I started serious Investing Journey in Jan 2000 to create wealth through long-term investing and short-term trading; but as from April 2013 my Journey in Investing has changed to create Retirement Income for Life till 85 years old in 2041 for two persons over market cycles of Bull and Bear.

Since 2017 after retiring from full-time job as employee; I am moving towards Investing Nirvana - Freehold Investment Income for Life investing strategy where 100% of investment income from portfolio investment is cashed out to support household expenses i.e. not a single cent of re-investing!

It is 57% (2017 to Aug 2022) to the Land of Investing Nirvana - Freehold Income for Life!

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"The market is not your mother. It consists of tough men and women who look for ways to take money away from you instead of pouring milk into your mouth." - Dr. Alexander Elder

"For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them." - Aristotle

It is here where I share with you how I did it! FREE Education in stock market wisdom.

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Thursday 30 November 2017

Who Are Your Inferencers In Your Investing Journey?

Read? Who inference you into investing? (2)

Your close colleagues, close friends, parents, close relatives or some cyber folks?

Your close colleagues are likely to be powerful as likely you are in the same rowing boat as them. 

SGX aims for T+2 next year; public views sought on several measures

Days of active contra trading is coming to an End!

Wednesday 29 November 2017

Can investing be taught like any academic subjects in school or higher institutions?

Read? I score distinctions in my exam but not in the stock market (Refresh)

PSLE results: 98.4% of students make it to secondary school

How good when we as retail investors can be taught like these academic subjects to reach that level of competency?

98.4% of retail investors make more than 10% CAGR after six years of learning investing.

Many of us will reach FI by 40, 45, 50 or latest 55!


Curry Fish Head For Frugal Shoppers North Of JB (2)

Read? Curry Fish Head For Frugal Shoppers North Of JB

RM 2 shopping (with 6% GST RM 2.12)

RM 2, 7 LEDs, 3 AA batteries Torch. 

Handy during night fishing. Very bright!

Tuesday 28 November 2017

I score distinctions in my exam but not in the stock market (Refresh)

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Read? I score distinctions in my exam but not in the stock market (Refresh)

Can investing be taught like any academic subjects in school or higher institutions?

In investing, your account size really matters!

Same Mentor/Trainer/Guru training or mentoring two students. One student has $50K as capital and the other student has $1M as capital. 

Both students follow to the dot on Method learnt. 

The student with $1M will be way ahead and WILL one day prove his Mentor/Trainer/Guru right!

Monday 27 November 2017

Fixed Public Transport At $60 Per Month Making Retired Senior Citizens Time Value Cheapskate???

Quote from My 15 Hour Work Week

Transport ($300)

We would utilise public transport most of the time but we can also indulge in a few taxi trips a week if we want to explore less accessible places in Singapore.

From Uncle888's walking one round along the coast of Singapore's main island and crossing all bridges in Singapore's main island rivers, jogging all park connectors and roaming across vast land in North, East, South and West including landed properties deep into Bukit Timah area; he hasn't come across any public accessible area that is not accessible by B.M.W. What we need is time and with plenty of spare time; it may make some retirees time cheapskate.

This Is Scary Thought!

Sunday 26 November 2017

Stock market Volatility Is NOT Risk!

This statement has to be fully explained!

Stock market volatility is NOT risk is ONLY applicable to those retail investors NOT doing any form of leverages AND DON'T depend on their investment portfolio for draw-down to supplement or fund their annual household expenses AND they still have war chest to fight as market continues to trend lower AND they are also NOT afraid of sitting on gigantic gains when market turns in their favor.

The days when we turn into depending on partial draw-down on our investment portfolio then Volatility becomes risk!

Read? Peter Lynch on His Secret to Superior Returns (2)

Forced selling during market low to cover any expenses is a terrible and horrible wrong thing to do as long-term retail investors over market cycles!

Show Uncle8888 your money management, position sizing and firing strategies. He will give you his comments for you to go up Bukit Timah or Mount Faber Hill next weekends to think it loud about it.

Read? 3M's - Method, Money, Mind (5)

3M's - The Circles of Competency as long-term retail investors over several market cycles. How to win this money game!

Saturday 25 November 2017

How I EVOLVE My Passive Income Stream By Investing

Uncle8888 didn't specifically invest for "passive" income. It started off as Panadols and then evolve into the higher power Pokemons for passive income.

It will be truly passive income for long, long time while waiting for the next evolution into higher level.

Passive income for long, long time!

(1) Fixed income from 2.5% interests fom net investment gains refunded from CPFIS to CPF OA

(2) Variable dividend income from risk-free (freehold) from several positions of multi-bagger stock. He just need to have the wisdom and discipline to maintain the right position sizing on these counters and he will not lose any of his invested capital ever again. 

Infinite dividend yield Mathematically!

Friday 24 November 2017

Pre-AFC Nothing Could Gone Wrong. Hoot Tua Tua or Supercharge Your Leverage!!!

May be many folks are too young to know what has happened during pre-AFC days of leverages, margins and CPFIS. 

It was those period at your own time, own target and fired. Even Big Daddy caught sleeping with CPFIS!

How could brokers went bankrupt when Parliament was debating on brokers earning higher pay than Ministers?

One broker jumped from Shenton Way's high building!

How could DBS fail?

One secondary principal did home mortgage to supercharge his investment in DBS. Hoot tua tua. Never waste a crisis. But; DBS kept going down and he went bankrupt. He lost his landed property and lost his job too!

Folks like Uncle8888 who lived through AFC and seeing one of his own relatives nearly bankrupt to shares financing - pledge your shares to supercharge and pledge new shares and re-supercharge. Hoot tua tua! So many doing it! Why scare?

In Chinese saying. Lose until mad! Hard to understand why?

When folks become mad after losing too much; what is risk management?

They only just want to to recover their large losses and then chop fingers. They promise!

Yes. DBS didn't bankrupt.; but principal did!

We are shaped on what we went through!

Why Uncle8888 is like that?

Thursday 23 November 2017

Do You Fear Market Volatility?

Market will operate in cycles and will always cause volatility in our investment portfolio value! 

When we choose to invest across economic and market cycles; we should be very CLEAR about it!

Especially when we DON'T depend on asset draw-down in our investment portfolo to fund our living expenses; what wrong with volatility?

Why do we fear volatility?

3Ms - Method, Mind, and Money Management

May be fewer investors has stronger investing Mind. But, can we train our investing mind to be less fearful of volatility?

No investing course on Mind part?

1 Ancient Chinese Proverbs That Can Help You Make Better INVESTING Decisions Today???

Hmm .. from the Cyberspace.

#1 The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second best time is now

Chinese: 种植一棵供人乘凉的树,最好是在二十年前,但错过了那次机会,最佳的时机便是当下。

For investing 

#1 The best time to invest was last financial crisis. The second best time is next financial crisis. Any time to invest is neither good or bad! Count your luck!

Grand old investor and gambler??? (Refresh)

Read? Grand old investor and gambler???

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Tonight, I happened to sit beside one 80+ Grand Old Uncle who has been investing and gambling in the market on stocks, Forex, Gold and Crude oil since his younger days at a Dinner reception.

To him, you are either holding (investing) stocks for yield and over long run you won't lose money or you are gambling in stocks, Forex, Gold or Crude oil. When you gamble, you must know how to run fast; otherwise, you will get killed!

No yield = Gambling???

What do you think?

This 80+ speculator and investor has lived through the different markets long enough to share his thought.

Continuous cash flow (may NOT be stable) from our investment portfolio as baseline and then we may add some trading P/L as supplementary.

We can achieve both in short-term trading and long-term investing. 

Not clapping with two hands then what? 

Wednesday 22 November 2017

Investing Lessons That You Can Learn From Real Life Veteran Retail Investors (2)

Read? Investing Lessons That You Can Learn From Real Life Veteran Retail Investors

Read? The Investing Stories Behind Singapore's STI Blue Chips

Before some retail traders thinking loud on how to poke these retail veteran investors who Buy, Hold, Sell Some, Buy back, Hold ... 

When these veteran retail investors looking back at those few buy and hold positions at their 70s and 80s. They smiled without any regrets. These stocks have served them well. 

Their decades of Panadols had paid for children university fund.

Some Panadols have paid for these and that. It was a journey of investing with little or no regret. Investing has been good and "PASSIVE" for them. No need to every trading days staring at screen to set up this or that and then keeping fingers cross.

For these "passive" investors, one click of Buy button and decades of Panadols dropping from the "Sky". Not passive then WHAT?

Same as how these veteran grown in their human life : Growth, reaching their prime, stable, and then decline. At their 70s, 80s, and 90s when they are weak and knowing their time is up. 

Knowing how well they have done through their life journey through their own time and effort. Most will have little or no regret that they are NOT the best or richest.

When we invest long enough for growth, prime, stable and decline. 

We will NOT regret!

Monday 20 November 2017

Just a few multi-baggers may be enough for your kid's university fund - Updated

Monday, 8 November 2010

Read? Just a few multi-baggers may be enough for your kid's university fund

20 Nov 2017, 7 years later ...

The realized investment gains including accumulated dividends for Kep Corp since Sep 2001 is more than enough to fund Uncle8888's three children's university education at NUS, SMU and SUTD.

Read? Keppel Corporation Retail Shareholders' Day.

Singaporeans Have To Educate Themselves On Investment Scams???

Education is NOT the key to avoid investment scams. Folks need to stop becoming Yield Pig GREEDY!

Any investment scams are likely to start with above 1X% yield AND some dividends MONEY BACK to your pocket first in the first few months to bait YOU to do referrals to your family members, relative and close friends. 

Got good lobangs must share with our loved ones and friends. 


Securing (locked up) Well In Advance For Our Retirement Is NOT Same As Planning And Progressing Well Ahead Of Our Retirement

Read? Hey! Do You Have Any Loved Ones???

Read? Saving For Your Future: Should You Max Out Your CPF Voluntary Contributions Every Year?

Some time ago; one Starfish was talking about retirement planning over kopi session; Uncle8888 said retirement planning for singles and for those who have younger and/or older dependents is totally different. 

As singles, it is about your own retirement; but for those who have younger and/or older dependents is about the journey towards to our retirement endpoint. Along this journey of planning, implementation and execution; it is just unpredictable. Unfortunately bad events in life may happen consecutively and drain our financial resources; and that happened we can put our own retirement planning at the back of our mind. Get over these first! Think later!

Retirement planning with our loved ones is never easy!

Sunday 19 November 2017

Where Did You Make Your FIRST $1M In Your Net Worth?

For those who have reached their net worth of $1M mark and above; where did you make your FIRST $1M in your net worth.

(1) All saving including CPF from your earned income or salaries 

(2) Profits from business entities

(3) Net investment gains from properties

(4) Net investment gains from stocks

While many personal financial investment bloggers love to chant on investing, investing and investing; how many of them really make their FIRST $1M from stocks?

Saturday 18 November 2017

Investing Lessons That You Can Learn From Real Life Veteran Retail Investors

Read? Should you follow the 3% or 4% retirement rule? (2)

She is 62 and Uncle8888 is 61+

After every market cycles; we are older; and after a few market cycles we are already or nearly senior citizens. When we have enough net worth to last our lifetime; do we still want to ride the BULK of our net worth in the stock market cycles of vulgarities without the support of earned income from our human asset. 

Although, some of us may continue to work free lance, part-time or pastime when our health still allow us to be active; but we are likely to be on lower income which may be just enough to cover our own personal allowances e.g. Uncle8888's One Year After Retirement From Full-time Job As Employee.  

His 8 HWW (Hours Work Week) can cover his own personal allowance for daily meals, monthly transportation cost and mobile plan; and hopefully he is qualified for next year Workfare MA top up to cover his Medi-shield premium.

After the last Bull Market in 2007; he has learnt something from Mr. Market about the true value of our net worth. How much of our net worth is exposed to Mr Market's moods and vulgarities? 

We can be millionaire at Point X with large exposure to the stock market; but when Mr Market changed his mood after Point X; we may just lose that title in term of months if not weeks!

How do we define our success in investing after Point X in our lifetime of investing in the stock market?

Friday 17 November 2017

Buy And Hold For Legacy? You Can!

temperament1 7 November 2017 at 00:14:00 GMT+8

B & H at my age may be hoh.

Don't forget i may want to leave behind a legacy.

Or God willing, i may have another 15 to 20 yeras of good health.



Yes with Joint CDP and bank account!

You can buy and hold for legacy until it is broken by future generation!

Thursday 16 November 2017

Real investors are those who make real money from the markets

Read? Do We Need to Spend Few Thousand $$$ on Investment Courses ?

Read? Real investors are those who make real money from the markets

As investors, we have to take a position in the marketplace in order to make money. Remember that we are not in the market to predict the STI. We are here to make money from the markets. Predicting the STI direction without actually putting any money into the market will only help our ego and not our wallets... unless of course, you make your money from teaching others how to invest and you need to be seen to be correct in your analysis. 

To be honest, if you make a prediction any which way, you are bound to be correct, sooner or later. So, don't put any value on those who tell you, I told you so...... because you too can do the same. Make a prediction. Wait long enough and you will be 100% correct. Just don't fool yourself that you are good at predicting the market direction. The proof is in the amount of money you make by sticking to your position. 

Real investors are those who make real money from the markets. They must always have a position in the marketplace - whether this is bullish or bearish ... they cannot be wishy washy. You cannot make real money if you are indecisive. Real investors know that they will lose money if they read the direction of the market wrongly and hence, real investors always protect their downside by only investing with money that they can set aside for years. 

Finally, always remember that real investors make their money from the markets directly. If it is in their DNA to share, they will do so freely... and will never sell you a get-rich-quick investment course! 

For those of us who make money directly from the markets, we know how difficult it is for the novice investor to start investing. The least we can do is to show you the ropes free of charge. We will never want to take any part of your savings just to show you the ropes. This money is needed by you to start off your investment journey. Hence, my conscience will certainly not allow me to take such money. I rather share freely, or not at all

The best example of a real investor is of course, Warren Buffett.

Read? SMOL: Trust But Verify???

Wednesday 15 November 2017

Tuesday 14 November 2017

2007 vs 2017. Ten Years Later!

On first look; it appeared that Uncle8888 has encountered his first lost decade in the stock market with little growth in his investment portfolio.

What is difference between 11 Oct 2007 (Bull Market STI at 3,876) vs 14 Nov 2017 (Bullish market STI at 3,399)?

Lost decade?

Monday 13 November 2017

Buy And Hold Or Buy, Sell, Hold?

Singapore Man of Leisure13 November 2017 at 08:55:00 GMT+8



I don't care about labels. Don't sell how to take profits?

Although I am teasing and debating with you - we both are closer to the same definition - we both see and acknowledge the "S" ;)

CW sides with you in "words"; but his multiple rounds in "actions" speak louder! LOL!

We both know WHY CW will NEVER sell his multi-baggers out COMPLETELY like the US librarian above even if STI zooms up to 10,000. It has nothing to do with fundamentals or technicals. Or lack of guts or conviction.

Shhh... Don't say it out loud ;)

Young people too respectful and courteous to you and CW. So I play the "rude" idiot role here to have a bit of fun playing out the Socratic method.

Maybe some bei kambings reading our debates can benefit and figure out for themselves what does Buy-and-Hold really means - especially the "Hold" part :)

We make a good 相声 pair!


Buy And Hold 


Buy, Sell, and Hold?

Is Uncle8888 doing B&H or what?

Merlion style retail investor?

Having both Realized and Unrealized paper profits & losses and including accumulated dividends as investment gains.

or like Temperament said Rojak investor!

Does Labelling guide or help us in our investing journey and avoid getting into confusion or dilemma over market cycles on what to do next ?

See the below diagram closely and what did you really see?

Sunday 12 November 2017

Autumn Trees In Huwon, Secret Garden

Sample of Three Videos in Huwon, Secret Garden

Autumn Trees In Nami Island

Sample of three videos of Auntumn trees in Nami Island

Follow Your Heart Is Not For Everybody

When you are SINGLE without having to support any dependents or don't really have any close family members; of course, you can follow your heart to do whatever you like or go wherever you want. 

You want to live the life of Freegan also no issue. 

There are no immediate family members to stop you or shake their heads in disbelief!

Singles can don't change their underwear for five days. Nobody care!

Young CPF Members Should You Transfer CPF OA TO SA For additional 1.5% Compounding Interests Over Next Few Decades?

Read? How I Accumulate $1M In CPF OA!

Read? Top Up CPF SA From CPF OA? Depending On Who You Ask! (10)

Uncle8888 did once to transfer from CPF OA to SA and then realized .. oh dear and better stopped it!

One and only once!

Luckily; at that time personal finance and investment bloggers DID NOT EXIST yet to cheer the power of additional  1.5% compounding interests in CPF SA to reach FRS as soon as possible to secure RA well in advance.

For his $1M in CPF OA; 53% or $528K was from mandatory CPF contributions as employees from Aug 1977 to Sep 2016. It took him 39 years up to age of 60 to accumulate this sum!

How many more years from 60 can he still work harder to accumulate the next $472K to reach that $1M mark?

But, now he can congratulate himself of that decision made to stop transferring CPF OA to SA since he had really made his mind to invest and then spent days and nights learning over decades to become one competent retail investor.

In investing; your account size really matters! - CW8888

Stronger saver or investor. 

Now, you may understand why he went for larger CPFIS war chest instead of larger CPF SA.

Saturday 11 November 2017

Should you follow the 3% or 4% retirement rule? (2)

Read? I Took All My Money Out of the Stock Market and It Feels Amazing

Thanks to Temperament for pointing out this article. One good example of not following the 3% or 4% retirement rule? 

CW8888: Once we have bulk of our net worth exposed to future market cycles; how many of us dare to claim that we are able to sleep well when market crashes and wipe off 40 to 60% of our net worth?

Do I think the stock market is about to crash? Am I afraid that with Donald Trump at the helm of our ship of state the economy is at risk of going down like the Titanic?

Sure, that could happen. But that’s not why I took my dough off the table.

Back in the early 1980s, I inherited $50,000. At the time, that was so much more money than I’d ever had before that I decided I’d better educate myself about financial matters.

After much research, I put that money — and a percentage of the money I’ve made since as a writer and part-time librarian — into a low-cost index fund. Specifically, I invested in a Vanguard balanced fund that invests 60% of its assets in the stock market and 40% in bonds.

And I left it there.

This turned out to be a good strategy. Back then, the S&P 500 index of U.S. stocks was at 208. Now it’s closing in on 2,600.

Nevertheless, I cashed it all in last week.

Now all my money is stashed in U.S. Treasuries, Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (or TIPS bonds), and laddered CDs, which, in the years to come, I can count on to earn me essentially nada.

Why would I do this?

CW8888: How many of us have that level of confidence that we have enough of net worth to last our lifetime; and stop or drastic slow down to accumulate more?

I once figured out exactly how much money I would need to live on — not lavishly, but comfortably — for the rest of my life. I promised myself that once I had that amount, I would actually do just that — take my money out of the market and live on it for the rest of my life.

Last week, I reached that goal.

I’m 62. I’ve spent decades caring about the market. I counted on it to make me enough money so that I’d be able to cash in my chips and walk away when I hit retirement age.

And so it did.

And now? It’s time for this librarian to declare victory and get the hell out.

The day after I cashed out, the market soared, as if to say, “Ha ha Roz, the joke’s on you.”

Did I feel some regret?

Of course I did! Had I waited just a day, my bank account would be fatter than it is now. But that’s not the point. The point is no longer amassing as much money as I can. It’s peace of mind.

And that’s what I’ve got.

Timing is everything. But you can’t time the market. I have no idea whether it’s about to go up or down. But I no longer care.

I now have enough money to live on for the rest of my life with absolutely no concern about what the market is up to. The Dow Jones industrial average could zip up to 30,000 (and I hope for the sake of those of you who are still in the game that it does.) Or it could crash and burn tomorrow.

Not my problem. That part of my life is over. I’ll never again experience the elation of a market that is rocketing into the stratosphere. Or that sick feeling you get as the market is “correcting” and your net worth is circling the drain.

All done.

But if the market totally tanks tomorrow, you ask, and stocks become such a crazy bargain that I’d be a fool not to put at least some of my money back into that mutual fund that served me so well, wouldn’t I?

Of course I would! I’m no fool. Plus, the one thing I’ve learned about the market over the past three decades is “what goes down, eventually comes back up.” But until that happens, I’m staying put. And if it never happens? I’m still set.

So how much money have I got? I’m not exactly a millionaire. But I do have a nest egg in the high six figures, a modest home with no mortgage, and zero debt. That might not impress you, but it’s good enough for me.

Now that I’ve made my nut, I have no big plans to buy a yacht or travel around the world or even splurge on a few extra outfits from Eileen Fisher.

I plan to continue to work at my local public library and write essays. Which is to say that I’ll continue to do the work I love, which provides me with a small but steady income. (And, at age 70, I’ll start collecting Social Security, which, both because I’m an optimist because I believe in the lobbying power of the AARP, I fully expect to be, like me, alive and well.)

I’m not saying you should follow my lead. You could be more of a risk taker than I am. (Most people are.) Or more worried about inflation. (I’m betting on the TIPS to shelter me from that.) You might have more expenses, or more people who rely on you financially. Your own goal could be to leave a bucket of money to your heirs. (I’m leaving that task to my wealthy ex-husband.)

Whatever your financial goal is, I hope you reach it.

CW8888: Invest well! We will be on our way  to build sustainable retirement income for life (with draw down strategy; it will be easier)

The stock market has been very good to me. Without money in the market, there’s no way that this part-time library worker and freelance writer would now have enough money to live on into her 90s.

But, as the song goes, you’ve got to know when to hold them and know when to fold them.

And for me, the time to fold them has come.

I’m out of here. Best wishes. Enjoy the ride.

Friday 10 November 2017

Birds Of Scavenger Or Birds Of Prey???

(A) Birds of prey (Not free)


(B) Birds of scavenger (Freegans)

Both birds can survive!

But, Uncle8888 rather be Bird of prey.

Investing Camp (C) : Earn more, Save more and Invest for growth-dividends or capital gains!


Investing Camp (D) : Earn more (Seldom mention), Save harder and harder and then invest for income!

Most commercially vested writers/bloggers are likely to advocate (D) as it is within our control to tighten ourselves more and save more; but to earn more that is not within our control and too difficult to set earning targets. Saving targets are easier to achieve as there more ways to save money.

Who are likely to be in Camp C or D?

You can observe this investing behavior in the personal investment blogosphere.

Should you follow the 3% or 4% retirement rule?

Uncle8888 doesn't follow the 3% or 4% retirement rule!

After researching the cyberspace and also reading available NLB's books on retirement planning; he is convinced that his three taps model to build retirement income for life is more sustainable across market cycles as he doesn't have to draw down on his investment portfolio pay for household living expenses during market low. Any draw down on our investment account size will make very difficult to recover. 

In long term investing; our account size really matters!

Read? DIY Annuity (Jan 2018 to Dec 2038) With CPF OA

Thursday 9 November 2017

Greed Escalation, Over leverage And Huge Losses

Greed escalation happens to yourself and your friendly kind broker who is the party to help you to make more money in the stock market. When client goes bankrupt; blame who? Pity who?

How did this pile of trading records happen?

Of course; it takes two hands to clap! Escalation of Greed from his broker and himself!

1. His Buy limit : $20K --> $50K --> $100K --> $200K 

2. His Payment due : T+3 --> T+5 (His friendly and kind broker is enabling him to make money from contra trading)

3. Commission : 0.275% --> 0.22% (His broker has voluntarily lower his trading overheads)

Tasting Food At Seoul

Read? Seoul Free & Easy

Total spending on food related expenses is KRW 276,700

Follow the local crowd to buy at their market before going home - Don't Let Others Tell You What To Think Or Do

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