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Friday, 14 July 2017

No Short Cut In Retail Investing. Our Own Hard Earned Money!!!

The reason for no short cut or Holy Grail is written below:

Overcoming emotional rides over market cycles is not teachable through courses as it is always easy to say: Do this and do that; but it is extremely difficult to follow as retail investors. 

One has to personally ride the emotions and finally discover what is right for oneself to ride future market cycles.


  1. That's why best is to experience a bad recession or financial crash early in one's investing / trading career, maybe in the 2nd or 3rd year. May lose most of the capital, but at young age, the quantum is not much. And the experience gained is invaluable.

    Much better than riding along a 10 or 15 year bull market, only to get whacked by a -60% or -80% secular bear when the person is already in his 40s or 50s. Kekeke!!!

    This was how so many baby boomers kena sabo'ed by the 2008 crash. Many also sold at or near the bottom. Then have to postpone retirement...

  2. Some are lucky and unlucky over market cycles. Come into investing at wrong turn is damn unlucky. Burnt backside

  3. If you will hear me out.
    You all know how old I am and how many years in the market.
    i can tell you it did not really help me very much.

    Why I say so?

    This last Bear Cycle I bought all the way down till 2009 Mar but I chicken out even though I still have 40 to 50 % of investing capital.


    How did i know Mar 2009 is where I caught the knife.

    If only I knew then, I whacked more of my investing capital (remember still left about 45 to 50 %).

    But then after that my portfolio went down more than 45 to 50 %.

    Can you imagine that?

    If I did not have 50 % reserve in capital, what do you think?

    Won't I panicked and sell randomly, stupidly out of fear and needs of cash?

    Now do you know why I say Patient before you buy and pain endurance after that.

    So it's really the Truth that more investing than Analysing is important.

    Another words theory is one thing, practical is another.

    Or SMOL's Favourite - Crash got Sound!

    1. Agreed! Even years of experience in the market doesn't really help. It is where you are in investing journey that matters; those who have some distance and capital to go before retirement is the best. Their last chance to get right and big!

      Read? What was I thinking and feeling in Mar 2009 Bear market low? (2)

      Createwealth8888 till today can still remember clearly when two very experienced cyber investing kakis in the stock market who believed in their favourite and trusted Guru's view in Mar 2009 were congratulating themselves for staying very cash rich in Mar 2009. One was 90% cash and the other 100% cash!!!

    2. temperament and CW,

      I was "lucky" (or unlucky) that I experienced the 2000 to 2003 Nasdaq bear market early in my journey.

      That 3 years were more taxing on my mental strength and conviction... Each time you though market has bottomed, another wave of liquadation came... 3 years of lower highs and lower lows... See what happens when you've run out of bullets!

      The silver lining is I learnt a lot about myself. What I thought I knew versus what I really know!

      2008 Lehman was a lot less painful. I was prepared for it. But the strong bounce off March 2009 was a surprise! I only went in from Sept 2009 :( Wait and wait for confirmation. No baxxs.

      Wished I had the foresight to go in big during March 2009. In percentages, it would look a lot better! LOL!

      In hindsight, everyone is a genius!


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