I started serious Investing Journey in Jan 2000 to create wealth through long-term investing and short-term trading; but as from April 2013 my Journey in Investing has changed to create Retirement Income for Life till 85 years old in 2041 for two persons over market cycles of Bull and Bear.

Since 2017 after retiring from full-time job as employee; I am moving towards Investing Nirvana - Freehold Investment Income for Life investing strategy where 100% of investment income from portfolio investment is cashed out to support household expenses i.e. not a single cent of re-investing!

It is 57% (2017 to Aug 2022) to the Land of Investing Nirvana - Freehold Income for Life!

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"The market is not your mother. It consists of tough men and women who look for ways to take money away from you instead of pouring milk into your mouth." - Dr. Alexander Elder

"For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them." - Aristotle

It is here where I share with you how I did it! FREE Education in stock market wisdom.

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Tuesday 30 August 2016

What you may not know??? (Refresh)

This colleague was sitting beside Uncle8888 in the meeting room and after reading one of his FB's post he briefly mentioned one trader became rich by trading binary options and showing off his Ferrari!

Uncle8888 heard it and told him not to trust all these unaudited statement or claims. He also shared with him on his real encounter and face-to-face with one of our local "Gurus" and the other one till his grave also no answer to simple "Yes" or "No" question.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Read? What you may not know???

We can be easily inspired by these success stories and evidence of wealth but often these are unaudited statements.

When we think we are Nails; we start looking at Hammer for inspiration and guidance.


Stop Not Till the Goal is Reached! (3)

Read? Stop Not Till the Goal is Reached! (2)

Not much different in playing Game like Pokémon.

No goal. No aim. No plan.

We are likely end up or quit as an Average.

Read? When Ant Plays Pokemon Go (2)

Level : 26

Pokémon : 123 out of 141/145 or 87%/85%

Monday 29 August 2016

I Can So You Can!!!

Read? You are not a hammer

Sometime when we read very inspiring investment blog posts and the bloggers claimed that "I can so you can!"

So inspiring!

So who are we?




Good Part -Time Business To Own (5)

Read? Good Part -Time Business To Own (4)

Next month, Sep 2016 will be the last month that Uncle will be monetizing his time, energy and effort as full-time employee earning salary.

He will move from owning part-time business to full-time.

It is business of minding his own business with no suppliers, no customers, no staff, no peers and NO bosses setting KPIs for him.

Now, he sets his own KPIs based on 3Ms - Method, Mind and Money Management. It is something that he has done before over the last 16 years;  more or less he has made it autonomous. It doesn't matter whether he meets his KPIs or not as there is no penalty or performance appraisal by bosses.

He is his own boss!

Earn more. Spend a little more!

Earn less. Spend lesser!

In investing, once our Mind is seasoned and salty and we are ready at all time mentally and financially to write it off.

It is less stressful as knowing that we just need a few good ones to overcome many sour ones.

Once we know ourselves we can choose to ignore whatever investing theories or concepts that are advocated by others. When we know we are not Nail; why are we looking for Hammers for inspiration and guidance.

So it is important that we know ourselves and our track records will rightfully point to the way forward how we should be minding our own business.

Saturday 27 August 2016

When Ant Plays Pokemon Go (2)

Read? When Ant Plays Pokemon Go

Finally, Uncle8888 understood the true meaning of "Passive" Income when he is more concerned where to find those missing Pokémon than where to find the next few income stocks and also Auntie8888 doesn't seen to have concerns whether next few month got enough money in "ATM" (Drawer) to buy vegetables.

Come, come , come.


Any new pokes to say?

Wednesday 24 August 2016

When Ant Plays Pokemon Go

Read? Great and Ultra Balls in Pokemon and War Chest in Long-term Investing

Got Goal. Got Target. Got Plan!

Level: 24+

Pokémon Caught: 105

Planning to be evolved: 5

Monday 22 August 2016

Great and Ultra Balls in Pokemon and War Chest in Long-term Investing

How different between Great and Ultra Balls in Pokemon and War Chest in Long-term Investing?

In Singapore's No 1 Hot Spot at 401, when  high CP Gyarados rarely and suddenly appeared, many Pokémon trainers were shaking their head as they didn't have any Balls to hit!

Uncle8888 is typical kiasu and kaisi retail investor and same same as old man Pokémon trainer.

See for yourself!


Pokemon Go (11)

Read? Pokemon Go (10)

Before Uncle8888's retirement in Sep 2016 ...

Hopefully after his retirement in Sep 2016 ....
Caught Wild Gyarados
See for yourself
What we see at Blk 401 is mild hor.

Saturday 20 August 2016

Pokemon Go (10)

Read? Pokemon Go (9)

Let see who is the next investment blogger who still has the cheek to say that passive investors can use Pokémon Go method of investing.

Novice catching is of course NO sweat!

But, Catch Them All with serious Goal and Target is damn hard work. It is not much different from retail investors who are very determined to achieve their investment goals and targets over market cycles. It will require lots of hard work with some element of good luck at the right place and the right time to catch them all!

This is universal true for anything that we don't have control and absolutely have no idea when it will happen. But; when we have spent more than enough time and with some luck we can achieve.

Uncle8888 has spin more than 2,000 PokeStops!

Friday 19 August 2016

Pokemon Go (9)

Read? Pokemon Go (8)

When the Crowd roars ....

Finally after days have passed; the Crowd including Uncle8888 ...

Wednesday 17 August 2016

Frugality, Time, And Money???

One day, we may suddenly wake up and realize that frugality going forward not SO worth the while as we have so much money leaving behind and lots of free time on hand; BUT too little time left.

Do we wait to wake up to this reality as YOLO?

Tuesday 16 August 2016

Portfolio Management - Stop Losses? (2) - Refresh

Uncle if a counter already drop 76% and left 6k

will u decide to leave it there for speculation purpose. if can ride the oil and gas storm, the salty fish may become fresh fish again.
else, all money will be gone.
what will u do?
When it is too late and quite meaningless to cut losses to recover so little. Just write it and move on. This is how commercial or business does it!
Just that retail investors don't have the heart to write it off. It is basic accounting principle. Right?
Minimum we as retail investors must know this. Right?
3M's in Investing.
Method. Mind. Money Management.
Once we write it off and take the paper loss to make it into book keeping "realized loss"; it will affect our  investment portfolio XIRR or CAGR; but there is No cheating whatsoever. It has been rightful accounted.
Write it off and move on!
Keep worrying over it as paper losses will suck our energy!

Wall Street hits new record highs

Dow Jones industrial average rose 0.32 percent to 18,636.05, while the S&P 500 index closed 0.28 percent higher at 2,190.15. The Nasdaq composite rose 0.56 percent to 5,262.02. All three indexes set record highs.
Oil prices extended their rally on Monday, with global benchmark Brent advancing 2.9 percent to $48.35 a barrel. U.S. crude futures rose 2.8 percent to $45.74.
US stocks jumped to fresh records Monday behind stronger oil prices, while European markets were little changed.
All three major US indices pushed to fresh records for the second time in three sessions. Prior to last Thursday, that feat had not been accomplished in more than 16 years.

Wall Street stocks have been propelled to fresh records by the comparative strength of the US economy, coupled with expectations of accommodative monetary policy, including very-low interest rates set by the Federal Reserve.

Analysts said Monday's records were largely due to positive momentum, on a light day as far as major economic reports and earnings.

Monday 15 August 2016

More Recent Blog Posts On HDB Flat As Financial Windfall???

How many younger folks are really thinking?

Academic thinking or writing is good reading; BUT ....

What Uncle8888 knows from many of older folks around him in his generation - The Baby Boomer era!

Many of them are seriously depending on their HDB flats as their retirement asset class!

They are going to sell or rent!

Can start thinking what is going to happen over the next 10 to 20 years?

Blog To Achieve or blog to Escape???

Borrow SMOL's England: Blog To Achieve or blog to Escape. :-)
Once after a long time, Uncle8888 may read again and again something on another investment blogger sulk and whine, "I don't blog anymore!"

It is not just strawberry generation is like that. Even older generation than strawberry can also behave like that. "I don't blog anymore!"

Hmmm ...  They just love some people to come and sayang them to continue blogging?

Blog to achieve or blog to escape?


Sunday 14 August 2016

Pokemon Go (8)

Read? Pokemon Go (7)

Play Pokémon Go and have a free ice cream too.

Nice gesture from Wall's

Pokemon Go (7)

Read? Pokemon Go (6)

With this Pokémon Go Craze, Uncle8888 also changed his jogging routine at Punggol Park. Instead of jogging one round and followed by four and down to one Pull Up and gave up.

He now does power walk one round Punggol Park to Catch Them All and then followed by four and down to one Pull Up. When no more energy for even one Push Up then pack up and goes home.


Realized some investment blog posts linking Pokémon Go method of Catch Them All to Investing.

Got Walk The Talk and Catch Them All bo?

Saturday 13 August 2016

Investing advice for 20 somethings - that's how I have done it too! (3)

Read? Investing advice for 20 somethings - that's how I have done it too! (2)

In the End; it is nothing more than just our Human Asset and our Financial Assets.

How high CP is our Human Asset?

High value human assets with high saving power can easily walk the investing path of more "passive" investing approach and focus more of their time, energy, and resources to evolve their human asset to higher CP Power like Pokémon creatures.

How do you foresee the value of your human asset over next 15 to 20 years?

Higher CP power or lower?

Stuck or lower CP power can still evolve through more passive investing approach to supplement your human asset for retirement? Can meh?

Come and follow Uncle8888 chase Pokémon Go and lim kopi at various places. Catch Them All! Got spare time in between may be he can share how to catch stocks too? LOL!

Pokemon Go (6)

Read? Pokemon Go (5)

Pokémon Go and Investing Goals

Catch Them All. Same same. They both require plenty of time and patient waiting. When these rare ones suddenly appear; it doesn't we can catch it at first but keep trying until Gotcha if not wait again patiently!

How differently from catching cheap blue chips? High CP Power hor?

Dividend yield on cost can be as high as 50% on good year!

Uncle8888 catches until battery flat and phone shutdown! LOL!

Friday 12 August 2016

Pokemon Go (5)

Uncle8888's night jog in Punggol Park i.e. jog one round and follow by pull up; repeat until the last pull up can't make it. It about 4 to 6 rounds depending on the nightly mood and energy. After his jog; he then joined in the Pokémon Go craze crowd and catch until his phone's battery dead.

Read? Pokemon Go (4)

Investing advice for 20 somethings - that's how I have done it too! (2)

Read? Investing advice for 20 somethings - that's how I have done it too!

This is Fact!

Big Fat Wallet may invest primary for income. Small Thin Purse should be investing for Growth-Dividend and one day becomes Big Fat Wallet.

How many truly understand how companies GREW their Balance Sheet, dividend payout ratio and yield on investment cost as a PAIR, and retained earning?

Many people may know what is balance sheet; but how about the HOW part?

Read? More search on growth dividends

All major US stock indexes post record closes; oil rallies

Thursday also marked the first time since 1999 the Dow, S&P and the Nasdaq posted record closing highs on the same day, according to Bespoke.
The Dow Jones industrial average closed about 115 points higher, with 3M contributing the most gains. The 30-stock index also traded above a previous record high of 18,622.01.

The benchmark S&P 500 advanced about 0.5 percent, with energy rising more than 1 percent. The index also briefly traded above its previous all-time intraday high of 2,187.66.

Thursday 11 August 2016

Investing advice for 20 somethings - that's how I have done it too!

Read? Career advice for 20 somethings - that's how I approach investing tool

So after reading a few investment bloggers who have achieved financial independence and then knowing a few more investment bloggers reaching financial independence soon.

You became so inspired!

You love to follow them to financial independence; then you have enough FU$ or No Thanks$  to stay on your job as option.

Wonderful and great feeling!

Trust but Verify - SMOL

One upon a time, one day Uncle8888 innocently and doubtfully asked this late millionaire "Guru" who has wonderful gave back plan to society to make 10,000 future millionaires through his investment training course at his blog's chatbox one simple Yes or No question.

Did you become millionaire from your investment gains in the stock market or from your business? If yes, can show an audited statement of your investment gains?

Till his grave; he still haven't answer this simple Yes and No question.

In investing, your account size really matters - CW8888

The best approach to build up this account size?

You are inspired to build it through the stock market?

Then Good Luck!

Edge in long-term investing across market cycles?

Not account size; then what?

Wednesday 10 August 2016

Pokemon Go (4)

Read? Pokemon Go (3)

What not Crowd Funing. Then what?


Tuesday 9 August 2016

Pokemon Go (3)

Read? Pokemon Go (2)

Uncle8888's weekends or free days morning exercise at Punggol Park Finess Corner.

Government has spent so much money and effort for SGActive to get more people's butt moving into the parks but not really successful.

You can see the power of Pokémon Go!

Many people just Go and get their butt moving and Catch Them All!

Market Timing or Time In The Market???

Uncle8888 as meticulous Ant and Investment Blogger will have more Historical records of his investing experience, performance, outcome and REVIEWS to share.

The unending debate, opinion, and common market wisdom on Market Timing and Time in the Market.

Here is Uncle8888's own experience and outcome after more than 16 years in the stock market trying to understand these common market wisdom.

How wise are these wisdom?

As of last Friday market closing price:

What Is Long-Term Investing And Short-Term Trading???

When Uncle8888 started this blog on Sunday, 19 November 2006; he named the title of his blog to his investing and trading strategies which he has been revising and executing since Jan 2000 when he became serious and convinced that the stock market (Investment quadrant) is the way to go after reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad in Dec 1999.


Read? The journal begins ...

After more than 16 years in Singapore's local stock market, one picture shows it all. What is long-term investing and short-trading?

Look carefully at the picture; the current yield on investment cost on his top 3 holding is coming back to full circle. It looked like a Normal Bell Curve; the two extreme points are resting at the same level; but they are way far apart.

The difference is how we are done with long-investing and short-term along this long journey across market cycles at the end. Are we richer than we began?

It was full of nerves and guts to STOP listening to those "smarter" ones from time to time coming to him to advise or telling him that he should to do this or do that according to classic market wisdoms which they have known or practiced. But; this picture tells a different story after more than 16 years across market cycles.

Believe who now?

Monday 8 August 2016

Pokemon Go (2)

Read? Pokemon Go

Wow! Look at the crowd gathered together to catch them all.
Uncle8888 joined in the crowd liao.

Knowing when is Enough is never an easy decision to make.

Read? The Departure Chronicles: Reflections of my 13 years

Uncle8888 knows it very well. Knowing when is Enough is never an easy decision to make. But, some may like to think that passive income exceeds household expenses is financial independence.

Wish you good luck on your journey beyond the edge of financial independence.

As Microsoft Excel man; it took many years and countless of revised and revised version of Excel worksheets and graphs to finally convinced him that is Enough.

Are You Ready To Invest Like Uncle Chua???

Received one hearsay email :-)


Everybody now keep cash and a lot broker said market will drop.
How do u think?

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Read? Uncle Chua's School of Long-term Investing??? (2)

How we made 112% returns on DBS on dividends only

DBS 2016 H1 dividend still maintain at $0.30. Uncle8888 was expecting it to be cut from $0.30 to $0.26 to $0.28.

He forecasted dividends for 2017 to 2019 to be $0.56 as his future cash flow from DBS.

Read? How we made 338% returns on Semcorp Ind on dividends only

Top Three Joy but
also Pain in the Ass during this O & G long and harsh Winter.
The Moral of the Story!
Blue Chips can also be Yield stocks at the right time!
Kep Corp : 468%
Sembcorp Ind : 338%
DBS : 112%
No free lunch in investing.
Passive income?

Sunday 7 August 2016

CEO, Top Mgmt, Other Employees, and Creating Shareholders Value

During company crisis, other employees are deemed as cost cutting or cost saving tools; many of them will be cut by CEO or Top Management as they must continue to provide some level of shareholders value; otherwise CEO or Top Management will lose their job too.

Investors may lose their investment if crisis prolong; but other employees will surely lose their job much earlier.

See the difference between other employees and investors.

Pokemon Go

Uncle8888 also went around catching Pokémon!

CPF OA is just 2.5% BUT it doesn't mean that you as an retail can easily beat it. Stop believing all those stuff you read in the Cyber world on Compounding Effect

Uncle8888's foolish thinking and foolish method of growing through his year-on-year CPF contributions from his Human Asset and use CPFIS only when market crashes as the last resort after depleting available cash for investing.

Saturday 6 August 2016

Leverage : Double Edged Sword!!!

Lost $250K and urgently needs to pay back another $250K
Good time doesn't last forever!

How To Make Passive Indexing Works For You???

Singapore Man of Leisure 6 August 2016 at 10:43:00 GMT+8

Now you understand why I must fight "Passive Indexing" with all my might?

Soon you'll be doing it full time just like me.

The day when you or me switch to passive indexing, its the day we CAPITUALTE.

When that day comes, don't poke me. Give me a shoulder to cry on... It's never pretty when a man looks into the mirror and discover he does not have the mojo anymore...

I wonder why no one goes to Hong Lim Park to scream GIC and Temasek should switch to passive indexing? Can save a whole army of active money managers and their support buy-side analysts?


Reply Delete


Hmm ....

Those "Guru" bloggers who have commercial interests and NOT depending MAINLY on their investment/portfolio income for their household expenses advocating that retail investors are better off doing passive indexing. So are they Right?

They are probably right when you have fairly large investing capital and ONLY require 2 to 3% Mean Reversion ROC to fund your annual household expenses during your retirement.
Believe them. It is most likely to work in your favour!  
Passive Income of course!
You dare SMOL to come and fight.



O & G : Long And Harsh Winter For The Next Three Years!

Uncle8888's Top Three Holding i.e. Kep Corp, SembCorp Ind and DBS in his long-term investment and CORE dividends is directly exposed to O & G - It will be a long and harsh winter!

His CORE dividends will likely to be at its lower point since Jan 2000.

With NO more earned income from his Human Asset and highly exposed to O & G - A long and harsh Winter; there will be no more talking Cock and sing Song in the stock market.

This Long-Term Investing and Short-Term Trading retail investor will be put into true and real test by Mr. Market!

How much stress on his Net Worth's Balance Sheet to maintain sustainable retirement income for life will depend on his last 16 years of learning in the stock market and graduated with his Masters in Stock Market and now studying for his PhD. in Stock Market and full-time soon.

Read? How do you grade your investment skills?

No Bullshit! Real Person. Real Outcome. Sustainable Retirement Income For Life and Net Worth's Balance Sheet will depend on his reaction to Mr. Market over the next three years.

With plenty of free time on hand, no more @#$% excuse anymore!

The Cash Flow Crystal Ball grazing into 2019 ....

Friday 5 August 2016

1.55% p.a. for 6-month POSB Fresh Funds Account Promotion (“Promotion”)

One year supply of morning Kopi-O Kosong in 2017 is fully covered by this interest.
Count Interests!
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