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Saturday, 27 May 2017

Seriously How To Avoid Being Fooled By These Scams, "Gurus" or Trainers

How can you probably see it and then seriously avoid it?

It is never what you see; what you read and what you will get it!

It is the HOW!

When you see MAIN marketing statement or headline where it emphasizes ... 

(1) From humble background; Poor to Rich from self discovery of secret formula

(2) Losing so much and then discover secret sauce to become rich

(3) Show you lots of profits made but not showing past years of evidence of proof with audited statements of investment gains from the market. (One late "Guru" in Sinagpore had been poked by Uncle8888 a few times in his forum to show his audited statement of investment gains from the stock market. But Uncle8888 still give him respect as he didn't bar him unlike some other investment and finance bloggers)

One last confirming evidence; are your family members and close relatives all millionaires?

At one seminar; Uncle8888 nearly wanted to ask her: How come your husband still works so late until he came home one late night with chest pain and fortunately the couple managed to reach A&E in time to avoid heart attack?

Read more? Better safe than sorry: Resist urge to invest in too-good-to-be-true schemes

Read? JJ Poor To Rich founder Johnson Lee and two others arrested

KUALA LUMPUR: Controversial foreign exchange trading company JJ Poor To Rich (JJPTR) founder Johnson Lee and two others were arrested today.

Federal police Commercial Crime Department director Datuk Acryl Sani Abdullah Sani said Lee along with his right-hand man and personal assistant were arrested in an operation at 4.30am in Petaling Jaya.

"All three detained will be brought to Klang magistrate court for remand," he said.

Those detained aged between 28 and 29.

The raiding team also seized a Honda Accord, five mobile phones, documents relating to JJPTR investments, cheque books, bank cards and RM20,936 in cash.

On Saturday, 15 employees and four investors were picked up from eight different locations, including offices and homes, which the police believe is used by the syndicate as its operating premises.

The raid by the police was conducted with enforcement teams from Bank Negara Malaysia, National Revenue Recovery Enforcement Team, Inland Revenue Board and Companies of Commission Malaysia.

It was reported two police reports have been lodged against the company and early investigation has revealed that the company claimed that the investment was a forex-based business.

Penang-based JJPTR came under fire recently after investors complained that they have not been receiving their scheduled monthly payment.

It was reported that the company's founder, Lee, had claimed that the company's accounts had been hacked, which have resulted in losses of US$400mil.


  1. Additional points:

    ... sign up now to enjoy few thousand free materials

    ... take action now to enjoy 30% discounts

    ... lifetime support ?

  2. Replies
    1. CW,

      ... Recommend/bring a friend to the course/seminar and we'll pay you $XXX in referral fees!

      We ownself stupid can already.

      Many get their relatives and close friends into the same scams... How to live with yourself when things go bust?

      All for the greed of a few hundreds?

  3. When you are so LUCKY for such ONCE IN A LIFE TIME opportunity repeatedly, and given a ticket WORTH $XXXX FOR FREE to attend a investment SUMMIT that left with LIMITED SEATS where some TOP gurus openly share SECRETS of their WINNING FORMULAS.

    Sometimes it comes with a COUNT DOWN TIMER that keeps reminding you to REGISTER NOW, REGISTER NOW, REGISTER NOW.

    Sometimes it comes with a photo of a bunch of people smiling, laughing, (or even flashing cash) and saying 'YAY!'.

    1. If you don't mind me sharing a link >>

  4. //How come your husband still works so late until he came home one late night with chest pain//

    Maybe he hen-pecked??

    Nowadays for Gen X and Gen Y, more & more hubbies are getting hen-pecked especially when wives bring home bigger bacon...

    But anyway the biggest giveaway is that it is being "taught" in the 1st place. True secrets and reliable systems will NEVER be taught. Especially using mass marketing & gimmicks.

    E.g. You don't see Buffet conducting investing courses as another revenue-generating division of Berkshire. Ya he writes his annual shareholder letters, but he never reveals his deep analysis and thought processes until maybe 10, 20 years after he bought the stock and the stock has already risen by 10,000%.

  5. If you are already listening to the "guru"give a free seminar where he claims he will be revealing "secrets" and always peppers his talk with "show you later" and "next time
    I will....,". leading to asking you to sign up for the paid "class" - sometimes i enjoy just dropping in to hear them "sharing" - good for a laugh and never stay to the end !

    1. This reminds me the greatest joke that amused me to the max....

      During one of the seminars I attended, one of the attendees stood up and took his bag then walked out from the room while the guru was talking. 30 seconds later, the guru said "that attendee is so confident to the program such that he has already went ahead to signup and made payment, without the need sit till the end of the seminar.... "

    2. Guru fast thinking. That response is a good one. LOL!

    3. On the hand, what's the possibility of a "set piece"?

  6. I think it is better to avoid or ask your God to keep these scums of the Earth far away.

    Because if these scums targeted you, they must have done their Homework on you already.

    You can mean you (aka multi-Millinaire) or the guileless, the greedy get rich, the Smart Aleck, etc....

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Hi Uncle CW,

    Don't forget, testimonials from others where they also got 'rich' fast and easy. Or quotes and back up by well known figures or bankers. Newspaper articles or journals to show credibility. I wonder how many of them are really 'rich' actually.


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