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Thursday 31 October 2013

Trade For Passive Income???

Just For Laugh ....

Do you know how MLM work in term of compensation in the stock market?

Newer participants in the "downline" providing multiple levels of compensation to earlier participants or lao jiao in the "upline".

In this MLM Stock Market Game, you pay your due first with part of your hard earned income from your day job to the earlier participants or lao jiao in the "upline".

After a few years of contribution from your earned income, then you may step up in levels of compensation according to your "seniority" in the stock market.

You still want to trade for passive income?

Wednesday 30 October 2013

Sembcorp Industries to dispose of medical waste collection business in India

Sembcorp Industries (SCI) today announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Sembcorp Environment, has agreed to divest its entire stake in Sembcorp Enviro (India) to Ramky International (Singapore) for $7.25 million.

Sembcorp Enviro (India) is a special purpose vehicle that owns a 51 per cent stake in SembRamky Environmental Management, a medical waste collection and treatment player in India.

The divestment is in line with SCI's efforts to streamline its businesses and sharpen its strategy for the India market.

Completion of the divestment is expected to take place by year end.

Want to play with fire and expecting Fire Stations to protect them from getting burnt???

CW8888: Want to play with fire and expecting Fire Stations to protect them from getting burnt???

Clarifying SGX's clarification

IN RESPONSE to the tumultuous events of the past three weeks involving the speculative trio of stocks Asiasons, Blumont and LionGold, the Singapore Exchange (SGX) last Friday issued a detailed clarification to correct what it believes are misconceptions about its role as frontline market regulator.

Clearly intended to be the final word on the subject, SGX's explanations are useful as they address gaps in the public's understanding of the way regulatory matters are handled and how the exchange views its role. Last Friday's release should be compulsory reading for all parties interested in regulatory matters, how discipline is maintained in daily trading, and overall governance.

From a close reading of SGX's release, the first point to note is that the exchange's powers are limited almost wholly to issuing warning signals to the market if trading takes an unusual turn. These warnings range in strength, starting with a query - the first signal that something may be amiss. Then it progresses to designation (which occurs if there may be possible manipulation and/or excessive speculation); and ends with an exchange-driven suspension (when the exchange thinks the market is not orderly, informed or fair).

A temporary suspension could, of course, come ahead of designation as shown in the case of the speculative trio. But the point that should be stressed is that SGX's primary regulatory role in daily trading - apart from enforcing its listing rules - is to sound warnings.

Dow within 50 points of an all-time record

By: | CNBC.com Stock Market Writer

The Dow Jones Industrial Average soared 111.42 points, to close at 15,680.35, led by IBM and AT&T. The blue-chip index is within 50 points of hitting its record set in September.

The S&P 500 rallied 9.84 points, to end at 1,771.95. And the Nasdaq gained 12.21 points, to finish at 3,952.34.

The CBOE Volatility Index (VIX), widely considered the best gauge of fear in the market, closed above 13.

Monday 28 October 2013

Sembcorp’s Expansion to its Woodchip Boiler Renewable Energy Plant in Singapore Comes Onstream

- The expansion is in line with Sembcorp’s drive to offer its customers competitive energy solutions which also reduce their carbon footprint

Sembcorp Industries (Sembcorp) continues to deliver on its strategy to grow its green energy capacity in Singapore, commencing commercial operations of a S$30 million expansion to its Sembcorp Woodchip Boiler Plant on Jurong Island. The expansion triples the output of the plant – which produces renewable energy from woodchip, a sustainable alternative fuel derived from waste wood – to 60 tonnes per hour of steam from its initial of 20 tonnes per hour capacity.
Funded through internal resources, the expansion to this green energy plant is in line with Sembcorp’s drive to provide its customers with a competitively priced solution to their steam needs, while reducing their carbon footprint.

The Sembcorp Woodchip Boiler Plant was Sembcorp’s first renewable energy plant in Singapore. Since it began operations in 2011, it has offered an economical, environmentally-friendly source of steam to serve the needs of petrochemical manufacturers in the Sakra area of Jurong Island. The newly enlarged woodchip boiler plant will use around 400 tonnes per day of woodchip processed from construction and demolition waste collected by Sembcorp’s solid waste management operations, the largest operator in Singapore. It is also estimated to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 70,000 tonnes a year.

This expansion of the Sembcorp Woodchip Boiler Plant comes on the back of Sembcorp’s recent announcement that it will invest over S$250 million to build, own and operate the Sembcorp Energy-from-Waste Plant, a steam production facility capable of producing 140 tonnes per hour of process steam using industrial and commercial waste. With both facilities, come 2016 Sembcorp would have grown its energy-from-waste capabilities in Singapore by ten-fold in five years to 200 tonnes per hour, and met its target of fulfilling one-third of its existing customers’ steam demand using alternative fuel.

Globally, Sembcorp’s renewable energy capabilities span biomass, wind power and energy-from-waste solutions, with facilities in Singapore, the UK and China. In the UK, Sembcorp owns and operates a 35 megawatt wood-fuelled biomass power station, and has announced the development of a second energy-from-waste facility capable of generating 49 megawatts of gross power or 190 tonnes per hour of steam using municipal and commercial waste. In China, it has wind power assets with a combined capacity of 248 megawatts in Inner Mongolia and Hebei. Put together, Sembcorp’s renewable energy assets comprise around 5% of its global portfolio of power and steam assets.
The transaction is not expected to have a material impact on the earnings per share and net asset value per share of Sembcorp Industries for the current financial year.

How to become rich in stocks??? (18) - New edition

Read? How to become rich in stocks??? (18)

What must you really do?

Do you keep a journal or note pad to remind yourself of your own investing mistakes and success?

From these frequent reviews, you will learn from your own investing mistakes to avoid future panic buying or selling and to gain insights from your own investing success to push Luck Factor further.

But, how many retail investors bother to do that?

Record what?

Review what?

Reduce mistakes is pretty obvious to anyone who has lost big in the stock market.

How about gain insights?

Not so obvious to any untrained investing mind. Right?

Now you start thinking first ... okay?

Sunday 27 October 2013

Semb Corp

Singapore, October 10, 2013 Sembcorp Industries wishes to announce that the Third Quarter 2013 Financial Results will be released on Monday, November 11, 2013 after trading hours.

STI : Got leg to run?

How to become rich in stocks??? (18)

Read? How to become rich in stocks??? (17)

What must you really do?

Do you keep a journal or note pad to remind yourself of your own investing mistakes and success?

From these frequent reviews, you will learn from your own investing mistakes to avoid future panic buying or selling and to gain insights from your own investing success to push Luck Factor further.

But, how many retail investors bother to do that?

Saturday 26 October 2013

Book: The emotional Intelligent Investor

Just For thinking ...

While other finance or investment bloggers have given up on reading more books as there is not much differences.

But,Uncle8888 is still searching for more such books; but it is extremely difficult to fish out the minor differences among these books.

We are all also looking at the same publicly available financial numbers and technical charts.

What made us absolutely different from many others in the same market?

It is that minor difference in our investing mind that will make us absolutely different. That minor thinking may have big impact on our simple decision on buy, hold or sell.


Friday 25 October 2013

Gross Monthly Income From Work in Singapore. Get your expectation right.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Median income is the amount which divides the income distribution into two equal groups, half having income above that amount, and half having income below that amount.

 Source: Income - Ministry of Manpower

CW8888: If we can make $2.5K to 3K passive income per person or $5K to $6K per couple should be comfortable in Singapore. Right?

Median Gross Monthly Income From Work of Full-Time Employed Residents ($)

  • Data exclude full-time National Servicemen.
  • Data are for mid-year.
  • Residents refer to Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents.
  • Gross monthly income from work refers to income earned from employment. For employees, it refers to the gross monthly wages or salaries before deduction of employee CPF contributions and personal income tax. It comprises basic wages, overtime pay, commissions, tips, other allowances and one-twelfth of annual bonuses. For self-employed persons, gross monthly income refers to the average monthly profits from their business, trade or profession (i.e. total receipts less business expenses incurred) before deduction of income tax.
  • Before 2009, full-time refers to employment where the normal hours of work is at least 30 hours a week while part-time refers to employment where the normal hours of work is less than 30 hours a week. From 2009 onwards, the threshold between full-time and part-time was revised from 30 hours to 35 hours to align with the revised definition in the Employment Act.
  • Data for 2005 are not available as the Comprehensive Labour Force Survey was not conducted due to the conduct of the General Household Survey by Department of Statistics, Ministry of Trade and Industry.
  • ^ Deflated by Consumer Price Index for all items at 2009 prices (2009 = 100). Figures in brackets are deflated by Consumer Price Index less imputed rentals on owner-occupied accommodation at 2009 prices (2009 = 100).

  • Stocks end near session highs, S&P 500 above 1750

    By: | CNBC.com Stock Market Writer

    Stocks recovered the previous day's losses to close higher Thursday, with the S&P 500 regaining its footing above 1,750, as Wall Street cheered a handful of upbeat earnings and encouraging economic data from China.

     The Dow and S&P 500 are on track for their third-straight winning week.

    The Dow Jones Industrial Average soared 95.88 points to end at 15,509.21, boosted by Visa and Home Depot. The blue-chip index is within 1.5 percent from hitting its record high. The Dow has flip-flopped between gains and losses for nine-consecutive sessions.

    The S&P 500 gained 5.69 points to close at 1,752.07. For the year, the S&P 500 is up a cool 20 percent. And the Nasdaq climbed 21.89 points to finish at 3,928.96.

    Meanwhile, the CBOE Volatility Index (VIX), widely considered the best gauge of fear in the market, was parked in a range for most of the session near 13.


    Thursday 24 October 2013

    Believing Bullshit! (4)

    Believing Bullshit! (3)

    Samsung fined $340,000 for faking online comments

    After being caught paying for false praise and negative comments about competitors, Samsung has been fined just over $340,000. The issue first arose internationally in April, when Taiwan's Fair Trade Commission (FTC) announced it was opening an investigation into the allegations. That investigation found the allegations were true: the FTC says Samsung used a "large number of hired writers and designated employees" to post in Taiwanese forums. The commission does add that the company did this through a third-party marketing company, just as Samsung originally claimed. Two local marketing firms were fined a combined total of over $100,000 for their part in the marketing ploy.
    When news first broke of Samsung's behavior, HTC was presented as the victim of a campaign of defamation from the Korean company's army of commenters, but the FTC's report into the matter doesn't mention the Taiwanese company by name. Instead, it only notes that the company paid people to "highlight the shortcomings of competing products." The commission did dig up a lot more nefarious activity related to Samsung's commenters, though. The list of infractions includes the "disinfection of negative news about Samsung products," "palindromic Samsung product marketing," and the positive evaluation of Samsung products.
    Both individually and collectively, these types of covert marketing are known in the industry as "astroturfing." While Samsung is by no means the first company to engage in astroturfing, it's been caught in the act twice this year alone. In relation to a later case, Samsung told The Verge that it remains "committed to engaging in transparent and honest communications with consumers."
    CW8888: Really tough to know what is real and what is fake in the Cyberworld!

    Kep Corp : Are the Bulls giving up this time too???

    Father Knows Best: The Carl Icahn edition

    CW8888: World-class example of Super Super Giant Pillow in practice!


    By John Carney

    Carl Icahn's Netflix investment may be the most annoying Best Trade Ever.

    Last fall, Icahn revealed that he had bought a 10 percent stake in Netflix . His average price per share was around $58 each.

    Back on Oct. 10, Icahn started selling shares. The biggest sale took place Tuesday, when he sold for an average price of just over $344, for a total of $819 million. That means he made a profit of about $645 million on Tuesday's sale alone.

    All told, his profit for the fourteen month investment was between $700 and $800 million .

    And he still owns about half of his original stake.


    Wednesday 23 October 2013

    Temasek sells KReit stake for $125m

    Placement works out to 3.74% of KReit that Temasek received as dividend

    BT 20131023 LLKREIT 806170
    MBFC: KReit's key properties in Singapore include the Ocean Financial Centre, Marina Bay Financial Centre (above) and One Raffles Quay. - FILE PHOTO

    TEMASEK Holdings has sold its entire direct stake in office landlord Keppel Reit (KReit) in a share placement that started on Monday evening, sources close to the deal said yesterday.

    The deal involved 103,994,321 shares offered at a price range of between $1.195 and $1.21 per share, the sources said. This represents a 1.6-1.8 per cent discount to the trust's last closing price of $1.23 on Oct 21. The placement offer amounted to an estimated $125 million.

    By the market close on Tuesday, some 163 million shares worth $194.4 million had changed hands, market data from the Singapore Exchange showed.

    Temasek's share sale works out to 3.74 per cent of KReit, representing the stake it had received from the dividend in specie distributed by Keppel Corp to its shareholders during its FY2012 final results announced on Jan 24, 2013.

    Monday 21 October 2013

    Outcome bias and Luck Factor???

    Just For Thinking ....

    How much of your investment success is due to outcome bias and luck factor?

    How can you know?


    Measure, then you will know.

    The Luck factor is likely to run out over a large number of occurrences over a long period of time. Right?

    For stock investment, we can measure Portfolio XIRR since inception over long period of time e.g. 15, 20, 30 years or more.

    Portfolio = Stocks + War Chest (Cash available for investing)

    XIRR is a measure of number over a period of time.

    A portfolio of stocks and war chest is a definitely a large number and 15 years (2 - 3 market cycles) should be long enough for a retail investor.

    XIRR is like

    Older is better. No?

    Sunday 20 October 2013

    Semb Corp: How to be lucky???

    Just For Laugh ....

    1. Lucky, the stock price dropped quite a bit.
    2. Lucky, bought @ $5.24
    3. Unlucky, it slowly went lower, lower and lower.
    4. Lucky, collected 15 cents dividend on 14 May.
    5. Unlucky, it went lower, lower and lower.
    6. Lucky, it hit the lowest @ $4.66 and rebounded
    7. Lucky, it slowly moved higher, higher, and higher
    8. Lucky, now sitting on paper profit
    9. Lucky, if can realize profit @ $5.52 - 5.54

    Wish me Luck!!!


    Book: The Time Paradox

    The Time Paradox is not a single paradox but a series of paradoxes that shape our lives and our destinies. For example:

    Paradox 1

    Time is one of the most powerful influences on our thoughts, feelings, and actions, yet we are usually totally unaware of the effect of time in our lives.

    Paradox 2

    Each specific attitude toward time—or time perspective—is associated with numerous benefits, yet in excess each is associated with even greater costs.

    Paradox 3

    Individual attitudes toward time are learned through personal experience, yet collectively attitudes toward time influence national destinies.

    Uncle888S BAU at NLB

    Way beyond Emergency Fund!

    When we are no longer young; but old enough to be near retirement or semi-retirement phase.

    We will face the two greatest financial fears in our life:

    1. Inflation on our life expenses
    2. Permanent Loss of Capital due to forced selling during market low to meet liquidity needs for life expenses

    As retirees without the capability of injecting new capital, we must never lose our investing capital during market low. Once we locked in permanent loss of capital, it will become extremely difficult to recover without new capital.

    That is why.

    SMOL: It’s good to be young and feeling invincible! Treasure this moment. We are only young once ;)

    Uncle8888 doesn't feel good but feel weak!

    Nowadays, he looks way beyond emergency fund as he is kiasu and kiasi! A typical Singaporean Uncle. Bo Pian!

    See Uncle8888's model of Way beyond Emergency Fund:

    Saturday 19 October 2013

    Kep Corp: 9M 2013 Record Net Order Book but lower revenue. How come?

    Read? Kep Corp: 3Q & 9M 2013 REPORT CARD

    Record Net Order Book at S$13.6 billion but lower revenue @ 9M 2013

    What happen?

    Read? Singapore Rig Builders Fend Off Chinese, Korean Competition

    "There's a substantial glut in shipbuilding capacity in China and the yards aren't getting orders so they're making a push into offshore rig markets," Religare Capital analyst Vincent Fernando was quoted in the report, which noted that China may rival Singapore in terms of rig production capacity by 2015.

    With little signs of a recovery in the global shipbuilding sector, Chinese and South Korean yards are incentivized to win contracts in the offshore construction markets – including rigs – to compensate for the dip in new ship orders. Yards struggling to stay afloat in China – the world’s largest shipbuilder according to Clarkson Research – are tempted to undercut market prices for newbuild rigs in order to win contracts.

    In addition, Chinese yards offered attractive payment terms to lure customers compared to Singapore yards, which based their contracts on milestone payment structure. Analysts noted that Chinese yards have cut down payment requirements to as low as 2.5 percent of contract value compared with 20 percent before 2010.

    “Chinese yards were desperate because they ran out of conventional ships to build … they were offering crazy terms to attract customers,” Keppel’s CEO Choo Chiau Beng, who best summed up the challenge posed by the new competitors from China, told Bloomberg News.


    Kep Corp's previous more favourable payment terms have been impacted too.

    20/80% or 10/90% payment term now???

    Planting Sweet Cherry Tree.
    How long does it take to harvest?
    Sweet Cherry Trees


    Reading more investment and finance books or stop reading anymore???

    Just for Laugh ....

    You have been reading more investment and finance books or already stop reading anymore???


    Did you realize the color of the Pill that you are taking after each reading?
    Morpheus: This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill - the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill - you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.


    Bus 190: Walau!!!


    This is about time to introduce Bus Passenger Service Agent Uncles or Aunties on board Bus 190


    The Finance of Retirement & Pensions

    Join Uncle8888?

    It is free!!!

    The Finance of Retirement & Pensions's logo
    Joshua Rauh, Professor of Finance, Stanford Graduate School of Business
    You can take this course for free!

    Go? The Finance of Retirement & Pensions



    Friday 18 October 2013

    Semb Corp: Next Higher Box?

    Simple Art for simple mind?


    Sembcorp to Develop its Most Comprehensive Total Water Management Plant in China

    - Plans to build, own and operate a total water management plant that aims to achieve “zero liquid discharge” at a coal-to-diesel project in Wangqiao Industrial Park, Shanxi province

    - Secures a 15-year service agreement to serve state-owned Shanxi Lu’an Group

    Sembcorp Industries (Sembcorp) is pleased to announce that it will be developing a total water management plant to support a coal-to-diesel project in Wangqiao Industrial Park, located in Changzhi city in China’s Shanxi province. This total water management plant will offer the most comprehensive range of water products and solutions, amongst the water facilities that Sembcorp has developed in China.

    This total water management plant will provide up to 57,600 cubic metres per day of industrial and potable water, 81,600 cubic metres per day of demineralised water and 984,000 cubic metres per day of cooling water, and treat up to 24,000 cubic metres per day of high concentration industrial wastewater and 9,600 cubic metres per day of high salinity industrial wastewater. The plant will also be capable of reclaiming up to 38,400 cubic metres per day of water from treated industrial effluent, aiming to achieve “zero liquid discharge”. The plant is expected to be completed in phases between late 2014 and 2015.

    The total water management plant will serve Shanxi Lu’an Group (Lu’an), for its one million tonnes per annum coal-to-diesel project in Wangqiao Industrial Park, under a 15-year service agreement that Sembcorp’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Sembcorp (China) Holding Co, has secured. With this service agreement, Sembcorp will be the first to build, own and operate a total water management plant to provide such solutions to large-scale coal-to-diesel projects in China. Lu’an’s project is the first large-scale coal-to-diesel project approved by China’s relevant authorities and has strong support from the Chinese government as it is part of the national energy strategy. The main products from Lu’an’s coal-to-diesel facility will be liquefied petroleum gas, naphtha and high quality diesel. Wholly owned by the Shanxi Provincial Government, Lu’an is one of the largest state-owned coal enterprises in Shanxi province and one of the top 100 enterprises in China.

    This project is in line with Sembcorp’s plans to develop water projects for industries in China, where the Group aims to offer its innovative water solutions to water-stressed regions. This is the second “closed loop” total water management project that Sembcorp is developing in China, following its award-winning project in the Zhangjiagang Free Trade Port Zone. Sembcorp’s total water solutions not only help customers comply with discharge regulations and limit environmental impact, but also reduce liquid discharge and conserve precious water resources by promoting water reuse, thereby closing the water loop.

    Sembcorp will invest approximately RMB932 million (S$189.9 million) to develop this new project, which will be funded by internal resources and external borrowings. Sembcorp will establish a wholly-owned subsidiary, Sembcorp Changzhi Water Co, to manage the plant.

    Tang Kin Fei, Sembcorp Group President & CEO, said, “We are pleased to bring our expertise in total water management and integrated industrial water solutions to support Shanxi Lu’an Group in their coal-to-diesel facility. Besides serving their water requirements, we also help them protect the environment and conserve water resources.

    “We are honoured to be selected by Shanxi Lu’an Group for this important project as it is testament to our total water management capabilities and the strong reputation that Sembcorp has built in China. This project also gives us our first foothold to tap into the coal-to-chemical sector, which includes coal-to-diesel, coal-to-gas and coal-to-alkene facilities, and we look forward to securing more projects in this sector.”

    With this latest project, Sembcorp will have a presence with 23 utilities operations across 11 provinces in China, serving both industrial and municipal customers.

    The transaction is not expected to have a material impact on the earnings per share and net asset value per share of Sembcorp Industries for the current financial year.

     - END -

    Thursday 17 October 2013

    Kep Corp: 3Q & 9M 2013 REPORT CARD

    1. 3Q 2013 Net Profit increased 20% to S$403 million, compared to 3Q 2012's S$337 million.

    2. 9M 2013 Net Profit decreased 33% to S$1,080 million, compared to 9M 2012's S$1,609 million.

    3. 9M 2013's Earnings per Share was 59.8 cents, down 33% from 9M 2012's 89.8 cents.

    4. Annualised Return on Equity of 15.4%.

    5. 9M 2013 Economic Value Added decreased from S$1,245 million to S$648 million.

    6. Cash outflow of S$1,647 million.

    7. Net gearing of 0.23x.

    Note: The financials exclude revaluation, major impairment and divestments.

    Net Margin still stable at 14%

    Stocks end near highs after Senate deal, Dow soars 200; Vix skids 19%

    By: | CNBC.com Stock Market Writer

    Stocks closed at session highs Wednesday, with the Dow up 200 points and S&P within 1 percent of hitting its record, after Senate leaders announced a long-awaited compromise to raise the debt ceiling and put an end to the government shutdown.

    The Dow Jones Industrial Average shot up 205.82 points, or 1.36 percent, to end at 15,373.83, boosted by Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan.

    The S&P 500 jumped 23.48 points, or 1.38 percent, to close at 1,721.54. The S&P 500 is less than 1 percent away from its record high of 1,729.86 reached on Sept. 19.

    And the Nasdaq rallied 45.42 points, or 1.20 percent, to finish at 3,839.43.

    The CBOE Volatility Index (VIX), widely considered the best gauge of fear in the market, tumbled near 15.


    Tuesday 15 October 2013

    Passive Investing in STI ETF. No lose money over inflation???

    Just For Thinking ..

    Passive Investing in STI ETF. No lose money over inflation???

    Let us forget about academic study on index investing using cost averaging method and get real.

    Real people. Real retail investors.

    Calling for old timers in index investing who have went through few market cycles i.e. at least investing for the last 15 years to share their thoughts.


    Passive Investing in STI ETF.

    No lose money over inflation???

    No Goal. No Aim. No Dream. You are more likely to end up as an Average in your 60s! (2)

    Read? No Goal. No Aim. No Dream. You are more likely to end up as an Average in your 60s!

    For retirees and near-retirees, when we look back at people around us who have moved up way ahead of others in climbing the corporate ladder or move on to start their own business or pursue their passion.

    What do these people unlikely to have in common?

    No Goal. No Aim. No Dream???

    Fortunately, Uncle8888 has realised it not too late in Year 2000 and put in lots of effort to learn how not to end up as an Average retail investor in his 60s.

    Same here. Look at those kids and students.

    No Goal. No Aim. No Dream. They are more likely to end up as Average students when they have completed their study.

    Read? Dare to Goal. Aim and Dream

    Read? Got Goal. Got Aim. Got Dream

    Read? Got Plan too

    Monday 14 October 2013

    Keppel REIT's Total Return before Tax for YTD Sep 2013 Grew 14.6% Year-on-Year

    • Total Return before Tax increased 14.6% year-on-year ("y-o-y") to $115.9 million
    • Net Property Income for YTD Sep 2013 increased 9.9% y-o-y to $100.9 million due mainly to improved performance from Ocean Financial Centre and the additional contribution from 8 Exhibition Street, a premium freehold Grade A office building in prime central business district ("CBD") of Melbourne, Australia
    • Share of Results of Associates for YTD Sep 2013 registered an improvement of 33.2% y-o-y to $46.4 million due to improved performance from Marina Bay Financial Centre Phase 1 and One Raffles Quay
    • Distributable Income for YTD Sep 2013 rose 6.1% y-o-y to $159.1 million
    • Overall committed portfolio occupancy increased from 99.1% to 99.4%


    • Excluding construction revenue arising from the flue gas treatment upgrade following its completion last year, Group revenue for 9M 2013 remained stable at $50.8 million compared to 9M 2012.
    • Profit after tax for 9M 2013 was $10.9 million, contributing to earnings per unit (EPU) of 1.72 cents for the period. Excluding the contribution from the construction of the flue gas treatment upgrade last year, profit after tax was $0.2 million or 2.0% lower compared to 9M 2012.
    • Net asset value per unit as at 30 September 2013 was $0.99 compared to $1.02 as at 30  June 2013, due to the distribution payment of 3.13 cents on 15 August 2013.
    • Cash generated from operations was $36.7 million for 9M 2013.

    Sunday 13 October 2013

    Will You Try To Pay Off Your Housing Loan ASAP If You Have One? (6)

    Read? Will You Try To Pay Off Your Housing Loan ASAP If You Have One? (5)

    Pg 36, invest, thesundaytimes, Oct 2013

    Using CPF to pay off mortgage in 7 years for a 25-year HDB housing loan of around $194K in 1995

    Another "not-so-savvy-investor" like Uncle8888.

    How to compute the opportunity cost of being debt-free too early?

    Start early. Slow and steady?

    Start later but sprint faster?

    No Goal. No Aim. No Dream. You are more likely to end up as an Average in your 60s!

    Read? Uncle8888's Mind in May 2008

    No Goal. No Aim. No Dream.

    You are more likely to end up as an Average in your 60s!

    ACT NOW!

    Saturday 12 October 2013

    Fishing and Stock Market (4)

    Read? Fishing and Stock Market - III

    Book: The Essential P/E

    Read this book.

    If you are not a trader, can consider reading. LOL!

    BAU at NLB.

    Being more Patience add stress to you???

    Being more Patience add stress to you???

    When you are getting more stress by watching the stock market up and down on each trading day; and if you are not into fishing. 

    Try taking up Fishing as your new hobby. It costs less than $30 to get into this Boot Camp as fishermen. They are known to be patient men and women.

    It is just waiting and watching the sea waves; there is really nothing much to do other than chatting with your fishing kakis or "talking" softly to yourself.

    The Best Thing you learn in Fishing.
    You absolutely learn that fish come to you. There is no way for you to force the fish to come to you.
    Wait. It will come!
    Sianz = Stress???
    No right?

    Stocks close near highs amid optimism over DC debt talks; S&P ends above 1700

    The Dow Jones Industrial Average soared 111.04 points, to close at 15,237.11, boosted by Visa and Johnson & Johnson. On Thursday, the Dow skyrocketed more than 300 points, posting its second-best day this year.

    The S&P 500 rallied 10.64 points, to finish at 1,703.20. And the Nasdaq jumped 31.13 points, to end at 3,791.87.

    The CBOE Volatility Index (VIX), widely considered the best gauge of fear in the market, closed below 16.

    CW8888: What else can cause an Oct 2013 Crash?

    Friday 11 October 2013

    Sembcorp buys majority stake in NCC Power for S$102 mln

    MUMBAI - Singapore global utility services company Sembcorp has signed a deal to purchase a majority stake in NCC Power Projects for about 5 billion rupees (S$102 million), the Economic Times cited people with knowledge of the development as saying.

    “The deal size, which is just little above par of investment made so far, reflects the current unfavourable market conditions,” one of the persons said.
    Sembcorp, part-owned by Temasek Holdings, however, has agreed to pay premium amounts based on milestones over the next few years. “Premium payments to be paid over a period of time based on milestone achievements may match the premiums paid to power projects in India in the past,” the person added.

    NCC Power Projects, promoted jointly by Hyderabad-based infrastructure firms NCC and Gayatri Projects, is building a 1,320-mw coal-fired plant in Nellore district in Andhra Pradesh with total investments of Rs 7,050 crore. NCC, which owns 55 per cent in the venture, invested Rs 460 crore out of the planned Rs 969 crore. The plant is expected to be ready by March 2015.

    A senior NCC official confirmed the talks with Sembcorp and that a preliminary agreement has been signed. “Definitive agreement will be signed in a month or two. NCC did not invest the total equity amount it was supposed to for 55 per cent holding in the joint venture. Now, after the deal, Sembcorp will bring in the balance amounts,” he said.

    Sembcorp did not respond queries.

    The deal with NCC will be the third major investment for Sembcorp in India and its second in power sector purchase.

    The project will be completed by September 2014.
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