I started serious Investing Journey in Jan 2000 to create wealth through long-term investing and short-term trading; but as from April 2013 my Journey in Investing has changed to create Retirement Income for Life till 85 years old in 2041 for two persons over market cycles of Bull and Bear.

Since 2017 after retiring from full-time job as employee; I am moving towards Investing Nirvana - Freehold Investment Income for Life investing strategy where 100% of investment income from portfolio investment is cashed out to support household expenses i.e. not a single cent of re-investing!

It is 57% (2017 to Aug 2022) to the Land of Investing Nirvana - Freehold Income for Life!

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"The market is not your mother. It consists of tough men and women who look for ways to take money away from you instead of pouring milk into your mouth." - Dr. Alexander Elder

"For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them." - Aristotle

It is here where I share with you how I did it! FREE Education in stock market wisdom.

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Wednesday 30 June 2021

Winning The Loser's Game : Market Timing (COVID-19) vs Time In Market Since Inception Of Investment Portfolio in Jan 2000


Me too: Lian Beng (3)

Read?  Me too: Lian Beng (2)

ON Monday, the Ong family which controls civil engineering and construction group Lian Beng announced a mandatory conditional cash offer at 50 Singapore cents per share, following a married deal.

The family had, through its investment holding company Ong Sek Chong & Sons, acquired nearly 5.9 million shares or about 1.2 per cent of the total number of issued and paid-up ordinary shares issued by Lian Beng Group.

Prior to the market acquisition, Ong Sek Chong & Sons and its concert parties held about 43.6 per cent of voting rights in Lian Beng. With its recent acquisition of more than 1 per cent of shares in Lian Beng, it was required to extend a mandatory offer.

The offer price represents a premium on the last traded price of 47 Singapore cents on June 11, the last trading day, the announcement said.


Kena forced selling by Ong family! Accepted the offer via electronic form submission and switches recovered capital to cover Olam right issue. 

Bought $0.575 and mandatory offer @ $0.5 . Realized capital loss $0.25

Net gains after 13 yrs of sucking Panadols from Ong family is 1.8% annual yield. Worse than CPF OA 2.5% compound interests. KNS!

Tuesday 29 June 2021

Olam XR

AGRIFOOD giant Olam International on Tuesday posted a 13.1 per cent drop in profit after tax and minority interests (PATMI) to S$155.6 million for the first quarter ended March 31, from S$179.1 million the year before.

The group also announced a three-for-20 rights issue which has been priced at S$1.25 per share. Olam expects to raise S$601.7 million in gross proceeds, which will be utilised to repay the debt used to fund its US$950 million acquisition of Olde Thompson last month.

Read? Olam

Upsize Olam Round 12 by 16% and its holding price down by 2%

Next one tio upsize will be SML dividends in specie from SCI!

Climbing your investing or corporate ladder? (5)

Read?  Climbing your investing or corporate ladder? (4)

A loser in climbing the corporate ladder and finally it ended on 1 Oct 2016; but at the same time Uncle8888 has also climbed the investment ladder right to the top of fully grown Money Tree from SGX and the Fruits now seen like low hanging fruits to be plucked and put away into household living expenses. No re-investing of any dividends and trading gains if any!

Monday 28 June 2021

Your Profile Pic Interesting ... Man plucking fruit?


This is Uncle8888 plucking money from his fully grown SGX Money Tree and harvesting its fruits for household expenses! LOL!

Read? Kep Corp : 15th Year Anniversary Of Long-term Investing and Short-term Trading As Retail Investor!

Triple Play : Keppel Corp, Sembcorp Ind and Sembcorp Marine

Monday, 12 April 2021

Read? Kep Corp : Bought @ $5.48 for Round 99

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Read? Kep Corp : Bought @ $9.64 for Round 95 <--- Kena stuck and suck Panadols for donkey years!

Thursday, 25 February 2021

Monday, 13 October 2014

SembCorp Industries (SCI): Bought @ $4.97 for Round 54  <--- Kena stuck and suck Panadols for donkey years!

Monday, 2 August 2010 <--- Somehow Uncle8888 didn't play buy-back game for SML since Aug 2010 for donkey years!  Lucky or what? Otherwise; Panadols can't help! Need Tramadol!

Sunday 27 June 2021

Hindsight Mistakes, Regrets Or Wisdom On Investing Or Saving In CPF After Point X???

Read? Young CPF Members Should You Transfer CPF OA TO SA For additional 1.5% Compounding Interests Over Next Few Decades?

Never transfer CPF OA to CPF SA when much younger is a financial mistake?

Many younger retail investors will have this dilemma!

Among the practicing investment bloggers in Singapore; it is also split!

Listen to who when we are lost ourselves!

On hindsight wisdom; Uncle8888 now thinks that his big mistake is to make a "transfer from CPF OA to SA" and even it is just one and only one time; if not his CPFIS as war chest would be even bigger and then huat more in the market!

On hindsight we are more likely to be right! No?

Can hindsight make us better going forward?

Saturday 26 June 2021

Friday 25 June 2021

Sembcorp Ind + 4.9 SML in specie Is Greater Than Sum of parts for Semcorp Ind with 61% SML holding ??? (2)

Read? Sembcorp Ind + 4.9 SML in specie Is Greater Than Sum of parts for Semcorp Ind with 61% SML holding ???

Mr Market is never fundamentally or technically logical???

Today; SML crash due to 3 for 2 right issue!

How is the damage done to those holding SCI and 4.911 SML dividend in specie?

Uncle8888 has both SCI and Kep Corp as buy and hold for last two decades and let see what happen next to Kep Corp upon distribution of SML dividend in specie.

SML - Abandoned Child Coming Home!

Monday, 2 August 2010

Read? SML - Sold $4.05, ROC 5.5%

Last sold 11 years ago for Round 41 and now abandoned child by their parents - SCI and Keppel to Uncle8888 to carry this baby forward or dump it again?

Thursday 24 June 2021

Keppel and SML Halt!

Is the wait for Temasek to bring down to one and only one smelly and disgusting O&M stock in its portfolio over? 

For Temasek; it is just left to right pocket transfer. No?

Will Kep Corp do a price recovery like SCI?

Wednesday 23 June 2021


Read?  SGX : Bought @ $10.18 for Round 10

Last sold @ $10.25

One more leg up?

The Lifelong Joy Of Dividend Investing As One Source Of Retirement Income From A Freehold Investment Portfolio

Read? After Point X .....

After Point X, the joy of Panadol investing to ease heartache will transit into lifelong joy of Funadol investing as one source of retirement income on top of CPF in Singapore. Truly passive income! No?

Tuesday 22 June 2021

Living Expenses Lessons From COVID-19

Health care and medical expenses can never be cut or reduced and will be increasing year on year when we started declining from our health peak i.e. one way down till grave! 

COVID-19 provides the number for Uncle8888 to survive in Singapore as HDB heartlander!

Monday 21 June 2021



Sunday 20 June 2021

Mee Siam 17% Inflationary Rate Over Mee Rubus

 Hmm .. coffeeshop mee siam stall up its price from $3 to $3.50 and that is 17% increase while mee rubus stall still remains at $3. Let see for how long mee rubus stall will maintain at $3. Don't monkey sees. Monkey does!

Mee siam and mee rubus. What are the major difference in raw costs?

Mee rubus - yellow noodle cost more than white bee hoon?

Hard-boiled egg and tau pok. Same!

Mee siam sauce costs more than mee rubus?

Okay! Onwards more mee rubus to fight inflation. LOL!

Inflation rate at hawker stalls, food courts and coffeeshops more scary than official inflation rate! 

No Gold and Silver and then also No BTC??? Not stupid then what?

Read? Just a few multi-baggers may be enough for your kid's university fund - Updated

Uncle8888 is a stupid passive income hog!

A taste of source of passive income flow will grow more stupidity in the investing mind! No?

1M65 in Sep 2021. More passive income coming soon!

Saturday 19 June 2021

Dow falls more than 500 points to close out its worst week since October

 Stocks fell on Friday, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average posting its worst weekly loss since October, as traders worried the Federal Reserve could start raising rates sooner than expected.

The blue-chip average dropped 533.37 points, or 1.6%, to 33,290.08. The S&P 500 slid 1.3% to 4,166.45. Both the Dow and S&P 500 hit their session lows in the final minutes of trading and closed around those levels. The Nasdaq Composite closed 0.9% lower at 14,030.38. Economic comeback plays led the market losses.

For the week, the 30-stock Dow lost 3.5%. The S&P 500 and Nasdaq were down by 1.9% and 0.2%, respectively, week to date.


Uncle DOW is falling down and STI is narrowing down its safe distance?

Long time, no wild swing! About time to get wild like animal spirit in the market?

Friday 18 June 2021

median monthly household incomes from work increase over the decade.


Resident households saw their average and median monthly household incomes from work increase over the decade.

The median figure rose by 3.3 per cent per annum from S$5,600 in 2010, to S$7,744 in 2020. After adjusting for inflation, median monthly household income from work rose by 1.9 per cent per annum in real terms.

Factoring in household size, income per household member rose from S$1,638 to S$2,463 in the same period – a 4.2 per cent increase per annum, or 2.8 per cent per annum in real terms.

Growth in household incomes was also seen across all three major ethnic groups.


 S$5,600 in 2010, to S$7,744 in 2020 = 38% increase!

How did Uncle8888 perform as dead wood employee from 2010 and retired in 2016?

From 2010 to 2015 is 26% increase! 

Lucky; he has a mind flip in 2000 and diverted more time and effort into Investment Quadrant! 

Read? Mind Flip (5) Share



Wednesday 16 June 2021

Many Roads To Rome But Only One Road To ....

 In investing; there are many roads to Rome; but Uncle8888 as Koala/Panda retail investor only knows one Road to his Bank!



Sunday 13 June 2021

Winning The Loser's Game (3)

Spur commented on "Sembcorp Ind + 4.9 SML in specie Is Greater Than Sum of parts for Semcorp Ind with 61% SML holding ???"

Jun 2, 2021

Hi Uncle8888, The 8th ed. of Winning The Loser's Game is out. Think you've read the previous editions liao. 😉 Some nuggets from this article about the book: - More important than understanding the market is to understand who you are. "If you don't know who you are, this is an expensive place to find out," Adam Smith famously wrote in The Money Game. - Ellis' key insight for investors is this: The winner is the person who makes the fewest mistakes. To make the fewest mistakes, focus a little less on returns and more on managing risk, particularly the risk of serious permanent loss. I think the main thing new for this latest edition is a chapter on longer duration bonds ... and the conclusion is that they're bad for long-term holding at current prices. Another unspoken conclusion from this article is this: To beat the market on a long-term sustainable basis, you may need to focus on companies/things which are not mainstream & certainly not in the news or covered by 20 bank/broker analysts. 😛

Read? Winning The Loser's Game (2)

CW8888: More important than making fewest mistakes is don't ever make a few large permanent losses which may make us chopped our fingers and never touch the market anymore!

Read? Luckily, Me in Merdeka Generation Didn't Start Younger To Invest/Speculate in My 30s During 1990s

Read? Lost Your Money In Hyflux???

Read? 3M's - Method, Money, Mind (6)

Saturday 12 June 2021

People are gullible to believe whatever’s told to them': Inside the mind of an ex-scammer

Read? 'People are gullible to believe whatever’s told to them': Inside the mind of an ex-scammer

In Jon’s case, his scams involved timeshare membership - a ‘vacation package’ where one pays in advance to use a resort or hotel overseas for a period of time at a price below the market rate. He had conned victims into believing they could recover money from terminating their membership. 

But he believes no matter the scam type, victims share similar characteristics that might make them more susceptible to scammers who tend to be “very good in human psychology” and know how to “trigger emotional states”.  


Greed is one notable characteristic. 

Jon recalled a bulk of his victims as “rich, but want to save so much”. Couples, especially the newly wed, also tended to be more greedy when it came to affordable holidays. 

“They would start asking us, how much would it cost to bring my parents or if I were to go every six months? What is the discount? Usually we don’t tell them these things (upfront), but when we observe their eyes light up as we do the price comparison, we know they’re greedy,” he said. 

“For young couples, we’d mention the product they purchase can be passed down to future generations. We told them if there were inflation, prices would go up, but this holiday price will stay the same. Now when I think back, that line is very stupid.” 


Read? Better safe than sorry: Resist urge to invest in too-good-to-be-true schemes

Be careful of "kind" people who voluntarily stepped in to help us when we are kena scammed! Red flag! We kena scammed before could mean that we have flagged out as easy prey for the next scammers!

Real People. Real Losses

CW8888: Time-sharing scam; one ex-colleage lost money his money. One agency stepped in and called for a meeting for investors to put up $5K each and collectively the agency would have enough fund to fight the case and retrieve some lost money. 

The Agency subsequently also disappeared.

Beware! There are scammers looking for a kill and scavengers looking for your dead bodies too.

The Real Power Behind The Eight Wonder Of The World

 Read? Is 2.5% CPFIS Compound Interest The Nano eighth wonder of the world???

Singapore Man of Leisure 11 June 2021 at 10:30:00 GMT+8


Anyone looking at your slides and say CPF offers better compounding got to be terrible in math...

Or maybe you are getting better at snake oil!!!

Spur 11 June 2021 at 15:11:00 GMT+8

Hi Uncle8888,

Err 2.5% means doubling your money in like 29 years.

No, I don't think that qualifies as 8th wonder of the world, nano or otherwise. :P


Okay! Tone down the snake oil!

Not sure anyone following 1M65/4M65 articles came across mentioning something similar to this?

The real power behind the compounding interests in CPF is what?

See for yourself!

Did you get it?

What is that Real Power behind Compounding Interests in CPF?

Your answer is .... ???

If you regularly visit investment bloggers; you may notice the similar real power behind the compounding power behind their investment portfolio.

That is the real power of compounding wonder!


Friday 11 June 2021

COVID-19 vaccination: Why some seniors are holding back, and how a little nudge can help

Read? COVID-19 vaccination: Why some seniors are holding back, and how a little nudge can help

Uncle8888 is one of them! 

1st dose Pfizer on last Tuesday!

Mild sore feeling at injection area and slight pain when lifting arm up and no other discomfort! 

Day 3 back to normal!

Older people less side effect? Weaker immune system and not fighting hard ah?

Auntie8888 went today!

We practice risk management as we can't afford to have two sick persons down with pains at the same time! LOL!

Thursday 10 June 2021

Is 2.5% CPFIS Compound Interest The Nano eighth wonder of the world???

Albert Einstein is reputed to have said, “Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it; he who doesn't, pays it.”

What happened to Uncle8888's kiasu and kiasi attitude when comes to re-investing his CPFIS by waiting for the next BIG market crash but it never come since 2009? Aiyah!

Somehow; then he realized the power of nano 8 wonder of the world in CPF OA 2.5% compound interest by looking back at data points! On hindsight; we are wonderful. Right?

Hmm .. can younger CPFIS members be passive investors for a few decades by collecting Pandaols through the Nano 8 wonder of the world as additional source of retirement income?

Right and hold passively for long term?

Read? Yield of dreams: Investors have "a once in a lifetime opportunity" in blue chips (15)

Wednesday 9 June 2021

Monday 7 June 2021

Ruffer Turned Bitcoin Investment Into a $1.1B Profit in 5 Months: Report

Read? Ruffer Turned Bitcoin Investment Into a $1.1B Profit in 5 Months: Report

CW8888 : The hopeful millionaires in the Future are providing their dream money to real millionaires now! 

U.K.-based Ruffer Investment Management made a $1.1 billion profit in five months from investing in bitcoin, according to a published report

A Ruffer investment director said the firm sold its bitcoin because younger people would not be spending so much time trading now that the lockdowns are ending, according to The Sunday Times report.

“When the price doubled we took some profits for our clients in December and early January. We actively managed the position and by the time we sold the last tranche in April the total profit was slightly more than $1.1 billion,” Hamish Baillie, the investment director, said.

The firm invested 2.5% of its $27 billion portfolios into bitcoin in November and took profits earlier this year as the cryptocurrency more than doubled to around $40,000.

In February, Duncan MacInnes, the co-manager of Ruffer Investment said the firm had around $700 million left in bitcoin as the company reported a profit of $750 million overall.

Ruffer made its bitcoin purchase via One River Digital and Coinbase.

Madness of the Crowd In The Market???

 Read? Investors can learn a critical lesson from Sir Isaac Newton

Can it happen in SGX; then some of us may huat from this madness!

Friday 4 June 2021

The Opportunity Cost Of Market Timing As Koala/Panda Retail Investor in local SGX from 2010 to 2021 (12 yrs)

Counting the opportunity cost as market timer after kena badly hurt in GFC 2008 Big Bear! 

LP also shrunk after that as there is no free lunch in the market!

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