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Sunday, 6 December 2020

Rich As I Say, Not As I Do

 Read? Rich As I Say, Not As I Do


Many of them have gotten wealthy by selling advice to others rather than by using their own advice.  It is a rich irony (pun intended) that the people telling you how to build wealth did not, in fact, build their wealth in that same way.  This doesn’t imply that their financial advice isn’t useful, only that we don’t know if it’s useful. 

Why?  Because personal finance is one of the few industries where you can look successful without knowing what you are talking about.  You can be rich and not know a thing about money management.  However, this isn’t true in most other areas of life. 

For example, find me a bodybuilder who doesn’t work out or a world-class musician who has never practiced.  That’s right.  They don’t exist.


Here in Singapore. Same. Same!

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  1. A well-known stand-up example in the investment world was John "Jack" Bogle. He practised what he preached. To the point that he probably gave up what could easily have been 10X more wealth had he been more business-like & gone down the path of the likes of Blackrock, Fidelity, and Goldman.

    1. Based on the value created to investors by the index funds pioneered by John Bogle, he certainly deserves to be a billionaire (but he isn't) when one compares his achievements to hedge fund billionaires who under-performed their benchmark indices and yet charges higher fees.

      Jack Bogle is still rich by normal standards. What he lags in terms of wealth, he wins by far in terms of respect.


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