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Sunday, 20 December 2020

Long Term Investing Is Like Farmer Working In The Field From Sunrise To Sunset???

Uncle8888 is like a farmer working hard in the field from Sunrise in 2000; and working even harder in 2007 under extreme hot Sun trying to plant more and more Summer seeds to become Rich. But; foolishly he collapsed under hot Sun due to Dehydration. He cooled down, changed strategies, and recovered. 

He understood what went Wrong in 2007; then he began to watch Shadow of the SUN carefully from Midsun to Sunset. 

In Sunset; as a farmer he will slow down and no longer have to work hard on the field. When he looked at the Field; he realized that he should be able to harvest enough to survive through the Winter! Be steady and NOT greedy for more! 

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Replacement Income

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  1. Uncle 8888

    What and who is the saving grace when the farmer collapse under the hot sun in 2007?

    Now farmer has more than capital size to use the right tools to work for him under hot sun.

  2. i was more fortunate because after reading many investment books and styles of investing, i agree strongly with one author that emphasized markets B/B cycles.

    i remebered reading something like in a normal person life, how many B/B cycles he could live to see.

    Another words, B/B cycles investing for me from day one.

    Of course i made stupid mistakes thinking i was a genuis with B/B cycles hard earned money, speculating warrants, "China Cheat Stocks" populised by SGX at one period.

    If not i would be so much richer.

    That's investing journey life lol.

    U win some, U lose some.

    Without losing, when will be humbled and learn.



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