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Currently; it about 54% to destination!

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Saturday, 22 July 2017

Invest In Fallen Angels For Lifelong Dividend Income???

Read? Will History Repeat Itself???

MAY few of these fallen angels eventually become your guardian angels for lifelong dividend income. It is blessing or damn lucky!

There are the same stock and corporation riding the market and economic cycle of Boom and Doom and the investment outcome year after year over past decade is drastically different. 

Practical on the ground is NOT what we continuously hear or read from theorists or concepts authors on lifelong investing.

Updated for KepCorp H1 2017


Second bite of cherry too!



  1. Any new money, or those who haven't invested --- put into cash savings, money market funds, or high quality short duration bonds. Build up your warchests.

    Wait for markets to crash over -30%. Don't try to catch falling knife. Wait for the big ass old safe to hit the ground and spill all its contents, before you slowly go & pick up the cash, gold & diamonds. Target 5 or 6 "lao zhi hao" true-blue big blue chips to fully invest in. These will become your multi-baggers & consistent high dividend payers over the next few decades.

    In the meantime while waiting for crash, resist the urge to enter the markets even if there is a big bubble going up +50% or +100% from current levels. Most people will not know how to escape from the subsequent crash. Just like in 1997/1998, 2000-2002, 2007/2008.

  2. i wonder whether i make a wrong buy in my semb corp and keppel corp.
    even my purchase price not high but still a wrong buy:(

  3. Wait till next year for outcome of SCI review. May be drastic of biz model forward

  4. Some people think it's only loss on paper, never mind.

    Just as some people think it's profit on paper, pocketed the profit already in pocket.

    They think the world doesn't changes so fast so much one.

    i think it was more likely in those years of 1980 or 90.

    Now catch no balls already.

    1. Hi Temperament,

      Human emotions still the same from caveman times. So investing, trading & price movements still the same as a few thousand years ago.

      Just need to be patient now. And ignore all the small ups & downs in the markets.

      At the end of the day, remember Buffet's 2 rules:
      1. Don't lose money.
      2. Refer to rule number 1.

  5. Ya.

    Human emotions may be the same but the speed of change in this world now is frightening.

    It's really a very shrinked World.

    1. Kekeke!!! That's why markets now have circuit breakers. But must implement with enough slack lah, not like how Shanghai implemented in 2015, so KSKS until spook the retail speculators. But circuit breakers only apply for indexes .... individual stocks can drop much more.

      Most will allow about -10% or -15% drop within a trading day. And usually after the 30 min or 60 min trading halt, traders will re-look at their HFT robo algorithmic programs, adjust parameters, and more often than not will buy back into oversold assets.

      For those real underlying economic / structural issues, very often will play out over many months. Not sudden crash like HFT glitches.

      For e.g. the subprime US housing that led to GFC ... 1 of my relatives who was working in London investment bank during those years ... already know got big problems in Q1 2007 (he kept mentioning credit spreads, CDS & MBS to us --- at that time I didn't know what F he talking about). By mid-2007 when everybody (including myself) was still looking for more good bull to continue .... my relative already left investment banking to join P&G. I remember my aunty scolding him like hell during 2008 CNY .... he just said you all will know why sooner or later...

      Even today, real world cracks will still take 1 or 2 quarters to seep into financial markets. E.g. The collapse in commodities & oil & gas was very apparent in the last 2 quarters of 2014 --- anybody heavily into oil & gas related companies had up to 4-6 months to safely exit with most of their capital or gains intact.


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