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Saturday, 29 July 2017

Amazon Prime Now delivery unavailable for second day after launch

Read? Amazon Prime Now delivery unavailable for second day after launch

Lack of drivers!!! 

CW8888: Smaller courier companies or agencies tio hit liao! Good news to full-time deliverymen with car! Your human asset up one level. LOL!

Saw this

Hi All, Amazon is opening up another round of recruitment for Project Speed!

Please send me the below particulars today via Facebook PM if you are interested. As they need Drivers urgently. Start work next week.

Name :

Nric :

Hp no. :

Email :

Phone Model :

Car Reg no. :

Model of Car :

*”Project Speed”*

*Payout:* $25 + $5 bonus / hour

*Working hrs:* 9am – 9pm

*Working days:* You can decide how many working days you want for that month. Maximum up to 15 days. 2 days work, 2 days rest (alt). Total max 15 working days / month


  1. Selling on cheap using "expensive" class of drivers in Singapore? :-)

    1. CW,

      Win market share first.

      Cash bleed like Uber never mind.

      Once consumers have been attracted to their sales funnel, just like our transport and utilities bills, prices can be "revised" later once brick and mortar competitors have been decimated...

      A bit like those banks who dangled 1% extra in savings interests to attract the "yao guis"; once critical mass has been achieved, raised the bar for jumping through hoops ;)

      Some may leave to other banks but its OK - no one wants "prostitute" customers anyway.

    2. Hmm cheaper to operate from M'sia to serve region size from Southern Thailand to S'pore --- still smaller than most US states. Use M'sian or Thai staff & drivers.

      Maybe EDB / MTI / JTC give 100% tax rebates plus free rental for next 10 years. That should do it!!

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