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Saturday, 15 July 2017


If we need to know how much money we can withdraw from our CPF at 55; we MAY have failed in our retirement planning unless we already plan to retire after 55.

So far what Uncle8888 knows from his peers who are 55 and above; NONE of them bother about how much they can withdraw at 55 as they plan to touch their CPF only after their retirement at 62/65 to 67. 

So how much can we withdraw at 62/65 to 67?

No worry!

By then; it is already done deal!

It is whatever we have in our CPF SA and CPF OA. It is just that simple!


  1. I had created an excel file in Year 2000 to track my current CPF balances and amounts withdrawable at Age 55. It even estimates the annual interests expected to be deposited going forward. Updated many times a year till today and still going strong.
    Curiously, after 17 years of reading up all things CPF, I'm still discovering new small prints and sub-clauses in the CPF Scheme.

    1. Any examples? I know shifting goal posts for CPF SA or RA but not for CPF OA

  2. For example, a couple of months ago, I sold some stocks bought using my CPFOA under the CPFIS Scheme. As my CPF balances had not changed over the past 1 year, I assumed the entire proceeds from the sale could be used to buy stocks again. And so I proceeded doing just that. To my horror, the broker called me up to inform that some of my new purchases had been rejected due to insufficient investible funds. A call and an email to the CPF's CPFIS department yielded this statement that I was never aware of before:
    "For your information, if you were to sell your shares, your stock limit will be increased by the cost of stocks sold and not the profit made. After the sales, you may buy other shares subject to the adjusted limit."

  3. It is the same as I know of.

    I always check my CPFIS investment account's STOCK LIMIT REMAINING before I proceed to buy any stocks under CPFIS. It stated there.

  4. I know about the updating of stock limit. But it's so tedious to ask them to update each time I sell some stocks. And the process takes many days. Also,one tend to logically assume that since I sold $X of CPFIS stock today, I would be able to buy back $X of stocks with the money received from the sale. But their rule is that if one bought $1k of stock and sold it for $10k, only $1k is re-investible.
    I also have a few endowment policies, some recently matured. But I'm not even clear what's the quantum of the total surrender value they used to compute my stock limit. Because most of the OA money that returned to my CPFOA cannot be used for stock investment and are stuck there at 2.5% interest.

    1. I use UOB CPFIS account and no issue with the update on next working day after sales credit on T+4

  5. CW,

    Your peers definitely are "savers" or those who do voluntary CPF top-ups. When you have no clue what to do with investing, why take money out at 55? Let it compound safely in CPF mah!

    That's also the tyre meets the road test for those who parrot "buy term; invest the rest". If you know hot to invest the rest, shouldn't you take money out from CPF and invest the rest?

  6. Example from CPF:

    Seems like if want to use the profits from stocks, bonds, gold for further investing of new stocks etc, need to first refund back to OA for CPF to re-compute the investible savings by the 11/12 of following month??

    As for matured endowments, becoz their returns are so low, hence even after refunding to OA, the re-computed investible savings & stock limit don't increase much.

    Easiest just check ur online CPF statement before making investment moves.

    1. Spur,

      Actually, all my CPFIS endowments returned 100% or more profits. Slow and steady wins the race. Endowments using CPF money are NOT ILPs so the returns are more steady. What's bewildering is last month I had one policy mature and I transferred all the proceeds back to CPFOA. But CPFIS Dept informed me that my Stock Limit remains unchanged despite the amount being added into my CPFOA. They tried explaining using the computed figures in my online CPF statement, but I simply couldn't get the logic. Because, logically if I had $X returned to my CPFOA, shouldn't my Stock Limit increase?

    2. If you took out $10K for endowment, and now returned back $20K, all other things being the same, then your stock limit should theoretically increase by $3,500. But the increase is only reflected after the 11th of next month. At least that's my experience previously.

    3. Took out 10K, returned 20K, now stock limit only increases by 3.5K.

      That's why only the "Elites" can understand this type of logic.

      Which BO TAK CHET will never understand.

      But then take it or leave is our G's motto i believe.

  7. Laurence,

    That's why investing with CPIS has more strings and shackles attached.

    Making money with CPIS is not easy oredi. If you belong to the 30% who made money, you are not "rewarded" with bigger account size when you sell.

    Hence to take profits with CPIS, we need to think twice, think triple... The moment we sell, its like getting back to square one all over again... LOL!

    Of course CPF will say CPIS is not meant for trading lah!

    It forces you to "bank in" your profits each time you win. This way, its a lot harder to give back your profits if you get complacent by pyramiding up your trading size and lose it all in one big bet that turned sour :(

    Ita for your own good!

    Yes, daddy dearest!


    1. LOL!

      Yes DADDY is always right.

      The only alternative is to withdraw all your OA (if eligible) then you can invest any amount you want.

      Err.... what's the Bank's highest FD rate now?

      i got no balxx to do it leh.


    2. temperament,

      I would like to take out my CPF as much as possible in 5 years' time when I hit 55 ;)

      Actually its good for us when more and more people voluntarily add money to CPF.

      This way, when I hit 65 and start collecting my CPF Life payouts, I can worry less whether CPF got money to pay me till 95 or not ;)

      In any pension scheme, just as long more money comes in than goes out, we are good.

      The trick is to be early in the queue ;)

    3. In that case you don't have to worry.

      Because all Singapore current wage earners compulsorily have to join CPF LIFE.

    4. temperament,

      Those who start to collect from CPF Life further down the queue - cash flow OUT - that's the worry.

      My queue number not the best, but not so bad ;)

      If and when big daddy cannot grow our population to 7-8 million, and if Singaporeans have to go overseas to find good paying jobs due to stagnant economy (just ask any foreign colleague why they come to Singapore), that would mean less CPF contributions to the "pool" - cash flow IN.

      My Greek experience was an eye-opener. Those who collected their FULL pensions 10-20 years before the Greek crisis happened were a lot better off than those who just retired during the crisis to find their "promised" pensions cut to halve or more...

      Don't ask where's the money?

      The politicians who made the promises were long gone...

    5. Hahaha SMOL ... from today onwards, whenever we come across blog on CPF ... We should all extol the wonderfulness of CPF & encourage all readers to do top-ups!!!

      "Hey guys & gals ... Do you want to have 1 or 2 million dollars when you reach 55?!?
      Let the govt do the work ... top-up your CPF!!! High interest rate accounts!! Better than the banks!!!" Kekekeke!!!

      This type of snake oil ... govt cannot find fault!!! Hohohoho!!!!

    6. Spur,

      It's good to have a diversity of views mah ;)

      Can't be financial prudence if someone says something, we just echo, "Yeah lor! Yeah lor!"

      You think why I come here when most of the time I don't see eye to eye with the fisherman who thinks he is an ant?

      To test whether my thesis got "substance" or not, I don't seek to find people who agrees with me.

      I invite those from the opposite side to tear my thesis to bits.

      Steel gets stronger from the poundings between hammer and anvil ;)

    7. That's the spirit.

      If not why bother to be here or how can you survive in the Market man!?


      {Your growth is limited by your ability to listen to ideas with which you disagree, explore beliefs that are in conflict with your own, and your ability to take the perspective of another, understanding that they hold some piece of the truth.

      You arrived where you are today because you have been exposed to a certain set of ideas about who you are, what you are supposed to be doing, and what is possible for you. You are also here because you refused a certain set of ideas, some of which would surely have harmed you, and others that would just as surely benefited you—had you not dismissed those ideas because you disagreed with them. Maybe the person who shared the idea wasn’t the right person to deliver the idea to you. Or maybe you just dismissed it because you disagreed without exploring any further.

      Other people believe things that you don’t believe. Their beliefs allow them to produce certain results in certain areas, and your beliefs do the same for you. To a certain point. But refusing to consider beliefs that conflict with your existing beliefs causes stagnation, arrested development. If you are not open to exploring new beliefs, then you cut your self off from different ideas—and different results. The more you find someone else’s beliefs threatening, the more you should explore that set of beliefs. This is not to suggest that you should adopt other people’s beliefs as your own without serious consideration, but it is a reminder that if you have not changed your beliefs in many years, you are not growing.

      Your growth is limited to your ability to take another person’s perspective, to understand why they think what they think, why they believe what they believe, and why they act the way that they act—without judgment. When you can hold another person’s perspective, without judging them, and working to understand the piece of the truth they hold, you are growing.

      What you know and believe now got you to this point. What you are willing to change will get you further. Your growth is limited only by your willingness to explore something new, even when you believe it is something with which you disagree.}


      Neither you or anyone in this world can say he is different.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. No worry. More and more listen to those few bloggers and do voluntary top up to the max.

  10. The CPF SA top up scheme is one of the tool for those who want to build/enhance their retirement fund via a steady and surely way. It is a long term 'investment' with AAA 'bond' rating.

    IMO, the pre-requisite is that they must have sufficient contingency funds and adequate cash flow for their living expenses.

    If do it correctly, the future you will thank you.

  11. They are already very cash rich so turning some EXTRA SPARE cash into asset is alright for these people.

    How many truly understand this?

  12. "Zi Ngen Ruan Ruan Such".

    Lui Ka Chay Liu!

  13. Too much cash don't know where to "hide".


    WALL STREET'S Favourite


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