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Wednesday, 19 July 2017

STI Since 1990 - This Bull Still Got Leg???


  1. Heh heh heh!!! Bull markets don't die of old age... they just get killed by bears.

    My gut feel is that the real bubble phase is ahead ... the correction / mini-bear in 2015 to early-2016 may have provided a good base for the next bull phase...

    Many other markets such as US, UK, Germany, China/HK showing similar pattern...

    As always ... caveat emptor!! Kekekeke!!!

  2. The thing is can or will central banks of the World start another roung of QE?

  3. ECB & BOJ still doing QE on full steam. FED hentak kaki .... trying to decide how to unwind without crashing the economy. PBOC basically doing mini-QE on intermittent basis.

    MAS leh?? No idea what those guys doing ... Hahaha!!! Anyway MAS can't do much. They don't set interest rates and Singapore has effectively been on zero-interest-rate policy since 2001. MAS can only devalue SGD if recession comes .... maybe back to 1.80 or 2.00 against USD like in AFC??!?

    We Sinkies depend more on Big Daddy (as SMOL calls them :)) for goodies & handouts ... maybe the new president will be called upon to unlock the reserves again like Nathan in 2009...

    Peter Lynch: "You can lose money in a very short time, but it takes a long time to make money."


    In bear markets, stocks drop like jumping off HDB. In normal bull market, stocks climb like old man climbing 30 storeys. If you see stocks go up like in supersonic elevators in Marina Bay Financial Centre, then you'll know we're in a bubble!! Kekekeke!!!

  4. S&P500 PE ~21X
    DOW ~ PE 19X
    NIKKEI ~19X
    HangSeng ~ 14X
    CSI ~ 16X
    FTSE100 ~ 32X
    DAX ~ 20X

    IMO, the market is not in euphoria mode and the market still has some room to grow.

    Of course unless there is a black swan such as war.


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