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Friday, 21 July 2017

M1 : Panic Selling Or Speculators Getting Out???

$0.052 XD on 27 Jul 17

More and more sellers giving up on dividend income?


  1. CW,

    This one is death by one big slash. Very gory. Easy to capture attention.

    You should try SPH - death by a thousand cuts... No one notices or cares; except the buy-and-hope vested interests.

    Both exmples are tyre meet the road moment for those who said just as long got regular dividends, they don't care about unrealised capital loss ;)

    Conviction is not borne out of a plan; its hammered out through hammer and anvil. (I made this up!)

    1. Date of acquisition of or change in interest:

      Temasek does not have any direct interest in the shares of M1.
      Temasek is filing this notification form to report a change in deemed interest in the shares of M1 from 20% to
      19.98% due to the disposal of 203,400 shares by an investment fund managed by SeaTown Holdings
      International Pte. Ltd. (“SeaTown”).
      Temasek's deemed interest in the shares of M1 arises from the aggregation of interests held by Keppel
      Corporation Limited ("KCL"), DBS Group Holdings Ltd ("DBSH") and SeaTown.
      (A) Temasek's deemed interest through KCL 19.230%
      (i) Keppel Telecoms Pte Ltd ("KTEL") holds 19.230% of the shares of M1.
      (ii) KTEL is a wholly owned subsidiary of Keppel Communications Pte Ltd ("KCOM").
      (iii) KCOM is a wholly owned subsidiary of Keppel Data Centres Pte. Ltd. ("KDC").
      (iv) KDC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Keppel Telecommunications & Transportation Ltd ("KTT").
      (v) KTT is a subsidiary of KCL
      (vi) Temasek has a more than 20% interest in KCL.
      (B) Temasek's deemed interest through DBSH 0.659%
      (i) DBSH through its subsidiary holds 0.659% of the shares of M1.
      (ii) Temasek has a more than 20% interest in DBSH.
      (C) Temasek's deemed interest through SeaTown 0.095%
      (i) SeaTown is an indirect wholly owned subsidiary of Temasek
      (ii) SeaTown manages an investment fund which is another indirect subsidiary of Temasek,
      which fund holds 0.095% of the shares of M1.

      Total deemed interest of Temasek 19.98%

      18/7: Vol 0.87M Closed @ $2.10

      19/7: Vol 23.7M Closed @ $1.935

      Triggered by Seatown? Sell first. Think later?


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