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Sunday, 9 July 2017

Should I pay down home loan using CPF OA and/or Excess Cash??? - Re-posted

It will eventually end up in a way that is NO BIG deal from either way we have chosen. 

Zhuangzi told this story to his disciples to make a point.

Once a zookeeper said to his monkeys: "You'll get 3 bananas in the Morning and 4 in the Afternoon." 

All monkeys are upset. 

"OK. How about 4 bananas in Morning and 3 in the Afternoon?" 

Hearing this, the monkeys are content. 

Read? Should I pay down home loan using CPF OA and/or Excess Cash???


  1. CW,

    I think we are Mancho Man and Hulk Hogan wrestling tag team ;)

    Half way in the match instead of fighting our opponents, we'll hit each other as its more fun!

    Good strong opponents hard to find...

    Found must treasure ;)

  2. Some monkeys scared die at noon --- die yuan wang, short of 1 banana...

    Smart monkeys will sacrifice & delay instant gratification --- use up 2-3 bananas to plant --- Wait for banana trees to mature in 9 months. After that can eat bananas like siao liao.

    Can also sell or trade extra bananas with other monkeys too.

    But ... but ... how many monkeys can wait 9 months?!?!?! Kekekekeke!!!

  3. Delay gratification will not work sometimes; especially what you don't want to spend to eat, what you like now, you will regret why it's so expensive in a few months time.

    How about the price of a KG of Mao Shan Wang now?

    Are you that crazy over durians?

    Like but not crazy enough?

    Will the price crashes?

    Don't we ask the same in the stock market?

    Ha! Ha!

    Hokkien says, "Boh He Thiu Seow".

    1. Durians are too expensive this season even at Johore


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