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Saturday 8 July 2017

Free Delivery Service???

Sometime; Uncle8888 read in the cyber world when someone emphasizes FREE delivery service when he or she bought something online or order from the shop and have the order delivered FOC to his or her home. They are so happy to emphasize FREE delivery service when sharing in the cyber world. Naive. Got free delivery service meh?

Many of these home deliveries are done by free lance delivery agents/couriers. Do you think these people are doing it for charity? 

Delivery fees are charged on per trip basis and then add on surcharge based on timing; location zoning e.g. CBD, Tuas, Bukit Timah, etc; tier surcharge based on weight (3 kg, 5 Kg, 8 Kg, 10 Kg, 15 Kg, 20 Kg, 25 Kg, etc AND size (L+H+W) 60 cm, 90 cm, 120 cm. 150 cm. etc

Why weight AND size? It is fair charging scheme.

So that light but large item will cost more in delivery fee.

Got FREE delivery meh?


  1. CW,

    But... But... That's what the website says...

    I guess that's the advantage of having your own side business or working in sales/marketing.

    Once we are on the other side selling to "bei kambings", we become "sensitive" to the Jedi mind tricks others are using on us ;)

    And its most intellectually stimulating when I'm selling to business owners and fellow salespersons on the selling floor.

    They know what I know; I know what they know.


  2. Nowadays most people already know. Youngsters are quite cynical, unlike many who grew up in the 1950s or 1960s ... Hahahaha!!! $$$$ talks BS walks.

    That's why many websites are quite upfront ... ownself collect pay a few dollars less. But many also calculate ... knn ownself collect will cost more in terms of $$$, time & effort --- freak lah, pay the few dollars for delivery lah!!!

    Reverse jedi mind trick ... You think they give you back the full cost of delivery even if you collect yourself?? Kekekeke!!! But ok lah, many sellers do have economy of scale & may have cheaper bulk order contracts with the delivery companies.

    Anyway, many people already know prices sold here are jacked up by 50X to 1000X especially if made in China, Vietnam, Bangladesh. People still willing to pay if they know is not practical to get the products at bulk manufacturers' pricing.

    That's why many youngsters are open to consol bulk orders, and looking for multiple direct sourcings.

    Unlike in the old days when we are quite happy to let middlemen earn some reasonable markups etc for the convenience.

  3. Actually, there are many….

    FREE means you don’t need to pay the delivery fee separately. It doesn’t mean the delivery guy not getting paid. In fact, it is not uncommon nowadays… While many of them give free delivery when your purchase is above x dollar, some of the well known brands actually provide free delivery service even when you make really small purchase of just a few dollars.

    Ultimately, it is the game of overall profit margin (and not the margin of a single transaction). You may be surprised that for the same item at the same price you paid for, the overall profit margin to the merchant is still higher even after they ’absorb’ the delivery fee….

    1. Non snake oil or marketing word is cost inclusive of delivery but being kambing see or hear free. Shiok!

    2. I went to a foodcourt. The stall selling herbal soup charge additional 30c for takeaway orders. The stall selling noodles next to it put a sign there and says ‘欢迎打包, 不另加价‘. Does the noodle stall get all their plastic containers for free somewhere? No. Does the herbal soup stall get their plastic container at 30c per piece from the supplier? Of course not.

    3. One way to verify is compare dine in and tapao and see any difference?

      I know some stalls doing their own cleaning of plates and bowls so tapao is welcome

    4. It is a food fair foodcourt so I believe all stalls got to pay fee for the common utensils cleaning service.
      I buay song because the foodcourt just got renovated and the takeaway order was only 20c previously... 10c more expensive now after the renovation even though the plastic bowl is still the same... LOL

  4. I bought a tower fan at $80+ that comes with 1 year warranty. It broke down after 6 month. There is only one service center in the east that operates during office hour only, and the service center is not directly accessible by MRT. I stay in the west. Do I take half a day off, flag a cab to send it for repair, then take another half day off and flag a cab to bring it back after the repair? Forget it… I will just buy a new one instead.
    That’s the reason that 1 service center is enough to serve all… and that’s the reason their items are cheaper, and that’s the reason I bought it. What a vicious cycle! LOL

  5. Haha.. disposal is not free, so that they can tell u if u buy from them then they do it as value added service foc for u...
    U can't tell people you absorb GST, whether u mark up the price or not.. (by law)

  6. By the way, restaurants don't absorb service charge up front, so that they can indicate a cheaper price in their menu :)


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