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Monday, 25 February 2019

Save more than 60%. No need to invest??? (5)

Read? Save more than 60%. No need to invest??? (4)

Uncle8888 met him again when roaming the street of Orchard Rd. He is regular roamer except he is decently dressed with long pant and shoe unlike Uncle8888 in short and slippers. LOL!

Once kena 1997/1998 AFC storm; he chopped fingers and never touch any investing or lending of any kind. All investment and lending is nature is risky.

As he has plenty of free time as single; every month he hunts for better FD interests and renew his FDs. He not even interested in SSB as it is marketed as Bond! Bond is lending money! LOL!

He said he has more than enough to retire and will follow Uncle8888's foot steps to roam across the island since he is also strong walker himself!

To fight inflation; you just make sure you have plenty of bullets to fire!

Do everybody need to invest to fight inflation?


  1. Hmmm savings deposits & FDs is also lending ... lending to banks! LOL

    Lending to banks safer than lending to SG govt? Hmmm, maybe 1 or 2 banks just as safe.

    But "safe-as-SG-govt" banks usually don't give high FD rates ... only those "less-safe-than-SG-govt" banks ;)

    1. May be MAS should rename SSB as SSD i.e. Singapore Saving Deposits. LOL!

    2. Spur and CW,

      How about voluntary contributions to CPF?

      This one best!

      Big daddy can arbitrarily decide WHEN and HOW to return the money back to you.

      Talk about terms and conditions written on water?



      You friend never dump his money in CPF?

    3. No. Mederka generation kena cpf shifting goal posts. May be he is one of those who has lost faith too.

  2. Yes during the 2008/9 market crashed, people were willing to put money in bonds that return were near zero or even slightly negative.

    True or not?

    So your friend still got better return s right.

    And I always think is money put in the bank safer than money buying shares of the bank if the bank kaput?

  3. To be really safe “eat” it lol.

    Money is never yours until U “eat” it.

    1. Of course, money spent is ours. That is why my pie chart is showing it. Money spent is where Mr Market can never take it back when we limit our investing capital

  4. money is very important in human life.Thanks for sharing this blog.
    finance write for us

  5. Looks like i have another kaki, just that i roam to find nice food. :)


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