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Sunday, 6 December 2020

Passive Income From My CPF For 2021. PayNow!!!

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Thursday, 22 December 2016

CPF : What can I do for you?

CW : I want to confirm my understanding that I can withdraw all interests from CPF SA and OA.

CPF : You can withdraw interests from SA, OA and MA too.

CW: Pls help to check how much interests I can draw out without touching my SA and OA.

CPF: Wah! You have lots of interests to draw out. It is $XX,XXX. Do you want to draw out now?

CW: :-)

CW: No. Not now. I will withdraw next year on January.

CPF: No. You can't withdraw your interests on January. Your interests credited on January will become your principal. You have no more interests to withdraw. You have to be careful as you will be withdrawing your principal in CPF SA first and then principal in CPF OA. CPF SA is 4% interests. Be careful! You better withdraw now in December. Your interests for November has been credited! Do you want to withdraw now?

CW: No. I will withdraw next year in December.

CPF : You no need the money now?

CW: No need!


Monday, 13 March 2017

CW : I want to withdraw interests from all my CPF accounts.

Uncle8888 also passed to her this notepad.

CW: Pls help to write down the number. Principal and interests. Thank you!

When CPF lady has written down all the numbers and handed over Uncle8888's note pad.

CW: No MA interest?

CPF: This year MA limit is raised to $52,000. Your MA has not reach the limit so you can't withdraw MA interest.


Uncle8888 has been topping up his CPF MA as self-employed and at the same time to qualify for Workfare. Finally, through his self-employed MA contributions and Workfare from Govt, he managed to reached CPF MA BHS @ $60K in 2020

$24K interests withdrawal from CPF as follows:

No interests withdrawal from CPF MA even he has reached MA BHS @ $60K for 2020!

Walan! This CPF system is really complicated! Even frontline CPF counter service staff answers are not exactly SAME after going through the process of ACTUALLY doing it!


Be precise on FAQ and re-train your counter service staff!


  1. CW,

    But, but... You're not supposed to withdraw the interests (take money out from CPF)!!!

    You're supposed to voluntarily contribute NEW money into CPF (put in most welcomed) ;)

    Don't you love interest on interest on interest?

    Let it compound and compound forever and ever!

    Never take money out from CPF!!! (poke)

    Got to agree with you. Its hilarious reading your previous post and the comments on CPF property refund thingy.

    CPF themselves left hand say one thing, right hand say another.

    One reader say got this loop hole, then another reader say tried but cannot leh???

    So can refund or not?

    I mean I not sure we consider ourselves financially literate, but really? Hands up who crystal clear?

    What more about the common man riding in the Comfort Delgro bus?

    I think I better join the Comfort Delgro bus riders and Hong Lim crowd - O$P$!

    Not only would I join you in withdrawing the interests out, I would go one further by doing my best to withdraw as much principal out by opting for BRS ;)

    Then big daddy can move the goal posts, raise the ceilings, change policies all they want! (I know they will)

    I'm not screaming financial freedom when there's someone grabbing me by the bxlls ;)


    1. "I'm not screaming financial freedom when there's someone grabbing me by the bxlls ;)"



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  2. Once reached BHS, interest will overflow to OA on 31 Dec for those over 55.

    1. That is correct if we are not withdrawing any money from CPF after 55.

    2. Still can withdraw with patience. Interest overflow to OA. Then u withdraw the interest OA + SA in Dec😊

  3. The FAQ pages seem to be less technical & informative now. 😠

    I can no longer find the sequence of withdrawal liao i.e. SA interest --> OA interest --> SA principal --> OA principal.

    Now they simply say withdraw from SA first, followed by withdrawal from OA. 🙄

    Oh, for those who want to withdraw as much as possible, all along CPF provides an exemption from Retirement Sum/Minimum Sum & CPF Life --- i.e. if you have your own lifelong pension or annuity.

    However, in recent years CPF has raised the exemption bar --- your pension or annuity needs to pay out at least the same amount as CPF Life Standard ... a very high bar that no commercial annuity can even come close! LOL!

    1. Ha ha! Change withdrawal rule to minimum X% of CPF OA balance per withdrawal and very fast SA principal will be depleted. LOL!

    2. Then CPF can or will treat all accounts in CPF as RA lol.

      RA now is compulsory withdrawal at age 70 for PEOPLE who can choose not to join CPF LIFE.

      But then that means G doesn't need CPF fund for "National Development" anymore or G can hardly invest our CPF fund for higher returns?

  4. i think with zero to negative Bank interest rate for many more years to come, it is to best to leave the CPF funds alone until U really need it.

    That is U have spare cash in the banks or best if your assets generate enough cash to cover your daily livings.

    Or can convert some assets (like in the money life insurances) by selling them in the open market instead of surrendering the policies.

    Or can convert life insurances in the money to annuities or annuities plus retaining beneficiary's benefit - still applicable.
    Some of my WL Insurances allow this conversions.

    Of course, i hope i don't have to convert or sell in the open market except one which is not beneficial anymore.
    Which i will sell come 2022 because there is a quite big jump in 29 to 30 year anniversary of non-guarantee SV.
    Anyone got better advice, welcome as i am really "BTC" type.


  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Very nice CW8888. Yearly passive income without touching the principals.

    We are building up our CPF funds to be our main source of income in retirement and similarly hoping to just withdraw the interests yearly.

    We will have $3M in our combined CPF accounts by end this year including this year's interests. And as SMOL teased : "...You're not supposed to withdraw the interests.....", we will try not to withdraw the interest as long as possible.

    If we dont contribute anymore to the CPF and dont make any withdrawal from next Jan, the $3M will grow to $3.5M by the time we turn 65 (in 5 years time) - growing purely by interests earned. And if we continue to max out the yearly contribution (again as SMOL teased), the $3M will grow to $4M as we turn 65.

    That's when we can then meet Mr Loo Cheng Chuan's audacious 4M65 goal for a couple.

    So what can we (as a couple) expect to get yearly at 65 ?

    Scenario 1: With $3.5M at 65,

    Interest from OA & SA = $67,800 pa
    CPF Life payout = $44,000 pa
    Total annual passive income from CPF = $111,800

    Scenario 2: With $4M at 65

    Inerests from OA & SA & MA = $84,500
    CPF Life payout = $48,000
    Total annual passive income from CPF = $132,500

    For scenario 2, as you are keeping up with the yearly increase in the MA BHS through yearly contribution, you will hit the BHS at 65 at which point the amount will be fixed. From then on, you can withdraw the interest earned in your MA from 65 onwards.

    So as you can see, Mr Loo does have a point with 1M65 or 4M65.

    Disclaimer : I am not Mr Loo and I only know of the 1M65 movement after I turned 55. I did it my way -- so sang Frank Sinatra.

    1. $133K is amazing passive income from your CPF! Well done!

      Investing is a Game of Capital and Game of Strategy.

      Now realized that CPF is also a Game of Capital for those can afford to play this Game and it will certainly end well!

    2. CW,

      See? That's how much you leaving money on the table by taking money out from CPF!

      Jokes aside, its great isn't it to have diversity of views here like 8 immortals crossing the Eastern Sea ;)

      I mean if we are not confident of our "bawu", one can easily get tilted or off balanced when others share a different opinion from us.

      At the end of the day, we do it m way like the 8 immortals do :)

      Of course can and must poke at each other along the way!

      No joke; no fun!

    3. That's why there is limit top up or whatever limit set by CPF for people like "mysecretinvestment".

      Frankly i think, most people like him can and will do like him.

      Alas, most of us are only average working class earners.

  7. And best of all your money in CPF is protected from your debtors if U are declared bankrupt for whatever reasons - "TOUCHWOOD"

    1. Dun forget divorced can lose half in some scenarios. Many Kenna d

    2. Care to elaborate on the Case even CPF can not protect your wealth?

      It must be under "special circumstances" that the other party in the divorce can lay claim to your CPF.

      Anyway, to me, it's an ill wind blows nobody good.

    3. CPF is by nomination. Can even nominate to mistress or white-face

    4. i have asked CPF what happens to Accounts with no nominations or Nominee goes first?

      The answer i got is still Sotong to me

    5. 3 special cases for CPF nomination:-

      1. CPF nomination is annulled by marriage or re-marriage. So for those who had already nominated their children or parents, if after re-marry a new spouse ... they should re-nominate back their children or parents.

      2. It is not annulled by divorce. So if after divorce never re-nominate, then whoever was the nominee will still get the funds ... may be the ex-spouse.

      3. If no valid nomination, then the $$$$ will be treated as intestate & will be managed by the Public Trustee Office. Google "Singapore intestate succession act" for the sequence & priority of who will get the $$$$.

      And your family members will need to get a Letter of Administration from the court to show to the PTO.

      CPF nomination is a quick & dirty method, and is designed for layman without need for legal advice. But it's a blunt tool & doesn't provide for conditional or if-then-else criteria.

      E.g. If XXX and YYY both predecease me, then 50% of Fund A to go to ZZZ, and 50% of same to go to ABC Charity.

  8. Cannot withdraw interest in January? During recent pre-55 consultation session, was shown amount of interest that will get in January. Asked officer if can withdraw just the interest alone after its credited on 02 January. Can. Berri can or cannot I blur ??? LOL.

    1. Of course, we can draw out interests at anytime. The question is when is the best month to withdraw maximum amount of interests without touching CPF SA principal. Can ask CPF again


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