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Monday, 17 July 2017

Don't Ask Such Question Or Advice?

1. Don't ask Barber whether you need a haircut when you really feel your hair is long.

2. Don't ask Frugal persons whether they drink Coffee at Starbucks when alone.

3 Don't ask investment bloggers for advice when they are holding that share and especially they are NOT losing any money on that share


Their answer is obvious and expected!


  1. "Don't ask Barber whether you need a haircut when you really feel your hair is long"

    Hahaha Uncle8888 .... even when hair is short ... if you ask barber whether still need haircut ....

    I think even if totally bald he will still tell you "You need haircut!!" Kekekeke!!!!

  2. Ya lol!

    i go to barber only about 2 to 3 months once.
    Not much hair going botak already.

    Each time i was there the barber said, "Wa! Uncle your hair already grows more then 2 months".

    And yet this barber shop keeps on asking me to top up my account(paid up-front cash) to enjoy special privilege of $3 per hair cut each time i visited.

    Just went yesterday and after the hair cut, my account balance still show $66.

    Now if 66/3 = 22 times haircut; 1 time hair cut = 2.5 months, 22*2.5 months = 55 months to use up my $66. = 4.5 years paid up front.

    Stupid huh!

    The barber will definitely ask me to top up when my account left about $30.

    Have topped up more than 2 or 3 times already.

    Snake-oil somewhere or a fair deal?

    That's why only $3/hair cut ma!

    When i was younger my barber gave me free haircut.

    The barber is my wife lah.

    On the other hand, shall i consider as partial charity if i could not use up all my account paid upfront?

    After all just a few dollars only ma!

    Never ask barber whether you need a haircut?

    1. Waah!! $3 haircut ... That's cheap!! Maybe you can ask for other services like shaving, ear digging (do they still have this?!?!), hairwash, scalp massage ... in order to use your pre-paid credit ...

      I have 3 barbershops within 5 min walking distance from my home, and now all charging $12. Latest price increase from CNY onwards.

      Started from $7/$8 15 years ago. Hmmm, about 3.6% inflation per annum.... Can't really complain lah... That's their salary increment... Hahaha!!!

      Hmmm, in a few hundred years we may need to change our currency? Coz will need to spend a few hundred SGD for a bowl of noodles. Or else just be like the Japs .... everything in hundreds & thousands of yen.

    2. i think some of the services still have but i doubt ear digging.

      Barber also attend to ladies.

      This barber shop is actually all over Singapore.

      Of course run by people from China, i think.

      Smart aren't they to capture you as customer paid up front at only $3/ simple haircut?

      Of course no other barber shops near this shop.

  3. Not digging ear by barber. Now is known ear wax removal service by clinic doctor. LOL1

    1. Aiyoh ... the politically correct method --- syringing using sterile water, and then give you ear wax softening liquid drops to instill for a few days ....... usually makes it worse for me! Even more deaf liao... End up I need to dig out myself ... urgh!!

  4. I think i read somewhere it's better to leave the ears alone unless you have ear wax so thick that you need special treatment in order to hear properly.


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