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Tuesday, 4 July 2017

When You Really Have Nothing Better To Do? (2)

Read? When You Really Have Nothing Better To Do?

Read? What will you do AFTER retirement?

Some "retired" from their full-time employment to become SAHM or SAHD e.g. Auntie8888.

After all her children are grown up; the house is seldom messy that requires lots of cleaning effort so she had too much free time and try to keep herself occupied with more gardening. But; staying in high-rise HDB flat; there is limitation on the scale of gardening she can do. 

How much more time can you spent on gardening? So what next?

She took up part-time job as assistant teacher for 22.5 Hours Work Week (Mon, Wed, and Fri) and that is why you can lim kopi with Uncle8888 on evening of Mon, Wed and Fri) LOL!


  1. The moral of story is sahm oor sahd still need to think what to do next after "retirement"?

  2. Patience Uncle8888 ... Kekekeke!!!!

    Nothing to do in markets ... very boring ... no transaction for 6 months liao

    Just collecting dividends nia

    Maybe I also need to take up PT job to control itchy fingers .... Jialat!!!

  3. Ha. Ha.

    Many people don't understand doing nothing is actually also one of the choice of doing something.
    Because many people can't comprehend this is also a choice, it is the hardest thing to do.

    Sit still and watch the girls or the birds go by.

  4. Uncle8888,

    Are you sure you have showed Auntie8888 your bank passbooks & CPF statement and assured her 💰💰 is enough? Hehe... joking..😂

    Someone mentioned to me recently also, aft retired for 1 year, not used to it. Now is on a part time job with flexible working hours providing support to elderly people who live alone.

    1. Flexible working and working less for retirees is okay


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