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Thursday, 24 December 2020

One of Jesse Livermore's MONEY-MANAGEMENT RULES that he failed to follow his own rule strictly

Turn paper profits into real money periodically. Take a percentage of your winnings and put them in a safe place, like the bank, or bonds, or an annuity. Cash was, is, and always will be king.


Uncle8888 follows this money-management Rule even more kiasu and kiasi by transferring all winning profits and dividends to his cash reservoir as retirement income for spending. He will never lose back a single cent of his investment income ever again! LOL!


  1. May i ask as long as we still investing in the market how can we be sure not to lose back at least some to the market?

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Once we cash out the entire capital out of our investment portfolio; we no longer have our own money invested in something but we still own it and it is still generating income. Infinite Returns. Shiok!

  3. OiC.

    U are thinking interm of Original Capital.

    ii am thinking of ROI even after Original Capital has been taken out.

    But U are reminding me becareful not to invest so much(aka too greedy) until Original Capital is in the market.

    But it may happen in the next Big Bear visiting the market.­čśü

  4. Heck!

    If Big Bear overstays too long in the Market, maybe tempted to use my wife's CPFIS too, after my more than my original capital dives in. (Greed knows no bounds).
    Hope can restraint my greediness if the day really happens­čśü


  5. I use the dividends from shares to top up my wife's CPF

    1. Good move by Locking up safely at 2.5 or 4% compounding rate.


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