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Thursday, 27 July 2017

Worry Or Serious Concern Over Adequacy To Meet Their BRS or FRS For CPF RA???

You may NOT like or agree! It is okay!

If someone has to worry or have serious concerns over adequacy to meet their BRS or FRS for  their CPF RA over their lifetime of working till 55; they should be focusing on enhancing or extending their work-life to 62 to 67 and above. 

It is cold hard fact that person or persons are NOT ready to build sustainable retirement income for life!

If we have to worry over BRS or FRS; it is far better to focus on our jobs and becoming better human asset to our employers.


  1. Retirement adequacy or money sufficiency after full time paid employment is a matter of balance and personal adjustment to material needs. We dont need any money if we hv no desire to buy. Perhaps, the term retirement adequacy should change to "retyrement" adequacy, meaning change to a different set of tyre to go at a different pace and so need lesser fuel(money) to power the remaining journey. Carpe diem!

    1. Agreed. If we are willing to "reTYRE"; lesser net worth is required. Meals, utilities, light enlightenment and public transportation don't cost too much.

  2. What you say is almost what i dream of if humans don't have to eat, do we still crave for all the other wants in life?

    Do we still want to work for them?

    For what i don't know?

    Will all be more equal in terms of material possessions or worse?


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