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Sunday, 20 December 2020

Long Term Investing Is Like Farmer Working In The Field From Sunrise To Sunset??? (2)

 Read? Long Term Investing Is Like Farmer Working In The Field From Sunrise To Sunset???

Small Time Investor20 December 2020 at 10:37:00 GMT+8

Uncle 8888

What and who is the saving grace when the farmer collapse under the hot sun in 2007?

Now farmer has more than capital size to use the right tools to work for him under hot sun.

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One day; his broker called to tell him this good news after reviewing his account performance and offered to up his game level. Broker has lowered his commission from 0.275% to 0.22% and up buy limit to $200K and then to $300K when $200K limit was hit several times.

Buy limit: $300K, T+5, Commission at 0.22%

Huat liao! FIRE soon! That was his thinking in 2007

The moral of the story:

Never under-estimate the greed in us when we are winning big and on the way to FIRE faster!


What and who is the saving grace when the farmer collapse under the hot sun in 2007?

What was the Lesson learnt?

Who are we in the stock market?

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It will be better if Uncle8888 knows how to short and short it big???

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Saturday, 28 March 2009, I wrote this post:

One honest Guru said that (but still many gurus are not telling us much about their losses in shorting the market), he gave back most of his profits built up from the last plunge.

This Guru was not any ordinary trader but the Chief Trainer and Strategist in one of the Kung Fu School of Trading in Singapore hor.

Read more? Does Shorting always win in a bear market?

14 Apr 2012 Createwealth8888's comments: This Guru continued to lose money despites he was one of those Kung Fu masters training many disciples to fight bulls and bears. Few months later the Guru also stopped blogging. Why did he stop blogging??? We can do our own thinking. LOL!


  1. "Does shorting always win in the market"?


    Long or Short in the market, there are always people better than us.

  2. Seriously, the last 2008/2009 fiasco, a German Billionaire shorted and lost.
    Not only his wealth and mental health too.
    He committed suicide.

    Why lost his mental health too?

    Because it was said he still got residue wealth in terms of millions.

    Google for more accurate facts or fiction; if U want to.


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