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Sunday, 9 July 2017

Highlights from Sumiko Tan's new book Sundays With Sumiko


5. By the time I was 46, I was reconciled to being single for life – and then I unexpectedly got married. This piece wasn’t actually in The Sunday Times but appeared in Life on a Friday. 

Some real lessons to be learnt from her as Uncle8888 remembered that she wrote few Sundaytimes articles on "nice" part on her singlehood. 

Then at 46 got married and found getting married is truly nice and but not those day of "nice".

Better late than never!

Read? Highlights from Sumiko Tan's new book Sundays With Sumiko


  1. Same as investing. After XX years in the market analyzing for the right ones and finally realize we should settle with the ones right in front of us whichever come unexpectedly at the right time. Less analyzing. More investing.


  2. Ha! Ha!


    i can't resist thinking Sumiko may be same as you in many similar ways.
    To be sured write to her.

    Of course you must invest not only your time & money but your feelings too in your girlfriend or the better-half.

    So is the market your girlfriend too.

    1. temperament,

      We are similar in the sense we both like to write about our feelings and emotions (I in touch with my feminine side mah).

      The biggest difference is that although I like milk, I don't ever think of bringing the cow home ;)

      I don't know. Maybe if I meet her again in the future, we can become friends again? I would like that. But marriage no. Its definitely not something I wake up in the mornings longing for...

      I'm too egotistical. I only care for my own happiness.

      I follow the Arhat path; not the bleeding heart Bodhisattva path.

      No, the market is not my girlfriend; nor my mother...

      The market is the Thunderdrome - 2 men in; one man out.

    2. Ha! Ha!

      The market is more like 嬲 than anything else.

    3. temperament,

      Thanks! Learnt a new China character!


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