. Many more sad cases will continue to happen! 

You may read; but it may NOT hit your heart hard enough to truly understand it!

Bo pian!

What Are Those Hidden Costs Behind Index Investing That You May Be Ignoring Them???

e.g. STI ETF as index investing

Management fee/Income : 8.3%
  Transaction costs/Income : 0.8%
Total : 9.0%

No free lunch. Not much different from hiring domestic helper to do the dirty jobs without getting our hands dirty. Right?

Retail investing will require our time or effort to learn over market cycles; if not willing to spend some time and effort to learn this craft; then outsource to institutional based index investing.

Alternative to index investing?

How about?

Less Analyzing. More Investing - CW8888

But it is NOT less stressful investing!

Not same hor!

What's My Investing Edge?

Read? What's My Trading Edge?

Singapore Man of Leisure5 May 2017 at 19:44


You may discover it one day ;)

2 hunters in the forest surprised by a menacing bear.

An edge is knowing you can outrun the other hunter ;)

Hmm.... Discovered!

Uncle8888 doesn't need to outrun anybody else in the market; his edge is knowing his estimated future household expenses for 2+ based on his highest historical household expenses of five and his Tap 1 can outrun his future household expenses.

An edge in investing for sustainable retirement income for life is knowing his Tap 1 can outrun his life and not competing against others.

You mean after other hunters losing once; but they never learn to find their edge to outrun you the next time?

Uncle8888's edge is simply knowing his money can outrun his life. 

No competition against others. 

Ownself. Own target!

Thursday 4 May 2017

Investors cry foul over firm's oil bunkering scheme

Investment scam will repeat in another form. How different from OilPods?

Just different victims!

Read? plaintiffs had lost US$45,000 in a dubious product sold by Mark and Oilpods

Read? Investors cry foul over firm's oil bunkering scheme

Read? MAS: Don't trade in binary options on unregulated platforms (2)

Is Buy & Hold Dead???

See for yourself!

Is Buy & Hold dead?

All XD.

DBS : 13 years
Sembcorp Ind : 14 years
Kepcorp : 15  years

Wednesday 3 May 2017

Who Are The Real Investing Influencers???


Receive reminder email to learn How to Invest Wisely 

Just anyhow hantam!


Hi Jacob,

We hope that you are having a Fantastic day😊. We are following up with you to see if you are interested in joining us as we are confirming guest list atm?

Thank you very much and have an Outstanding Day. We hope to see you.


Hello Influencers:)

Hope that everyone's having an Incredible Thursday. My name is XXXX and i am sending this invite on behalf of XXX, my partner and blogger. I would like to invite you to a night of fun filled with music, food and knowledge specially for our Influencers. You will also learn How to Invest Wisely during the event and will receive a class worth USD$30,000 if you are interested to continue with our 2 days class after attending this event. Read on for more the exciting details!

"Come 16 May, Join us and Have a Fun Tuesday night with music, knowledge and dinner:) Here’s your chance to learn how to learn how to Invest and make money through a program that blogger XXX is running in her company. There will be food and fun and wisdom knowledge! Her mentor XXX Said would be charming us with strategies on investments and you will be able to win goodies up to USD $30,000!


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