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Wednesday, 2 December 2020

Turnaround from your chart 2008-2012?

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Hi Uncle CW8888, can you help share more from your chart 2008(low) to 2012 (high) what are the methods change/approach you have change for the transition. I am sure some of us here is also suffering from the losses due to the covid situation. e.g did you put in more money(noted your warchest then in 2008 were low) how to overcome? Or you sell the losers and rebalance? Hope to learn from you more. Thank you. 

Warm regards,

Question 1 : what are the methods change/approach you have change for the transition?

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Question 2 : Did you put in more money(noted your war chest then in 2008 were low) how to overcome?

Answer : Size of Investing Capital. No change. Nothing change. Not a single cent is added into his investing capital since 1 Jan 2000.

Question 3 : Or you sell the losers and rebalance?

Answer : In last GFC, what was Uncle8888 actually doing in the stock market?

He was busy cutting losses to preserve capital to do horses switching instead of grabbing once in lifetime opportunities to become rich from stocks.

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