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Monday, 19 February 2018

Minimum You Have To Go Through One Full Market Cycle: Bull-Bear-Bull or Bear-Bull-Bear. If Not Don't Talk Too Loud!

This afternoon; Uncle8888 has kopi session with one new Starfish who wanted to restart her investing journey at the next Bear market and wanted to hear directly from Uncle8888's mouth on surviving market cycles and of course with paper and pen.

Here is the real investing lesson on market cycle for newbies!

Starfish started trading (investing) in 2015 and winning easy money and progressed into contra trading and winning easy money all way to 2007. More or less like Uncle8888. LOL!

Read? Contra Trading. Damn Shiok!!! (2) - Refresh

See closely the chart below for Starfish's starting and ending point and you may understand the moral of the story.

Starfish emotionally couldn't take the losses farther; cut losses and completely out of the market till today. Total losses more than $100K!

So what is the moral of the story?


  1. If you haven't feel the pain in the market is that you haven't lose big enough.

  2. Some people lose abit and screaming in pain.
    Most call us gamblers!

    1. Lose abit and screaming in pain. Better bet ToTo when Jackpot prize hit $4m and above. Don't touch any trading or investing.

    2. Actually it's statistically better to bet toto when jackpot is $1M or $2M.

      When prize money too big, chances get reduced drastically as everyone cheong to buy. LOL!

    3. Spur,

      What you've said is "crowd herding psychology" in a nutshell.

      Bitcoin below USD 1,000 no one interested; price above USD 10,000 monkey see monkey do!

      Never understimate the allure of HIGH prices!

  3. Hi Spur,

    i am a bit confused about chances get reduced because more people buy ToTo.

    Isn't ToTo like 4D has fixed combination of numbers?

    1. Chance for an individual to select winning numbers is the same.

      But chances of multiple winners higher when prize money is big & there are lots of publicity. ;)

      Of course, there's always divine luck like that fellow who won $8+M all by himself lol!

  4. The moral is U can always forget the Bull but never, never the Bear.

    Where are U and what U do in the Bear Market?

    Will determine U survive or not in winter.

    And there are countless winters in your lifetime.

    Having said the last winter2008/2009 was *@!xxx!? even to me.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.


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