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Tuesday, 24 November 2020

LION-OCBC SECURITIES HANG SENG TECH ETF for Panda/Koala Investors in SGX Local Market


The future of technology. Seize the opportunity.

Why you will love this

Capture the growth potential of the 30 largest TECH-themed companies listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX)

An Excluded Investment Product (EIP) listed on SGX, available in SGD and USD

Low minimum investment amount, with trading board lot size of just 10 units

For Initial Offering Period only

S$0 commission from 23 November to 3 December 2020.

Minimum subscription of 5,000 units applies.


Uncle8888 as Koala/Panda investor now seize this opportunity to participate in HK Tech ETF!

Some more, saved money on commission. LOL!

He has contacted his broker to place an order to subscribe for this IOP. No balloting is required!

Who still say that Panda/Koala investor in SG has no opportunity to participate in overseas market e.g. HK market? LOL!


  1. Hi Uncle8888,

    Hey hey, welcome to the club of foreign stocks ownership! LOL!

    Be prepared for some volatility especially in the next couple of months as Trump prepares Xmas presents as parting gifts for the Chinese & Biden.

    The last "disturbance" was the hoo hah between Jack Ma & Xi Jinping. That one resulted in a -11% drop in 3 days (has now recovered 2/3 of the drop).

    Things should hopefully be more boring going forwards .... china billionaires now all more kuai kuai LOL. And although Biden is unlikely to remove most of Trump tariffs or to be very friendly to China, at least he won't shoot surprise midnight policy tweets.

    1. Ok! Holding tight for the expected tough roller coaster ride!

    2. 1) Spur,

      And I thought the momo trade for the month is the rotation out of growth(tech) into value play.

      Buy those stocks hammered by Wuhan virus and sell those stocks that benefitted from the Wuhan virus ;)

      2) CW,

      Reading between the lines, your entry must be an ikan-bilis stay-tuned initial position.

      Win, in percentage power!

      Lose, in real money no real pain ;)

      Now that's risk management!

    3. Ha ha! Now old man from old economy also in Tech stocks and diversifying into overseas market. They can. I can! LOL!

    4. Bring more overseas ETFs to SGX market to feed local Panda/Koala investors who are too lazy to move to overseas market.

  2. Seem like a good ETF.

    A bit puzzle though because for CPFIS only SRS allows. No OA?


    Isn't SRS interest is at 4% higher than OA at 2.5%.

    Besides most people have so much more money in OA and some people don't have SRS at all- like us.

    Anyone knows why?

    Or i have made a mistake about CPFIS which only allow SRS and not OA?

  3. Also surprise not all brokerages are included for IOP.

  4. If i apply, this will be my 1st ETF or Index Fund.

    1. Looking to welcome you to local Panda/Koala HK Tech Stocks club. Let ride the Roller Coaster. Hold tight and don't vomit. LOL!

    2. i won't be surprise this ETF can be a STAG buy.

      When on IPO, it should be oversubscribed because they are more Panda/Koalas then U can imagine or count.

      Actually i am buying for legacy planning.

      But who knows, U never can tell when the price is right to sell for me.

    3. Remember, minimum application is only 5000*$1.30 for IOP.

      For IPO, i think maybe only 1000*$1.30 - presume there is an IPO after IOP.

      So can Stag or not?

      Actually who doesn't like to STAG?

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. After reading more about it, i think this is not a IPO STAG.

      In fact may have liquidity problem-low trading volume.

      Maybe give it a miss or apply for IOP of minimum 5000 units only 🤔

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    7. Have applied minimum 5000 units @ iocbc's broker/dealer - only no commission here

  5. CW,



    Better late than never!

    Well, there goes the Singapore stocks have international exposure argument/denial...

    Mental note to self:

    When laggards join the party... Its time to...

    Spur, shhh...

    1. Panda/koala so slow . Sure kena makan alive. LoL!

    2. Ehh ... heroes tend to die early too! :P

      Don't be surprised if deep value markets like STI outperform high fliers over the next 1 year as expectations of "return to normal" & mean reversion plays out.

      E.g. STI has been outperforming China tech over the past 1 month. Oops! 😂

      But over the longer term, China tech should do really well.

      No worries, Uncle8888 now has legs in both boats. LOL!

    3. "Longer term China tech should do very well."

      Who would buy an ETF for trading like blue chip stock?

      Right now this ETF has no dividend payment.

      And consider slightly more than 1 % fee p/a chargeable, it is not for dividend investors.

      If use CPFIS, alamak! Lose 3.5 % p/a every year b4 Simple Simon says anything.

      Perhaps that's why, this is my 1st ETF since 1987/89.

    4. Never like the idea of losing money b4 anything can happen.

      And that's the day one motto for me - no margin investing day one till now.
      Besides i know i am not that smart to use margin of OPM.

    5. If we have plenty of cash as war chest why still need margin financing for more?

  6. LOL.

    Now maybe but when i was in 1987/8, first strated, not much lah.

    Even after threw in my wife and mine CPFIS fund.

    Futher more, every thing is relative.

    A multi millionaire to billionaire may want margin also.

    If i am smarter, i will margin too.


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