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Sunday, 2 July 2017

Will History Repeat Itself???

In investing or trading; most of us are likely to be guided or steered by our own good and bad personal, family or close relatives investing or trading experience; and then we MAY remind ourselves what to avoid. 

Generally; it is better to regret NOT making more then to feel sorry about losing it back all and more.

So Uncle8888 doing 守株待兔 as he is strong believer in market timing based on his own investing experience.

There are the same stock and corporation riding the market and economic cycle of Boom and Doom and the investment outcome year after year over past decade is drastically different. 

It is NOT easy for him to escape from self-trapping into this investing bias. 

So he may be foolish?

Will History repeat itself and allow him to pick up the next batch of multi-bagger yield stocks?

He is betting it by doing 守株待兔!


  1. 守株待兔, definitely to me.

    Market has it's Bear/Bull cycle definitely because of our Fiat Money System/Economic System.

    So are many things aka commodities, etc.. - going to change; thier lives cycle may end or become less important or useful like oil as once Electric car is acceptable if they can find a way of charging car's battery in matter of minutes or half an hour.

    In fact, India is targeting to change to all Electric cars by 2030 because of air pollution. Achievable or not is not the matter. They got Hobson's choice.

    What about CHINA?

    And why the Americans started to drill for oil like mad.
    It was not allowed in the past.

    In fact, they have found a way of partially charging the battery each time the car brakes. If they can improve on self charging of battery technolgy, i think the days of oil fuel car are numbered.

    So 守株待兔, definitely.

    But a lot of changes to companies's fortune too.

  2. Hohoho!!! Uncle8888 may not need to wait for long...

    30 yrs ago --- 1987 Black Monday crash

    20 yrs ago --- 1997 start of AFC

    10 yrs ago --- 1997 peak of previous bull & cracks appearing -- 2 big corrections in 1997 itself

    Another fireworks soon to appear (other than the S$10M National Day one)???

    Something may be brewing soon!!! Hahahaha!!!! Be prepared!!!

    1. **Ooops --- I meant 2007 peak of prev bull...

    2. Why you think 6 to 9 months?
      (Catch no ball)

      Elephant trump may be going to start a trade war with CHINA and drag Canada, Japan, UK. etc... all will be affected one way or another.

      How about he starts a war with N. Korea?

      Or Russia dares to go to war with US over Syria?

      Or he got impeached and that the end of "Trumponomic".

      And many unknown, unknowns.


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