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Tuesday 25 August 2015

Strengthening War Chest From Our Investment Portfolio???


Uncle8888 knows that most people are able to strengthen their war chest through their regular saving from their earned income; but NOT for Uncle8888.

In Jan 2000 at his age of 43+, he seriously came to the stock market with all he already had. He couldn't afford to lose more than that as it is really a sizable war chest from his past 23 years of saving. Remember that he is from single household income with three children and five mouths to feed. No extra money to play play in the stock market!

Till today in Aug 2015,  even after 15 years of more earned income; it is still the same amount of capital available for investing. No more and no less. This is all part of prudent risk and money management in practice - strict discipline; greed and fear control at the maximum! 

The best outcome arising this practice is that his investment performance is simple to measure and perfectly measured by XIRR as there is no complication of additions of new capital.




So how does Uncle8888 strengthen his war chest over market cycles?


Over the last 15 years; he did learn something about strengthening his war chest. You may like think over it even though you have the ability to strengthen your war chest through your regular saving.

There are two ways of strengthening his war chest - positively or negatively.

Positively by making hay while Sun shines or negatively by pulling out weeds from his garden.

He realized he has done both; but he finds that positively is still better than negatively. The down side could be many years of seeing dried hays doing nothing. 

This can be sickening too!

No right or wrong as the size of war chest still count when it is needed!




  1. i started a little bit earlier. around 30, this year 33.
    well, uncle. ask your opinion.

    my singtel is earning little money. should i sell and cash out.
    if you, will you do so?

    then buy back later lower price.

    1. Your singtel earned little money. How can it be enough to pay for personal advisory? LOL!

      Three years is a short time in the stock market. One market cycle is about 5 to 6 years to earn your first Degree in Stock Market. When you graduated with Masters in Stock Market after two market cycles. You will learn enough to know what to do what is good for your investment portfolio to meet your investing goals.

      Like it or not. Investing is still a Game of Strategies.

      Do you know your Game Plan and strategies?

      What is your 3Ms - method, mind and money management?

      Do your homework and submit as tutorials for your first Degree in Stock Market coursework to Mr. Market, your tutor. :-)

    2. ok.

      i only buy blue chip. drop certain %, good dividend then i buy.
      can hold for 5 years la.

      money management ya. well. left only 20% invested capital now.

      not much.

    3. Define what is good dividend to you?

      You and only you matters!

    4. aiya. got 3% . also considered good enough.

    5. Are you damn sure that 3% yield is good enough for you?

      This weekend go to bukit timah hill or mount faber to think over again. Come back on Sunday night to say again! :-)

    6. ok. not lose already very good.
      just hope that dont lose all my hard earned money.


      see what i post in mike blog.

  2. You have failed your tutorial. Go and re-do your tutorial. Come back on Sunday night to answer on your yield. Damn sure it is just 3% yield.

    1. ok, year end i will tell you. how much dividend i get for 2015.

    2. You so jialiat as student of stock market. What has your definition of good dividend yield got to do with how much dividends you are receiving at year end?

      Come back on Sunday night to define what is good dividend yield to you? Are you damn sure it is just 3% yield?


    3. Walao.
      Uncle, where got teacher so fierce to pupil.

      yes. 3% la.

    4. yeh,

      CW's style is army Encik one. He good! I think our education style has now swung too much to sayang sayang...

      The market is not our mother; we need a bit of ruggedness ;)

      Oh by the way, don't short-change your womanly intuition. You were right yesterday in feeling that yesterday's bounce was "suspect".

      Hence your question on Singtel ;)

      You know the 招式, but not quite sure on the 心法.

      What you want to do with Singtel is ideally done when the Sun is still shining ;)

  3. Lol CW,

    Chill la...
    Yeh, start thinking qualatatively !! Think sustainability and growtg

  4. CW method might or might not work for u.

    Find yours quick, and try it out ...

    Mathematically, if u need serious tutorial... I can help u... Then u can have a meaninful tutorial with this qianbei

  5. uncle
    dow from +tive to -tive.

    how do you see?

    are you going to buy somemore today?

  6. Hihi cw and Yeh

    Fierce teacher and curious student :)
    Time to nibble is got chance :)

  7. 3% yield is good dividend and only looking for blue chips. Congratulations as you have found yourself a simple method with your good yield.

    Less Analyzing. More investing - CW8888

    Show you how. :-)

    1. OK. One last chance. Your final answer is 3% on blue chips only?

    2. Yes. Uncle. U ask me email you?

    3. Secret sauce for personal consumption and not for public viewing.

      Confirm 3% yield on blue chips ONLY?

    4. She very cute.

      Right in front of her can't see it.

      Standing too close to the trees...

      当局者迷, 旁观者清。

    5. uncle. what is your email address..
      i email you.

      or you can email me at guilinggao2011@yahoo.com

    6. First thing first.

      As retail investor in the stock market; you must learn how to discover. Show us you know to discover this email address. By order from Encik CW8888


    7. uncle
      i went to your profile can get your email.
      but that one super complicated to use.

      write an email also so ma fan.

    8. Another lesson in investing.

      Don't search in the obvious place to look for Gem. It may turn out to be complicated. Look for low hanging fruit somewhere that is not so obvious. It could be there under some flowers. Got the clue?


    9. wahlao
      so ma fan. i search up and down. see nothing.

    10. CW,


      That's funny!

      You, mountain, come to me!

      "Got heart" will find one...

      Generation gap.

      Lucky I out of Corporate life oredi. Imagine my newly hired talk to me like that!?

      And I consider myself very liberal!

    11. What does some ladies expect from their boy-friends, lovers or husbands during Valentine Day?

      Clearest clue. Search below it.

    12. OK. I back home then try.
      Aiya. I gave you my email address there.
      You just email me la.


  8. uncle.
    sti didn drop much. while evrrybody expect a big drop.

  9. Army training going here? The answer is simple, what is your objective? If 3% blue chip and forever invested us your plan, stuck to it. Review when criteria not met or potentially not going to meet? How to know the future? Isn't that the reason you buy blue chip? :)

  10. It was funny looking at the Aug post and comments now. I wonder if Yeh has passed her tutorial. LOL
    (opps cannot laugh, my own tutorial not much better)

    3% how to beat inflation? Jialat. I am sure now the 3% has 'inflated' if she has the stomach for more blue chips. :P


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