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Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Simple Pleasure By Looking At LongKang and LongKang Fishes!!!

Uncle8888 learnt something new while waiting for his bus arrival at the bus stop.

When the bus stopped; one senior woman came down from the bus first and then help her mother/mother-in-law who slowly get down from the bus with her walking stick.

Once the old lady was firmly on the ground; she pointed to LongKang. Slowly; the senior woman guided the old lady to the LongKang. 

The old lady held on the LongKang's railing and seen to be enjoying the moment looking at the LongKang. Both women chatted and then the senior woman pointed down the LongKang (probably at some fishes) and old lady seen to be delighted.

After a while; the senior woman walked back some distance and took her out handphone to snap some pictures and video shots at the old lady.

Simple pleasure by looking at LongKang and LongKang's fishes and that moment of pleasure by old lady is worth capturing!

Yeap. The Government is doing it right with beautifying our water way (Long Kang) program for simple pleasure especially for those older folks.

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  1. There is a longkang besides my working place. Whenever I need to go out buy lunch, I will walk passed that longkang.
    By default or a habit liao I guess...
    I will look at the longkang to search for a group of fish. Sometimes I can find a group of small longkang fish swim at opposite direction of the water flow... I feel sudden relieve of my stress...
    Even small longkang fish also trying very hard to swim opposite direction of the water flow...
    Cheers... :)


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