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Saturday, 22 July 2017

Work or Further My Studies? - Revisit

Read? Work or Further My Studies?

What if Uncle8888 has spent $1XX,XXX for his MBA. He is likely to continue working to recover that $1XX,XXX "investment cost" instead of retiring at 60. Highly possible!


  1. CW,

    After working 5-10 years in the corporate world, whether one has "it" or not we pretty know ourselves by then.

    "Ah Kong" sponsoring your MBA because they want to groom you to higher places is not the same as you "sponsoring" your own MBA and hoping you'll be "recognised" one day...

    One is your talent is clear and visible to all.

    The other is denial. Its better to assume you didn't get the job because others have more papers than you... Than to admit you do not have "it" :(

    There are so many CEOs that do not have MBAs or Masters. They just have a plain vanilla graduate degree or less.

  2. Sponsored or self. World of difference!

  3. This the reason why many 1st class & 2nd upper honours want to join civil service. Very easy to get govt sponsorship for MBA or other Masters after 3-5 years of work inside.

    Ok, most won't get promoted all the way into superscale grade, or get parachuted into Mayor or MOS roles. But even a $250K-$300K a year job as a not-that-high civil servant also shiok. Somemore strictly 5-day work week, can knock off at 6pm or 5:30pm. And mostly doing wayang jobs. Much better than fighting to become MD or C-level exec in bank, on a cost-benefit analysis basis --- along the way, most will fail or get fired.


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