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Friday, 6 December 2019

Return My CPF. PayNow!!!

Read? Turning 55 - and enjoying financial freedom (9)

No need for Opposition party to form the next Govt to return my CPF.

Just a few clicks on 'my cpf Online Services' and demand PayNow!

Few seconds later, Uncle8888 received his CPF payment!

Thank you for using 'my cpf Online Services'. 

We refer to your withdrawal application for members age 55 and above - Payment via PayNow (Transaction Number) submitted on 05 Dec 2019. 

Your application has been successfully processed. The payment has been credited to your bank account linked to your Singapore NRIC under PayNow.

$24K CPF Interests Withdrawal

1) Deducted interests from SA first i.e. Jan to Nov (11 months) is $1,534.94

2) Remaining balance deducted from OA i.e. $22,465.06


  1. I am following your blue print. I turn 55 next year

  2. Wow wish I can also withdraw $24K interest every year.

  3. Wow!

    Aiming the same on 1st quarter of 2021 for my wife.

    By the way have U started to withdraw your "MS"?

    How it works for U?

    If plus your "MS" per annum, boh beh chow man!

    1. I think I will start monthly drawing out on 2022 for next 23 yrs i.e. up to 88 yrs old at $1180 per month

    2. My wife MS withdrawal will be in 2021 too. Coinside with perpetual annuity withdrawal.

      So U have confirmed best withdrawal strategy is 1st week of Dec?

    3. Best withdrawal strategy if only we want to keep CPF SA principal intact to earn 4% ok interest for as long as possible.

  4. And quite a many people don't understand there is such thing as "PERPETUAL ANNUITY" without having to buy one.

    U only have to structure one with our G.

    So pray that our G is slightly more for the people than for anyone else.

    This is prayer for ordinary folks on the street.


  5. People are now using the Lorna Tan CPF SA shielding hack to preserve as much SA as possible after 55. LOL!!

    This works if your OA is large enough, so that all or most of your RA is funded from OA instead of SA.

    A twist from the old days hack of preserving your OA instead of using it all before getting a HDB loan.

    1. In the old days, IIRC, HDB didn't allowed me to borrow from them as long as i had fund in my CPF OA.


  6. Uncle, I am considering to top up cash $90K to ERS to have a higher consistent baseline income. My wife is 6 years younger. We would probably retire together in 2030 when I turn 65. Her CPFLife payout will kick in 2036. What do u think?

    1. Treating CPF Life as consistent baseline for sustainable income for life is good consideration.

  7. NO need to wait till 55 we want to draw as when we need

    1. On the hand, if we are able to draw as when we need, we all have 101 needs.

      Especially for working class.


    2. Hmm .. one way is to be self-employed and lesser money will be locked in CPF till 55.

  8. But then what or where are the risks?

    Remember in life, there is no such thing as no risk, no matter where U put your money.

    That is why it is better to best to store your Treasure in Heaven then on Earth.

    If U are a believer there is life after death.

  9. U yia Bo ? Next year I turn 55 ,, don't play play with my heart ok..I want my money back.

  10. Dum hav to thank the gahment...this is your own saving...nothing new in this article..all freely available on the cpf long as u hav the minimum retirement sum with property pledge or the full retirement sum (around $180 000) in ur RA u could then withdraw ur OA+SA anytime upon reaching 55


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