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Since 2017 after retiring from full-time job as employee; I am moving towards Investing Nirvana - Freehold Investment Income for Life investing strategy where 100% of investment income from portfolio investment is cashed out to support household expenses i.e. not a single cent of re-investing!

It is 57% (2017 to Aug 2022) to the Land of Investing Nirvana - Freehold Income for Life!

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"For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them." - Aristotle

It is here where I share with you how I did it! FREE Education in stock market wisdom.

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Friday 30 September 2016

Seriously What Are You Going To Do??? (2)

Read? Seriously What Are You Going To Do???

HR Manager told Uncle8888 to come around 12 pm to collect his testimonial and bought him lunch at staff canteen and joining him were other three HR Managers and HR Director.

HR Director : What are you planning to do now?

Uncle8888: I am full-time investor. How about inviting me back to give talks?


No More Earned Income From Human Asset. It Is All About Sustainable Retirement Income For Life Till 2038

A lifetime of earned income has come to an end on 30 Sep 2016 and he has shifted to cash flow from his Financial Assets!

For that Uncle8888 has build for himself sustainable retirement income for life model based on investing in our local stock market, SGX.

Just local stocks! (Did Uncle8888 hear someone laughing?)

If this doesn't go well for the next 20 years; he will go and jump down from the Mountain.

All summarised in one diagram!

Q3 2016 Investment Performance Report

Read? H1 2016 Investment Performance Report

A Goal-based Approach Investing Strategy

Uncle8888 has adopted a Goal-based Approach investing strategy by setting for himself a 10-year progressive Goal Targets to be achieved for each year from 2012 to 2021.

Our investing journey is not Horse Race or Rat Race where we compete against others.  No! It is our investment Marathon Race where we set our own pace and compete against ourselves to win our own race.

Year 5: Q3 2016 Result for Tap No 3 (Cash Flow from Investment Portfolio)

 Achieved 38.5% against 44% of 2021 Goal Targets.

Investment Portfolio XIRR

Track, Measure and Visualize! 

Without doing it; how to revise investing strategies and to improve year-on-year investing performance? 

 Investment Portfolio's XIRR includes all investable cash plus the current stocks value at market closing price as on 30 Sep 2016.

Since one year ago: -2.3%
Since 1 Nov 2008: +1.2%
Since 1 Jan 2003: +7.0%
Since 1 Jan 2000: +6.5%

The reality of riding market cycles of Bull and Bear

Until we master the Art Of Market Timing to optimize our gains; we will be riding up and down the market cycles without real significant gains.

Building Sustainable Retirement Income For Life Across Future Market Cycles

Real Taps. Real Money!

Tips for newbies/young ones: The bulk of our net worth comes through our saving from our hard earned incomes from our jobs and our investment portfolio will be the Accelerator to become wealthy or reach financial independence earlier when we get it right.

Stop day dreaming from Get Rich Fast scam or 30 minutes a day effort to get rich!

Counting The Cost Of University Education at SUTD (2)

Read? Counting The Cost Of University Education at SUTD

Into Year 1 Semester 2 ....

Look like Year 1 budget is alright.

How much is enough will depend on ur tracking of past monthly and yearly expenses?

Just than less 5 to 10 mins per month to record and maintain history to know how much is enough!

Thursday 29 September 2016

Round The Coast Of Singapore Walking Trail (1)

Uncle8888's Round the coast of Singapore walking trail Round 1
Starting Point at Punggol Point Jetty.

One of his fishing points

Round 1 stopped at Seletar Airport and took Bus 117 back to Punggol Waterway for dinner.

The coast of Punggol Timor and Punggol Barat are inaccessible as this place where construction materials are stored e.g. sands, gravels, cement, concrete etc

Two very large dormitories are here too. No public buses serves this route all the way to Seletar Airport where Bus 103 and 117 are spotted.
There is only one crazy man walking along the footpath but many cyclists on the road.
Nice wide road with very few vehicles. Ideal for cyclists.

The Law of Large Losses!

Read? Don't lose too much even it is paper losses as it can be very hard to recover those paper losses without pumping in more new capital from your saving.

After soaking in both realized and paper losses for more than 16 years in pain until he became so seasoned; now he fully understand the Law of Large Losses and manage to find a less stressful or painful way to mitigate it. LOL!

Seriously What Are You Going To Do???

Yesterday, at farewell lunch, Big Boss asked : "Seriously, what are you going to do next?"

When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.” - Alexander Graham Bell

Let see the door open to where in 2017?

Till end of 2016; it will be Uncle8888's walking trail in Singapore and not expecting other surprises.


10% CAGR over 20 Years??? It may not be easy for some but definitely possible


Read it somewhere in the cyber world FB's comment on this good news for retail in Singapore.

Singapore is so lucky to have home-grown training platform to become world-class retail investors at super low start-up investment cost of $X,XXX.  and such claim from local "Guru" remind us of ....

Trust but verify - SMOL

10% CAGR over 20 Years?

Producing local Brain Rogers (1994 to 2013), 9.7% CAGR over 20 years!

Oil jumps after report OPEC reaches deal to limit crude output in November


Oil prices settled up nearly 6 percent on Wednesday after OPEC sources said the group has struck a deal to limit crude output at its policy meeting in November, its first agreement to cut production since the market crashed two years ago on oversupply.
The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries reached agreement to limit its production by nearly a million barrels per day to 32.5 million bpd in talks held on the sidelines of the Sept. 26-28 International Energy Forum in Algiers, the sources told Reuters.

OPEC will agree to concrete levels of production for country at its Nov. 30 meeting in Vienna, the sources said.

After reaching its group target, it will seek support from non-member oil producers to further ease the global glut, they added.

Brent crude settled up $2.72, or 5.9 percent, at $48.69 a barrel, hitting a more than two-week high of $48.96. U.S. West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude settled up $2.38, or 5.3 percent, to $47.05 a barrel.

The oil rally spilled over into the stock market, with Wall Street's index of energy shares rising 4 percent on track to its best day since January.

"This is a historic deal. This is the first time OPEC and non-OPEC will agree together in over a decade. This should put a floor on oil and should see oil move back toward the $60s," Phil Flynn, analyst at Chicago-based brokerage Price Futures Group.

"The cartel proved that it still matters even in the age of shale! This is the end of the 'production war' - OPEC claims victory."

Other analysts saw a selloff down the road, citing OPEC's general lack of adherence to quotas.

"We don't know yet who's going to produce what. I want to hear from the mouth of the Iranian oil minister that he's not going to go back to pre-sanction levels. For the Saudis, it just goes against the conventional wisdom of what they've been saying," said Jeff Quigley, director of energy markets at Houston-based Stratas Advisors.

Oil prices have more than halved from highs above $100 a barrel in mid-2014 as surging production from U.S. shale oil combined with other global oversupplies and OPEC output.

As oil traders looked to OPEC to cut output, key members such as Saudi Arabia and Iran became more protective of individual market share. The deal in Algiers follows failed talks in Qatar in April for a production freeze.

Oil prices gyrated earlier in the day after U.S. government data showed a surprise drop in domestic crude stockpiles for a fourth week in a row. The drawdown was offset by a 2 million barrel build in gasoline stockpiles, compared with expectations in a Reuters poll for a gain of 178,000 barrels.

Wednesday 28 September 2016

Pokemon Go : Walking With Your Favorite Buddy!

Some of us are lucky when we started our investing journey we have a buddy.

It is something like Pokemon Go : Walking With Your Favorite Buddy! When you buddy found a candy and share with you!

Who has you assigned to be your favourite Buddy?

SGX : Bought @ $7.46 (2)

Read? SGX : Bought @ $7.46

XD today so collected $0.13 and expecting to collect another $0.05 in late Oct 16 and then it might be done for 2016 in yearly cash flow from dividends or end of Round 2 if come sooner than expected.

This transaction blog post for SGX position is not the usual blog post by Uncle88888 as this post will serve as live show case to measure and track our stock transactions right from Day One.

A few newbie colleagues are silent watchers over the next few years or the next market cycle. It is not that difficult to learn to invest.

Why Uncle8888 is doing this for his colleagues?

Read? Who influence you into investing?

Why SGX?

Most newbies are comfortable with it. You know the reasons. Right?

Round 1: ROC 12.3%, 61 day, B $6.87 S $7.76

Total dividends collected : $0.18

Total realized P/L in cash to date : $0.30
Total = $0.48

Investing Goals : Control or Achieve??? (2)

Read? Investing Goals : Control or Achieve???

Boss : Jump!

Achiever : How high?

Investing Goals : Jump! 

DIY Retail Investor : How high?

How different?

Ownself sets ownself Goals?

Who doesn't set own goal?

Self-motivated or you need a boss to set?

Plain lazy or lacking in challenger spirit or non-achiever?

Tuesday 27 September 2016

Investing Goals : Control or Achieve???

Can Uncle8888 control his 10-yrs investment portfolio marathon race goals for 2012 to 2021?

Of course, not!

But, can he achieve his 10-yrs investing goals at 2021?

Why not?

Why do we need to control to be able to achieve?

Nonsense. Right?


CW8888: True! That is why you don't hear Uncle8888 talking about saving to the GREATER or GREATEST distance to achieve financial independence sooner.

As a single income household, he spent wisely and plan ahead for his retirement and his three kid university education costs is already an achievement in his life and not by accumulating millions and millions then it is financial independence. May be that is financial freedom!

Read? 理财是为了虐待自己








STI ETF - Really Passive Investing???

Real People. Real Story

Once Uncle8888 softly poked a well known and well liked public figure a few times for advocating his strong view that investing commoners are better off to invest in STI ETF until he tio ban by this public figure and subsequently stopped visiting his blog. Absolutely stopped. Not even once after that!

Why softly?

If poke too hard; he surely tio poked backside by his large followers to defend him.

STI ETF is never passive but it will not go down to zero. That is fact; but it is still actively managed by out-sourcing and market volatile.

In the next Bear market; Uncle8888 will be into STI ETF as short-term trading and long-term investing. Live demonstration here! Can wait bo?


Monday 26 September 2016

SGX : Bought @ $7.46

Round 1: ROC 12.3%, 61 day, B $6.87 S $7.76

Total Dividends collected : $0.05

Read? SGX: Sold @ $7.76

What Wrong With Investment Bias??? How I Work Around It?

Loss Aversion Bias?

Most commonly mentioned in investment blogosphere by many bloggers.

Uncle8888 is really big on loss aversion bias! No stop-loss! So what?

Like Chinese saying : Hit till death also never run! But; it doesn't mean he will end up as big loser!

Our own investing bias will continue to base on our personal investing experience, and outcome. We are most unlikely to alter such behavior when it still lead to desirable outcome.

Knowing common concepts is just knowledge; skills are developed when we evolve and develop ourselves around these core knowledge to achieve our own desired investment outcome and goals.

Learn whatever investing theories and concepts when we can; but we better know ourselves well and work around ourselves to fit into our bias to achieve results as by nature we can't really change our nature that much until it hurts us so much!

Sunday 25 September 2016

You Are Stupid To Lose Money In Your O & G Investment! Blame Yourself For Stupidity!

The past few weeks or months in the investment blogosphere; some smart Alec bloggers have began to write more on their hindsight wisdom to teach others in the cyberspace "valuable" investing lessons of Do and Don't and What to avoid!

After reading these impressive hindsight wisdom investing lessons; they made you look like idiots. Some in the cyberspace couldn't take it anymore and also began to seek second opinions and confirmation from other investment bloggers. Who is the prime candidate to check arh?

What is behind investing over decades to become successful long-term retail investors?

One "Guru" defined in his investing strategy as three years.

But, Uncle8888 defined long-term investing as the day till you reach your investing goals e.g. reaching the edge of your financial independence or sustainable retirement income for life. So long-term investing may over one or more decades over market cycles, economic cycles, commodity cycles, wars and crisis.

Every crisis that emerged in the past and the present; there are NO shortage of hindsight wisdom writers and including those branded and better known writers. They are the smart Alec telling what to do. What not to do and What to avoid.

Do they have their own money on the table to show us their game plan? Writing is cheap!

Luckily for him; there is NO investment blogosphere when he seriously took whatever money available in cash and CPF as his war chest and began his long-term investing journey to reach financial independence near the peak of STI for the next market crash.

!@#$ unlucky fellow!

So blame Rich Dad. Poor Dad? He is the one who inspired him to take action to get out of rat race!

Blame his stupidity in reading a book and believe?

Luck matters!


When Uncle8888 seriously began his long-term investing; there was NO investment blogosphere so NO reading from smart Alec in the blogosphere teaching "valuable" investing lessons; otherwise he might be the one seeking second opinions and confirmation from other investment bloggers who have their skin on it.

Some hindsight wisdom reading really made us depressive and lose confidence and made us look like idiots.

Get it?

Watch out for hindsight wisdom writing; and especially those smart Alec who don't place their own money on the table and write about it!

So what is behind investing over decades to become successful long-term retail investors?

Uncle8888's thought after more than 16 years of serious investing.

Days and nights with both eyes on financial news and investment blogosphere reading useful and useless stuff. It is no different like reading newspapers.

The Past. The Present and The Future!

When investing over decades in the stock market; our Present is the outcome of our Past. The Present is NOT our Future. We have to keep learning, revising and refining our investing strategies.

Up till now, Uncle8888 still doesn't believe in passive investing unless you are super savers and then can afford to be more passive.

The Future is the outcome of the Present. Have we put in enough time and effort in our Present so that Future is the outcome of the Present. How Future Me Thank You?

O & G is facing the worst crisis ever as told by many insiders in O & G industry.


This is the Present. But for long-term investors; our Present is the outcome of our Past. Worst ever? Not necessary true!

We better understand the long-term investing over one or more decades. It is about The Good. The Bad and The Ugly! The Past. The Present and The Future!

Over decades; investing is like Pokémon Go. Catch Them All - The Good. The Bad and the Ugly.

Learn to look your investment performance at Investment Portfolio level and not at single stocks. Power up your Level!

Read? More on Portfolio Management?

Precisely; it about 3Ms - Method, Mind and Money Management.

That is Art and Science of Position sizing and Diversification.

This can be learned in less than one hour with a few pieces of blank papers and a pen. It is so simple! You recall the TV Ads - It is so simple!

You have $10 to spare for set meal at Toast Box or Ya Kun?

Uncle8888's Top Three positions in his investment portfolio are all in news over the past months.

Bang his head and si liao?


Saturday 24 September 2016

Singapore Blue Chips and STI ETF

Read? Position Sizing and Diversification

Quote from SMOL :

Here we go:
Is owning 30 stocks in a portfolio diversified enough?
Especially if 40-50% of that portfolio is geared towards financials?
And you have no clue what is Narrow Country Focus risk?
We have a little issue here. Think Grasshopper not PowerMaths?
As retail investors, many of us may not have that kind of war chest to chase ALL 30 blue chips in our local stock exchange, SGX; but we may have enough resources to chase after X or XX by position sizing. It will achieve reasonable diversification across industries and sectors.
Does Grasshopper mean Singapore's listed companies only do business in Singapore selling char kway teow, laksa, chicken rice arh?
OIC. He meant STI ETF and poked the preacher :-)

Save more than 60%. No need to invest??? (7)

Read? Save more than 60%. No need to invest??? (6)

Real Person . Real Story and should be reading this blog post too.

Buddha also has fire!

Fisherman runs out of patience!

Once we have lost our hard earned money in the stock market; there is nothing much we can do about it. When we cut our losses too late;  whatever we can recover will be quite little. With that little recovered capital; we can't recover from such large losses. No. We can't!

So we put in more capital and then what happen?

Even larger losses may be expected if we never put in significant time and effort to sharpen our investing knowledge and skills?

You can only help yourself


You can choose to pay $X,XXX to polish your investing "skills" by attending "Gurus" guided courses to prove that "Gurus" are right!

We have to know ourselves. If we cannot stand heat personally so we better stay out of the kitchen even we want to cook nice meals for the family.

Uncle8888 also suffered large losses but never give up. He keeps learning. He also came to the stock market at the wrong market timing in Jan 2000. See closely! See for yourself. But; he never lose confidence but keep learning! That is the way he has chosen for himself. Nobody force him to invest!

Now, who are telling you that you need to invest?

Investment bloggers, financial advisers and "Gurus" conducting investment courses?

They are just Barbers!

Barbers will be telling guys to keep their hair neat and shorter to look smarter!

Barber : Guys; you need a hair cut to look smarter!

It is true that inflation is killing you softly year on year till we die; but the emotional heartache, pain in the mind, and depression of seeing our hard earned money lost in the stock market may shorten our life faster without us knowing it.

We have to know ourselves. If we cannot stand heat personally we better stay out of the kitchen even we like to cook nice meals ourselves for the family.

You still want to listen to your barber that it is great time to get a hair cut but you look wonderful with longer hair and what if you have little hair on your head and still need hair cut every month?

Personally; Uncle8888 has agreed with those super savers that they don't want to invest and don't put themselves into emotional roller-coastal over market cycles. A peaceful mind without worrying about market is also priceless as compared to compounding gains for more wealth. Potentially more money not means more peaceful mind.

He also fully understand why those who have chopped their fingers continue to be super savers to fight inflation. Year on year inflation is killing us softly but not large investment losses. When we cannot take the great pain of losses. Stay away from the stock market!

Strange. These words coming out from the investment blogger -the barber saying that you looking really nice. You don't need a haircut!

Friday 23 September 2016


Main suspect in Maxim Trader Ponzi scheme brought back to Taiwan

Read? What you may not know??? (Refresh)

Read? Main suspect in Maxim Trader Ponzi scheme brought back to Taiwan

CW8888: Endless! Until Greed can be educated!

Taipei, Sept. 21 (CNA) Taiwan investigators brought back the main suspect in the Maxim Trader Group Ponzi scheme from Malaysia on Wednesday to face charges of defrauding investors of some NT$200 million (US$6.38 million)

Hsu Ssu-wei (許思為) was listed as fugitive in June 2015, after it was discovered that he had fled the country during an investigation into illegal fundraising activities involving the Maxim Trade Group.

Last May, the Bureau of Investigation raided 16 locations used by the bogus firm, which had been posing as an affiliate of a Nasdaq-listed international holding company, and seized about NT$60 million in cash, luxury cars and bank accounts.

The Maxim Trade Group was accused of fraudulently taking in more than NT$13.9 billion from investors in Taiwan, Malaysia, South Korea, China and Hong Kong from 2013-2015 and transferring the funds to dummy bank accounts overseas.

According to Taiwan investigators, Hsu alone managed to swindle more than NT$200 million through the fraudulent company.

In July, investigators learned that Hsu was still at large in Southeast Asia. With the cooperation of law enforcement authorities in the region, Taiwan investors arrested Hsu in Malaysia Tuesday and escorted him back to Taiwan on Wednesday, the bureau said.

He will face charges associated with violations of the Bank Act, the bureau said

The More Cash People Have, the Happier They Are (2)

Read? The More Cash People Have, the Happier They Are

Read? Createwealth8888 - The Pokemon???

Concept and theory are good. But wiser or not? Depending who you ask?

Going up the Mountain or coming down from the Mountain?

Ever walk through the Valley of Darkness or Death?

Our view on financial may change significantly!

Wealth = Asset Value + Cash Flow

What did you see in your own mind?
We will see it so differently!

When WILL Someone Become So SERIOUSLY Interested In His or Her Own Personal Finance??? (2)

Read? When WILL Someone Become So SERIOUSLY Interested In His or Her Own Personal Finance???

Just after reading one book: Rich Dad. Poor Dad and a Mind Flip.

After 16 years, Uncle8888 has acquired the full courage and confidence to divert his journey as salaried employee earning nice and comfortable income and unlike many of his seniors taking the common path to the forced end-point at the will of their employer.

Looking back after 16 years, it is Amazing!

Many have read this book; but how many have their mind flip and they became so determined to get out of rat race and will learn whatever to take them there.

Read? Investing Lessons From Conversation With Uncle8888 (1)

Thursday 22 September 2016

Createwealth8888 - The Pokemon???

Read? Count Down To Round The Coast Of Singapore Walking Trail Starting in Oct 2016!

Starting in the month of Oct 2016 and appearing from mid noon till late evening/early night for 2 to 4 times during weekdays. First Pokestop and travel anti-clockwise. Maximum duration per Pokestop is 30 mins.

Set up your Pokestop and Lure to catch this Pokémon if you wish to throw a Raspberry (kopi-o kosong) to catch this Pokémon of low CP 16.

Bring a few pieces of paper and a pen to understand his Wealth Formula!

Wealth = Asset Value + Cash Flow

How about his view on this FB's comment he has read this morning?

"Then it is wiser to use cash to pay for mortgage payment and leave CPF-OA money compounding @2.5%."


Once you understand CW8888's Wealth Formula; it may help you to make a wiser decision.

Wednesday 21 September 2016

More Than Position Sizing and Diversification . Add In Timing The Market and Time In Market. Be Active before becoming Passive!

Read? Position Sizing and Diversification

Active or Passive?

Choose Active and progressively ending as Passive to enjoy the fruits of your Money Tree; BUT in life seldom there is Free Lunch. You like free lunch or breakfast try to visit some known temples or churches that provide them.


See what you see and see it closely.

Winners, Losers, Non-performing. Catch them all.

It is like Pokémon Go. Catch them all; otherwise how to get those rare ones?

Tuesday 20 September 2016

Why I won't be transferring my CPF OA to the SA

Cai HaoxiangThe Business TimesMonday, Sep 12, 2016

Read? Why I won't be transferring my CPF OA to the SA

CW8888: How many people out there have really asked those who are financial and investing savvy enough why they don't transfer from CPF OA to SA?

Read? Top Up CPF SA From CPF OA? Depending On Who You Ask! (9)

CPFIS as War Chest of last resort and his current CPFIS holding.

Read? Your CPF Investment Account : Uncle8888's foolish advice again!!! (4)

Last Pay Check As Salaried Employee

Ooo .. His last pay check is available for online viewing today and that will end his last 39 year of earned income after tax as salaried employee from his human asset.

From Nov 2016 onwards, he will be living off from his financial assets and become full-time retail investor cum Senior Man of Leisure (same as SMOL the Blogger except many years older than him)

Return from his Investment Portfolio vs. Net Return after income tax from his Human Asset as salaried employee from Jan 2000 to Sep 2016

Average wealth accumulation on per year basis: Human Asset vs. Stock Investing in local stock market (SGX) only.

Sunday 18 September 2016

I May Not Have Tomorrow But May Not Be So For My Dependents

When you are single, five days never change your underwear. Nobody #$%&& care!

When you are married; you try to tell your spouse. "Honey; I five days never change my underwear; I am going to break the last record and make it 6 days! LOL!

Same as pursing financial independence when you still have dependents who have many more years of uncertainty to go. The Equation for Financial Independence is not simple. Uncle8888 has seriously thought over and over again in 2013 whenever he has some quiet moments himself and thinking it loud.

Should he do it now as there may be no tomorrow?

But the deeper thought of many more years of his dependents has firmly hold him back. See the difference? It is not as simple as what we have read in some investment blogs - Passive income exceeding household expenses is financial independence.

I May Not Have Tomorrow But May Not Be So For My Dependents

Saturday 17 September 2016

Kep Corp : 15th Year Anniversary Of Long-term Investing and Short-term Trading As Retail Investor!

CW8888's Blog Mast Head : Create wealth through long-term investing and short-term trading.

15 years of long-term holding Kep Corp for its dividends and 95 rounds of short-term trading for trading P/L.

Read? Kep Corp : Bought @ $9.64 for Round 95

This is what long-term investing and short-term trading all about.

Holding long-term for its yield and trading short-term for its cash flow is not as that easy over market and oil cycles - the boom and doom.

We must remember our investing experience and future approach to investing is always personal and that is the reason why we have to understand ourselves, our investing goals and the most important our account size really matters.


Uncle8888 is very discipline in risk control and he knows enough is enough and he will never ever lose any money in Kep Corp!

You get what he is saying?

Any clue in the chart above what he didn't do?

Stop Not Till the Goal is Reached! (7)

Read? Stop Not Till the Goal is Reached! (6)

Some of us may think that this is a damn silly Game!

But, Uncle8888 would like to share this public FB posting in Pokémon Go Singapore by Bryen Yap
The hunt was over long ago.
met a lot of friendly people around.
got some stories of people i have met. I would like to share with everyone.

1st story:

it was the 1st few days of pokemon. I was riding on my bike around my estate. So there was this pokestop. Where i met this old man in wheelchair with his maid. He was putting lure at the stop for the nearby kids to play. He saw me and said that he was on wheels too. 

 We were chatting when i saw some of the kids playing..... They were so happy when they caught a slowpoke. I was like.... wat?? i already caught maybe 30 slowpoke t that day. Then i realize that, 4 of them were sharing 1 phone to play. So it was like.... the slowpoke of the Day!.. they take turns to wait and catch. But they were very happy. there are also a few more kids around, .. But as there was only 1 stop, their pokeballs ran out quite fast. So i took turns to take their phones , coz i cycle around to pick up those pokestops. At 1 of the stops. There was this ah beng. Typical Ah Beng. sitting there smoking with techo music from his e-scootor. I went around like 20 times.... so i guess he thought i was chashing a rare pokemon. So he followed me to that stop and saw that there was no rare But he just sat there and play anyway with the kids. it was getting late so the old man, told the kids time to go home. I also need to go work. Anyway, we told the kids to come down tomorrow . So the next day, i fit in another 2 handphone holders on my bike and 5 battery packs down to the pokestop. So i can take a few more phones to run the pokestops. When i reach there, the old man and the maid were there... they even bring drink and some cakes and i also saw the ah beng..... and guess what he got 3 friends with him .... all in e-scooters. I figure out that he realize what i was doing. So he decided to help, he got 3 of his friends and not only they can help to get to the other pokestops. They ride the Kids to the stops. You can see the delight on the kids' faces. because they never had to chance to even ride on one. The ah bengs, even tell each other not to ride too fast..... and even tell each other not to scold vulgar hokkien coz got kids around. We didnt talk by just a nod of the head and smile.

2nd story

It was during 1 of walks at MBS. When there was a rush. KABUTOPS. was spotted... there was a crazy rush to the art science centre. I also was in the mist of the people. When they was a shout by someone. There was a young girl. face 1st on the ground and crying, but everyone ignore her and some asshole even kick her. When this malay kaki shouted at the guy.The guy just stare and walk off. The kaki carry the girl up and to the sitting area, he dusted her knees and they were bleeding.... guess that the parents wanted kabutops more than their daughter. Then the kaki's wife and daughter came. 

There are too many people and simply the girl can't see her parents. So the Ah bang, stood up on the sitting area and carried the girl on his shoulder to let her get a better view...
Finally after a while, the mother spotted her daugher and came running in. The little girl was crying when the mother hug her..... the father came and thank the malay buddy. End up, they wasn't catching kabutops. But were having dinner. The little girl was playing around.So when the crowd rush, she somehow got caught in the mist and got push off away.
After that, i walk off to the other stops.... when i came back to art science centre later...
they were still there...
Guys talking about soccer and man u .
wives talking
little girls running around...
Singapore multi racial harmony at it's best.


 I was riding to MBS on my bicycle. Took a longer route around gardens by the bay, to catch some Jynx.

 When i saw a man pushing a wheel chair boy. I don't know how to explain. But the boy is like wheel chair bounded and can only move a few fingers . very poor thing. When i look at him, he was like very shy or fearful. So i smile at him and his dad, just casual ask what he was catching. The father said, catch snake, which i guess it was ekans. 

 But when i look at the i pad... it looks weird, coz it dont seems the boy is playing. because the dad was holding onto the i pad, the kid can only use 1 finger to touch the screen and you can see his hands are not steady.

 So i turn and saw this younger boy holding onto a phone . Then i realize, The i Pad, is just a mirror of the phone , the young boy is catching the pokemon, but mirror it to the i pad, to make it as if the wheel chair boy is catching it..

 woah, it immediately hit me that this should be the younger brother. To make the sick older brother happy, he somehow made it as if he was catching it.. who would even do that...
 then just than some people were shouting pikachu... pikachu in front and running .

 The wheel chair boy was like.... piiiii....ka ka ka ka ......ccccuuu..
i look at the young boy face, and ask him to pass me his phone... i ride down like crazy....... capture the pikachu, and ride back asap... hope that there is no time out..
the boy quick took the phone.... and CAPTURE the pikachu... the older brother was so happy , he almost jump out of his wheel chair..

The maid and father had to hold him down..

 i can see a lady sitting at 1 corner , leaning againest the wall , sleeping.. i guess it should be the tired mother looking after him...
i was there for more than an hour, riding around, capture wat in sight and come back...

 Before they had to go off, they had to change his tubes or something... the mom seems ok after that short nap.
i somehow wanted to talk to the small boy, so i told him that he has to help to take care of the older brother....

 he nod his head... and says that he only has 1 older brother.
it kind of hit me.... but glad that he knows what to do....
a lot of things can be bought , but brotherhood and kinships can only be taught.


Friday 16 September 2016

Who Are CPF Members Who Lost Their Money??? (2)

Read? Who Are CPF Members Who Lost Their Money???

Read? Over market cycles your assets may survive but can you build more wealth out of them??? (2)

Not ALL investment bloggers know the difference between Compounding Interests from CPF OA and Compounding Investment Return!

CPF OA 2.5% compound interests over one to two decades is NOT EASY to beat over market cycles of Bulls and Bears.

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Just a few moments of foolishness or greed may set back your past investment gains and you may end up in compounding NEGATIVE return!

So you still think 2.5% CPF OA compounding interests over decades is easy to beat?

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