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Saturday, 19 December 2020

Still Waiting For The Next STI Market Crash Since 2009!!!

STI didn't really crash in 2020!

So will STI crash in 2021?

Who are those worry about the next Market Crash?

Are you one of them?

Have you plan what to do over the next few months?


  1. Looking at 50 years of data, the longest SG bull was from Jan 1975 to Jun 1981 (yeah during the stagflation years LOL). Shortest seems to be from Sep 1998 to Dec 1999 (but STI shot up 3X!).

    Now, STI has been in a HUGE megaphone pattern since 2010. Really rare as megaphones are usually shorter term --- at most months, not years.

    Unfortunately for buy-and-hold investors of SG large caps, the past 10 years has been very unkind. They would have needed to go all-in during the 1st half of 2009 in order to have made worthwhile money holding till today.

    But megaphones are good for swing & short-term traders though.

    No wonder the VAST MAJORITY of Sinkie investors all gravitated towards Reits & dividend investing over the past 10 years!

    With dividend cuts over the past 1 year, the latest fad is now US growth stocks & bitcoin (again). LOL!

    1. Another way of saying it by us, Chinese is:

      Money looks for money is easy, people look for money is hard.

      Another one - Money is afraid of coldness.

  2. How market going to crash when the FED. RES. makes sure it won't?

    That's for US only?

  3. i mean how the other markets of the World going to do?

    Just QE also like US?

  4. I tot March 2020 was already a good opportunistic crash, those holding cash had to wait long long forever lol

  5. The ferocity of the March crash due to Covid 19, made me think it would be much more worse than 2008/2009 due to financial engineering, i thought.

    So i stop buying about midway in March when the market started a hailstorm.

    i thought coming next would be a Tornado.

    So now i am still waiting for a Tornado lol.

    Am waiting to see when Fed. Res. on going QE will reach the "Diminishing Return" in our Fiat Money Economy System?

    Will it happens?


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