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Thursday, 6 July 2017

Hard Thing To Bear. It Can Be Unbearable For Many Of Us

It is ..... Waiting for it to happen; but you can't do anything to make it happens sooner. 

So it is painful to wait and yet NOTHING to do!

This guy asked Uncle8888 how?


  1. Beary good.... Bo pian, just grin & bear it. For if we can't bear to wait, how will we be able to bear the bear when the bear bear comes?? Stay calm & bear on!! :) :)

    1. LOL!

      Punny! I like!

      You only forgot to add gold/silver bear bear (China panda coins) in nia ;)

  2. CW,

    That's why its good to have a life OUTSIDE of investing.

    You walk here walk there trying different foods, go fishing.

    I stare at my ceiling paint, play Taiko drums, learn conversational Malay.

    Somehow on my deathbed, I don't think I'll be thinking of money... Hopefully its about wine, women, and song!

    1. Once we are trapped into this thinking that we NEED to grow our money by compounding along timeline it is very hard to stay at the sideline for too long.

    2. Man proposes but God deposes...

      Best is to just chill & let God/Fate dictate the timetable of events.

      Then we hitch along for the ride.

      In the meantime try more different hawker food! Kekekeke!!!

  3. i think some Gurus, preach patience and endurance.

    Endurance is most importance once you are committed in thr market.

  4. Very often, this kind of things happens only after you lose your patience and decided not to wait anymore. :D


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